7 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Airstream

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Airstream

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Getting an airstream RV is truly a huge investment and is synonymous with a stellar performance. These travel trailers can perform for decades and are considered as one of the aerodynamically systematized travel trailers available across the globe.

They are a perfect coalesce of nostalgia, classics, and iconic manufacturing process that take these vehicles far beyond their literal value.


An airstream RV is a classic and uniquely shaped travel trailer that’s generally used for camping.

They are also the oldest amongst the camping trailer manufacturers in the United States.

The company was started by Wally Byam in the 1930s. One of the major distinctions of the airstream trailer is its glossy aluminum curved body.

Moreover, the curvature and the aluminum construction are clasped together quite like an airplane using rivets.

The airstream RV has the reputation of being a high-priced brand and much of its price goes to making the shining aluminum body. But the aluminum exterior calls for very little maintenance.

It will not need much sealing and is generally more water-resistant compared to the typical travel trailers.

This could be a very small aspect but there are several factors that are responsible for making this RV one of the most sought-after possessions.

Let’s take a look at the various specs and features that help the trailer to stand out from the rest of its competitors.


Does the value of the brand mean anything to you? Apart from the unmistakable quality of materials used for construction and the brilliant processes used in the making, the brand value of the company also deserves mention.

You may not believe but it’s true that there are people who romanticize this brand.

Pricing of the trailer is primarily due to the materials used and the fact that much of the procedures involve handcraft. In the long run, the appeal and the durability of the trailer outsmart its competitors.

Airstream RV is a unique invention in the world of trailers. What makes them stand out is that they have their distinct features which have never been subjected to any degradation and are also, closely associated with their working principles.

They are valued by people who are committed to the brand no matter how many companies come and go.

On average, you will only see a handful of Airstreams but their owners almost always get positive comments and questions from other RV owners.


The materials used for the construction of the airstream RV are partly responsible for its premium class. They use high-grade materials for the most part and also make the furnishing using high-class components in everything that goes into the construction of the trailer.

The interior is very sleek and modern and will surely appeal to your taste.

The process employed for building the RV is highly labor-intensive since it takes a lot of time for the installation of the aluminum sheets coupled with thousands of rivets that clasp everything together. This goes in sharp contrast to a fiberglass RV which employs a single-piece composite wall that can be assembled as well as installed almost effortlessly.

It also brings the components and furnishings of the interior design through the door rather than having it installed prior to the putting up of walls. This means that the walls are made first before anything is created inside them.

For most manufacturers, construction deals with the bottom line. Due to this, they opt for the cheapest available materials and construction procedures. But this is not the case with airstream RV.

If you can take the proper care of the aluminum body, you can expect your RV to last a lifetime. This takes us to the next aspect- that’s durability.


As is already mentioned, the structure and the construction process involved in the airstream RV push it to last much longer than its rivals. If you want, you can sell your pre-owned RV for a decent return on your investment.

The riveted aluminum body is made of aircraft-class aluminum that ensures your trailer will never rust or leak.

The appliances, trim, and wheels may gradually give way over the span of the next few years. But if you care well for the frame and the aluminum body, you will not have to think of a replacement.

There is no use of plywood except only on the top floor. This plywood comes with a dual-frame and it is well protected from rotting.

The company claims that 65% of all the airstreams RV constructed were in running condition back in 2006.

This is where the difference between regular trailers and Airstreams comes in. Most regular trailers are hardly usable within 15 years of working on the road.


Airstream RV is constructed keeping a low profile in mind. With this approach, the RVs have resulted in numerous benefits such as trailer swaying, draft, and minimal wind resistance.

The campers also come with 20 percent better fuel efficiency than most other conventional box trailers. The low center of gravity coupled with independent torsion axles allows you to exercise incredible control no matter the terrain you choose.

Since the RV airstream has a smaller size, it can offer unique advantages. First of all, it comes with a low profile along with a streamlined shape. As a result, they are more stable for towing and are very light. This helps them to go under lower over-bridges as well as tight parking lots.

You will also require a less powerful towing vehicle than what you have to with other trailers. This in itself is a money-saving factor.


When you think of Airstream RVs, the first image that comes to your mind is the iconic silver bullet design that you may have seen rolling down the highways.

There are many unique travel trailers like the Nest by Airstream that’s made from strong fiberglass shell and they do not sport the typical silver bullet look.

You can also check out the Basecamp that measures 16 feet in length and weighs only around 3,500 lbs. You can consider pairing it with a smaller truck or your family SUV.

Owing to the compact design of these recreational vehicles, the fuel consumed is also very economical.

It is equipped with the highly dynamic Mercedez-Benz 3.0L V6 turbo engine that makes driving the touring coach a congenial experience. Moreover, the BlueTEC SCR Technology allows a good deal of balance wrong with a majestic fuel economy.

No matter which model of Airstream RV, all of them are equipped with V6 diesel engines which pass through 50 State EPA/CARB tests.

When you invest in the Airstream RV, you are not just getting a great recreational vehicle but also associating yourself with an American Dream that has a value in itself. And if you can assign value to the memories that this RV lets you create, you can collect a treasure that can be passed down to your future generations.


When you are considering whether or not you should opt for RV Airstream, the quality of the interior materials is definitely an unavoidable factor. Since they are the only trailers with high-tech aluminum shell frames, they have a brilliant durability advantage.

The cushions are made of leather and there are bamboo inlay walls. The taps are branded and the type that you find in most premium commercial places.

  • Most of the modern trailers manufactured by the company are green certified.
  • Airstream will have multiple zone climatic control with heaters, air conditioners, motorized fans, hatches as well as a heat pump.

Further, you will love the expensive tinted windows. You can open most of them and use the built-in screens. For your entertainment, you can use the Bluetooth stereo for the entire trailer and play music or watch television or anything you want.

All the usual appliances that go into the trailer are of premium brands and full-sized. This is the reason why some of the preowned refurbished trailers can get you as much value as the brand-new models.


The power of the internet has already swayed us over and you can always come across a passionate group of RV owners who are always ready to offer help be it troubleshooting or choosing the best model or dealing with some other issues.

The makers have also developed the Airstream Care Application that can assist you in keeping your recreational vehicle in a top-notch condition. The application allows you to create a personalized service requirement by putting your model name in the dashboard.

With this, you can access the various service locations, preferred checklists and do a lot more with a simple tap of your finger.

Depending on the general use along with the service schedule, this application will send automated updates about various aspects that you must check on a regular basis to keep things running in a smooth condition.

That implies, gone are the days when you had to create a manual checklist for self-servicing items like battery inspection, fire extinguisher, and CO detector among others.

It’s also important to mention that there will be certain issues and maintenance items that may not have been listed in the Airstream Care Application. And for this, the company has created a great owner’s manual. You will definitely get paper copies of the manual for the RV you purchase.

But there will be times when you look out for quick answers rather than scanning pages of the book.

The Owner’s Page of Airstream RV online has several useful resources such as Product Manuals, How To Solve Common Troubleshooting, Document Archive, and a lot more.


When it comes to the decision of owning a premium-grade recreational vehicle, it’s natural that you have done a lot of research.

You must have compared several brands, their tow vehicles, sizes, pricing, and many other things. Just as you see the unmatched quality and performance of the RV airstream is truly par-class, your next consideration is thinking about how to go ahead with the purchase.

In your journey from choosing the best trailer to finally moving further with the RV airstream, you will come across many people who will lavish on how much they owe to this impeccable addition to their lives and the amount of excitement it brings in.

However, chances are that you will also stumble upon skeptics who believe in myths centering around this phenomenal recreational vehicle. But the moment you see one before your eyes, your instinct will direct you to go for it.

The standards of quality that are synonymous with the RV are mostly self-imposed. The founder has always believed in crafting the products in the best possible way. And a lot of care and dedication along with a constant effort for improvement ensures the commitment to quality.


The company’s commitment to quality is kept up all through the network of dealers. This ensures that the customers enjoy have an unforgettable experience at every single touchpoint.

You can look for the dealer locator on the service page of the manufacturer and check which dealerships have been marked with the Airstream Five Rivet Dealership sign so that you can have easy access to all the information you require before making the purchase.


There is hardly anyone on this planet who had owned an Airstream RV and regretted their investment.

They are high-class trailers from the top to the bottom and when taken proper care of, these machines can last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a highly reliable mass-market RV, then airstream should be on the top of your Wishlist. Even if you find it on the pricier side, they offer an excellent value for money in terms of durability and you will always love to call the trailer your second home.

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