RVing with kids – 7 things you should know

RVing with kids – 7 things you should know
rving with kids

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Many families go on camping in tents. Its great to do that but traveling in a rv is altogether different. Rving with kids can be great many families do this during summer vacations. Its adventurous, fun and at the same time it could become all opposite if you are not prepared. It can be stressful at times specially for mom who are more worried for their children. Normally people go for vacation so that this day to day stress with kids eases out and you as a family have a great time.

Rving could be a great option for your family to spend some quality time while you have all the amenities traveling with you. Preparation for any kind of vacation is important for families with kids. Rving with kids would need preparation that can included packing, organizing all things, preparing your pantry, kitchen. Urgent Medication is also something one should be prepared for.

How is rving with kids different

Rving alone or as couple or with friends is still manageable but with kids you cant ignore or assume on things. You may well have to be prepared for unexpected. Right from choosing the type of rv, selecting the camping place or destination, the food to traveling safety are all the things you should keep in mind and be well prepared for this.

Budget for RVing with Kids

Vacation in rv could save you lot as compared to holidaying in a hotel, traveling by flights. You tend to prepare your own food in rv which again save you high restaurant bills. RV’s give average mileage which is not bad in comparison to the fun and adventure you do. Parking your RV’s in campground may also not cost you much and thus your spending per night is very less in comparison to a hotels per night cost. One of the best things about going on rv trip is you get to stay at campgrounds, or national parks where many other families with kids are vacationing thus your kids gets other kids company.

Living in a rv means you have all the things within, your clothes, bathroom, your own kitchen which is not the case in hotel. If you head out for travel you may have to return to hotel all the way for changing clothes or anything else. This is not the case when you are out in a rv, you can do the bathroom break while you are still in you rv. All in all rv life is more convenient, less costly and its definitely more fun for kids.

What kind of RV is best for RVing with kids

Traveling with kids would mean you would need more space for sleeping. You would need a floor plan that suits for your family with kids. Its better to do proper research try out different floor plan rv’s before you finalize. Its not about deciding the best floor plan and going for it. You would need to ask multiple questions to yourself before finalizing the buy or renting it out. Vacationing with kids on a rv does not mean spending on rv is the only thing you will have many more things to buy, arrange so decide on the rv that best suits your budget plan.

You will have to decide whether you want to tow your rv that go for a travel trailer, with what kind of amenities you will be okay. While if you already have a rv then you can continue planning for other things but for first timers or people who rent a rv its important to do this calculation because this will help you save on money on things without which you could have a great vacation too. There is not one rv that best suits all families, different families have different needs and thus ask yourself these basic questions before going for something. While class A motorhomes could be best suits for families but the cost and maintenance is also high.

Packing for the trip

Rving with kids means you need to plan things well in advance. Its not like you decide over dinner and your are hitting road next morning. Packing is an important thing and you better ave a checklist for this specially when you have kids traveling. Apart from basic things that you would have in your checklist include things which will make the vacation fun, and interesting for your kids. Include toys, learning activity games, pack your pantry keeping in mind the eating moods of your kids. Make sure you not only pack food that is tasty but also healthy enough.

Deciding on destination

When you have kids on a rv its important to decide the destination where you would be camping. You will find places that charge extra if you have kids with you. Anything around $5 per day, you may want to skip those places unless those are really good and you see many kids in that area. Generally people with kids would skip such places and thus you wouldn’t find other kids. Paying extra per day would also mean you will pay extra and your budget will be disturbed. Rving is a great opportunity for your family to experience nature, and wonderful, surroundings.

National parks or campground which do not charge much can be good options. Its better to stay at places where you would find many families already staying. This will also make your kids happy as they can play with other kids as well.

Since a lot of people in united states opt for rv trips with family/kids it is no surprise that there are lost of rv parks that will serve better for kids. You will find parks that have specially activity zones for kids. There will be lots of themes activities, amenities for children which makes the vacationing great, affordable and fun.

Safety things while kids are on-board in RV

No doubt rving with kids and as a family is a joy and a very great thing but one has to be cautious almost all the time when camping with kids that are younger. In fact no matter where you are you always need to be cautious with kids. Especially the 5-10 year old ones who are learning new things. Living in rv is almost like being in home but you need to keep safety in mind. Some safety things to keep in mind :

1. Safety in moving RV

In moving motorhome make sure your kids are seated all the time and they do not use the appliances in a moving rv. A rv moving at a speed of 70 mph is not safe to stand for your kids. A sharp turn, or a sharp brake could result in injuries to your kids. Do not risk for the sake of enjoyment and always make sure kids are seated all the times when you are traveling in a rv. Its not only about seating for your kids but also properly buckled up with a seat belt. Seat belts are compulsory not only in cars but also in rvs. Make sure your vehicle has seat belt arrangements for all seats and the kids are properly belted.

2.Use of seat belts

Use car seats for kids that legaly need to use them. Make it a priority to have a car seat that follows all the laws and is a proper protection to your young ones. You may want to place the car seat so that its not on the side ways where in can impact most during sharp turns. Also’, remain close by to your young one placed in a car seat for monitoring and do not leave them alone.

3.Safety from RV appliances

While you are camping in a rv, you may want to enjoy give your kids some freedom. Let them play and have fun, while all this is great and but you also need to make sure your kids are not trying things that are unsafe in a rv. Don’t let them stay in the rv alone as far as possible. Rv which is equipped with amenities has potential hazardous things if interfered in wrong way. A cabinate may open bang, propane gas may leak, a wrong or open electric wiring may give shock. Many other unexpected things can happen. Accidents do not happen by telling. Thus take a great care when dealing with your kids especially the one that are lesser than 5 years old.

4.Keep check on driving speed

Drive slowly and have make sure you have proper communication with all passenger without having to struggle. Make sure you keep in mind the safety of kids in mind and drive accordingly. Drive slowly while making sharp turns, be extra careful on uphill or downhill. Avoid overtaking as far as possible and follow all traffic rules. Traveling with kids gives you lots of memories and proper safety during those vacation trips will make you more happy.

Have fun, that is why you are there

While you are taking care of things, keeping safety in mind don’t forget to have fun. After all you are rving so that kids could have great time. Indulge in fun activities, board games, activities that bring all family members together. Having video games that can be played multiplayer is not bad too but don’t go all electronics. Having a video game, laptop or mobile phone will be good but make sure you your kids aren’t sticking to them more than required. Smartphones these days make life easy. Online google maps are great way to navigate. Many people in fact find it difficult to go to places without google map these days. Make sure you minimize the use of smartphone. Play real world games, activities, and get yourself involved with your kids.


Rving with kids or as a family is great bonding activity and every family should do this at least once a year. Living full time in rv could be hectic and not all can manage this well hence its upto oneself to decide on this. Rving on road needs caution when you have children on board. Hence take all care while you are on road or camping at parks. Vacation with kids need extra planning. Organizing is a must else your rv vacation can turn into mess and you don’t want it to happen. Choose vacation destination careful keeping your kids in mind.

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