13 Tips to keep your RV from being broken into

13 Tips to keep your RV from being broken into

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While some sit back and enjoy the comforts of their 4-walled homes, others are keen to adventures and outdoor activities, and relaxation, thus, the RV was created.

We all know that an RV or camper is a vehicle that somehow embodies the personality of one’s home with the convenience of riding on it to go on different states and areas but have the fellow feeling of their houses. But is living in an RV safe?

As RVs are getting more and more popular in different places, many people decide to have their family weekends over campsites and places where it most relaxing, far away from the stress of the city life.

But, is an RV easily get broken into?

Though a lot of experienced RV campers do not have so much experience in this situation, many campers are still in the fear of being broken into while they are sleeping.

Here are some tips on how to keep your RV from being broken into:

Choose Safe location for camping

Always research the location that you want to go camping in. Is it safe? Does it have security surrounding it? Is the place well lit and has safety features?

Are the reviews of the past campers well enough for you to decide to go to that place?

It is very important that you do thorough research about the place before going there.

Another thing is that you need to find a safe place in that location where you could park your RV. It is better to keep near distance to the guards and gates of the campsite.

This will help you have more eyes on your RV and avoid thieves from breaking in. You can also use the color of your RV to camouflage yourself in your surroundings, making it hard for thieves to see your vehicle and steal from you.

Make use of RV safety Features

Secure your RV in any possible way. Locks, Keys, and Safety Hazards are most important especially if the place is jam-packed with people.

It is very important that you know the safety features of your RV so that you can use it properly. Study your RV well. Read the manuals and watch videos about it.

Secure doors, windows, hatches, and any possible opening of your RV. Know who to contact if something happens to the RV.

It is never too late to know the latest innovations of RVs. Read reviews and watch the RV life of other people so that you could have a hang of it on your own.

Be careful with strangers

Strangers outside your RV do not need to know what is inside your van. Always secure important belongings and valuables.

Do not open windows if unnecessary. Talk to your family members that only your family is allowed inside the RV for your safety. If possible, do not bring any important things to the campsite.

Do not brag about the expensive things you use or you have inside your RV. Even the chairs that you use could be another man’s treasure. Use a chain to tie your chairs and tables to your RV if needed.

Use motion detectors

One indication that someone is inside your home is that the light is on. Do the same with your RV.

Always keep a light on so that strangers know that there is someone there. You can also install Motion Detecting Lights especially outside so you would know if someone is circling the area. Investments are important to keep your family safe.

You can find many different kinds of security lights available in hardware stores, security stores, or even online. Some are battery-operated, some require electricity while others have solar panel connections.

Install Sound the Alarm and cameras

Investing in lights is good, but investing in alarms is better. It will help you be aware if someone is trying to break into your RV. Interior security alarms will help you check in on your belongings, family members, or even your pets!

The ability to have eyes on every corner of the RV is very important and commendable. Some possible alarms are:

  • Arlo Pro 2 (for angel flexibility)
  • WSDCAM Alarms (for doors and windows)
  • Reolink Argus 2 (night-vision and two-way audio)
  • XVIM Security System (for 24/7 records)
  • VPN (personal identity and data)

Connect with your camping neighbors

Nothing speaks safety the most than being friends with your neighbors. Know them and start having conversations with them.

Let them know that you mean no harm and you have good intentions of just having fun and relaxation just like them.

But be also aware of other people and personalities around you. There might be people befriending you so you could be comfortable with them and use it to their advantage.

Be vigilant and do not trust people easily. Do not exchange important information if not needed.

Do not display wealth

In camping, you don’t, and must not, need to wear any sparkling jewelry or branded shoes and bags.

You must keep in mind that there are many people surrounding your area so that it may cause them to see you as a walking bank vault.

Make sure that everything you use, even the smallest item there isn’t easy to be removed or taken. Make sure that your children know and are well-educated about your strategy in having a fun and relaxing vacation.

Have a Safe Box

As much as we want to keep it low profile, we cannot argue that sometimes, we need our “treasure” and valuables with us, thus, you must invest in a safety deposit box and install it where people could not be aware that it contains several stuff you have or hiding.

The safe box also has passcodes that you could change for more safety reasons. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSCODES WITH ANYONE!

Replace factory locks

Every new RVs could have its factory locks the same as those with the same brands. So before going to the campsite, change your locking, hitch, and security system.

Be aware of the latest RV technology and study the important facts to remember. Know different kinds of locks that can be used. You can search them through the internet or find them on the nearest hardware or security stores.

This technique will definitely keep you safe from robberies specially when you are boondocking in the woods.

Maintain your RV

It is very important that you maintain every single part of the RV, from the smallest to largest, from the most visible to invisible. Always check the following:

  • Replacing dead or broken parts
  • Inspect lights inside and out
  • Check the tires and air pressure
  • Check the towing equipment and hitch
  • Inspect fire extinguishers and alarms
  • Check cooking vents
  • Inspect and replace a broken door and window locks

Install Window Grills

Admit it, some thieves use smaller people to get their job for them for they are light and could fit through any open enclosure. Thus, you can use window grills. You can decide if you can install them permanently or have them detachable.

This will help you be at peace that no one is going to go through your windows.

Also, you can use chains and bolts locks to make a security trap, in any case, someone would want to break into your RV. Use curtains or window lights to protect the insides of your vehicle.

Save emergency numbers

Make a list of all emergency numbers like the fire station, police station, or even the hospital near the campsite. It is very important that you know who to call when things are getting out of hand.

Also, get the reception number or contact details of the campsite that you are going to stay at.

You can also give your location and the campsite contact details to other family members that are not with you so that they would know where to find you and contact you.

Camp with others

You can always find peace in the presence of your family and friends. Invite some of them to be with your family on the weekend to spend time and have camping with you.

You could look out for each other and it is also an indication to those who want to rob you that you are not alone and that you have company. You gained time with your family, plus, you can have peace at sleeping at night knowing that someone is out there with you. It’s a win-win situation!

In Summary

These are some tips that I have come up for you to have a safe and fun vacation! Knowing the safety of your family is very important. It is good to have fun and to relax a little bit but we must never let our guards down.

RV camping is a very fun and adventurous lifestyle, something that everyone can and must try. But as much as we want to keep our families safe, we must invest in the best technology there is to make our stay safe and sound. But most of all, vigilance, state of mind, and alertness are needed, so that our vacation, will not turn into a disaster.

G. Yoganand

A RV enthusiast who spends countless hours researching and learning various things related to RV camping. He believes in spending time doing Outdoor activities.
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