How To Increase Airflow In RV (Easy AC mod to try)

How To Increase Airflow In RV (Easy AC mod to try)

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Summer is usually an ideal time to take a vacation far away from the city’s busy and frantic lifestyle to a relaxed environment free of environment pollution.

There’s no better way of enjoying this period than taking your RV out to the countryside. However, you’re bound to experience one issue that might ruin your holiday altogether, and this is high temperatures and high humidity.

In this article, you’ll be taken through an in-depth guide on how you can improve the airflow in your RV. By doing this, you’ll be able to enjoy and relish your holiday a lot more.

First is an obvious one, lets talk about the RV air conditioner improvements to do.

Install Vents on the bottom of the AC

Air conditioner in an RV is your primary air source when the windows, or door is closed.

In smaller campers, the AC can be loud and also, may not be great with air flow specially when it becomes old. At times, the noise could be so loud that it becomes difficult to even converse.

So, how do you you improve the air flow and reduce the noise at the same time?

A simple modification like adding vents on the bottom can greatly improve the air circulation. The vent or opening on the sides aren’t great in releasing the air specially when the RV is compact. You can get such vents on amazon for less than $15.

To install it, you will have to make a hole on the bottom surface and screw the vents. The vents opening can be rotated and opened up as needed after the installation. With this, you will get better and cold air.

While you are taking out the screws on sides and removing the existing vents, clean the dust or any other debris. Cleaning the vents will also help improve the air flow. Making all these changes to air conditioner will surely make visible changes.

Maintaining the AC will also keep it dust or dirt free. Here is your simple guide to keep the AC in better condition.

You can also employ ready made air improvement modules that can be installed on the RV AC. These are mostly non electrical modules and can help increase the air circulation in a batter way. Do read the reviews before getting a rv airflow kit.

Get Ducted air conditioner

Ceiling duct system for RV also help increase the air. But, not all RVs come equipped with it. Smaller Rvs like truck camper or even smaller travel trailer will not have this type of system.

Ducted RV ac is best in air circulation. A duct air conditioner basically has ducts or vents all over the ceiling of the RV that brings in the cool air.

There is no ac box that is placed here but there will be vents that can be closed on opened as needed. The ducts are connected together and helps enforce better airflow.

It allows for better control of airflow, say for example you want more airflow in bedroom then you can close the ducts at other areas.

Cleaning these ducts will keep better air circulation.

So, before you decide to get the second AC for your RV be sure you have tried these improvement on your AC. Be sure to take technical help if you are not sure on how to deal with these changes.

Sometimes the Ac efficiency can be reduced and in that scenario replacing the AC or repairing it is the best solution.

With temperatures soaring very high, sometimes even 15,000 BTU seems low. In most cases, you should be fine with single AC though. But, if you are not able to improve the air cooling then do go for a second AC. It also depends on how big your rig is.

On a side note, don’t want to use air conditioner in RV? here are some easy tips to stay cool without an AC in RV.

Improve Your RV’s Ventilation

It’s vital to make sure that your RV is at all times well-ventilated as this allows the continuous flow of fresh air.

The best way you can make this happen is by closing the windows on the warmer or sunny side to prevent the entry of warm air.

It would also help if you then opened the windows on the shaded side, and this will considerably help to improve the air circulation in your RV.

Another thing you need to consider doing is installing a ceiling vent inside your RV. This gadget does an excellent job of ensuring the continuous flow of air inside, making it a more habitable.

Clean the Filters

Air filters need cleaning from time to time since they over time start experiencing difficulty passing fresh air through the vent.

The issue in such a scenario may be clogged vents or filters or blocked openings. Normally, filters are installed in different positions on different RV models with some found along with the ceiling where you’d need to remove other vents or fastened to the unit where dials are positioned sideways.

Nevertheless, the steps to follow when cleaning the filters are the same regardless whether the filters are linked or detached from the unit.

All you’re required to do is taking out the grill which may or may not come with screws and shaking out the debris. You can also soak the filter in warm soapy water, rinse it and then allow it to dry before reinstalling it inside the vent.

By regularly doing this, you’ll be able to improve the airflow inside your RV as well as the quality of air.

As a result, you’ll have a much easier time regulating temperatures inside your RV and prolonging the filter’s lifespan.

Furthermore, this helps save energy since the system won’t be needed to work tirelessly while still ensuring airflow inside the RV is at its ideal setting.

Use LED Light Bulbs

Another way of increasing airflow inside your RV is by using LED light bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs which produce too much heat.

Therefore, this can be quite uncomfortable, especially when taking trips during the summer as your RV’s interior becomes very hot. It would thus be best if you instead opted for the more energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

With these bulbs installed, you’ll be able to improve the airflow in the RV since less energy and heat are being produced while still ensuring there is sufficient light inside the RV.

Thanks to this, your camping experience in your RV will be more captivating.

Keep Heat Out of Your RV

You should also avoid performing any activity in your RV that generates additional heat, thereby making your stay somewhat uncomfortable.

Some of these activities include using appliances such as clothes dryers, dishwashers and many others, Moreover, avoid it is also advisable to stop cooking inside your RV as this generates a lot of heat that gets trapped inside.

It would be best if you instead grilled your meals outside as this not only ensures the RV cooler but also makes your meals taste much better.

After making sure all heat stays outside of your RV, you’ll be able to allow for improved airflow, hence enhancing your stay inside the travel trailer.

Make Sure Air Keeps Circulating

It is essential to create a natural air circulation inside your RV either by opening your rig’s windows on the shady side and closing those facing direct sunlight or by turning on your rig’s A/C.

For the travel trailer’s side, that is under direct sunlight, and you can use a sun reflector to prevent the entry of sunlight inside your travel trailer.

You can also improve air circulation inside your RV by positioning your car such that its ceiling fans aren’t taking in fresh air rather than hot air.

This is a mistake often done by most RV owners who then switch on the fans making the rig’s interior uncomfortably hot.

Keep Out the Sun

One proactive measure you should take to improve your RV’s airflow is by keeping out the heat from your RV.

The best way of doing this is by using the windshield and placing solar shields on your windows. These shields typically reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing and storing it, thereby making your RV a lot more comfortable.

If you’re looking to buy these window shields, head over to a local many auto part store or a shop specializing the sale of RV products.

You can also opt for awnings which usually prevent the entry of hot air into your RV. The use of awnings is an excellent way of safeguarding a big section of the RV from harsh sunlight and expanding the RV’s patio area.

Therefore, they’re without a doubt an excellent investment that also plays a part in improving the airflow inside your RV.

Screen room can be an amazing addition to your RVs exterior. It adds additional space to live and camp.

Consider Your RV’s Orientation

How you park your RV in terms of the direction that’s facing the sun has a significant impact on the temperatures and airflow inside your RV.

Because of this, you should always make sure to park your travel trailer in a position that minimizes the sun’s impact, and this ideally is next to trees. Furthermore, the side that is facing direct sunlight should also be the one with the least number of windows.

This helps ensure the air that is finding its way inside your RV isn’t warm as this would affect air circulation. You should thus make sure always to implement these two steps or else risk too much heat finding its way into your travel trailer.


Ensuring there’s sufficient airflow inside your RV is vital to make your stay inside comfortable and fun.

If you were previously struggling to achieve this, reading through this article has provided you with invaluable insights on how you’d be able to achieve this. Consequently, you’ll be able to relish every moment spent inside your travel trailer.

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