Top 15 Best Travel Trailer Brands

Top 15 Best Travel Trailer Brands

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Travel trailers are the most popular type of RV’s. There are several brands that make travel trailers and it can become hard to choose just the right one.

These RV’s do not have engine and need to be towed using a car or truck.

In this article, we will list top travel trailer making brands that are popular and best among all.

Here are the top 15 travel trailer brands you should consider.

  1. Winnebago
  2. Dutchmen RV
  3. Grand Design RV
  4. Airstream
  5. Coleman
  6. Starcraft RV
  7. Jayco
  8. Forest River
  9. Keystone RV
  10. Oliver Travel Trailers
  11. Lance Travel Trailer
  12. Avenger
  13. Palomino
  14. Happier Camper
  15. Shasta

What we have considered while choosing these travel trailer brands.

Brand history

In an industry that has so many players it is important that you consider the brand. The longer they have been in the market better it is. This industry has evolved a lot and those who have been here long known exactly how make better RV’s


Some brands in this list are very popular while other aren’t and that is because they have limited models. Having huge following also makes it easy to find service centers, repairing, and also the resale value increases.

Manufacturing Quality

Brand becomes popular due to their manufacturing quality. Travel trailers may not last long if the built quality is poor specially with the roof and floor. RV brands that have flourished or sustained for long years have been making quality travel trailers and that’s why people trust those brands. The list of brands that we have here are known to make quality RV’s.

Good manufacturing also increases the resale value which means, should you consider selling your travel trailer you will get a good price. The overall deprecation in RV’s is generally high but it also depends on the build quality of the RV. Airstreams for example, have high resale value due to their sturdy and high enduring design.

Therefore, these travel trailer brands also make a good case for buying used one. Used travel trailers can be bought at lower prices and there is a huge demand for previously owned RV’s.


Ability to pack a small travel trailers with almost everything you would desire in a home makes these brands stand out from others. These days RV’s are packed with washer dryer, multiple AC’s to ovens.

Layout’s include big bathrooms and spacious bedrooms with lots of storage. What features travel trailers provide makes a lot difference in choosing the brand.


Having all the features, quality build is great but it should also be reasonably priced. We have chosen these brands based on how reasonable their main models are priced and how affordable they are.

Many a times these brand travel trailers have basic features in standard layout which makes them affordable. One can always get the optional features added while buying the RV.

1. Winnebago

Topping our list of the best travel trailer brands in the market is the Winnebago.

It’s a popular brand, well established across the US and Canada.

Winnebago has been in the travel trailer domain for more than five decades, producing the highest quality motorhomes in the RV industry.

Winnebago’s headquarters are situated at Forest River, Lowa. However, the company has several branches in all states of the U.S and parts of Canada.

Some of Winnebago’s popular travel trailer models include Minnie Plus, Micro Minnie, and Minnie Drop. These trailer models are uniquely designed to promote maximum user comfort and rugged experience.

Most of the Winnebago travel trailers are ideal for small families and can accommodate up to four people for sleeping.

Winnebago travel trailers come with a host of features to give users a great atmosphere for exploration.

For instance, their interior layout is spacious, offering adequate space for freedom of movement.

The brand also builds their travel trailers for rugged luxury; Winnebago trailers are a heavy duty option, easily shrugging off any abuse even in the harshest terrains. Yet, their interior is built for luxurious comfort to keep you feeling at home even in the harshest conditions.

Typical of many travel trailers, Winnebago trailers can be hitched to pickups or SUVs, so portability should be the least of your concerns.

Did we forget to mention variety? Winnebago travel trailers are available in a huge selection of designs, allowing users to pick according to their tastes and preferences.

Variety of the Winnebago Travel Trailers extends beyond the sophisticated designs, but also to subtle elements such as color selection.

Winnebago also has an exceptional team of customer support. It is one reason being the huge number of loyal fans and frequent hosting of RV rallies.

Lastly, the travel trailer from Winnebago comes with a three-year structural warranty. The warranty tends to cover workmanship and assembly of the RV.

2. Dutchmen RV

Dutchmen RV is yet another giant brand in the RV industry. This travel trailer brand is renowned due to its quality and longevity.

Dutchmen Company has been in the industry for over three decades. It offers a huge selection of RVs such as travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth-wheel campers.

Like the Winnebago, Dutchman RV trailers are spacious, offering enough room for freedom and comfort. Each model comes with multiple floor plans ideal for couples and families.

Some of the Dutchmen brand’s popular models are Rubicon, Voltage, Aerolite, Infinity, Kodiak, Denali, Coleman, and Razorback.

These models from Dutchmen have a great appearance to provide more confidence to the users.

That’s not all. Most of these travel trailer models are spacious and can accommodate plenty of camping stuff. The aim is to ensure the van life is similar to that of the actual homes.

Another great advantage with the Dutchmen RV is the three-year structural warranty and pre-delivery inspection.

The Dutchmen RV travel trailer comes with a trim level ranging from 5,500 to 7500 pounds so they’re easily towed by half-ton pickups and larger SUVs.

Dutchmen has exceptional customer support. It is one of the reason behind the gradual growth in popularity every year.

To sum up, the trailer’s interior layout can accommodate a solid-surface countertop, HD TV, ultra-comfort seating, an upgraded stereo system, and an elegant fireplace.

3. Grand Design RV

The Grand Design RV is a fantastic RV brand with a huge number of a loyal fan base.

Most users rave about the quality and general design of the Grand RV.

The company is situated in Middlebury, IN. Grand Design RV has been in the industry for several years and has worked around the clock to maintain her recognition in the RV industry.

The company strives to build long term value on what it offers to its customers.

Another advantage of the brand is the production of a huge selection of RV. The aim is to ensure users get an RV that meets their tastes and preferences.

Some of the popular models offered by Grand Design Company are Transcend Xplore, Image XLS, and Reflection RV.

That’s not all. The company also specializes in the manufacture of fifth wheels and toy hauler RV. The aim is to ensure individuals have excellent experience and comfort in the long run.

Most of the Grand Design RV models are quite spacious to accommodate a lot of things. However, each model tends to have different floor plans.

The trim levels of RV from the company tend to range from 6,695 lbs to 7,495 lbs. Hence, they can easily be towed by medium and large SUVs.

The experts behind the RV designs from the company are highly trained and experienced. They can customize the RV according to the customer’s needs.

Each model from the company comes with a three-year limited structural warranty. The goal is to guarantee maximum satisfaction to the customers.

4. Airstream

Airstream is one of the oldest and most respected travel trailer manufacturers currently operating in the United States.

Established during the late 1920s in founder Wally Byram’s California backyard, the brand has become known for its spaceship-like aluminum constructions and touring RV-er communities.

The brand made its mark in 1936 with the release of the Airstream Clipper, the first trailer to showcase its distinctive silver coachwork, reduced wind resistance and impressive fuel efficiency.

It was also one of the first travel trailers to have its own water supply and electric lights.

After becoming the only trailer manufacturer to survive World War II, Airstream’s popularity exploded and it spent the sixties and seventies selling to NASA, the American government and legions of families eager to get out on the road.

In 1980, Airstream was bought by Thor Industries after economic instability caused record losses. Within a year, the brand regained its profitability. Under the name Airstream, it has continued to build and release award winning trailers such as the Basecamp, Bambi, Flying Cloud and Caravel ever since.

Brand Reputation

Depending on the model, a new Airstream travel trailer costs anywhere between $37,000 to $164,000. These are some of the most expensive trailers on sale today. Yet, long time fans believe the high quality components, aircraft grade aluminum bodywork and significantly reduced drag when towing justify the cost.

Around 75% of all the Airstream travel trailers built in the States are fully operational today. They’ve been known to last an average of thirty years and many remain in superb condition sixty or even seventy years after release. Airstream RV-ers praise the trailers for their big windows, custom cabinetry and high end appliances.

Most Popular Travel Trailer

Airstream Flying Cloud

  • Price : $67,400+
  • Sleeps 4-8 people
  • 19 to 30 feet
  • GVWR: 4,500 to 8,800
  • 19 floorplan options
  • Quietstream Climate Control
  • Leather upholstery
  • Handcrafted cabinetry
  • Rear-view monitoring system

5. Coleman

Coleman the brand was founded in 1900, in Oklahoma, by William Coffin Coleman and began life as a manufacturer of gasoline pressure lamps.

This is why the modern Coleman logo includes a lantern symbol. The company didn’t start manufacturing travel trailers until the late sixties and was for many decades a producer of sleeping bags, tents, camping stoves and outdoor equipment.

In 1967, Coleman began manufacturing pop up tent trailers and grew to become North America’s most popular camping brand. In 1979, it sold its trailer designs to Fleetwood RV which then started to produce full sized RV travel trailers with the Coleman name and logo.

Throughout the eighties and nineties, the trailers became synonymous with style and convenience at affordable prices.

In 2010, a company called Dutchman acquired the Coleman brand and continues to manufacture Coleman travel trailers today. Interestingly, Dutchman is a subsidiary of Thor Industries which also owns the luxury Airstream brand.

If Airstream is the high end of the market, Coleman is the ‘everyman’ brand offering comfortable travel on a budget. It has released the Lantern, Lantern LT, Light and Light LX models.

Brand Reputation

Though Coleman’s travel trailers aren’t as luxurious as Airstream’s, they are much more affordable.

When inspected regularly and given routine maintenance, they can last for many years and provide families with an inexpensive way to vacation. Coleman trailers boast a surprising amount of features for their relatively low price tag including LED power awnings, outdoor speakers and slide out sleeping spaces.

Coleman travel trailers are an excellent choice for those who want the freedom to enjoy overnight trips but are unlikely to tow on a regular basis.

Most Popular Travel Trailer

Lantern/Lantern LT

  • Price : $16,000+
  • Sleeps 6-8 people
  • 21 to 37 feet
  • GVWR: 3,900 to 7,600
  • 20 floorplan options
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Interior command center
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Large capacity water tanks

6. Starcraft RV

Starcraft RV is another popular camping brand with a long history in the States. Today, it is owned by Thor Industries, a major conglomerate that manufacturers many of America’s best selling travel trailers.

The company was founded in 1903 in Indiana. It didn’t move into the outdoors market for many decades, instead manufacturing farming tools and, later, galvanized steel and fiberglass boats.

It wasn’t until 1964 (after several name changes) that Starcraft RV changed trailer manufacturing forever with the invention of the crank lifter system for pop up campers.

Inspired by the genius of lead inventor Lloyd Bontrager, the company quickly made its mark on the industry with the Star Master, Star Liner and Star Rambler models.

Bontrager left Starcraft RV in 1967 to set up recreational vehicle company Jayco. However, twenty four years and a number of mergers later, the brand would return to its spiritual home after a 1991 acquisition by Jayco (now owned by Thor Industries). Under the brand name Starcraft, Jayco continues to produce exemplary travel trailers and fifth wheel RVs.

Brand Reputation

Starcraft RV travel trailers are lauded for their dependability, spacious interiors and luxury upgrade options.

They boast superior weatherproofing with award winning insulation that enables year round use no matter the climate. The brand’s Magnum Roof System is also praised for its durability, and long time customers describe its travel trailers as some of the strongest mid-priced RVs on the market.

After more than fifty years producing travel trailers, Starcraft’s future goals are all about sustainability.

The company’s EcoAdvantage program is investing in cleaner, greener ways to manufacture and power RVs. It is working closely with an extensive network of ‘old world’ craftsmen to devise new methods of production that still honor the brand’s original ethos.

Most Popular Travel Trailer

Mossy Oak

  • Price : $30,000+
  • Sleeps 4-10 people
  • 23 to 36 feet
  • GVWR: 4,180 to 7,600
  • 11 floor plan options
  • LED lighting
  • Cable and satellite
  • Double over double bunk
  • Residential style kitchen

7. Jayco

The Jayco brand of recreational vehicles was established in 1968 after the inventor Lloyd Bontrager left Starcraft RV to set up his own company. Bontrager and his wife Bertha immediately began developing trailer fold down systems and sold 132 trailers within the first year of operation.

This is despite having just fifteen employees and, initially, working out of chicken houses.

In 1970, Jayco opened a manufacturing plant in Kansas. However, the company would suffer significant losses during the seventies energy crisis and gasoline price hikes of the eighties.

Sadly, Lloyd Bontrager was killed in an airplane crash in Indiana, in 1985. His wife Bertha became Chairman of the Board and would later be succeeded by her sons, Wilbur and Derald.

The noughties were a very successful decade as the company launched its Jayco Jay Flight model in 2001. It remains one of America’s top selling travel trailers.

The Jay Flight was followed in 2006 by seasonal version the Bungalow. In 2016, Jayco was bought by Thor Industries but continues to develop award winning RVs with Derald Bontrager in the role of brand CEO.

Brand Reputation

Jayco was the first travel trailer manufacturer to be declared ‘100% green’ and receive certification for its sustainable production methods.

Though it has been involved with eco initiatives since the eighties, the company was awarded a Green Recreational Vehicle logo in 2010 and, in 2013, managed to recycle over 1,200 tons of wood and 13,200 tons of metal.

All of Jayco’s trailers are certified ‘green’ which makes them popular with families trying to balance leisure with a smaller carbon footprint.

Since 2006, they have featured tires manufactured by Goodyear with Durawall technology standard. There are eighteen Jayco towable travel trailers and a further eleven drivable models.

Most Popular Travel Trailer

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7

  • Price : $33,900
  • Sleeps 4-10 people
  • 16 to 21 feet
  • GVWR: 2995 to 3750
  • 6 floor plan options
  • 3 cubic refrigerator
  • Magnum Truss Roof System
  • Brushed nickel faucets
  • Wall mounted 8,000-BTU A/C

8. Forest River

Forest River is one of the youngest travel trailer brands on our list. The company was established in 1996 by Michigan native Peter Liegel. It developed quickly releasing eight different product lines in its first year.

Some of these lines included travel trailers and fifth wheels, however, the company also produced popular tent campers, park models and, later, cargo utility trailers.

In its twenty four years of operation, Forest River has expanded primarily through strategic acquisitions. It has merged with more than thirty brands and is today known for its diverse selection of travel trailers and fifth wheels released under the Forest River name.

They include Blue Ridge Fifth Wheels (FWs), Cardinal FWs, Cedar Creek FW & Travel Trailers (TTs), Cherokee FW & TTs, Salem FW & TTs, Riverstone FWs, Sandpiper FW & TTs, Sierra FW & TTs, Surveyor FW & TTs Wildcat FW & TTs, and many more.

In 2005, Forest River was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway after Liegel impressed mogul Warren Buffet with a business proposal. In the following year, the company acquired assets from Coachmen RV which it used to further expand its range of luxury and mid-priced travel trailers. Today, Forest River has production centers in Oregon, California and Michigan.

Brand Reputation

Due to the conglomerate’s massive size and scope, it’s fair to say Forest River has a travel trailer for everyone.

The company provides an astonishing array of products from tiny two person pop ups to sprawling fifth wheels with all the newest luxuries and modern fixtures a family could need. If there’s a common criticism of Forest River, it’s a product line so overwhelmingly diverse it can be tricky to pin down.

It’s not always obvious when customers browse for Coachmen, Dynamax, Shasta or Viking models that they’re actually looking at Forest River travel trailers.

For this very reason, it’s equally hard to pin down the company’s level of quality. Forest River sells extremely basic trailers with few luxuries and highly indulgent models kitted out with residential kitchens, bespoke cabinets and dry bathrooms.

Most Popular Travel Trailer

Shasta RV 18FQ

  • $22,900+
  • Sleeps 3-4 people
  • 22 feet
  • GVWR: 5050
  • 17 floor plan options
  • LED interior lights
  • Range hood w/exhaust fan
  • Blackout shades
  • Pocket bored cabinets

9. Keystone RV

Established in 1996, Keystone RV is a Goshen, Indiana based manufacturer of luxury fifth wheels and RV travel trailers. Founder Cole Davis’ brand message was clear from the outset and encompassed an unwavering pursuit of value for money and simple, crowd pleasing designs.

The goal was to build affordable family trailers – priced thousands of dollars cheaper than their nearest market rivals – but still filled with custom features.

Keystone RV was just months old when it launched its first camper, an elegant marriage of aluminum and wood named the Sprinter. It was more successful than the company ever expected and quickly became one of the most popular motorhomes in America. In 2000, the brand was number two on Inc. 500’s list of the fastest growing companies of the year.

Davis channeled Keystone’s popularity and success into an obsession with precision engineering and impeccable designs.

Whether it carries the Sprinter, Passport, Montana, Cougar or Laredo brand name, every travel trailer gets quality assessed thousands of times before it leaves the shopfloor. Today, Keystone RV has some of the most rigorous testing standards found anywhere in the world.

Brand Reputation

Keystone RV has built its reputation on a promise of high quality regardless of how much a particular trailer model sells for. Every component undergoes strict testing and cannot be incorporated until it has passed stringent control checks.

The company says this results in higher production costs, however, customers know they can trust Keystone trailers to last.

The brand doesn’t just impress when it comes to fittings and features. It also pays special attention to ‘under the skin’ details such as color coded and numbered electric wiring for customer’s ease of use and repair.

Though Keystone RV manufactures a lot of travel trailers with various brand names, each brand has its own construction center, design team, quality control checks and sales support staff to ensure perfection.

Most Popular Travel Trailer

Laredo 2019 250BH

  • Price : $39,690+
  • Sleeps 6 people
  • 29 feet
  • GVWR: 8,400
  • 2 floor plan options
  • Free standing dinette
  • Maduro interior decor
  • 13,500-BTU A/C
  • Power retractable awning

10. Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Travel Trailers is another young brand – at least compared with the century old market rivals on our list – as it was launched in 2007 out of a desire to construct the world’s finest camper trailer.

Led by two brothers, Jim and John Oliver, the family company combined a passion for the outdoors with an obsession for highly durable, super long lasting fiberglass designs and bespoke fittings.

The Oliver family were no strangers to invention having found success manufacturing foundations and selling fibreglass for new homes before creating Oliver Travel Trailers.

From the earliest days of their travel trailer empire, there was intermingling between the two companies. Oliver Travel Trailers currently operates from premises right next door to Oliver Technologies and many relatives are on staff.

The closeness of the family meant that John Oliver’s death, soon after the brothers bought Casita Travel Trailers, hit the business empire hard.

The good news is their dream of revolutionizing the camper trailer was almost realized so, not long after John’s passing, Jim Oliver unveiled the Oliver Legacy line of travel trailers.

Brand Reputation

The Oliver Travel Trailers brand is all about improving on what came before. The two brothers were determined to take the classic trailer designs bought from Casitia and update them to create sophisticated fibreglass constructions with unprecedented levels of resilience and longevity, and a range of custom features.

Today, every trailer constructed by Oliver Travel Trailer is fully customised and completely handbuilt. Customers are encouraged to talk directly with their trailer’s creators and, where possible, meet the team in person. This focus on personalisation sets the Oliver brand apart from market rivals who might offer custom design options but rarely the opportunity to feel like part of a design team.

Most Popular Travel Trailer

Oliver Legacy Elite 2

  • Price : $57,500+
  • Sleeps 3 people
  • 23 feet
  • GVWR: 7,000
  • 2 floor plan options
  • Hard shell for extreme weather
  • Custom mounted speakers
  • 22” flat screen LCD TV
  • Insulated plumbing, drains, tanks

11. Lance Travel Trailer

Lance is yet another top-rated travel trailer brand in the market. The company has been in the RV industry for many years and has received huge support from customers.

The brand has the reputation of manufacturing well-built RVs in the market. The designs are done by top-grade materials to enhance durability.

Besides that, the company uses Azdel composite panels to design their travel trailer models. The material is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

The brand has won the prestigious dealer satisfaction index from its customers due to each model design’s quality.

The recognition has made the brand gain trust from many people across all states in the U.S. It has made many people desire to own a motorhome.

The Lance travel trailers come in twelve different models. Hence, provide a wide selection choice for customers according to their needs and tastes.

Most of the models offered by Lance Company come with two years of structural warranty to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of their customers.

Lance experts work around the clock to manufacture lightweight travel trailer models for easy towing by any vehicle.

Some of the most popular travel trailer models from Lance are 1475, 1575, 1685, 1985, and 2075.

These models tend to be spacious to accommodate a lot of house items. The purpose is to make the owners feel at home after making the purchase.

The company has been in the industry for many decades. The experience has enabled the company to know the needs and tastes of their customers.

The travel trailer brand has also embraced modern technology, which is the reason behind the frequent invention of different models.

12. Avenger

Avenger is one of the most popular manufacturers of RV out there. The brand offers a huge variety of options in terms of multiple floor plans and other unique features.

The company has worked around the clock to gain a reputation by providing high-quality and reliable travel trailer models for their customers.

Most brand models are made from premium materials—this helps to enhance reliability and longevity compared to other brand models.

These models can accommodate two to seven people for a night. But this usually depends on the trim level and flooring plan.

The appealing design of these popular units is due to cherry wood furnishing and attractive floor plans. These are some of the factors that have made the brand to remain at the top every year.

Also, the brand tends to make travel trailers that are heavier than those of their close competitors. The weight usually contributes towards stability while riding on the highway or rugged terrains.

The trim level of these models tends to range from 4,800 to 9,200 pounds. The good news is that an SUV can easily tow these models.

Avenger tends to combine style, comfort, and convenience to give an individual the best camping experience.

The brand gives the customer a wider option ranging from non-slide to triple slide models. The aim is to provide adequate living space.

The avenger engineers also tend to inspect every component, detail, and process used in creating the travel trailers.

Keep in mind that the avenger is dedicated to offering industry-leading beauty in the market. Most of the models are handcrafted and are considered to be the best in class.

Lastly, the avenger engineers work around the clock to maintain long term quality and durability. They are also dedicated to coping up with the dynamics of technology.

13. Palomino

Palomino is yet another huge brand for manufacturing RV in the market. The company has been in the RV industry for many decades.

It has a reputation for offering lightweight and high-quality travel trailers to their customers. The recognition has made the brand maintain its status every year despite the stiff competition in the RV industry.

Palomino offers a wider variety of RV models to their clients. Some of the popular units are Puma, Solaire Ultra Lite, Puma Destination, PaloMini, Solaire expandable, Puma XLE Lite, and Real Lite Mini.

The beauty behind the design of these models tends to provide instant satisfaction towards their customers’ needs and tastes.

Keep in mind that each model comes with multiple floor plans. The goal is to provide adequate space and create maximum comfort for exploration.

The trim level of palomino tends to vary depending on the model. The average weight of the palomino models ranges from 3000 to 8000 pounds.

One of the nicest things about the brand is that the engineers have embraced modern technology. The advanced technology helps design travel trailer models that can navigate through challenging road conditions.

Most units offered by palomino can accommodate a couple or a small family. But, this tends to depend on the flooring plan.

The most amazing thing about the brand is that it has several branches in the United States. Some of the most popular locations are Middlebury, Indiana, Goshen, Michigan, and Colon.

You also note that the brand not only specializes in the manufacture of travel trailers but also truck campers, toy haulers, and fifth wheel.

If you are looking to discover a whole new world adventure, enjoy the outdoor peace and quietness, then Palomino Company got your back.

That’s not all. The destination trailer is one of the best options for those individuals looking forward to bonding with their family members.

14. Happier Camper

Happier Camper is yet another top-rated travel trailer brand with a reputation for producing quality fiberglass campers.

Most of the brand’s camper models are marked with appealing retro style and versatile modular interior design.

The leading-industry beauty has made the brand acquire many followers in the U.S and some parts of Canada.

Keep in mind that the brand is a newcomer in the RV industry. But the company is committed to manufacturing travel trailers according to the needs and preferences of customers.

Thanks to modern technology. The company has strived to carve out the name for themselves in a competitive market.

Some of the popular models offered by the Happier Camper brand are adaptive and travel trailers. Each model tends to have a different layout.

We recommend getting Adaptiv Happer Camper for those individuals who are starting this motorhome life. The model is affordable and versatile in design.

That’s not all. Brand engineers tend to accept custom designs from their customers. The engineers will personalize the design to suit the needs of the customer during the construction process.

The good news is that the brand works in close association with direct dealers and even affiliate dealerships. The goal is to help the customer get access to the travel trailer of their choice with ease.

The most amazing thing is that these units from the company are ultra-light. Therefore, they can easily be towed by a car.

However, most happy camper models are typically meant for the solo traveler. But these models are incredibly versatile in terms of performance.

Lastly, happy camper models are relatively affordable and have sturdy construction to withstand harsh weather conditions in the camping site.

15. Shasta

Shasta is yet another popular travel trailer brand in the market, and it belongs to the Forest Line division. The brand has been in the industry since 1940.

Shasta is among the few brands in the industry that has a lot of respect. The recognition from their customers is due to high-quality and versatile travel trailers.

The brand is dedicated to fulfilling the American dream of roaming. The company tends to work around the clock to cope with technology’s dynamics to improve their models every year.

Shasta not only specializes in the manufacture of travel trailers but also fifth wheel, pontoons, and toy hauler campers. Hence, provide huge selection options for avid adventurers.

The most exciting thing is that the brand tends to work with a direct dealership. The aim is to avail their travel trailers close to their customers.

The company’s main office is situated in Middlebury, Indiana. However, merging with other RV manufacturers has made the brand popular in the U.S and part of Canada.

Unlike Happy Campers, Shasta travel trailer models are quite spacious. These models can accommodate couples or even small families.

Besides that, the ultra-light design of these models makes it possible to be towed by any vehicle. It is a feature that makes models from Shasta to stand apart from other close competitors.

If you are looking for luxurious comfort and relaxation during exploration, then Shasta models provide a great deal to consider.

However, Shasta popular units are relatively expensive. But the quality and reliability of these units are worth the value of your money.

Another exception feature about Shasta models is that they come in a different design. The old vintage and modern designs have received massive recognition.

Lastly, most of the models come with a five-year structural warranty. This tends to guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction in terms of performance and reliability.


There are several brands of travel trailers in the market. Getting the right choice that suits your needs and preferences can be a daunting experience.

Most of these brands claim to offer the best travel trailers. But some brands end up not according to their expectation.

Most of the travel trailer brands featured in the article are top-rated. These brands have numerous models that offer a huge selection option for customers.

We recommend taking the time to read through the article and pick the brand that meets your needs and preferences. Besides that, consider a brand that falls within your budget without compromising its quality.

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