RV Fridge Fan – An Awesome Mod For Better Cooling

RV Fridge Fan – An Awesome Mod For Better Cooling

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Having problems cooling the RV refrigerator? Then, RV fridge fan could be an answer to your problems. There are two types of fans that you can utilize to improve a RV fridge cooling efficiency . First, the fridge evaporator fan and second, the fridge fin vent fan .

Fridge in your RV may not work as you expect, and at times, it may fail to cool properly and the food may get spoiled.

Using a fan is definitely a good way to make the refrigerator cooler. There are few other things as well to keep it operating at optimum efficiency.

Use of RV fridge fan

Unlike other refrigerators for home use, RV refrigerators are unique as they use a different cooling mechanism. Furthermore, it’s hard to absorb and cool air even if the weather is too hot or cold.

However, a fridge fan can solve many problems associated with cooling. Typically, it will take RV fridge to cool between 4 to 6 hours, but with a RV refrigerator fan, it can reduce the cooling time to up to 50%.

The air surrounding your RV refrigerator may not be equal to that inside it. Therefore, it may take a lot of power for absorption of warm air.

However, using RV refrigerator fans will enhance the absorption rate by driving away the warm air. Thus, maintaining the temperature. So, all you should expect from the such a fan is to enhance your fridge’s cooling effect.


using fridge fan for rv trailer

Fridge vent and evaporator fin fans are the two upgrades every RV should have. Most modern refrigerator do work best but a time comes when you see the operation isn’t that great.

Absorption type refrigerators in RV work on the combination of both electricity and propane operated heating elements to move out the refrigerants, this cools down the refrigerator.

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Their ability to cool is dependent on the ability to dissipate the heat. With this approach, the backside of the refrigerator can get very hot. This can eventually reduce their efficiency to cool down.

Normally, the RV refrigerators have vents provided at the bottom of the fridge on the outer side of the RV or on the roof. This helps exhaust the heat away and helps the fridge to cool down.

This vents allow hot air to escape and also provide for cool air to enter. But this operation may not be that great.

To enhance this ability to cool down we can make use of vent fans for fridge.

While selecting the vent fan its always better to go for a smart fan that can automatically turn itself ON when the temperature is on higher side and then turn itself off when the required temperature is met.

Using Evaporator Fins

Using evaporator fins can help circulating the air inside the refrigerator. This will help in keeping the concentration of cool air constant throughout the refrigerators.

As the fridge keeps working, the propane flame absorbs water up to the top of your cooling unit. Now, the fan plays a significant role; the fan will circulate air and ensure hot air can rise to the top where they will be eliminated.

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As the warm air, which is less dense, rises to the top, the cold air will get into the refrigerator and balances the temperature, thus ensuring the active cooling system.

How To Install

installing the fridge fan

Lets talk about installing evaporator fin fan first. This one goes inside the fridge as its aim is to keep the air circulating and avoid hot air hot spots. This will come with brackets that need to be fixed on either ends.

To get it installed on the fins you need to first identify the two end or fins inside the refrigerator. Then get it fixed using the brackets. The next thing is to get the power supply to these fin fans.

There are two options that you can try. First, is to get the power from 12 V system by using wire that will exit at the backside of the refrigerator but this may not be a good option.

The other source is the fridge light power that is already available inside the fridge. With some modification you can get this to supply the fan.

Remember to connect this before the switch of the light in the wiring as otherwise, the power would be cut off when the door is shut off. This is logical as the lights turn off when the door is closed.

Installing Vent Fin Fan For refrigerator

The refrigerator on your RV will have exhaust as well as air inlet. If the fridge is on slide then the exhaust vents will be on the side else they will be on the roof. So, first identify where the exhaust area for air is.

Once you located it, its time to remove the cover and locate if there is already a fan that’s placed. Usually, you will find such fan already present but that could be loud and also not effective.

You can buy a new one separately that will be more effective and also smart to operate automatically. The steps here are to fix it inside and connect it to the 12V power supply.

You can connect the power supply via a switch. Install it at the top of the fridge.

You will have to work this out using a drill and few more tools. Its a DIY project only if you are good at it else get the help from a RV technician.

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Best Fan for cooling the RV Fridge

Now that you have fair idea on how it works, lets check out the top 5 fridge fans you can get for your RV. Some features that i would want in these fan are,

  • It should work efficiently and be smart in cooling
  • Should be ultra quite in operation. Don’t want the additional noise.
  • Less price and long life.
  • Compact and easy to install.


Having been designed with four blades, it will ensure sufficient circulation of air within your fridge. As air flows smoothly in and out of the refrigerator, none of your food will go bad before your programmed camping duration elapses.

Furthermore, you won’t spend much while using this fan as it uses 2D batteries that work best for 30 days after that, you can change a new one.

Valterra vent fan is smart operating fan that automatically turn itself on at 110 degree and shuts at 80 degree. It uses only 1 amp for running.

You don’t need the experience to install and use this one, all you can do is place it inside the fridge, and it performs the cooling task. Compared to other refrigerator fans, Valterra fan cools the fridge, almost 50% faster than others.

Key features

  • Simple to change the battery
  • Smart or automatic operation
  • Energy efficient
  • three voltage rating
  • 50% faster cooling than other refrigerators


Doubling up as a cooling fan and ventilation grill fan, Titan refrigerator fan will always ensure your fridge remain cool. Moreover, you can use the smart speed control feature to let the work continue automatically.

Also, you’ll not need too complicated to install instruction to get fun working; it isn’t the easiest fan to set up. Not only does it work with RV, but also camper van, motor home, caravan, cabinets, or camper trucks.

There is no reason for worrying about the weather condition since this fan is best for all weather conditions, including winter and summer periods. Moreover, it has an IP55 rating, thus suitable for outdoor usage.

Finally, its sleek design makes it best for use in an RV while still performing ideal task without complications.

Key features

  • Free replacement guaranteed
  • IP55 Rated
  • Smart speed control
  • Easy installation


When considering available space in your RV. You would probably opt for this camper fridge fan as it’s small in size and compact. Furthermore, it operates on a 12V DC and works on a battery that can last long enough.

If you are energy conscious, this is a good option as it’s capable of eliminating frost build ups and maintaining cool temperature by using the only 0.1amp.

Furthermore, Deluxe protects their machine and enhances its lifespan by including a grill for protecting the blade while its inline features will also prevent damages.

Having been fixed with a thermostat, you won’t need to do all the work; in fact, all you need is a wire DC connection, and the rest will be taken care of, i.e., change in temperature will activate the fan to start working. Despite having an ON/OFF switch, users can easily customize their temperature range.

Key features

  • ON/OFF features
  • Easy setup and operation
  • 12V DC connection
  • Customized temperature control
  • Adjustable thermostat ranges

4. Camco Fridge Fan

Measuring only 10131.1 inches, Camco fridge fan will provides all the cooling required in your RV refrigerator.

Furthermore, its Solar powered, which ensures you get enough power from the sun that will illuminate your fridge all the period you will be camping. The only disadvantage of buying this fan is that you may need extra wire if the refrigerator and the fan aren’t that close.

On the other hand, it’s the best refrigerator fan any traveler would love to have. During hotter seasons, you would prefer buying this product as it will work magic and drive away all the heat that has accumulated in your RV. It’s one of the best eco friendly fans that works best to ensure a steady power supply through its solar system, so no need to use your RV generator or batteries to keep it running.

Key features

  • Easy installation with a simple guide
  • Small and compact design for small RV

5. RV Fridge Fan Refrigerator – EZ Travel

When looking for the most effective battery powered fan for RV refrigerator, then opt for EZ travel fan. Furthermore, if you have a small fridge, then you wait to be disappointed because of our fan us only 3 inches and lower in size.

Also, you don’t need some individual instruction or DIY tools to install the Fan Kit as it features a base that enables it to stand by itself. Featuring a hard-plastic cover and a grill that supports the blade, this fan will serve you for quite a long time without physical damage.

Because the battery can take up to 30 days, you can enjoy your vacation without experiencing any problem with your fridge. Furthermore, changing the battery is more comfortable, with no tools or experience required.

Because of the on/off switch, you can power the fun whenever you need it. Also, it doesn’t make a lot of noise. This is an ultra quite RV fridge fan. Its easy to install in common Narcold or Dometic refrigerator.

Key features

  • Battery operated (takes up to 30 days)
  • On and off switch ensures seamless operation
  • 3 ball bearing fans

Pros And Cons Of Using Fridge Fan

This will be a DIY project and will need moderate efforts. Perhaps, an hour or two if you love doing such project on your RV. But, before you get one of those fans be sure to know the pros and cons of such installations.


Very efficient: as your RV fridge is likely to heat during the hot season, a fridge fan enhances its operation and ensures regulation of both internal and external temperatures. As a result, your fridge will usually work and retain the quality of food kept in it.

Easy set up: although some RV fats require an understanding of the essential operation of the refrigerator and the fans, most of them are always easy to install as they do not require the use of any tool or manual book

Ensures even temperature: your fridge alone may not do the work as changes in the heat may affect it. Therefore, it can lead to excessive power consumption. To some extent, the RV fridge may develop mechanical problems due to overworking. However, using the RV generator fan ensures flawless operation with the least power consumption.


  • Some RV refrigerator fans make a lot of noise, thereby interrupting the peace of mind
  • Although many of these fans have easy to replace batteries, some require extra steps, thus not sufficient for many people
  • Installation of fin vent fan and evaporator fans may not be easy if you aren’t into this kind DIY projects.

In Conclusion

Now that we have covered the essential information you ought to have known about RV fridge fans, it’s upon you soon to make wise choices whenever shopping for any brand on the market. For me this mod has been one of the the fastest way to cool the fridge.

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