How much is the average cost of a fifth wheel

How much is the average cost of a fifth wheel
average cost of fifth wheel

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A fifth wheel can be a great option if you want to own a rv. Towable fifth wheels are much similar to travel trailers, but they often are priced much higher then them. The cost of fifth wheels varies widely and depends on lot of factors like floorplan, length and amenities you opt for. Lets see the average cost of a fifth wheel and various examples to see how the cost varies.

Average cost of a fifth wheel with examples

Fifth wheels are similar to travel trailers but differ in the design. They have a portion that hangs above the towing vehicle and is connected with a hitch. This design makes it more stable and little bit easy to tow.

A fifth wheel on an average costs around $ 45,000 to $ 85,000.

A fifth wheel is more in cost as compared to travel trailer as it provides with bit more amenities and a better driving experience. It is a better option if someone wants to try full time rving. Their cost comes as a surprise for some when they are compared to travel trailers.

Their cost is on higher side mostly because they offer more space, better design and utilization. A fifth wheel almost costs you like a motorhome. You would get a full master bedroom with a king sized bed, full kitchen, better spaced shower and toilet. Accessories, that are much better and advanced than a trailer would give you. They also tend to be higher on weight, and that can be a limiting factor for some. But a serious rver would go for a fifth wheel rather than a travel trailer or a pop up camper.

Fifth wheel prices tend to vary depending on the make, year, and amenities that you get inside. lets see some example of fifth wheels and their prices to understand better.

  1. Jayco Eagle HT 30.5CKTS year 2018 : priced at $56,700
  2. Keystone RV Cougar 311RES year 2018 : priced at $47,500
  3. Forest River RV Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 34RL2 Year 2019 : priced at $94,500
  4. Prime Time RV Crusader LITE 30BH year 2018 : priced at $45,300
  5. Forest River RV Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition 36CK2 Year 2019 : priced at $97,300
  6. Forest River RV Wildcat Maxx 295RSX Year 2018 : priced at $62,600
  7. Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 27RLSWE year 2018 : priced at $40,990
  8. Grand Design Reflection 303RLS Year 2019 : priced at $66,600
  9. HEARTLAND PIONEER 355 year 2018 : priced at $36,100
  10. Grand Design Reflection 337RLS Year 2018 : priced at $68,700
  11. Prime Time RV Crusader 365RKB year 2018 : priced at $66,150
  12. KEYSTONE SPRINTER LIMITED 3530FWDEN 2018 : priced at $49,650
  13. Prime Time RV Crusader LITE 30BH year 2018 : priced at $34,990
  14. Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 290BH : priced at $50,300
  15. Riverside RV Retro 526RL year 2018 : priced at $40,300
  16. Jayco North Point 315RLTS year 2018 : priced at $79,550
  17. Keystone RV Montana High Country 374FL year 2018 : priced at $76,900

The fifth wheel prices also vary depending on the brand, model year and amenities you get. Depending on the amenities and other basics like the number of slide outs, refrigerator type, air conditioner BTU etc the prices vary.

Depreciation of a fifth wheel

Depreciation of automobiles is a known thing. Rv’s, just like any other vehicles depreciate much more. Its definitely not an investment that will give you returns but it can be a good way to live a life enjoying camping, having fun with your family.

Analyzing prices of used fifth wheels shows that it depreciates approximately 45%-50%  in around 8-10 years. A lot depends on the maintenance that you do for your fifth wheel. Just like how cars come every year with new models, fifth wheels too have newer versions every year. And, that means the older one automatically starts loosing its sheen.

A fifth wheel  which is 5 years old depreciates around 35% on an average.

Considering the way a fifth wheel depreciates, buying a used one can also be a good deal. But, when you go for a used one there are hundreds of things that should come good for you. Else, you may end up wasting the money on a useless fifth wheel. You will find lots of dealers selling used fifth wheels and its not a bad idea to try giving a look at some, before you buy a new one.

Who knows you could just hit a good deal at less than 40% of new one. A newer fifth wheel would obviously have the best features and technology but with a price, much higher. Another way to find a used fifth wheel could be through references, instead of going to a dealer if you can find someone in known circle willing to sell his fifth wheel.

How much do used fifth wheel trailers cost

Used fifth wheels can be of great value provided you just hit the best deal for you. You can buy a used fifth wheel in as low as $15,000 or even low.

But, it all depends on the condition of the fifth wheel, you may not get a well maintained fifth wheel at that cost. Choosing a used rv needs great skills. Professional involved in rv work day and day out will be able to figure the bad one easily, as compared to the one who is buying for the first time. There are lots of things that you need to check and cross verify before taking the decision.

Some of the tings that you should check includes checking the roof. Roof of a fifth wheel is going to be the most important factor, a roof starts to leak and crack much earlier than other parts. And, identifying this can be a little tough. It is only when it starts putting down water will you come to know about the faulty fifth wheel you bought.

Tires are another thing to pay special attention to. Replacing them later can be costly and a blow out on road can be dangerous too. Checking molds, smell in interiors, broken awnings, odor in floor etc are some other things to check out. Lets check out some of the sample prices for used fifth wheel to just get an idea.

  1. GENESIS SUPREME GENESIS M-29CK year 2017 : priced at $33,700
  2. COACHMEN BROOKSTONE 340LS year 2013 : priced at $38,900
  3. KEYSTONE LAREDO 30BH year 2007: priced at $14900
  4. KOMFORT KOMFORT 28RK year 2003 : priced at $16,000
  5. COACHMEN BROOKSTONE 340LS year 2016 : priced at $38,800
  6. SunnyBrook 27RKFS year 2000 : priced at $19,400
  7. JAYCO EAGLE 361REQS year 2013 : priced at $31,990
  8. Alfa Leisure See Ya 29RLIK year 2005 : priced at $19,700
  9. JAYCO EAGLE 321RSTS year 2018 : priced at $49,800
  10. Grand Design Reflection 26RL year 2017 : priced at $44,500
  11. DUTCHMEN GRAND JUNCTION 29DRK year 2007 : priced at $24,900
  12. FOREST RIVER SANDPIPER 21 year 2006 : priced at $15,200
  13. FOREST RIVER WILDCAT 282RKX year 2012 : priced at $24,300
  14. KEYSTONE COUGAR 276EFS year 2006 : priced at $12,800
  15. HEARTLAND ELKRIDGE 31RLK year 2018 : priced at $46,500
  16. Fleetwood RV Prowler 345RLTS year 2004 : priced at $ 14,700
  17. Thor Fifth Avenue 32RK year 2000 : priced at $9800
  18. Heartland Bighorn 3685RL year 2013 : priced at $39,990
  19. Keystone RV Laredo 329RE year 2014 : priced at $36,600

Insurance cost of a fifth wheel

Having a fifth wheel is great. It gives comfort and you can camp in style. But, traveling on road or camping deep inside near wildlife can quickly turn the fun into mishaps and worries to come out of it. An accident or a crash can be hard to come out of. Without insurance, the whole rv investment will be wiped out. Thus, its highly necessary that you have a good insurance to cover for such unforeseen mishaps.

Having a proper insurance for rv is an important thing. You will find lots of option available but it is critical that you compare various factors before having one. On an average a fifth wheel insurance would cost you around $800-$1000 per year. Th amount can vary depending on lots of other factors and it can go upto $1400 or even more at times. Some of the factors that decide the insurance cost for fifth wheel include below :

1. Your age. A younger person having monthly income flow may pay less as compared to the one who has retired and does not have income. An age between 28-35 will give you advantage and later on it may increase the insurance cost for the fifth wheel

2. Fifth wheel Worth. The current market worth for your fifth wheel. A costly fifth wheel will need you to pay more for insurance

3. Whether you use the fifth wheel for full time or part time. A full timer will need to pay more.

4. Weight of the fifth wheel also decides the insurance cost.

5.Location. You location of stay is also important and insurance company will quote depending on your state and location. Some places are more prone to weather adversities like heavy snow or more rain. So it all depends on where you are located.

6. You past driving record also matters. A person driving rv more more than 20 years may get a good deal as compared to the one just starting.

All the factors vary and decide how much you pay for the insurance per year. While choosing a insurance make sure you consider for coverage wisely. You should have coverage for below things:

1. Collision coverage,in case if damages caused to the fifth wheel
2. Medical coverage that will include medical payments to insurer etc
3. Overall loss damages cost coverage
4. Coverage for other things like fire or theft
5. Coverage for damages caused to other people or property of others
6. Roadside assistance coverage

There will be many other clauses and insurance coverage’s that can be considered. It all depends from person to person. One can reduce the fifth wheel cost by trying for discounts and other deals. If you try taking vehicle and fifth wheel insurance together then some dealers may give you more discounts. Also, if you are non smoker or don’t drink then that also can be a discount factor.

You can compare rates from various dealers before opting for one. Also, makes sure you inquire all the possible discounts with the dealer. A good idea is to start the inquiry online and then the dealers start to follow up and then, you can negotiate for better rates.

Amenities with fifth wheels

Having great amenities in your rv costs you more. A fifth wheel does come with good number of amenities, but as you increase the amenities the cost also increases. Every manufacturer will have their floor plans and interiors planned. It all depends on your needs and then choosing the one that best suits.

You would get a bedroom, living space, kitchen area with fifth wheel. A fifth wheel normally will have a multiple level design that means a bedroom could be above the normal floor height. Fifth wheels provide for better head clearance and thus are preferred over travel trailers which do not give good overhead height.

  • Kitchen : With fifth wheel you can expect a good kitchen that will be full sized and will provide better experience for cooking and dining. A dining area, that will be good enough for a family. A kitchen cabin with good designs and more space for cooking. Organizing rv kitchen is a skill and a good kitchen means better camping experience (find tips here on how to stocking your camper kitchen)
  • Bedroom : With fifth wheel you will mostly get a master bedroom that will have a full queen sized bed. A bedroom could be little higher then the normal floor. This reduces the height in bedroom, but shouldn’t be much of an issue. Fifth wheel also provides for bedroom splitting and thus, you can get privacy. Like, if you have kids then you could sleep separately. That’s a great thing that you get in fifth wheel and may not present in travel trailers, as the bedroom in them are smaller in size.
  • Bathroom : A bigger bathroom with toilet and shower area. Bigger in size as compared to travel trailer.
  • Refrigerator : A double door refrigerator for cooling
  • Air conditioning and heater : You will get a Air conditioner with a good BTU.
  • Living area space : a much better living area space with other entertainment systems like tv etc.
  • Microwave : A microwave for kitchen purposes.

All of the amenities may not be present at the beginning but you will get good space and arrangement for placing them inside. It all depends on the model that you choose. Certain people may not want to include few things and thus you will always find different models with different amenities packed in. Also, amenities can be a personal choice.

You will find lots of amenities but not all may needed for you. Here is an article, that talks in detail about rv amenities that are fairly needed by most people. Fifth wheels will also have slides that make for more space. You can also opt for number of slides that you want. You can get 2 or more slides, but remember with more slide outs the weight also increases.

Advantages of fifth wheel over travel trailers and cost comparison

fifth wheel vs travel trailer
  1. A fifth wheel costs more than twice as compared to travel trailer, but it is because of many reasons.
  2. A fifth wheel is easy for towing and the drive is smooth in comparison to travel trailer.
  3. Its easy to backup and make turns with fifth wheel, but the same can be difficult with travel trailer.
  4. The storage in fifth wheel is quite more and also provides for water storage that can be significantly more than a travel trailer. With more number slide outs, the fifth wheel gives for lots of space, specially in living area and thus can accommodate for more people easily.T
  5. hey offer good comfort and a lifestyle much better then travel trailers or pop up campers. Many people opt for fifth wheel for long term rving or full time rving.
  6. Overall length of fifth wheel is reduced because some part of it hovers above the towing truck and that makes a great advantage. A bigger length is always an issue with rv’s even though you get more space.
  7. Its easy to maintain a fifth wheel as compared to travel trailer. A far as life of the two is concerned they seem to be having similar life-cycle, in depreciation also a travel trailer depreciates similar to fifth wheel.


A fifth wheel can be a great value for money, if you shop with good sense and get all the things right. A $50,000 fifth wheel can be a complete package if your needs are aligned. A full fledged fifth wheel can get all the things one can get in a full motorhome like a class c or class A. Fifth wheel costs are higher then travel trailer but are justified by the kind of differences you get. A fifth wheel can be more comforting then a travel trailer. Before buying a fifth wheel compare all the available options and opt for a floor plan carefully, as the prices jump as you pack in more things in a fifth wheel. Go for fifth wheel rather than a travel trailer if you wish to have more amenities, good space and have plans of going full time.

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