15 Best Mini Campers Towable By Most Cars, SUV or Trucks

15 Best Mini Campers Towable By Most Cars, SUV or Trucks

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Small mini campers are increasingly becoming popular as people discover and embrace more forms of self-contained camping. In this article, we will check out best mini campers that are compact, tiny, smallest on the market and yet provide value in terms of features and affordability.

We have listed these best smallest campers in most categories including teardrop campers, small travel trailers, pop up campers, off grid rugged campers and also basic micro campers.

The good thing about mini campers is that they are more affordable and are easy to maneuver than large-sized RV’s like motorhomes or fifth wheels.

Despite their small size, they still manage to offer comfort at almost the same level as their large-sized counterparts.

You can find mini campers in designs and styles such as wood interiors and all-aluminum finishes. As you go shopping for one, here are 15 mini campers you may consider for your small vehicle or SUV.

Here are our top 15 small mini campers that are easy for towing and also offers great features with comfort for camping adventure. Most of these campers have length between 12 foot to 20 foot and weigh between 1000 lbs to 2000 lbs.

  1. Happier Mini Camper HC1
  2. Cricket by TAXA Outdoors
  3. Scamp Mini Trailer
  4. MeerKat Trailer
  5. Casita Spirit Trailer
  6. Little Guy Max
  7. Sylvan Sport GO
  8. Polydrop Trailer
  9. Timberleaf Pika
  10. Rockwood Geo Pro G12RK
  11. nüCamp TAG
  12. Armadillo
  13. Camp365
  14. Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD
  15. Colorado Teardrops Canyonland

Before we get into all the detail, features about each of these RV’s lets check on factors we considered.

How we choose these campers and what you should look while buying small mini campers.

Here are all the factors we considered while listing these best small campers. There are several others but these made it to our list.

Weight, length and ease of towing

This is by far the first thing you should be looking at an type of travel trailer. The lighter the camper better it is going to be. Many of us don’t want the hassle of towing. Towing behind a car in itself can be tough and specially, if you are new at it, then it brings in a whole lot of problems unless you are experienced at it.

In our list, most campers weigh below 2000 lbs which is good enough to tow for most cars. Turning, backing up can be hard when the weight of the camper is high. The length also plays a major role. The lengthier travel trailer camper means more higher blind spots.

Setup time and efforts

These campers have been chosen based on how much time it would take them to setup. Frankly, most people don’t want to do the setup, they just want to head out, reach the spot and start camping. More setup time often leads to frustration and returning back you may not have much patience left.

These camper are easy for setup and some of the pop up campers are easier to expand/fold then most in the market.


Just having a small camper will not serve the purpose. Camping means, you want features to keep the things comfortable. RVs are after all meant to give you comfort of home on the road. Theses camper pack in good number of features in the available space.

Look for standard package that suits your needs and then build on top of it for whatever features you would want. Most of these campers do not feature bathroom or toilet, this is due to their small size. However, you can get a portable toilet in some models.

Camper build

Having lightweight may also mean its fragile. This is not the case with the campers on this list. Most of the campers are solid built and yet have low weight. Fiberglass construction gives the ability to build such campers. Single piece roof construction also avoids seams which is great for maintenance.


These campers are affordable and yet gives you all the basic features you would desire. Standard packages come at base price much lower then bigger RVs. You can always add the additional features at added cost.

1. Happier Mini Camper HC1

The first best small camper is the happier camper HC1 which is a tiny RV that is great for a couple or small family.

HC1 comes as an ultra-light mini camper designed to deliver top-notch flexibility.

It’s Adaptiv interior features a wide entry door, large panoramic windows, honeycomb fiberglass floor, classic wheel fenders, and a huge rear hatch.

Interior Height6’1″
Dry Weight1100 lbs
Tongue Weight110-150 lbs
Base Price$29,950
Sleeping Capacity5
Fresh Water Capacity5 Gallons

With a modular floor constructed from thick honeycomb fiberglass, HC1 offers both luxury and comfort. You’ll notice a front drain on the floor panels designed to enhance the easier flow of water during cleanups.

You can even adjust HC1’s interior components to fit your needs. All the modular interior items are easy to stack, rearrange, and use outdoors.

The kitchenette comes fitted with 5-gallon gray water and a fresh water tank. Upon visiting the toilet, you won’t need to flush since it comes with disposable waste bags. HC1 also features an easy-to-refill 4-gallon shower to ensure you’re always clean when out on an adventure.

With a sleeping capacity of 5 people, HC1 can easily fit in a parking space and offer off-grid solar energy.

This is a tiny camper that weighs just around 1100 lbs. You can tow it with your small car or SUV. The large rear hatch door facilitates movement in an out of the mini camper.

Priced just over $29,950 this camper is perfect for those who want smaller tiny camper that can be towed by any car and yet provide features to have solid camping trailer.

You can build your own camper from their website starting with the base model. You get ton of options to choose from. The final price would be based on how you build your camper.

Amazing thing here is you can just build it as per your needs. Not all of us are equal. Some of us need a camper to travel as well as work while others want to travel as much as possible. This camper is for wide variety of consumers who want the camper for different purposes. The possibilities are endless.

Here is the quick summary of what this camper is all about.

  • Awesome interior with wide door and panoramic windows.
  • Ultra light design making it easier to tow.
  • Fiberglass thick and strong yet light and adaptive floor plan
  • Sleep 5 people and has fresh water tank capacity of 5 gallons

2. Cricket by TAXA Outdoors

The Cricket camper comes as a rugged, lightweight, and towable mini camper that can accommodate two children and two adults.

This tiny little micro camper is solid-built and great for off grid camping. Its length is under 15 feet.

Its a NASA inspired camper that has full bed with very good under the bed storage. The bed can convert itself into a dinette as well. The design is pretty unique and a very good for those who are looking for features that are innovatively designed, saving space. Its suited for a family of 4 wanting to have some comfortable camping trip.

This is a little costly camper but it does pack in features that makes it completely worth it.

Base Price$31,800
Interior Height6’10”
Fresh Water tank Capacity15 Gallons
Grey Tank Capacity16 Gallons
Dry Weight1753 lbs
Sleeping capacity4

It has well-fitted electrical and plumbing systems to enhance your stay while camping or going out for an adventure.

Check all the features of this tiny yet rugged 15 foot camper.

With a dry weight of 1,800 pounds and a length of 15 feet, the Cricket is towable on any vehicle. The pop-up roof on the mini camper comes optimized for protection and ventilation.

The 5,000 BTU air conditioner comes as an optional add-on designed to give you comfort regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.

You can have camp meals from the kitchen counter, which features a covered sink and two-burner stove. The storage tower has three milk crates (with bungees) that you can use as drawers while packing or unpacking your camping essentials.

For enhanced ventilation, the Cricket features five swing windows (with screens and shades) as well as five mesh windows on the upper side for aeration and spectacular views.

It weighs around 1753 lbs which slightly higher as compared to other campers on this list. Its very good mini camper under 2000 lbs category.

It comes with several options add on like kids berth for 1 or 2 kids, 5K BTU AC, spare tire of 15″, portable toilet and many others.

Here are features highlights

  • LED interior and exterior lighting
  • Equipped with Quad stabilizing jacks
  • Has all terrain tires that comes with 5 year warranty.
  • Water inlet hookup for city water
  • Has 2 propane tanks of 20 lbs size
  • 2 Burner stove in the kitchen

3. Scamp Mini Trailer

The Scamp Mini Trailer is a lightweight, aerodynamic yet durable camping vehicle. This is one of best camper trailer under 15 foot.

Its fiberglass shell makes it easier to maneuver and tow using trucks, small cars, minivans, or SUVs. You won’t have to worry about fuel efficiency since the trailer’s aerodynamic design offers high fuel efficiency.

If you are looking for a fun and convenient camping experience, the Scamp Mini Trailer may cater to your needs. The manufacturer allows you to order a mini camper customized to your unique camping needs.

You can choose from a 13-foot or a 16-foot version when placing the order. This is one of the best travel trailer camper under $20000.

Lets see features of 13′ trailer since we are listing mini campers hat are light weight and easily towable by car.

Interior Height6’3″
Dry Weight1200 – 1500 lbs
Hitch weight100 lbs
Fresh water tank12 Gallons
PriceContact company (can vary between $11000 to $23,000)

The 13 feet trailer has 4 layout plans to choose from. 2 of these are basic plans and the other 2 are big bed plans for better sleeping capacity.

Check all the features here.

This is a perfect camper if you love to go lightweight, compact and yet have minimum setup to do. Several people go for scamp trailer as they are less hassle for setup and yet easy to tow. Moreover its affordable and you wont be spending huge on this affordable camper.

It features a superior R15 Insulation that protects against winter cold and also summer scorching heat. This camper is also an option if you want to go full time. Its an affordable option for your full time RVing adventure.

Here are the standard features.

  • Comes with a propane tank.
  • Fiberglass construction.
  • Equipped with a Sofa cum bunk bed and also table cum bed.
  • Provided a spare tire.
  • 2 burner propane stove.
  • City water inlet hookup.

4. MeerKat Trailer

Little Guy Trailers (a San Diego-based trailer company) designed MeerKat Trailer as a lightweight mini camper for two. It is one of smallest campers you can buy under 1000 lbs at a affordable price.

This is a prefect camper for those who want a small tiny camper without the need of much setup or preparation. Its perfect for camping adventure on the go. Standard RVs are about doing setup and preparation that is not for everybody.

PriceStarts at $19,970
Interior Height7’3″
Dry Weight900 lbs
Tongue Weight100 lbs

Even though small, this camper can provide you so much. Its a tiny camper with amenities that will surprise you.

Check all the features here.

It weighs just 920 lbs dry weight and therefore you can tow it on any four-cylinder vehicle and store it, together with your car, in the garage.

This mini RV camper should not be underestimated as it packs features that are great for your RV camping adventures.

Noticeable amenities in the MeerKat Trailer include a spacious storage closet, a portable toilet, a kitchenette (with an icebox and a sink), and a queen-size bed.

MeerKat Trailer got its name after an animal of the same name known to travel in small groups. The meerkat (animal) usually pokes its head to enhance visibility. The mini camper has optional features like an exterior awning, a pop-up roof, and three windows for seamless ventilation.

Its a fully insulated camper making it great even for winter chilly nights and hot summer days.

If you want more features then you have several add-on features with additional price of course. Optional features include refrigerator, awning, spare tire, bed extender and many other. Just go their website and start building your camper. Choosing many of these optional features the cost can go upto $25,000.

5. Casita Spirit Trailer

This is a super light and well built camper that is easy for towing. Its fiberglass construction makes it popular and a very good option under 2000 lbs. Its one of the best travel trailer under 20 foot.

The 16-foot Casita spirit mini camper comes fitted with a double bed (for two people) that you can turn into a sitting or dining area to accommodate up to 4-6 people. It weighs 1970 pounds in weight, 5 feet 10 inches in interior height, and 15 inches in tire size. You can customize its amenities to suit your camping needs.

Dry Weight1970 lbs
PriceStarts at around $22,000
Interior Height6’1″

Casita spirit has a nice-looking appearance and sturdy design suited for small travels. While it may not offer top-notch luxury, the mini camper guarantees comfort while camping or out on an adventure. You get to enjoy a cozy interior and ample seating area for your camping encounters.

There are multiple models under this manufacturer that you can choose. Each of these are still smaller and their length mostly varies between 16 feet to 19 feet. Based on what features you want, you can make the choice.

Casita spirit is a nicely built camper where in the interior space has been utilized smartly. Its a perfect camper for 2 people for comfortable living.


  • 2 piece fiberglass construction avoids any seams on the roof. Its a lightweight camper yet has a strong body.
  • High duty steel frame construction gives it good strength.
  • Fiberglas usage for all bottom makes it rust free and also avoids water leakage problems
  • Solid insulation keep the camper cool in summer and warm in winter chilly nights
  • Its not only the body that is lightweight but also the interior furniture that keeps the overall weight low.

6. Little Guy Max

With a dry weight of 3,010 pounds, Max boasts a refined exterior and plenty of amenities for weekend or holiday trips. It stands 6 feet 7 inches in interior height to offer a versatile sitting space with lush interior design elements.

Check all the features here.

This camper under 3000 lbs comes with lots of features and its price is justified. With good water capacity and holding tanks this is an awesome camper if you want to go boondocking.

You get to enjoy the colorful LED lighting, multiple charging outlets, and ample storage. This camper is made up of lush material to give you comfort and luxury. Its thoughtful design utilizes the spaces in a much better way.

Dry Weight3010 lbs
PriceStarts at $25,111
Interior Height6’7″
Fresh Water Capacity20 Gallons
Grey Tank Capacity30 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity9 Gallons

The exteriors feature a wide range of finishes and an impressive teardrop shape designed to make your adventures worthwhile. With an ultra-durable construction, the Max is easy to set up and use.

Notable features of the Max include LED Porch lighting, 7 insulated dual pane windows, friction hinge entry door, optional Thule Crown awning, and premium 15-inch tires. The mini camper also features dark-tinted windows for interior temperature control and privacy and integrated shades and blinds.

The Max boasts a seamless fiberglass roof with a lightweight aluminum frame. Its construction also comprises an electric brake Dexter axle and composite panels (on the roof and sidewalls) for enhanced durability.

The exterior entertainment system comprises two 5-inch outdoor speakers, HDMI port, power outlets, coax, and TV mount. As part of the Rough Rider package, Little Guy offers 2.5-inch axle Rider and 15-inch off-road wheels and tires. They also have a micro camper known as myPod ,if you want smaller camper.

Here is the summary of features

  • Comes with 3 years structural warranty and 1 years on base.
  • Adjustable shelves in the kitchen
  • Entry step made up of aluminum.
  • External TV mount.
  • One piece fiberglass construction of roof.
  • Advance entertainment system packed with multiple appliances.
  • 13,500 BTU Air conditioner
  • Propane and CO detector
  • Queen sized bed for comfortable sleeping
  • 58 cu.ft interior storage

7. Sylvan Sport GO

This is a highly rated pop up camper trailer that is best suited for those who want smallest camper with easy of towing and some cargo carrying capacity.

As a compact, lightweight, and foldable mini camper, Sylvan Sport GO delivers seamless off-road experiences a camper would ever want. Its unique design combines innovations from the recreational vehicle industry that make it versatile and easy to use.

Weighing only 840 pounds, GO delivers excellent towing experiences and allows you to attach your camping gear, bike or canoe to it.

Dry Weight840 lbs
Interior Height7′
Storage9 c.ft

You can convert the mini camper into a full height tent and add interior components to make it more habitable.

GO comes with a floor mat, convertible table, hanging storage device, and self-inflating mattresses. Its tires deliver a stable and smooth ride at 50 p.s.i. The Control-Tilt deck allows you to effortlessly load your camping gear.

They market this camper as utility toy hauler that can carry variety of camping gears and items right from bikes to kayaks. Its a utility trailer that can carry upto 800 pounds.


It is designed for easy set up. You just crank up side posts and release the roof that is hinged. It will take around 20 minutes to do the setup including placing the interior components. Its a strongly built yet lightweight camper trailer that can be easily transported. This pop up camper is a quick way fo getting out in the middle for RV camping adventure.

Its unique folding design makes it easier to go into the wilderness. If you are a big fan of boondocking then having this trailer at the back of your car will distract you minimum thanks to its compact folding ability. It looks like a box which can be used as cargo trailer as well.

8. Polydrop Trailer

Polydrop Trailer stands out for its 8.7-inch insulation panel that enhances both comfort and warmth.

The mini camper also comes with Timbren independent suspension and hydraulic disc brakes for effortless towing. In its interior, Polydrop features a faux leather trim for an elegant finish with a control panel that’s easy to access and use. This is an awesome micro camper for a couple looking for adventurous camping.

PriceBase Price starts at $13,995
Dry Weight900 to 1150 lbs
Sleeping Capacity2
Tongue Weight160 lbs

When inside the trailer, you’ll feel enclosed in a comfortable space capsule.

The cooking counter, hand pump sink, domestic fridge, and drawers all feature modern finishes and draw light from the 4 LED bulbs. While camping, you’ll find the 100W solar charging system convenient for powering your devices.

Your adventures will be more memorable while staying in the mini camper thanks to amenities such as the Roadshower 4S, awning, and roof rack.

Its a highly insulated trailer with maximum 8.7 insulation factor that is great for any weather, may it be winter or hot summer.

Here are its features at a glance

  • Almost 40 square feet shade providing awning
  • 2 burner stove for cooking with extra space underneath
  • LED lighting
  • Lightweight design, weighs just around 900 lbs to 1150 lbs
  • 15′ ground clearance makes it great for off grid adventure
  • Comes with roadshower mounted at the top

9. Timberleaf Pika

Pika is a 1025 pound mini camper that features a sleek design (anodized aluminum top and aluminum exterior) for durability. With its simplistic finishes, the camper can easily blend with its environment.

Notable amenities in Pika include storage cabinets, skylight type windows (which is ideal for stargazing), and a fan. The sitting area can fit up to two people.

Price for this camper starts at $13,200. You can build on this base model to include various optional amenities and accessories.

The kitchenette comes with a Dometic CFX-35W refrigerator with a 35-liter storage capacity.

It also features two countertops, a switch for activating LED lighting, a GFI outlet, four USB plug-ins, and a 12-volt outlet to improve food preparation. You can use a hot plate or camp stove on the GFI outlet depending on your cooking preferences.

Here at features at a quick glance.

  • R7 insulation for camping in winter and summer.
  • 12 V LED lighting
  • 6 USB outlets
  • Rear end open kitchen is perfect for your camping adventures.

10. Rockwood Geo Pro G12RK

This is a fuel efficient trailer that can be easily towed standard car or SUV. Packed with numerous features in a standard package this camper can be a perfect fit even for those who want to go full time RVing. Its definitely one of the best small campers under $20,000.

GEO Pro G12RK offers a sleek yet comfortable means to enjoy off-road trips in your small car or SUV. Its design allows it to work with smaller and fuel-efficient vehicles. For entertainment, GEO Pro a WiFi Ranger, rear ladder, 12V TV with DVD player, USB port, and Bluetooth-enabled AM/FM stereo.

Fresh water tank20 Gallons
Gray Water Tank Capacity6 Gallons
Dry Weight1252 lbs
Hitch Weight162 lbs

Optional 100W solar panels tied to 1000W inverter offer uninterruptible power for your devices and appliances. The tire pressure monitoring system reduces tire damage and facilitates towing while Showermiser water-saving system lets you conserve water.

GEO Pro comes fitted with aluminum frames for increased durability and fully laminated Azdel sidewalls for temperature regulation.

Here are the key features in this camper.

  • Gas or electric water heater
  • 2 Stabilizer jacks
  • Water filtering system
  • Prewired for back up camera
  • Comes with a pressure monitoring system for tires
  • Comes equipped with a roof ladder

11. nüCamp TAG

This teardrop trailer is perfect for any car. It is one of the top campers that weigh under 1500 lbs, if you want to avoid towing problems.

TAG XL features a cozy interior with proper ventilation and a warm, comfortable mattress.

The mini camper also comes with electric brakes for safe driving and 15-inch matte black sport rims to add flair to your trip. You can keep all your camping gear in the spacious storage cabinets found in the trailer.

Interior Height3’5″
Fresh Water Capacity8 Gallons
Gray Tank CapacityNA
Black Tank CapacityNA
Dry Weight1284 lbs
Tongue Weight130 lbs

The kitchenette features a microwave, 2-burner stove, and sinks fitted with an adjustable faucet.

For entertainment, the 19-inch TV (with Bluetooth, FM/AM, and DVD support) come in handy. The functional stargazer window also gives you a spectacular view of the sky.

Base package includes air conditioning, under the bed storage, LED lighting, external LP hookup to name a few.

There are several optional features to add to your camper. These convivence features will make the camper trailer more suited and comfortable.

Although, the base camper can be a great fit for boondocking, you also get a separate package for boondocking. If you want to dry camp then this is a perfect package.

12. Armadillo

The 13-foot Armadillo comes with a two-piece fiberglass shell and box steel frame as part of its structure. With a dry weight of 1,600 pounds, the mini camper features adequate insulation ideal for both winter and summer camping.

Armadillo’s design emulates that of a boat in a way that it keeps water out at all times.

PriceStarts at around $22,000
Fresh Tank Capacity38 Gallons
Dry Weight1000 lbs

The stylish cabinetry on Armadillo has curved edges that complement the entire interior design. You’ll also find 4-inch high-density foam cushions, fire-rated fabrics, and washable wall paneling (made of vinyl) as the interior design elements.

The kitchenette features a Shurflo water pump, stainless steel sink, 6-gallon water heater, furnace, 3-way Dometic fridge, and two-burner stove. Other amenities that come with Armadillo include two speakers and a Clarion Bluetooth stereo and three-floor plans (a model with a front bench, a table-for-two model, and a bunk model.

Here are features of this camper.

  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • 3.5 cu.ft fridge
  • 20 lbs propane tank and with mounting facility
  • 2 Burner stove top
  • Multiple USB charging outlets

13. Camp365

Camp365 is easily noticeable on the road thanks to its flagship Adjustable WheelBase, which creates a wheelbase as wide as 6 feet.

At 1495 pounds in weight and 4 feet in width, the camper’s narrow and aerodynamic structure helps save on fuel. Camp365 is foldable and lightweight for convenient storage.

Dry Weight1495 lbs
Interior Height7’6″
Optional Fresh water capacity12 Gallons
Optional Gray Tank Capacity12 Gallons

The mini camper comes with side carriers for paddleboards, bikes, and kayaks. It delivers great indoor environments while appealing outdoors. Camp365 comes with a shell made of aluminum alloy to reduce weight and steel reinforcements for increased durability and strength.

Here are features of this tiny little camper.

  • Comes with folding queen beds and bunk bed
  • Basic safety features like CO, propane detectors
  • 5.6 cubic feet external storage
  • Capable of leveling in dirt, snow or mud
  • LED lighting
  • Several optional features for boondocking and off grid camping

14. Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

The Coachmen Clipper is an aesthetically appealing mini camper with a design centered on practical comfort and convenience.

This is a affordable pop up camper that weighs under 1000 lbs. Its a perfect camper for towing using any standard sized car.

It features the patented Pending Glide-N-Lock bed system that’s easy to use and an aerodynamic structure to save on fuel. Its 13-inch heavy-duty tires have aluminum rims for increased durability and strength.

Dry Weight761 lbs
Cargo Capacity516 lbs
Hitch Weight77 lbs

The sidewalls feature Lami-Plast lamination to reduce heat loss. Coachmen Clipper also comes with 12V LED interior lights and roof LED exterior lights for visibility. The cabinetry features dark ash finishes for aesthetic appeal.

There are several model and layouts of coachmen express. 9.0 is the one that weighs under 1000 lbs. Oher models are little higher on weight and also includes better features and capability.

15. Colorado Teardrops Canyonland

Canyonland is an off-road mini camper with 15-inch tires, a heavy-duty torsion axle, and a steel welded frame for increased strength.

Its amenities include a water storage tank (fitted under the floor), a solar charging system, and a kitchenette. Its design delivers style, safety, and comfort when cruising along off-road terrains.

Interior Height4’1″
Dry Weight1150 lbs
Tongue Weight80 lbs
PriceStarts at $17,000

The 1150-pound mini camper features a 1.5-inch foam insulator to minimize heat loss and keep you warm. Canyonland also comes with a welded aluminum frame on the cabin and an exterior covered with anodized aluminum to enhance durability.

The steel powder coat at the bottom of the mini trailer makes it stronger and conducive for camping or adventurous activities.

In Conclusion

These best smallest campers are affordable and provides limitless opportunities for RV adventure. After going through the mini campers outlined in this article, gauge the features of each campers against your camping needs. Most of the trailers listed here are customizable depending on the manufacturer’s policies. Your budget may also determine the types of add-ons that a manufacturer will include in a mini camper.

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