10 Must Have Pop Up Camper Add-Ons and Customization

10 Must Have Pop Up Camper Add-Ons and Customization

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Camping is a great outdoor activity that involves staying away from your home using a recreational vehicle or a tent as your shelter. One gets an opportunity to pursue nature activities that provide fun. Equipment used in camping vary depending on the activities the participants intend to undertake.

If you are a camping enthusiast, you are probably well-acquainted with pop up camper add-ons. If not, then there is a lot to know. Read on.

Pop Up Camper Add-ons And Customizations

Pop-up camping is a one-of-a-kind experience. You get a chance to open up your trailer to experience beautiful countryside, views, and refreshing airflow.

Camping enthusiasts can also add pop and swag to their experience by investing in the best pop up camper add-ons/customizations.

These are specific accessories that help upgrade your trusty traveling and camping shelter. They are designed to upgrade your space a few notches up. With this in mind, check out these top 10 pop up camper add-ons.


Setting up a pop-up camper may be easy, but you need a comfortable, safe, and quality campsite. It will include making sure your pop-up will not be moving around, and it’s stable enough. And stabilizer jacks help keep your trailer level and convenient for use.


Because your pop-up camper doesn’t come with a standard shower, you can still invest in an outdoor shower. However, ensure it’s an easy-to-install shower that you can carry around, keep clean, and spice up your camping experience.


Camping and being around nature comes with its pros and cons. And when nature calls, you need an accessory that will aid relieve yourself off. A pop up camper toilet is the go-to add-on to upgrade your camping experience.

Pick a type with both flush and push toilet options. Find one that fits your needs as you don’t have to hop outside the camper at night to answer nature’s call.


You have to maintain a cozy atmosphere when camping, and a standout way to do it is by bringing awning lights.

Outdoor or indoor fairy lights add the ideal solution for a thriving campfire and comfortable seating to the table. Awning lights decorate a camper and keep the environment tranquil.


Don’t ever overlook the little things when camping. A pop up trash can may seem like a simple accessory, but it’s essential to have one. You will keep things organized and have a reliable means of storage of waste and belongings.


A portable outdoor grill will help meet all your campsite needs and keep your stomach full and happy. Use it for cooking or grilling meat or vegetables.


Bringing water with you onboard a camper is a wise decision. It will be easy to wash utensils, do laundry, flush the toilet and satisfy other tasks that require running water.

You don’t have to rely on plastic water bottles when you can have a water filtration/purifying system. With this system, you can drink from the same water you use for different chores.


You will need to protect your asset all the time, and a pop-up camper cover is a sensible investment. Find a cover that fits perfectly into your camper snug and will keep it away from getting scratch. If you love travelling around, a cover will protect your pop-up camper against harsh weather elements.


If you have a portable generator you use for camping, a tongue-mounted storage tray is essential. It’s the perfect space to mount your generator, toolbox, or cooler.


A solar-powered battery charger is the best solution to keep your devices fully charged. Pick one that can quickly charge your devices without having wires scattered all over the pop-up camper.

Is It Worth To Invest In A Pop-up Camper?

Recreational vehicles (RVs) have been the in-thing among many campers. And to the extent that RVs go, pop-up campers have become a budget-friendly option for many camping enthusiasts on the market. They are also the best and most cost-effective way to upgrade your camping tent.

Pop up campers present users a tent-like experience without the hassle and concerns about their safety. They are affordable and much cheaper to insure while pursuing your camping adventures. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to book space to store your pop-up camper.

Most pop up campers will fit into the space of a garage. They also require less maintenance while you are camping than when opting for a travel trailer. Hence, you will save more money on your camping activities with a pop-up camper than relying on other options.

There is a lot to love about pop-up campers. And here are more amazing benefits of owning one. Have a look:


Pop-up campers are a standout choice because they help lighten up your load. They are lightweight, and the lighter the load, the more versatile it is to haul different weights. Even using the smallest vehicle in your garage, you can easily tow your pop-up camper.

You don’t have to upgrade your haul vehicle to accommodate your camper. A pop-up is light and small to travel around with and camp anywhere you wish.


With a pop-up camper, you can bring in outdoor activities or nature within reason. Most camping enthusiasts want their adventures to bring them close to Mother Nature. Pop up campers make it easy to access nature than when using other types of RVs.

Pop-up campers open up and come with canvas siding all around. You can open up each flap on your pop-up and experience an expansive view of fantastic natural sceneries. You will also enjoy ample airflow at night and a more relaxed sleeping experience.


Many campgrounds have set rules and regulations that everyone should abide by. For instance, participants have to consider the size and weight of their RVs. Fortunately, with a pop-up camper, you don’t have to worry about weight and length restrictions.

Pop-up campers can fit into any space, even into any tent site. Hence, you can camp anywhere the wind takes you.


If you are new to camping and don’t know with the best pop up camper add-ons or accessories to bring with you, fret not. It’s easy to set up your pop-up camper as well as make necessary customizations as you desire.


It doesn’t matter if you have been camping for years or a novice. What matters is you have the best pop up camper that will keep you comfortable. Revitalize the experience of hauling a trailer around by finding the best pop up camper add-ons.

From pop-up camper toilets, lights to jacks, you can get it all. Find top-quality accessories and customize your trailer for a fun-filled experience. You will, without a doubt, lead a wonderful camping life from anywhere.

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