Caravan Or Travel Trailer – What to Buy

Caravan Or Travel Trailer – What to Buy

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What is a travel trailer?

It can be hard to tell the difference between a travel trailer and a caravan. Generally speaking, the two words “travel” and “trailer” lead people to believe that it’s something like a small RV with wheels on the bottom that you tow around behind your vehicle.

A travel trailer is a wheeled, towed vehicle that is easily transportable. It often has bunk beds and a compact design for off-road and camping usage.

Travel trailers are more common in places where RV camping is more popular. Although some people live in them full-time while traveling around, they are mainly used for weekend or holiday recreational trips. A hitchhiker can tow them with its steering wheel, but it’s often easier to pull them behind another vehicle instead.

A large van would be ideal due to their size and weight, making them hard to shake off once attached.

Even custom models have been turned into mobile homes that you can buy from various dealers throughout Blaine County (although what happens during one of Trevor’s rages when he shows up at said dealer is not recommended).

Comparison between travel trailer and caravan.

Lets compare these two and see what could be a better fit.

1. Travel trailers are not lighter

The travel trailer is often compared with the caravan, but the caravan is more suitable for light touring. It does not have the license plate and the coupling device.

So you can take it to places that are not allowed by your vehicle.

Moreover, they are very lightweight because of their smaller size. Due to this reason, the caravan’s maximum loading weight is lower than the travel trailer.

If you already have a large vehicle, then there is no point in buying a more extensive travel trailer, which will only cause inconvenience on the road.

2. Caravan has more choices on style and accessories

Caravan manufacturers offer better designs and can carry more stuff inside their cabinets since they are small in size anyway, so why bother being too big.

3. Caravan are more resistant to accidents and dangerous weathers

Caravan’s lower body is shorter than the travel trailer. So it can bounce back faster after being struck by something or rolling over.

Also, air trapped inside the cover of the caravan makes it more resistant to heavy rain and strong winds. On the other hand, water can penetrate through the travel trailer’s open-air covering so quickly because its shape resembles a box rather than an egg, which requires solid internal pressure to keep itself afloat on water.

4. Caravan is secure during transport

There will be warning signs if people see you moving your caravan on the road. Also, they are lighter than a travel trailer, so it will be easier for you to load and unload them onto your car or into the storage, especially when you buy them brand new.

5. You can tow caravan behind any vehicles

You can tow your caravan even with the smallest vehicle size, just like a motorcycle, because its axle is lighter than a travel trailer. They come with springs, too, so bumps on uneven roads will not make it bounce around as much as traveling inside a travel trailer.

On a flat surface, the caravan needs no more power to pull against other cars since the weight is evenly distributed between all four wheels, while the hitch on a travel trailer is heavier at one end. That’s why it will bounce more than other vehicle does.

6. Many types of tents fit into the caravan body

The minor type of caravan usually has a tent that can fit two people without discomfort. Even if you’re not using the tent, you can still use the space inside during travel because there are removable partitions to separate the kitchen and bedroom areas.

7. You can sleep on top of your car or van with caravan

Since they are lighter than a travel trailer, you can set them right behind your car stove for camping adventure anytime, anywhere during summers, even when there is no electricity available to make hot water for showering or heating food in the kitchen area – all thanks to their more excellent box! They also come with roof rack mounts, so you can easily set up your tent on top of them.

8. You can sell caravan later on with higher value since the market is bigger

Many people buy caravans for creating bunk rooms at their homes or turning them into storage rooms because they are durable. Just like small trailers that you store stuff in at home or work, but there are more choices for accessories, designs, sizes, and colors to choose from if you’re buying a new one.

It also has excellent resale value, so whenever you don’t need it anymore, you can always resell it without losing much money, unlike travel trailers.

9. Travel trailers are not easier to maneuver and park

A caravan needs less space to make a turn and will not hit too many bumpy roads because its lower body helps it to bounce back faster after a bump.

Also, you can easily park your caravan on a small parking space, unlike a travel trailer whose axle tends to poke out from the bottom of the car once parked too close to other vehicles causing damage and less accessible space for other cars to pass through.

10. Caravan are more economical than travel trailers, especially during cold seasons

Caravan’s thick insulation ensures that no heat will escape throughout winter nights, so you don’t have to turn up the heater as much as traveling inside a travel trailer.

You can also save money on gas since its smaller engine need less fuel during winter months when there is cold weather outside, plus you won’t be using your hot water or kitchen appliance any time during cold seasons.

11. More choices of colors, patterns, and designs in caravan

Suppose you’re more on the artistic side who loves to decorate your car or van with pretty things.

In that case, this is just for you because there are many different types of accessories that you can choose from depending on your taste, plus caravan’s more petite body means that it has more space inside for decoration purposes plus they come in different colors too.

Travel trailer usually comes only in beige, dark brown, or gray color in most cases, so it will be easier for you to match the exterior design and the interior design together.

12. Caravan cost less than a travel trailer, especially when you buy them brand new

Thanks to its more excellent box and lighter axle, chances are your caravan will be much more delicate than a travel trailer so that you can get one for a much lower price.

It also doesn’t have an expensive generator or air conditioning unit attached to it, that’s why you won’t have to spend much money when fixing the defective parts in your car or van.

13. Caravan are easier to maintain and repair

The caravan is smaller than a travel trailer, so there are more minor things inside to fix, replace, clean, or maintain plus, its engine has the lower horsepower, so there is less stress put on it during long drives, so chances of being breakdown even when using it every day are very slim compared to traveling inside a travel trailer.

14. Easier for kids’ safety because they’re shorter in height

Traveling with kids would mean keeping them safe and sound all the time, and since a caravan is shorter in height, it can minimize their risk of injury or accident compared to traveling inside a travel trailer.

When you’re driving, kids will always bump their heads on top of things like kitchen cabinets, roof, table, etc., but this doesn’t happen with caravan because it’s shorter, which means that kids will consume less space when sitting or standing inside it even during long drives to prevent unnecessary bumps on their head.

15. Caravan have more choices for accessories and design tools

The caravan is smaller, so there are fewer spaces inside, giving you room for installing new gadgets and other valuable items, but if your car or van has limited space, choose between permanent built-in cabinets and retractable ones – they both have their pros and cons.

To help you further find the perfect interior design for your caravan, there are so many tools and gadgets you can use to accessorize your car or vans, such as different types of cabinet knobs and handles plus wallpaper and curtains and paintings.

Hence, if you don’t know how to decorate a room, then use some ideas from these items plus, for extra more space inside, add up your favorite pillows – it will make your car more comfortable.

16. More safety features than a travel trailer

The caravan has more safety features built into it compared to a travel trailer. Its larger wheels allow more grip on the road while going through rough patches at high speeds, while its lighting system is bright enough for other drivers to see you from a far distance to avoid accidents.

17. Caravan comes with a weekend mode

This is perfect for people who like staying at the campground only on weekends and want to save money because traveling inside a caravan will give them more space for spending time with their friends and family.

But while keeping lots of money because there are additional features that you can turn on or off depending on your needs such as heating system, hot water system, and refrigerator – all these items consume energy which means higher electric bills plus it’s larger than a travel trailer, so if you’re going to be using it every day then it will cost much more than usual because caravan uses fuel instead of the battery pack to move around.

If you only use your car or van during weekends, then turn all these items off during the weekdays – your car or van will be good as new when you start using it again on weekends.

18. Caravan are easier to drive because of its smaller size

Traveling inside a caravan is much easier than traveling with a travel trailer, especially for people who are just learning how to drive because you don’t have to worry about bumping into objects along the way.

It’s shorter in height, so kids won’t have room to stand up and accidentally hit their head which can cause injury, plus no air conditioning unit attached, so there are lesser chances of breakdowns while driving around.

Due to its small size, you’ll be able to turn left or right without hitting anything, which means less stress, especially if you’re planning on driving in busy streets.

19. Caravan are more affordable to maintain and fix when broken down

There are two types of travel trailers – the fifth wheel with one big hitch or two pitfalls attached at each end of its frame.

Still, a caravan is much easier to maintain and fix when something inside it breaks down because you don’t have to worry about plumbing, plumbing fixtures, air conditioner unit, generator unit, and other appliances that come along most fifth-wheel trailers.

Plus, if your car or van breaks down, then you can haul it somewhere where they’ll be able to help you out faster than a fifth-wheel trailer which requires more time for maintenance and repairs because there are so many things that need fixing before your travel trailer will start working again.

20. It’s cheaper to buy caravan when it comes to brand new models

Lastly, when buying a travel trailer or caravan, it’s always best to choose the cheaper one when purchasing a brand new because there are lots of used caravans and trailers on the market that you can choose from.

But, before buying any second-hand unit, then do some research first – learn more about its history plus check for any signs of damage so you’ll know what to expect once you start using your new unit.

Once everything checks out okay, then finalize your purchase and get ready for an adventure.


If you’re considering buying a travel trailer, think long and hard about your decision because they often have more negative effects on your life than positive ones. Again, towing a travel trailer is usually not worth all the extra work and cost involved if you want to use a truck or SUV for what it was designed to do.

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