Top 10 full hookup RV campgrounds in Oregon

Top 10 full hookup RV campgrounds in Oregon

There are many ways you can enjoy your long-awaited vacation. However, two groups of people distinguish the typical holiday enthusiast who enjoys travelling on vacations.

These people are the “out-going ones who can’t wait to leave the house for an adventure,” and the “I don’t want to leave my house but at the same time am forced to because it gets boring sometimes.

” Nevertheless, there is a particular solution to this discrepancy that appeases these two sets of people called recreational vehicles.

You might have heard of the term before, but let us remind you what it is.


Recreational vehicles are motorized automobiles that have attached living compartments for the driver’s accommodation.

The purpose of said vehicle is for travellers to have a home wherever they go on vacations, thus the solution to the limitations of literally bringing your home whenever you go out on a trip.

RVs have many types, but we’ll mainly tackle the full hookup variant. So what exactly is a full hookup RV?

A full hookup RV has all the components of a typical RV and all the other specialized variants, plus a dedicated sewer system. This means you can use the toilet and extract waste while camping outdoors.

The different variants of the RV do have excellent specialized functions, but the full hookup type should be your vehicle if you intend to camp for many days, even weeks.


Considered the “Beaver State” of North America due to its history of over poaching them in the early settlers’ time, Oregon has a lot going for with its very scenic landscapes and aerial sights that are indeed a lot to marvel at.

Its natural ecosystem comprises lush marshlands, forestry, mountainous terrains, and wetlands, where different campers can visit a lot.

Historically, Oregon has been the home of many multicultural settlers and nationalities for ages.

Culturally speaking, Oregon has some of the most diverse history and landscapes that came to be due to the events that transpired in the past.

There are volcanoes, many lakes and rivers, and evergreen forests that you can visit to maximize your full hookup wagon on the go.

Just remember that there are so many places in Oregon to choose from, but unfortunately, we have to condense the list down to 10 for you to at least try out until we recommend another great list in the future.

Also, because the places we are about to include are all unique and equally as beautiful, these will not go in a particular order. With that said, let’s start with…


Located in: Sunny Valley RV Park and Campground, 140 Old Stage Road, Sunny Valley


The campground is stationed in Sunny Valley, accommodating visitors with amenities like a swimming pool, sporting grounds, game facilities, and a canteen.

Besides that, a reception area’s personnel will provide you with toiletries and personal care products that you might appreciate if you have forgotten to bring some for yourself.

Overall, the vicinity is rich with indoor clubs and halls that you and your children or family members can enjoy.

The fantastic weather for a cool swim is nothing to bring down. It’s so often in the year when you can go out there and swim in a swimming pool.

We find the other places in this list to be a bit more exotic, but if you like a clubhouse feel that would go along with your vision of moving around in an RV, then this place is definitely for you.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES

Hours open: From 8 A.M. – 8 P.M.


Located in: Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort, 67667 Hwy 20, Sisters, Oregon 97701


Aside from the resort area of the resort itself, the speciality of having adjacent tourist attractions makes this campground even better.

In Bend, just near this resort, are places like Willamette National Forest and Mount Bachelor. So really—in this case—you’re hitting three birds in one stone.

It’s always good to have a lot of options while you travel, and having to go over to different places while enjoying the rich amenities and accommodation of a resort house can give you is the cherry on top.

Additionally, this facility is rated as the number one in Central Oregon’s Good Sam Park? That’s right, so you know this resort’s services and peripherals are outstanding when it’s on the top among its competitors.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES

Monthly rates: $39-$232-$700 depending on the RV


Located in: Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort, 90281 Cape Arago Highway, Coos Bay, OR 97420


If you want to be left speechless with the gorgeous sceneries of what Oregon can offer, then look no further than visit Coos Bay Area, the Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort.

Being on a beach while parking your RV is truly something special. But, how many beaches in LA allow you to do that? Not as many as Oregon’s got for you, let us tell you.

It also helps go all-in because of neighboring tourist attractions like Cape Arago Light, Charleston’s Seashore Town, and Yoakam Point State Park.

So get used to having a campground on this list have nearby places that are also worth your while visiting. It’s going to be a trend while visiting Oregon.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES


Located in: Grande Hot Springs RV Resort, 65182 Hot Lake Ln, La Grande, Oregon 97850


Based on the terrains of Grand Rhode Valley, this campground is famous for its 186-degree lakebed, where visitors and campers claim that its waters can heal muscle pains and relaxes their entire bodies.

There are also so many spring spas and accommodations like masseuses and relaxing aromatherapy labs.

If that wasn’t enough, you could also enjoy the nearby places like Wallowa Lake—if the hot springs weren’t enough already—and Hilgard Junction State Park.

Of course, it’s all in a matter of preference, but I guess this place is everyone’s preference.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES


Located in: Wallowa Lake State Park, Wallowa Lake State Park Joseph


As already mentioned just above this, Grand Hot Springs is its neighbour. Because the lake is calmer and more profound, as they say, there are so many activities you can do like canoeing, fishing, and boat ramping.

Wallowa Lake is not your run of the mill campground. If you like art and painting on a canvass, try doing a landscape of this particular one.

Besides the activities and top of the line amenities you can enjoy, you can rest on a folding chair and sit back to the view of the sky that’s at its best during late afternoons or approaching dusk. There are just so many fun things you can do here that it’s hard to pass up.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES


Located in: Crater Lake RV Park, 46611 Hwy 62 (Crater Lake Hwy), Prospect, OR 97536


Another lake? You ask. But what can we do if almost all of these lakes in Oregon are so gorgeous? As a gateway to Crater National Park, Crater Lake has virtually all its counterparts but is more unique.

Besides, all of these lakes are unique in their rights, but there is something about Crater Lake that stands out the most.

The realistic view of the forest trees in the distance is eye-catching, especially if you’ll leave the windows open.

Other than that, the park is packed-filled with people doing all sorts of stuff, from picnics to social gatherings.

So why don’t you go out there and enjoy the view while mingling with your friends and family?

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES


Located in: Boardman Marina & RV Park, 1 West Marine Drive, Boardman, OR 97818


This tropical oasis has a full dead-on view of the broadest angular waters you can visit.

But, feeling like a broken record repeating with the same old amenities and accommodations, there are still tons to do like canoeing, swimming, and jet-ski riding.

Cruising through the peak hours of the sunset with your RV will feel so awesome once you get a taste of this beautiful earthy paradise.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES


Located in: Crystal Crane Hot Springs, 59315 Highway 78, Burns, OR 97720


Not quite far in the east side of Oregon where Malheur Lake is standing another often-visited hot spring.

There are so many areas to enjoy in Crystal Crane for all sorts of people in their RVs. The facility offers a track load of amenities and services that will allow you to enjoy the time of your life in these hot springs.

Thermal water is excellent after a year-long workload in your company. Resting beneath the sandy shores and warm waters should be the prize they’ll pay you for working so hard.

Aside from that, the area is also very pet-friendly, which allows you to bring your dogs and cats to the mix.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES


Located in: Umatilla Marina RV Park, 1710 Quincy Ave, Umatilla, Oregon 97882


Situated in the beautiful Columbia River, Umatilla Marina is a waterfront campsite as beautiful as anything mentioned above the list.

The sunsets and sunrise cycles are all Instagram worthy of a post. But, honestly, look at the views of some of the most breathtaking aerial scenes in the world.

Your children will love these aqua terrains, and you’ll have an unforgettable time that will last a lifetime of memories.

The best part about it is if you have kids? There’s a nearby wildlife area called McNary where you and your kids can enjoy exploring different landscapes where natural life situates.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES


Located in: Sea & Sand RV Park, 4985 N Highway 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341


Of course, we don’t forget the park that’s just north of Depoe Bay, the Sea & Sand. Not only can you enjoy this campground in and of itself, but there are nearby tourist’s attractions as well, such as Washington Park and the capital city of Salem.

It’s packed with guests and all sorts of people that you can share a space for the RV. Even if it’s in North America, it truly feels like somewhere in central Asia where exotic is the fine print of the place.

Not only that, it also brings a lot of attention to the water view in the distance that really captures the essence of the tropical holiday you’ve been planning all these years.

Accommodates Full Hookup RVs? YES

Wi-Fi, Cellphone charging hubs, pets, showers all allowed and included? YES


Are you going to explore Oregon and all the beauty it possesses? The mind baffling part about this whole thing is that there are still hundreds of destinations that we can suggest, but in a realistic sense, we can start from 10 and go all the way up as we become expert travelers.

Your RV should make your experience, so spend a few days or even weeks outside and just enjoy what the world can offer you.

Embrace it like a friend, for in just a short period, you’ll be back at the office at home, yearning once more for another time to be spent in the outdoors.

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