What travel trailer has the best resale value (Top 5)

What travel trailer has the best resale value (Top 5)

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In this article, we will see some of the top high resale value travel trailer brands.

There comes a time when you need to cash in on your old travel trailer and upgrade to a new one. Getting the most resale value is therefore important. To find out if you got it right, just continue to read this article.

Travel trailer brands that have high resale value

There is no order to this list. Each brand listed here are known for their ability to keep their value and bring you a good resale price when the time comes to upgrade. In order to get the highest amount of money for your used travel trailer you need to take care of the vehicle while you own it.

Below are the best quality travel trailer brands that have high resale value.

1. Jayco

This is a well known travel trailer and RV brand. It has been upgrading the vehicles and trailers it sells for years . This means that you can get a fully loaded travel trailer and enjoy the comforts of home for a few extra dollars.

That is good when it comes time to sell your travel trailer. The more features it has the better the price you can get. Here are some special points that make Jayco a high resale vehicle:

Their warranty package

The company takes great pride in keeping their product in top shape and they provide you with a strong warranty to keep it that way.

Custom built frames

These are engineered to maximize living space for each floor plan Jayco offers. Their A frame design makes towing a lot easier.

Their J-ride

When it comes better handling, this company has provided a great design that makes towing the trailer a lot easier.

Top construction

With their special lamination and bonding system the walls and roof of the travel trailers are superior to most competitors. These walls, etc., won’t cave in on you or fall down

The extra mile- this applies to the type of insulation the company installs in their trailers. Not only are you kept comfortable but the insulation protects your pipes, wiring and other hidden objects from the dangers of the elements.

2. Airstream

This is the grandaddy of all RV manufacturers. Plus, it is the only one that started building RVs prior to the second World War. While there were other pre-war RV outlets, all of Airstream’s competitors today came into existence after the war.

Its exterior construction

Airstream uses top quality aluminum materials to construct their exterior skin on their travel trailers. They have perfected that process so well that the aluminum siding should last you a lifetime.

Use of space

Airstream is not for those people who want to bring everything including the kitchen sink. Their trailers are for those people who want to experience the rougher side of life without actually being in a tent. The living space is well organized and thought out.

Overall design

This company may make smaller trailers than their competitors but they are easier to tow, easier to maneuver and keep a low profile so you do not have to worry about low clearances or low hanging branches.

Overall towing

Because Airstream trailers are smaller, you can save a little money and use a smaller, less powerful vehicle to tow them. That is a great convenience when it comes to fuel prices and other expenses.

It is Airstream

The name alone helps keep the resale value high, if the trailer is in top shape. Other influential factors include its an old American company that makes you a member of an international community once you purchase yours. They say you can buy a used Airstream trailer and sell it for almost the same price 2 years later, as long as it is in good condition.

3.Grand Design

If you want to be part of a community, this brand has its own dedicated members that make being a Grand Design owner worthwhile. The company knows how to put quality into its product allowing you and your family to have a great time on the road.

Floor plans

Just one of their models comes with 11 different floor plans. You can almost be unique and match your living style with such a great choice. You get the space you need to be comfortable and not on each others’ nerves


That same model comes in different lengths so you can meet your holiday needs and have room left over for guests that drop by. From 26’ 9” to 36’ 11” there is a length for you that makes camping a lot more fun.


This is a company that knows which side its bread is buttered. Their 3 year warranty helps protect their customers and keeps them coming back for more.


If you want comfort, this company builds that comfort by offering you lot s of standard features from a double door fridge to upgraded furniture, you can relax and enjoy home cooking away from home

Top construction

The gel coated fiberglass exterior stays good looking for a long time. Plus, it is strong and can handle the elements with ease.

4. Winnebago

This is a company that has been in existence for along time. Not as long as Airstream but they have learned the lessons they have needed to learn in order to produce a top quality travel trailer that holds its value.

Extra space

some of the models produced by this company come with slide outs so you can get the space you want. It doesn’t take much to get those slide outs in position

Quality construction

This company uses top quality composite [panels to make sure your travel trailer handles normal wear and tear. A tough interior helps keep the value high.

Good design options

Depending on your needs, Winnebago has designed several different travel trailers to meet your expectations. The 6’ 5” head room helps as does the 18’ 4” to 20’ 4” lengths you can get their trailers in. There are also 6 floor plans to choose between

Good construction

Winnebago has copied Airstream and uses aluminum to keep the weight down without sacrificing strength. Then they make their floors out of plywood so you know the trailer will hold your weight.

The brand name

Winnebago, like Airstream, is a well-respected RV manufacturer. The name alone helps keep the resale value up because everyone knows that this company makes quality products. They also pack in some great standard features as well.

5. Oliver

Relatively new to the RV manufacturing world, this company has probably learned from the mistakes of its competitors and built a top travel trailer you can resale without losing too much money.

Top construction

One of those lessons they learned was how to make the walls. 2 interior shells are behind two exterior shells making sure you are protected as well as comfortable, away from the outside weather.

Top tires and wheels

When you are going down the road, you need a great set of wheels. If these were cheap you would lose some resale value but Oliver spared n expense and put on E rated 10 ply light truck tires.

A healthy construction

This company decided to exclude wood and carpeting in order to protect your health from mold and mildew. The aluminum construction keeps those health hazards away. That decision makes the trailer durable as well as long-lasting

Good insulation

Where would you be without insulation? In an Airstream probably. The insulation on these travel trailers protects you and the inner workings of the trailer. That makes them great for extreme camping, which also boosts the value of the trailer.

Tough inspection

Before they sale a travel trailer this company puts their product through 3 inspections. Plus, they let you stay in the trailer for one night free so the trailer passes your inspection.

How to calculate the exact value of my travel trailer

You do not have to leave this task to a professional. While they know the industry, sometimes they low ball the value to get you to sell your travel trailer at a cheaper price. That means more profit for them.

It is best to do your own calculations so you can double-check what the professionals say. Here are some ways to figure out the value of your travel trailer:

  1. Use a blue book guide- like cars RVs have their own blue book that helps owners find the value of their trailer. The infamous Kelly Blue Book doe snot put out values for trailers but you can check the NADA Blue Book.

Just go to this link and put in the information about your trailer when prompted and you should get the resale value in no time.

  1. Check prices– there are many different places you can go to in order to see what similar models of travel trailers are selling for. Those places to check out include E-Bay and just about everything is for sale on that website.

Or look at the prices offered by used RV dealers. Those will give you an idea of what your trailer is worth. Condition, features, age are also good indicators of the value of your travel trailer. You will also need to factor in any depreciation and to help you with that click on this link and scroll down to the section discussing these vital criteria.

  1. Use the internet- you can click on this link and go to a website that helps you find the fair market value of your travel trailer. This is better than trying to use a pencil, piece of paper, and complicated formulas to get a price to sell your trailer.

Keep in mind that the resale value of your trailer depends on the most on what the potential buyer is willing to pay.

Typical depreciation in travel trailers year by year

Travel trailers are not 5th wheels and because of that, they do depreciate in value a lot quicker than other RVs. The figure for each year changes and the first year starts out at 21.2%. So off of a purchase price of $25,000 you are losing almost $6,000 in value.

By the 5th year, the value of your trailer will have gone down about 35.6% and may be worth about $16,100. Then in the 10th year, you are looking at losing about 50.5% and have a trailer worth about $12,375.

To check out the years in between, here is a good schedule of depreciation to give you an idea of the resale value.

Keep in mind, different travel trailers depreciate at different rates and depend on the brand name, features, time of year, floor plans, and dimensions.

How long do travel trailers normally last

Travel trailer on an average last for 15-20 years. At least that is the average lifespan of a good travel trailer. Of course, this is just the average as how long yours will last depends on several factors.

First, how you treat and maintain it is a big factor. If you are constantly going down rough roads and do little to keep the trailer in shape, it won’t last a long time.

Second, who made it and how good the construction materials will play a role in how long yours will last. If it is made from aluminum or fiberglass, then expect a longer lifetime. Third, exposing them to the elements without maintenance will have them fall apart sooner.

There are other factors involved but this gives you a general idea. If you are good to yours, it should last you a long time and have a good resale value.

Buying Used

One of the best things you can do to save money on travel trailer is, to go for a used one.

Buying a used RV is a great idea as you can save a lot on the initial investment. As the depreciation in RVs is high, it makes sense to go for a used one if you are able to find the right one.

Even if you have enough to finance a new one, i would suggest to at-least explore the used RVs. Even though you may be habitual to brand new things, a used RV isn’t really a bad thing.

RVs keep hitting the market

Getting a relatively new RV can in fact be your best decision. New models hit the market every year and with each passing year you will find those old RVs being sold by users who no longer need them.

An RV as soon as hits the road, losses its value and you can take advantage of this fact.

Inspection Checklist

A used RV may seem like a great deal but may not be until you figure all the wrongs in it.

Getting a lemon will ruin all the fun you wanted to have in your RV. So, how to avoid buying a lemon travel trailer RV?

There are several points to consider, a professional inspection is recommended depending on what is you spending. As an individual buyer you can perform a self inspection based on below points.

Check for water damage

This is probably the worst enemy of any RV. Water leakage from roof, or at the floor can result in multiple issues like mold, mildew and if ignored, it can result in heavy repair cost. So, make sure you aren’t buying an RV with water damage.

Check roof for any damage or leakage

Roof of the travel trailer is closely related to its overall life. Make sure you are buying the right type of roof as well. Understand the different types of roofs before you jump on to this.

Check for awning, windows, door, cabinets

Look for any irregularities in all of these. Try operating them to see if anything is amiss.

Check water system

Operate water pump, faucets, shower to see all things are intact. Its better to check and know if any repairs would be needed. Water systems are important for living in an RV. You can sacrifice with entertainment system but not on basics need like water.

Know about the insulation

Even though travel trailers are hard sided they may not be great in insulation. If you plan to live in winter then you need to have a better insulated travel trailer.

Power and Safety features

Check how the power outlets work, run different appliances to see if there are any problems. Verify for safety features like fire extinguishers, monoxide detector,

Check tires for any damage

See how much tread is left and when the replacement would be needed. Make sure you get down on the ground and check them thoroughly, read for the numbers on tires and verify when the they were manufactured. On an average travel trailer tires last for 5-6 years and you need to replace them within time.

There are probably several things to check but make sure you cover all other basic checks like shower, bathroom, bedroom, slide out functioning, door locking, hitch, propane tanks, battery, generator, ceiling fan, lights, water pressure.

Common Questions You may Have

Best Quality Travel trailers Brands

The ones that we listed above are high resale value travel trailers. Obviously, there are more to the list that are great in quality. Just in case you want to explore all other options, here are those that are considered to be of great quality as well. Here is a full list of most trusted and popular travel trailer brands.

  • Dutchmen RV
  • Happier camper
  • Palomino
  • Forest River
  • Startcraft
  • Newmar
  • Midwest

Where to buy or sell used rv?

Because, there are so many people who want to buy used RVs, you will find numerous online options to buy or sell used travel trailers or RVs. The best option you have is to list your travel trailer on online portal. Below are some of the popular websites or portals where you can list your RV.

  1. RV Trader
  2. PPL Motorhomes
  3. RVT.com
  4. RVUnivers.com
  5. Crusieamerica

These are some of the names you can try. Obviously, there are several other regional or local traders that you will find by searching “buy used travel trailer near me”.

You can also check out local dealers for best deals. A best time to buy a RV is before summer season that is regarded as the off season.

What keeps the travel trailer value intact

This is something that will depend a lot on how you use the travel trailer. It is also dependent on the maintenance you do on it.

A regular maintenance will not only keep the RV from unexpected failures but will also keep its worth intact. There is no doubt that it would depreciate automatically no matter how much you maintain it, but still its resale value will be affected by the maintenance you do.

Any worst travel trailers?

I do not have any specific name to list here but you will find reviews online that should help you on this. Obviously, the best names in the industry are the ones you should focus on rather than the cheap ones that will be bad investment.

Even when buying a used one, make sure you are getting a travel trailer that has name in the industry. Its a big investment and you don’t want to change or repair it in 6 months or so.

How long do Airstream trailers last. Whats their depreciation

Airstream is a very popular trailer and it has distinction of lasting for many many years. They can be used for 30, 40 or even more years. Its because of the design, quality with which they are built. Airstream hold their value for long term and they shine through thick and thin.

In Conclusion

The time to start thinking about resale value is when you are buying yours. The features, the construction, and the condition are important factors that help you get the best resale value out of your travel trailer.

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