What is so special about Airstream Trailers

What is so special about Airstream Trailers

Airstream trailers are very unique. They are the epitome of longevity and durability. Airstream trailers are said to increase in value rather than depreciate and can last forty years or longer given that the owner of the trailer takes good care of it.

These trailers are light weight and have gained great maneuverability throughout the years of its manufacturing making it suitable for various road and weather conditions.

Airstream trailers are different and unique in construction. They stand out from others because of below points.

  • Special high grade aluminium is used to make them
  • Their construction makes them last very long
  • They are assembled manually by hands
  • Interior furniture and items are specially made for airstreams
  • They have been used by NASA and US military
  • Vintage yet equipped with modern technology
  • They are around for about a century now

All these things make airstream trailer expensive.

When you see one, you may not think much of it if you are not familiar with what an Airstream trailer is. A person may think its just a tin can on wheels, and what could be so great about that, right? But, I assure you it is the most expensive “tin can” on wheels, it is so much more than meets the eye. In fact, calling it a tin can is insult.

Made up of Special grade Aluminium

This particular RV is made up of aluminum. No! not the stuff you use for food when cooking in the oven or wrapping food containers to keep its contents warm. This is a particular grade of aluminum, it is a form of “aircraft” grade aluminum. Its an alloy mix, making the final product strong, durable and able to stand up to high temperatures without significant damage.

Don’t need to Polish them often

Aluminum, when introduced to oxygen goes through a process of oxidation causing it to darken instead of rusting. This causes the owner of the trailer to have to polish constantly, until the idea came up to put a lacquer coating on the material which would slow the process of oxidation allowing the beautiful silver shine to last longer over time.

The aluminum used to create this magnificent vessel is one reason that the value of Airstreams appreciate in value rather than depreciate, and why they cost significantly more than its RV counterparts.

It Is Put together by hands – Manually

It’s not just the aluminum that gives Airstream trailers its luxury price, it’s how the whole trailer itself is put together. This precious vessel receives its fair share of TLC. The aluminum is molded by hand, fitted by hand and joined by hand. The steel frame of this vehicle is even put together by hand, which is the first thing made before the shell of the Airstream is made. The aluminum molds are carefully and perfectly fitted creating the outer part of the aluminum shell.

The tedious but necessary task of riveting the aluminum shell together is done by two expert workers which assures that the outer shell is sealed perfectly. Once the outer shell is flawlessly joined together, it gets air lifted and placed on top of the framed chassis.

Mind you this is all done by hand, collectively by a group of experts working cohesively. After the outer shell is placed on top of the chassis and is secured, the inside is now being transformed to its opulent glory. The insulation is being set in the interior walls along with the electrical work and the plumbing. Afterwards, the electrical, plumbing and insulation is sealed by another layer of the precious aluminum.

It is Fitted with Specially made Furniture

To fill the trailer and give it its unique look, handcrafted furniture is brought in. Furniture specifically tailored to fit inside the trailer in all of its alluring curves, along with various appliances.

The process then moves on to a hurricane test to check for leaks inside the trailer and onto a quality control specialist who inspects every inch of the trailer for any imperfections. Given that all these items and this whole process is done by hand definitely gives insight as to why Airstream trailers are special and more expensive than other RVs.

They Can Last Very Long

These trailers will last a lifetime. It is evident that Airstream is able to stand the test of time. The company has been able to keep up with modern technology and implement it into its classic line of RV trailers and still keep its vintage tear drop look.

After you have enjoyed time outside in your adventure with family and friends, coming back to the trailer feels like you are coming back home. The trailer can last for generations, the aluminum material doesn’t rust, everything is hand made and meticulously put together. The process of making these vehicles is bar none.

You can see and sense the pride and passion of the employees and the owners in the finished product. It seems as if the passion of the workers and the creators of the modern Airstream trailers passes on to the person who purchases an Airstream. It invokes a sense of pride in the buyer, making them feel comfortable to purchase with confidence. The different features that come with the RV and the Airstreams unique characteristics make it more than worthy of a buy.

Aren’t Lacking In Technical Features

Although Airstream trailers maybe one of the longest standing RVs available, make no mistake that it does not lack in modern technology. The selection of trailers to choose from come well equipped with technical features that far exceed expectations of its buyers. Features such as broadband connection to the max degree that a travelling vehicle could possibly be equipped with. At least as a standard anyway. Furthermore, the creators of the new style of Airstream trailers have partnered with a top cell phone and mobile device company to come up with a way to extend wireless services into and beyond areas where most signals would completely drop.

The name of this feature is called LTE and LTE-A. These two features allow the connection of mobile devices, laptops or tablets to connect to a wi-fi connection with virtually no interference. The LTE-A simply allows more than one device at a time to be connected at once. In todays world that is a golden feat. Along with this feature, you have the ability to download an app that allows you to locate your Airstream should you venture out and possibly forget how to get back to it.

Its called Airstream Smart Control. You can do things such as turning off and on the lights in the trailer. You can check propane levels for when you want to cook, and even set the temperature to your liking when you’re out and about having fun and want to come back to a comfortable setting. Its like having a smart home in a residential area but out in the great outdoors.

Lots of Variations and Features

There are thirteen different variations of trailers that Airstream offers. Including the classic tear drop look to the touring coaches. The Classic travel trailer is at the top of the line featuring an area to shower and spacious place to cook and seat four people for dining. Across from the dining area is a T.V. that raises up from its casing by remote control. You can get a version that comes with a jumbo single bed at the head of the trailer or two twin beds at the head of the trailer. On the other end of the travel trailer line is the Basecamp X version. This small but mighty version offers the ability to almost go virtually anywhere your travel heart desires.

It still allows you space and comfortability for you and your PIA ( Partner in Adventure). Moving over to the Touring Coaches, which are modeled over the Mercedes Benz chassis. These top of the line luxury vehicles are like full size RV trailers compacted into a sprinter van. The top of the line of these is the Atlas. It features a couch that slides out into a bed, the side of the coach pans out giving more space, it even has a shower in the rear.

That’s not a usual thing for a sprinter van which is normally used for industrial purposes like package deliveries. Looking at the opposite end of the luxury coaches is the Interstate nineteen. Its pretty basic compared to its more lavish counterpart but still serves its purpose with a comfy couch at the rear which opens up to a bed for two.

It also has commode for convenience. In each of the categories of Travel Trailers and Touring Coaches, the models in between offer different features and sleeping arrangements. They have different unique features specific to their design model but all of them are capable of pleasing their buyer and future owner.

Used By NASA

These vintage trailers had the privileges’ of being used by two of the most appreciated organizations in the world today. The U.S. military and its revered personnel to NASA and its intriguing personnel.

NASA of which coined the term “Astro Van.” The Touring Coach division has a special van for NASA Astronauts. Being officially named the CST-100 StarLiner Crew Transport. The next group of astronauts will use this van transport themselves from where they suit up to where they will board their space craft and prepare for launch for the next historical moment.

If you are still wondering why Airstream is so special, this ought to clear things up for you. Airstream literally is a part of major American history and will continue to be for years to come.

With that being said, so long as Airstream has NASA interested and supporting them and consumers are buying and taking care of their trailers, is as long as Airstream trailers will be at the forefront of unique luxury trailers. That could be “Forever.”

They are Around for a Century

This company, Airstream has been around for almost a century. Starting from a man by the name of Wally Byam who had love of travelling and seeing all that the world had to offer from the comfort of a trailer he created years ago. Not only did he love travelling he also had the dream and vision of sharing what he loved to allow other people to experience the same things he had. To do that he had, to build more trailers than just his own so that others could enjoy what he did. But, back in those days, meaning the war era, WWII to be exact.

Things got a bit tough for Wally. Business slowed and eventually came to a halt in the California area. That did not stop Wally though. When the war efforts were over, there were still financial hardships but Wally managed to convince the Curtis Wright aviation management whom he had worked for to allow him to make travel trailers for them. With that, Wally Byam was able to re-open for business and got back to selling his famous, world-class trailers again.

1952 Wally had outgrown where he started his business and decided to move over to Ohio to continue his business. He saw that it was a better opportunity to grow his business even further. Shortly after running the company as President, Wally Byam had a heart attack, forcing him to relinquish his title and step down from President of his company.

He handed his company over to two individuals he deeply trusted but still very much had his influence on the company from his retirement. Wally ended up passing away in 1962. His spirit of adventure and values then, and still to this day lives on through the employees of Airstream which is why Airstream is one of the most recognized RV trailers of luxury and priceless value to this day.


With all the unique handcrafted items and the state-of-the-art technology, Airstream seems to be worthy of the price it demands. Prices can range from forty-thousand dollars, which is the price of a “normal” luxury car, to one-hundred fifty thousand dollars plus, which is pretty much like buying a decent size family home. That’s not to mention that additional items and amenities can be added to the trailer which will further catapult your spending upward.

Though the prices are high, I feel as though if one has the means to purchase an Airstream, then by all means, purchase an Airstream. There is no other RV that can compare! These trailers are in a league of their own and have set the standard of how luxury travel trailers should be. It’s an overwhelming sense of peace and a relaxing vibe when inside the RV and travelling on the open road.

G. Yoganand

A RV enthusiast who spends countless hours researching and learning various things related to RV camping. He believes in spending time doing Outdoor activities.
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