How tall and wide should an RV garage door be?

How tall and wide should an RV garage door be?

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RV’s or campers are known for their large sizes. They are magnanimous. Their height, width and length are much bigger than other normal personal vehicles like cars, SUV or mini trucks. Having a bigger RV is good for camping as you live inside it and you can have many family members camp at once inside a single vehicle. That’s great.

But wait, do you have that large garage for the RV to keep store? Well, that’s the issue with many people that they don’t have large enough garage door and thus cannot fit the RV. A double car garage could be bigger but does it have that larger door?

A RV is not only larger is length but also wider and much higher in terms of height. And thus, even if you had a larger square feet garage, not having proper sized door will make it impossible to store the RV inside. So, what height and width door do you need for a RV to store inside garage?

It obviously depends on the size of the RV or camper but lets see an average answer to this as of now.

Most RV’s like motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheels need bigger garage door that is 12 feet (3.6 m) wide and 14 feet (4.2 m) taller. Having said this, since RV’s can be of varying width and height, the door dimensions will slightly vary based on the type of RV you have.

Below is the average height and width of garage door needed for different type of RV’s.

RV TypeDoor HeightDoor Width
Class A Motorhome15 feet12 feet
Class C Motorhome14 feet12 feet
Class B Motorhome12 feet11 feet
Travel Trailer12 feet12 feet
Fifth Wheel14 feet12 feet

I know, many of you may not agree with this fully (if you own that distinct dimension Class A rv or fifth wheel). This is an average dimension. Remember you also have RV’s like smaller trailers or pop up campers in the RV segment. So, an average answer is taking all of these into this category.

Lets go RV by RV and check out their normal dimensions and figure out what could be the RV garage door needed.

Class A Motorhome specific garage door dimensions

Class A motorhome are the biggest among all the RV types. They, on an average have lengths that are 35 feet, they can be as big as 45 feet or even more though. Keeping this in mind, think about the Garage area be.

But, lets focus on the main topic here (garage door height and width). Class A motorhomes also have biggest heights and widths.

On average class A have width of around 10 feet and height of around 11-12 feet and with satellite antenna and air conditioning it can be around 13 feet.

With this kind of height and width you need a garage door that be at-least 12 feet in width and 15 feet in height. Having said this some class A RV could be more in height and width. And thus, you may very well need garage door bigger than this.

Another reason to have little bigger than what would be enough is you may face difficulties while backing up or parking during night time. Also, if you are a new to rving than, better to have a little bigger door in advance.

When you visit the door specialist you will mostly find door sizes that are standard like a 14′ by 14′ or similar. If you feel like building a custom door than the cost could be higher, that’s the point you need to keep in mind.

Class C RV garage door size

Class C rv are next to class A. They too have bigger dimensions. On an average a class C RV tends to be around 11 feet in height and a 10 feet in width.

You may also have super C motorhomes that are little larger in width and height.Class C equipped with appliances that are no less than a average class A RV, they are also priced high and on an average their prices tend to be around $70,000. Now, that’s a high price and it definitely deserves a good garage.

Class C RV needs a garage door that is at least 11-12 feet in width and 14 feet in height.

If you are about to buy a smaller class RV than depending on that, the dimensions can be lesser. But, on average you need this much height and width. The height mostly increases because of satellite antenna and air conditioner which come above the normal height of the motorhome.

One of other reasons why a garage door be wider is because the mirrors could be wider and can strike against the walls if the width was shorter. Having a width that exactly fits the rv may therefore be a problem.

Class B RV garage door size

Class B rv are smallest among all the motorhomes. They are tiny on road rv’s and are best suited for couples or solo camping. With limited space, the amenities are also less and sleeping area is miniaturized. On an average they tend to have a width of around 9 feet and height around 9-10 feet.

With this kind of dimensions the garage door for class B RV has to be around 10-11 feet in width and also the height be of 12 feet.

Class B owners find it easier for parking as the vehicle is very smaller in-terms of length as well. They are around 15-20 feet in length and thus, parking becomes a little easier as compared to other bigger motorhomes like class a or class c.

So, does that mean you can use a car garage for class B motorhome? No, because still the width and height of this motorhome remains bigger and thus, you cannot use the normal garage door for this.

Fifth wheels garage door dimensions

Fifth wheels are towable RV’s that are much better in terms of amenities and styling. They look so stylish and modern. I love fifth wheels. But, are they good for storage? You need a garage that is almost similar to a class A RV.

On an average a fifth wheel trailer has width of around 11 feet and height of around 10-12 feet. And thus, the garage for fifth wheel has to be 14 feet in width and minimum 12-14 feet in height.

Fifth wheels need to be towed and thus, parking it inside a garage can be a little difficult, you need to take the car and the fifth wheel both inside the garage and thus the overall length also becomes way more.

This is the problem with towable rv’s even though they cost less. But wait, fifth wheel do not cost less. I was thinking about trailers in general. A fifth wheel can cost similar to class C rv or even more.

When visit the garage door makers mostly you would get standard door sizes, but you can also order odd sized doors. But, the cost may be little higher with custom made doors. Also, with bigger dimensions the residential garage door wouldn’t be fitting your requirements and would need commercial ones that fit the RV properly.

Travel trailer garage door dimensions

Like fifth wheels, the travel trailer also need garage with length that is much larger. You need your car to pull the travel trailer. On an average they tend to be around 18-25 feet in length.

A trailer on an average is around 9 feet in width and 10 feet in height. With this kind of width and height dimension, you would need garage of around 12 feet width and 12 feet of height door.

Travel trailer also come in smaller sizes and they may need smaller door. But, even with the smaller trailers the dimensions you would need for garage of at-least 10 feet width and 10 12 feet height. Mostly the length is smaller, but the height and width almost goes in this range.

Pop up camper or tent trailer garage door size

Pop up campers are smallest form of RV’s. They are so small that they may not even include a bathroom or a other important elements.

Their length is just over 10-12 feet and the width stands at around 8-9 feet and height at around 10 feet. The height and width again remains similar and thus the garage do need to be at-least 12 feet in width but since they can be folded, the height required is less to upto 5 feet.

Why have a larger width garage door

A RV garage door need to be little bigger in width, reason being you also have mirrors on the sides and thus you may end up bashing against the door. Also, backing up a rv needs little more space. It could becomes a little difficult to move freely if you have width that is exactly as per RV width.

For a rv of say ‘X’ feet you need width that is 2 or 3 feet more than the RV width. That will be X+3 feet.

On an average a 12 feet width goes well with most of the RV”s unless its a big Class A RV having a width of closer to 12 feet.

Another reason to have a rv garage door wider is because it could be little difficult to park the RV inside during night times. And therefore, going for exact fitting garage door may not be the way to go.

A little wider door may not cost you much more and thus, think twice before getting that exact door in width and also in height.

Why are RVs so wider? Well, you would need that much width if you were to sleep inside, cook inside the kitchen and also take bath. Take a look at your home bedroom or kitchen or living room and you would know why they tend to be wider.

The height of the RV is normally extended due to roof top air conditioner which goes beyond the RV height. You also get satellite antenna and thus, the RV height is extended by around 1 feet or little less.

Advantages of building your own RV garage

Okay, so here’s the root question and we have it almost at the end of the article. Should you have a garage for your RV or not. Having a RV means you need to have a storage space for it during off season or winter times.

And, not having garage will mean you rent a storage space. That will cost you an amount that will be significant enough. It depends on the area where you reside, the type of RV you have and also on the length of the RV.

Now, do you really feel that having a RV that costs more than $80,000 should not have a designated space for storage at your own home? Well most people think one should have and thus, people build storage space or garage for their loved RV’s.

A garage building does cost much but it gives a secure space for your RV and protects its during the harsh winters season.

How much does building a RV garage cost

It totally depends on the size of the garage you want to build which again will depend on the type and length of RV you have. A towable RV will need bigger length of garage and thus, the cost will increase. It actually goes by amount per square feet.

A garage of around 24 by 24 feet would cost you around $15,000 and a 30 by 30 feet garage around $18,000 which comes to around $30-35 feet per square feet. You will also get the prices that are much lesser and above this as well.

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