8 Reasons To Avoid Class B RV (Pros and Cons Compared)

8 Reasons To Avoid Class B RV (Pros and Cons Compared)

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While many proud class B Motorhome owner will have good solid reasons why one should buy them but there are good number reasons to avoid them too. Lets go through each of these points and be clear so that you can decide for yourself. These points are cons for some people but can be pros for others too.

Class B RV is also getting its share of the pie in the market where some people prefer this compact size RV. It has its advantages and disadvantages, just like the other RVs in the market.

Some people loved that they can park anywhere because of the small parking space requirement for this RV, while some have their parking space in front of their homes. Others are just happy to have an RV that they can bring with them anywhere, anytime.

Class B RV has a wide variety of features and a range in price. Length can also vary and can be between 15 to 22 feet, some are heavy at eight thousand pounds while others weigh only six thousand.

There is also a difference in gas mileage since the RV is smaller, the mileage per gallon can go between 18 to 25 miles, which makes this vehicle fuel-efficient.

Now, lets see major drawbacks of this motorhome and why you should avoid it.

1. They Are Costly

You might think because of their compact size, you are going to save up buying a class B RV, but it has a higher cost per square foot in the industry. There are high-end class B ranging from a hundred thousand to a hundred and eighty.

One can buy class B motorhome in anything between $20,000 to as high as $250,000. Obviously, it all depends on the brand, features, luxury and comfort you get. On an average the most popular models are priced between $70,000 to $120,000.

Here are some examples of Top class B RVs and their prices:

  • RoadTrek CS Adventurous: $150,000
  • COACHMEN CROSSFIT 22D-EB : $94,000
  • COACHMEN GALLERIA 24A : $130,000
  • Winnebago Revel, $130,000
  • Airstream Interstate: $80,000 to $190,000

This is for sure a big investment and that is definitely a point to consider before going ahead. Many a time people have different expectations from RVs and you should know what this is going to be. Most popular RVs are actually travel trailers. TT’s are less costly and yet give good space but they do not have their own engine and you have to pull them behind a car or truck.

The prices for class B we saw above was with brand new ones. You can also buy used ones at much lower prices though.

But, do you really want to spend so much on such a compact motorhome? Its upto you. The main reason why they cost so much is because they are motorhomes and you don’t have to tow them like travel trailers. Also, you do get luxury, features but its fitted inside a compact space. So it is all about space, that’s a problem.

A simple reason for its high price is because companies do not mass manufacture this type of RV compared to the standard-sized RVs.

There is a need for major designing for the interior to make sure that the basic requirements are fulfilled, such as bathrooms, cooking area, and a bed. Since these are important for RV users, space must all be used up, which is quite challenging for builders.

They are built using a highly expensive chassis with the most commonly used chassis, Ford Transit or a Mercedes Sprinter, and there is also Ram Promaster, which can boost up the price.

The high cost is because of the hours it took to build them and the manpower. There is a required hard work to make sure that the tight space is all used up properly.

The cost of materials alone will keep the price of this RV steep.

You may think because of its size, you are saving up money, but in reality, that is not the case.

2. Have Space Limitations

pros and cons of campervan class b rv

The size may be an advantage to some, but not so for others. A simple Class-B RV can accommodate 4 to 5 people, yes, but for a long term living away from home, you may need to consider some things first.

Floor Plans and Layouts

With these motorhomes you will see limited number of floor plans, layouts to choose from. This is mainly due to the area or space available on these RVs

Class B Motorhomes are 15 to 22 feet long on an average. Their height and width is almost similar to most other RV types.

There is not enough space to satisfy your family’s needs, even if you are just a couple, you already have issues with alternating where both of you will be at the same time, what more if you have three more people in the same area?

It takes getting used to, and what if you also have pets to bring with you, imagine the space all of you will need to live comfortably.

The bed space is not enough as well for an entire family, yes, you may try to use the other side of the RV to set some blankets to be used for sleeping, but for how long? And if you have kids with you, for sure you would rather have them get the bed space, driving for long hours and then not enough space to sleep in will surely take its toll on you.

There are also no recliners or soft couches where you can rest your back if there is not enough sleeping space.

There are also no slides in most of the class B RV that can expand the space, although there are newer models that are being introduced in the market today with a slide.

If you are unaware of this features in RVs then i suggest do check on slide out. Slide out on RVs is a massive feature to ignore specially, if you are a big family then having a slide out can dramatically change the way you live in an RV.

Unfortunately most class B RV wont have slide outs because of the way they are made and also the size.

A family of four or five can get away for the weekend using a class B RV but not so for a long-term vacation, camping out somewhere. A couple may be able to man- up and keep it in trying to live as normal as possible in a Class B RV – but only for a time.

Extending an awning or organizing the space using multi-use items it is possible to enhance the living space.

3. They Have Small Sized Bathroom

Due to the small floor plan, the class b RV has a combined shower plus toilet, which is called a wet room or wet bath. When someone needs to go, and another person is showering – well, you need to keep it in.

If an entire family will use a bathroom with such a small space, then it may leave everyone uncomfortable during the trip, not to mention the tanks in a class B RV are smaller.

The cramped feeling will also get to you as the bathroom seems to be patterned after a small closet, and a taller person or those who have a bigger body frame will not fit inside comfortably.

Again, if you are in for a fun vacation out with your family now and then, a class B RV may not be the right fit for you. If you only have your partner to live full time away from home, that is another story.

So, does that mean Class B RV are not meant for full time living? Absolutely not! After all its a personal choice of how you want to live. Also, a small bathroom does not necessarily make it impossible to live full time.

Most class B RVs are a perfect fit for small family or a couple who want to travel using a small sized RV. Also, if you are a solo camper then the best RV you can own is also a class B RV. Its hard sided,good insulation unlike other counterparts like pop up or teardrop trailer.

If you are not ready to adjust with the space and bathroom then it is going to be hard for you.

Specially, when you have kids, these motorhomes can be difficult to go with.

4. They Have Compact Kitchen

There are amenities included in this RV such as a kitchen with all the appliances that are usual to any home space- even the fridge.

The Kitchen has a decent size where you can cook and prepare a meal, but there is not enough legroom, and you need to contain your movement also this will be harder for you if you want to cook a full meal since you will need extra space during preparation.

Although, there are class B RVs that have an extendable counter space with some RVs being advertised as having an extra space with the use of the stove top and the sink, which is not realistic.

You need to use your skills in multitasking, such as dicing and preparing, cooking, and cleaning as you go, or you will have a messy space. Also, there is no way you and another person can fit in there without feeling cramped.

Other class RV users prefer to just have prepared food that they can heat and eat, so there’ll be less preparation and less mess when it’s mealtime.

5. Basic Appliances Are Small

Most of the rolled out class B RV has a small fridge again, taking into consideration the space it will require putting a bigger fridge. It can take in a bit of your food, juice, and stuff, but it is not advised to pack it too full, or they will compromise the cooling capacity.

You can fit in the basic needs, but again in just small numbers, and you need to weigh which necessity is more important for you, cartons of milk, some eggs, a bottle of juice, and some fruits.

Although there are changes in a newer class B RV and improvements being made such as bigger fridge being installed, but compared to the usual-sized RV, they are still small.

Also, it is possible to have a customized fridge for your motor home if that is on top of your list. You can have a larger fridge, but a smaller stove, perhaps, or a bigger bathroom, but a more modest sleeping area, some have to give in, and you need to decide which.

Most class B motohomes don’t have built in generator as the design of these RVs do not support it generally. However, one can always get a portable generator to power the appliances like AC and other appliances.

What about air conditioner and furnace for heat? Yes, they do have air conditioner for cooling and furnace for heating.

6. Limitations With Bedroom and Bed

Every space has its purpose, and with a Class B RV, it is a couch or a bed, and it can be challenging to some, most especially, when they are not keen on just lying down all day and would rather sit idly to read a book.

But what if the family has different considerations where one would rather sleep in late while others would like to have an active morning and need to transform the bed to have more space to move around?

Class B Motorhomes on an average sleeps around 4 people and their seating capacity stands at around 6 people. There are exceptions for larger sized models whose price also stands tall.

There is just no way for any passenger to be able to sleep in late because of the size of this RV where every noise is heard.

It could be demanding for the users and may take some getting used to with the transforming and using the space for dual purposes, where the dinette becomes a sleeping area, or your sleeping area can be a settee during the daytime.

Adults can find this difficult at first, and what more if you have kids with you out on vacation.

For some families who would rather spend some time outside the RV, wandering around, visiting places, spending the entire day outdoors, well, this could work. If they only use it to sleep afterward or to take the needed rest, a class-B RV can be useful.

7. Storage Is Small

It is not just possible to be away from home for very long because you don’t have space to store all the necessities that you need. There is a storage area, but it can only house a few things that you require. Your possessions are also impossible to be considered cause space is being used for something else.

Say you are four in the family and would need all your daily necessities with you, a good thing if everyone in your family can pack light and can survive with just a few shorts and shirts, but what if that is not the case?

Since you don’t have enough supplies, you need to buy things and use the vehicle, which negates the purpose of your living away from home.

How about the camp chairs, gas grills, other equipment that you want to bring along but decided not to?

Some RV users get creative with their storage, or they just bring their immediate needs with them.

For weekend trips, a class B RV is just enough, but for a long-term vacationing, you may need to reconsider.

8. Less Features

If you are hoping for an RV where you have all that you need and then some, you may need to consider your options. Although a class B RV has the basic necessity to get you through a simple weekend getaway, it may not be ideal for a long family vacation.

Almost every necessity inside comes in small sizes, such as the kitchen, toilet, bed, and storage.

Class B RV is more fit for couples who go on a camping trip every weekend or to get away any time they choose but do not expect a luxurious camp out because there are no full-sized entertainment systems, or even a laundry space if you need it.

One thing good in class B travel is that it is not expensive to operate, particularly when it comes to fuel expenses.

There are Class B RV rentals that you may like to try first if you are keen on buying a class B RV so that you can explore the possibility. You can getaway over the weekend with your partner or with your family to see if you would all be comfortable and if the vehicle is even possible for everyone.

Some manufacturing companies have RV shows where you are given a walk-through, and you will see the features of each RV. This way, you can also get price quotations and determine if the class-B RV is the best investment. But this cannot compare to experiencing the RV first hand.

You can weigh the disadvantage mentioned, and you can decide for yourself.

So, does that mean you should completely avoid class B motorhome?

No, it does not mean that. The only point i am trying to make in this article is its not for everyone.

With the space limitations you need to be careful as otherwise it can quickly turn upto be wrong choice of RV.

So, who should buy a class B RV?

  • Solo campers who need a RV to travel as much as possible and also have space to sleep and have comparatively okay life
  • Small families looking for once in awhile travel not much bothered about space.
  • They are suitable for 2-4 people who want to have a RV easy to maneuver, drive and park.
  • Its ideal for boondocking or dry camping due to it small size and length.
  • If you don’t want to tow a RV behind your car or truck.

Comparing Class B With other RV Types

Lets compare class b with other RVs like travel trailer, pop up camper, teardrop trailer, class C RV, Class A motorhome and fifth wheel.

If you started RVing in a pop up camper or tent trailer then class B is definitely going to be luxury for you. Even though we saw so many restriction with them remember its much ahead as compared to small trailer or even truck camper.

Its a proper motorhome but with space restrictions. It can be called as a reduced version of class A motohrome.

But, the cost is much higher than a small trailer or pop up camper. The length and dimension are almost similar. You also get bigger travel trailers that can be very spacious but a higher weight will mean more struggles towing it behind a car.

Class B Vs Fifth wheel

Same goes with fifth wheels, they are much more bigger but weigh much more. This means you are dealing with other towing related issues. Fifth wheels also need truck for towing them. Towing can be intimidating if you are new at it.

Class B Vs Class C Vs Class A

Next, lets compare with bigger motorhomes. Class A are much more bigger almost double their size and include everything you may want. Its a home on road. Class B are just like reduced version but the luxury is no where close. With luxury and space also comes the price. Class A are really very pricey and can be in millions.

Class C are in the middle between the class a and class b. Their length is much bigger and also, they are spacious. If you want space and yet spend moderately then class C is a very good option. The sleeping capacity in the class c can be between 5 to 10 people.

Best Class B Motorhomes on the market

So, you do not belong to the category of the people who would find these points apply to them! Then, that means you can go for a class B RV. So, what are the best class B RVs on the market?

  1. Airstream Interstate
  2. Please way Tofino
  3. Hymer Aktiv S
  4. Coachmen Galleria
  5. Winnebago Era
  6. Midwest Automative Design legend
  7. Coachmen Crossfit
  8. Winnebago Revel
  9. Winnebago Traveto

In Conclusion

Most of the users of Class B RV are couples who are mostly on the go and love going away and experiencing the outdoors. The RV is just the easiest way to try living away from home, but then again, it is not ideal for a family in a way that comfortability is compromised. It would be smarter to buy an RV where you can get your money to work for you, and which your family will enjoy for a long time.

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