Top 10 Best Pop Up Campers (With Video Tours)

Top 10 Best Pop Up Campers (With Video Tours)

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Pop up campers are awesome! They are light weight, easy to tow and provide you with nice sleeping area along with space to cook some delicious food.

Wondering which are the best pop up campers on the market right now? In this list, you will find options for all.

  • Best options for couple
  • Best solo pop up camper
  • Family pop up camper with kids
  • Best camper with bathroom, shower and toilet
  • Popular Tiny and lightweight small pop up campers
  • For retired people and so on.

Continue reading this article to find out the most popular pop up campers you can buy. I keep this article updated to make sure the top 10 always features in this list.

These little campers are affordable and come with their own amenities that let you camp in comfort without losing too much of the roughing it experience.

They are also easy to tow and your tow vehicle does not have to be that heavy duty.

What are pop up campers?

Pop up campers can be collapsed for towing and then you can expand them at the campground.

This unique feature makes them easy to tow and the aerodynamic design puts minimum pressure on your car mpg. Most cars can easily pull them.

They are designed to be very low weight and give you minimum basic features.

On an average they weigh between 1400 to 2600 lbs and some high end models weigh around 3000 lbs. They sleep 2 to 4 people on average but you also get those that can sleep 4 to 6 as well.

Here are the 10 best pop-up campers:

1. Jayco Jay Sport Pop Up Camper

Step out in camping style with this nice model.

Length : Its 15’6″ravel length expands to 21’6″ when you set it up at your campsite. With an 85 inch width, you should have plenty of living space inside.

Check all the specifications for Jayco Jaysport here.


  • Unloaded Weight : 1895lbs
  • Dry Hitch Weight : 240 lbs
  • GVWR : 2750 lbs
  • Cargo Capacity : 855 lbs

Towing : Then with its unloaded weight of 1895 pounds most vehicles should be able to tow this pop up with ease.

Jayco Jay sport is one of the best pop up camper with bathroom and shower.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityBathroomShowerSleeping Capacity
1895 lbsStarts at $990028 GallonsCassette ToiletShower With CurtainUpto 8

Inside you will find a furnace only for when those nights get too chilly and to cool it down you will have to rely on those mesh windows.

For exact price you need to request a quote to the dealer but on average the base price starts at around $9900

In addition to that, there is little room for storage and this pop up camper only has room for one 28 gallon fresh water tank.

The 5 year warranty on lifter system, floor, tent and frame. The overall durability of this camper is top notch.

The roof is made from fiberglass while the tenting part is made form material that resists water and mildew.

Standard interior equipment will include all the basic features.

Optional Packages

For a customer package you can add number of things to this camper. Things like canopy awning or AC prep, bunk lights, larger tank can be added. With this customization the cost will go up as well.

You can also go for BAJA package with off road tires or additional ground clearance of 5 inches and double entry steps. Its up to you whether you want to take this packages, keep in mind the cost will be higher when you go for such a specific customization.

  • Other special packages that you can choose is the deluxe plumbing package where in you get bigger 6 gallon water heater and also outside shower.
  • Apart from choosing these specific package you can add ala carte items/features like porta-potti, bigger 16,000 BTU furnace, exterior grill, power lift system with remote control and many other items.

I really like their customization facility. Not all of us are equal and our needs vary. So, based on our requirement we can build our camper. That is really a great thing, i must say.

Floor plan and Sleeping Capacity

Depending on the floorplan, you can sleep between 5 and 7 people with ease.

Overall space utilization is really good and you get good size bed as well as living space.

  • The cost of a 2019 model ranges between $10,000 to 12,000 and that includes a 20 pound propane tank with fuels your little stove.
  • Insulation on a pop up camper is few and far between no matter the style as the sides of the trailer are made from lightweight cloth mesh materials

Up to 4 plans are available for you to choose from. Each one have their own unique feature the others do not come with.

Jayco Jay sport is one of the top pop up camper for money on the market. Yu should definitely check it out before heading for other models.

2. Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper

This unique pop up camping trailer comes with hard sides and is a perfect camper for a family 4.

That makes it more durable and better insulated than the traditional pop up campers you are used to seeing on the campgrounds.

Check all the specifications for this pop up camper here.


  • Unloaded Weight : 2670 lbs
  • Dry Hitch Weight : 372 lbs
  • GVWR : 2250 lbs
  • Cargo Capacity : 702 lbs


  • Closed Length : 20’10”
  • Extended Length : 20’20”
  • Width : 8’4″
  • Closed Height : 5’8″

Tinted windows and skylight allow the light to come in without sacrificing your privacy.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerToiletSleeping Capacity
2670 lbsAverage $17,00026 GallonsShower With CurtainCassette ToiletUpto 6 People

Floor Plan

With 7 floor plans to choose from, you should be able to find one to meet your living space and storage needs. With so many floor plans everyone has an option to choose from.

Whether you are a couple or a solo camper of even a small family with kids. each floor plan differs from other and high end has 2 twin beds.

A front storage compartment helps store your gear and supplies.

The overall weight of this trailer reaches approx. 2526 lbs and its 20’10” length & 7 foot width makes sure you have the room you want.

Inside is a porta potty and the only storage tank you have will be for the 20 gallon fresh water tank built under the floor.


Some models will come with a 2 1/2 cubic foot fridge, a microwave and a propane powered 3 burner stove.

For heating you have a 10,000 BTU heat pump and a 20.000 BTU furnace. If you want to expand your living space an awning is optional.


If you want a price you will have to send the dealer a special request to find out how much the unit is. However we found that average price of a new models is normally around $17,000.

In the back is one 60 by 80 fold up bed that provides the users with a little extra comfort than the hard ground would.

The sleeping capacity is 2 to 8 people. With its A frame style you will have plenty of headroom and protection from the outside elements.

If you are a biker, there is an optional 2 spot bike rack to bring your favorite exercise tool along with you.

Looking for a small pop up camper with toy hauler? Forest River Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast is on of the best pop up camper with a toy hauler.

Carrying toys like ATV or boats, bikes is fun and you can do that even with pop up campers now but do check on the weight limits.

3. Coachmen Clipper And Viking

Once extended this pop up camper reaches 22 feet in length and can sleep 2 to 7 people/ With 14 floor plans available it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that will work for your camping needs.

Check out all the specifications for this camper here.

With weight as low as 1200 this pop up camper is best for a small car or a minivan.

When closed the camper reaches only 12.9 feet and has a closed height of about 4 1/2 feet. For personal comfort.

This is a popular camper that suits for a large family of 5 or 4.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerToiletSleeping Capacity
1200 – 3500 lbsAverage $17,20023 GallonsWith CurtainCassette ToiletUpto 7 People

Some of the floor plans have a built in shower, toilet and uses a serta mattress for you to sleep on. Those mattresses reach 54 by 74 inches in size.

Depending on the floor plan, the camper will weigh between 1200 and 3500 pounds.


Most modesl have an option of adding an air conditioner in coachmen clipper.

Coachmen clipper is one of the best pop up camper with Air conditioning.

A 20,000 BTU furnace will keep you warm if the weather change son you and the hot temperatures disappear.

  • There is a patio light but there is no awning.
  • You will have to make your own shelter if you want to enjoy the sunset from the outside of the camper.

Insulation is little to speak of as this is a traditional pop up camper and the walls are not made from hard materials.


Also, a small fridge is inside some of the models and no stove is included. There is a wall mount grill though. Depending on the model you pick out the storage is at a minimum so pack carefully.


If you want a price, you have to contact the dealer directly as your cost will depend on the model and the features you want inside. Some models do not come with a fresh water tank. Average price for new model is around $17,200

4. Aliner Somerset

Another traditional hardtop and mesh side pop up trailer that is best for the money.

This particular model sleeps 2 people in relative comfort over its 18 foot length. When closed the trailer shortens to 13 feet making it ideal for towing.

Check all the Aliner specifications here.

This is one of the best pop up camper for couple with bathroom.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerToiletSleeping Capacity
2760 lbsStarts at $14,00011 gallonsYesYes2

The closed height is about 4 feet which does not harm the 39 by 59 inch fold out dinette bed.

This is an easy to setup camper. Setting up the camper takes about 5 Minutes. Its 3 sizes are small, medium and large and they all have an A frame style to them making sure you have some head room.

The galvanized steel body makes sure this camper can survive the rough handling it will get on some camping roads.


But the overall weight is low making it easy for you to tow with a regular car without upgrading to an SUV. This is a pop camper that is perfect for couples only who do not want to spend a lot of money.

  • Unloaded Weight : 2760 lbs
  • Dry Hitch Weight : 290 lbs
  • GVWR : 3500 lbs


This is not an expensive pop up camper to buy but you still have to contact the dealer to get the exact price.

The medium and small campers will only sleep 2 people while the large version will accommodate the whole family.

Interior Features

Inside are 4 inch thick mattresses, an 11 gallon fresh water tank, microwave, 3 cubic foot fridge, and a two burner stove.

  • The shower is outside as is the toilet facilities.
  • There is porch light but no awning with this camper. But that is okay as you can make your own to fit the trailer and your privacy needs.

This is not a pop up camper for those people who do not want to be one step up from roughing it. The amenities are few and far between.

Aliner Somerset is one of the best hard sided pop up camper for winter. Among other popular winter pop-up campers, Alaskan camper hard side pop up is the best option for winter or snow.

5. SylvanSport Pop Up Camper

While this pop up camper sleeps 4 it is better if you only have two people inside.

Its 11 by 11 foot dimension is not a lot of room and with 4 people it can get cramped. The good news is that it is waterproof, seam sealed and sets up and can be taken down in no time.

Check this campers all specification here.

Sylvansport is one of the best pop up camper under 1500 lbs.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerToiletSleeping Capacity
900 lbs$9000 to $12,000NANoNo4

Interior Features

Inside is a blow up air mattress to help you get a little comfort while you sleep. Then there is a small fridge, 2 burner stove, sink and counter top.


Made on a powdered coated steel frame this pop up camper is designed to last you a long time. Top quality materials were used to ensure longevity.

  • There is no real insulation built into this camper as the sides are made from fabric attached to a hard top.
  • An awning may be available and it will extend out about 10 feet. The weight reaches just under 900 pounds when empty and when set up you have about 6 1/2 feet of head room.
  • When you need to put your gear and supplies inside you get a total of about 9 feet 3 inches of storage space.

This is one brand that does advertise its price and depending on the model you are paying between $9,000 and $12,000. For those on a budget that is not bad way to go.

Since this is a small camper do not expect to find any holding tanks on board.

None were mentioned and there is no bathroom facilities inside. But then this is only one step up from roughing it.

6. Forest River Rockwood Premier

After viewing the last two small pop up campers, this model is going to feel like a luxury RV.

Here are all the specifications for this camper.

Its 19 foot length rides on 13 inch tires and there are approx. 9 floor plans to choose from. One should meet your expectations.

Depending on the model the trailer weight is between 1500 to 2800 pounds approx., and a maximum or 7 people can sleep inside. The closed length is about 17 feet and you have 84 inches in width to work with.

This is definitely a best option to look for if your budget for camper is less than 10K.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerToiletSleeping Capacity
1500 – 2800 lbsStarts at $850026 GallonsYesYesupto 6

Interior Features

Inside you will find n almost 2 cubic foot fridge, 2 or 3 burner stove (depending on the model), porta potty, hot water package and a couple of beds measuring 42 by 78 and 54 by 78 inches in size.

Some models do have an indoor shower, a 13 foot awning and extra storage space as well as a microwave oven.

Also, on some models there is either an 11 or 20 gallon fresh water tank and 12 gallon gray and black water tanks.

Tinted windows provide you with some privacy and when you extend that awning you should be able to enjoy a nice campfire and the night air before turning in for the night.


As for the price, this is a brand that does not advertise how much their products cost. You have to go through a dealer to get the real price as the many options and floor plans you can choose from will make each trailer’s price unique.

Set up and take down should not be that difficult. With help it should only take a few minutes to get read for the night or for the next day’s travel.

Forest River Rockwood Sports Enthusiast is a model that is among the best pop up camper with toy hauler as well.

7. Turtleback Trailers

If you want to make a statement and show your individuality, this is the pop up camper to do it with.

Check all the detailed specs here.

Its unique overall design sleeps 2 to 6 people and still has room for a 22 gallon water tank.

This is a camper in upper middle price range that has shower but no toilet.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerToiletSleeping Capacity
2470 lbsBase Price $18,99021 GallonsYesNo2 – 6

In addition to that there is also enough room to place a toy on the back of the 22 foot trailer.

The stove and sink are under the sleeping quarters and located in a pull out sliding drawer system.


When folded up it looks like your vehicle is pulling an army supply trailer with its spare tire and extra gas tank on the back. The fold out tent is on the very top of all the amenities and do not look for a shower or a bathroom. Those are not included in this system.

  • A ladder is included to get to your bunks and there is no insulation to speak of. The large wheels on this rig allow you to get to those out of the way spots where only 4 by 4s travel.
  • When it is time to head down the road, everything packs up nice and small. There is no real wind resistance as you tow this pop up camper.

Any bedding you want to use is supplied by you, there are no beds or nice comfortable mattresses.

If you want a unique camping experience, check out this pop up camper.

8. Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme

Pop up trailers are not like they were in your father’s or grandfather’s day.

This model is designed in the same light as the previous pop up camper only larger.

5 people can try to get some rest in this camping trailer and when you set up, you just slide the full kitchen out and pretend you are at home.

This is one of the best off-road pop up camper that costs a little higher.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerBathroomSleeping Capacity
3500 lbs$42,89034 gallonsYesYes5

Like the previous camper brand, this one is made for those out of the way spots that normal people just do not go with a pop up or any type of RV.

The good news is that there is a lockable door and inside is a bathroom. A blower helps keep the dirt from coming into your living space.

Made from both steel and aluminum this is one tough pop up camper that goes exactly where you want to go.

Sleeping Capacity

2 beds with foam mattresses make up the sleeping quarters and if you want extra living space, awnings are optional. The beds are about 6 by 4 feet and 5 by 3 feet in size. A 40 gallon fresh water tank keeps you in water for some time.


For dimensions you are looking at approx. 14 feet in length 4 feet in width and 6 feet in height with the first two the closed dimensions. This unique 4 by 4 trailer weighs about 3500 pounds.

You should contact the dealer or manufacturer to get the exact price as it changes between models.

9. Starcraft Comet

Looking for a best option under 2000 lbs? Then look no further than this little camper.

When you want to be alone and blend in with the crowd, this traditional pop up camper sleeps 3 and gives you a panoramic view of your surroundings.

It is easy to assemble so just the two of you can get it done when you are ready to stop driving.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerToiletSleeping Capacity
1870 lbsStarts $12,00034 GallonsYesFoot Flush Toilet3


Made with aluminum the weight is not that much so your regular vehicle should have no trouble towing it. Because there is just the two of you, you get a shower inside, a dinette, queen size mattress along with a sink and a toilet.

Interior Features

The wardrobe will hang up your clothing and if you have a guest, the dinette folds down into a small bed. When the weather gets a little stormy, the durable and solid construction keeps you protected and should not collapse on you.

  • The kitchen comes with a 2 burner stove, small fridge and a microwave so you can have a nice home cooked meal every day.
  • For dimensions you are looking at 15+ feet in length approx and about 7 feet in width. The closed height should be around 4 1/2 feet with an open height just over 6 feet, all figures are approx.

This is a traditional mesh side and hard top pop up camper thus its appearance is not going to be earth shattering.

It is functional, practical and good for those couples who want to get away from the kids for a while. Contact a dealer for a price and for any available options.

10. Air Opus Pop Up Camper

When you have a crowd yet you do not want to pull a big pop up camper consider using this model. It sleeps 10 people when all the nooks and crannies are popped out.

Check all specification here.

Its Over 7 foot open height provides jut about everyone with enough headroom.

Key Information

WeightPriceFresh Water CapacityShowerToiletSleeping Capacity
2870 lbsAverage $28,70040 GallonsYesNo6


Outside storage areas are full with a water tank, and a slide out cooking area. When folded up you have space for two bikes and a front storage box to hold your gear and supplies. The rugged wheels lets you camp away from traditional campgrounds.


Set up is left to a flip switch and then when it is time to go, the pop up deflate sin seconds. There is some insulation through the aluminum panels which help protect you when those mountain temperatures dip. No air conditioning or furnaces are on board.

The included awning is large enough to sleep 4 extra people reducing the sleeping capacity to 6 inside and 4 outside. As pop up campers go it is unique and provides you with a different way to spend your vacation.


But like most of the other pop up campers on this list, a sales price is not advertised or readily available. Contact your closest dealer to find out the actual costs and what the optional features will add to that total.

Sleeping Area

Two double beds and one comfortable lounge makes sure everyone on your party has a nice soft space to sleep on. When it is folded up you can carry a kayak or two along when you want to explore the different rivers.

Pop Up campers pros and cons

Every RV Type has its own positive and negatives that boost your camping experience or detracts a little bit from them. These top pop up campers are no exception to that rule. Here are the pros and cons for pop up campers in general:


  • Usually very lightweight
  • They are easy to tow with minimal wind resistance
  • Easy to set up and break down
  • They come with basic amenities to help make your camping time better and more convenient
  • Come in unique and traditional designs that add a little something to your camping time
  • Their sleeping capacities fit your families situation both large and small
  • They are easy to maneuver and store when not in use


  • They are basic campers that lack in some conveniences
  • You have to continually set them up and take them down when traveling
  • Most lack good bathroom facilities
  • Beds are not the most comfortable or large enough
  • Most lack USB ports to stay connected
  • They are not insulated that well for the most part
  • You wont get much privacy

Why pop up camper over travel trailer or other RVs?

If you want to camp through out the year or live full time then pop up campers can be very hard to live in. Travel trailers on the other hand are hard sided and will have better facilities.

So, who should buy pop-up over travel trailer?

Those who wont be camping for long and do not bother much about what amenities you have should go the pop-up way.

Looking for a low cost RVing options were in you get seeping space and cooking area? Then go ahead with this camper.

If adventure RVing is your passion then you wont be bothered by pop-up camper limitations. Not all cars are capable of pulling high weighing travel trailers, pop up campers are a perfect campions for those cars.

Unlike travel trailers, these campers are easy on storage, maintenance and expenses. Their keep-up cost is a whole lot less than other RVs.

Pop-up’s also have high ground clearance making them suitable for boondocking or traveling through rough roads.

What Amenities can you expect in standard pop up camper?

Pop up campers are just like tent camping but with luxuries for you. You will get below amenities/features in a standard package:

  • A small fridge
  • Small Kitchen space, faucet and sink
  • Seating, converting dinette
  • Sleeping Bed
  • Storage below bed or sink

You can also get additional features at added cost. These features could include :

  • Air conditioner
  • Furnace
  • Propane Tank
  • Outdoor grill
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Satellite TV
  • USB charging
  • Power lifting system
  • Water pump
  • Microwave
  • Solar prep
  • DC Battery

How big are pop up campers?

Most pop up campers have length between 9 feet to around 18 feet and a height of around 5 feet when closed and 7 feet when expanded.

These campers are made very small so that they are easy to tow and store.

The body isn’t hard sided although there are some models like Aliner that have hard side walls.

The canvas and the thin walls are not so great in insulation and therefore you cannot use them in harsh weather conditions.

Pop up Tent camper made up of vinyl are waterproof. The fiberglass roof at the center of the pop-up is also waterproof.

Are they easy to set up?

They are not hard to setup especially if you compare with a tenting camp.

Initially, you may have to try a little hard to figure out things but once you get hold of it will not be that hard to do.

Also, packing it back is easier but you have to make sure you put all things together so that they don’t block when you collapse the walls and roof.

Due to the canvas material used on most pop up campers they take little more time to do the setup.

It can take anywhere between 40 minutes to more than an hour to do the setup depending how experienced you are.

Average cost of a pop up camper

The reason why more and more people get into pop-up is because they are less costly.

On an average brand new pop up campers cost between $8000 to $25,000. Some of these models can cost more depending on what all amenities and features you fit inside.

Many of the pop up camper manufacturers make it easy for you by giving customization options. In this manner you can build your own camper at additional costs depending on what all items/features you induce.

Used pop-up campers can cost a whole lot less, you can get a pop up camper at less than $3000 on sites like RVtrader or craigslist.


Pop up campers have relatively lower depreciation as compared to other big RVs. This is mostly due to the fact that their original price itself is lower and they do not have much luxuries that can loose value.

Do they come with bathroom, shower, AC and furnace?

Most pop up campers wont have the facility of toilet. Some models get outside shower. High end models do have these facilities though. Its mainly due to their structure and dimensions that these are absent.

What about air conditioning? Here again most models will not have AC but you can get optional package where they are ready for AC use. Furnace can also be added as an optional feature.

Should you buy used instead of brand new?

It is no secrete that campers in general depreciate a lot and that makes a great case for used ones. Here are some points that will make you think twice before going for brand new.

  • You can buy a used camper in less than half its brand price if the pop up is more than 4 years old.
  • Campers looses it value by almost 20% in its first year.
  • It looses it value by 5-10% as soon as you get it on the road.
  • Will you be using the camper that often? If not then why spend 20K – 30K when you can just get it at half the price?
  • Used pop up camper can be bought in as low as $2000 or $5000
  • There is abundance of options in used campers. There is a great chance that you will get just what you want.
  • Lot of people sell their campers that are just an year old and sometime even less. Getting such a camper will be an awesome deal.

What works with brand new buys? Here are the points.

  • Brand new means you don’t have to deal with issues like torn canvas, loose cabinets or dirty floor.
  • Used campers can actually have lots of issues like leakage, insulation. problems and so on.
  • Insurance will be higher.
  • There can be documentation problems.
  • Even though I said campers in general depreciate a lot, if you compare them with other RV types, pop up are the least depreciating ones.
  • Pop up campers cost aren’t that high in comparison to other RV types.

What to look for in a pop up camper

Before you decide on going ahead with any of these little camper as yourself below questions. These are the things you should look in a camper of this kind.

  • How many people will sleep inside the camper?
  • Do you need air conditioning? Whether you will camp in summer?
  • Shower or toilet are present?
  • How bog is kitchen space?
  • Sleeping capacity of the camper?
  • DO you need furnace? Whether you will be camping in winter?
  • How much storage do you need?
  • Will kids be camping in the camper?
  • Difficulty in setup of the camper?
  • Weight and difficulty in towing it behind the car
  • Is it good for off-roading
  • Ability to carry propane, generator and solar prep?

Must have accessories

Once you get a pop up its neessary that you get some basic essential without which camping will not be easier.

  1. Stabilizer jack : If your camper came with this then you are good otherwise its important to buy stabilizer jacks that will keep your camper from tipping off. This will keep it stable and keep it from shaking.
  2. Leveling blocks : Leveling the camper is necessary specially while at a boondocking site. Make sure you get these blocks and use them to keep the camper leveled.
  3. DC battery or generator : If the battery is included then that’s great if not then go for a good battery or a small generator that will power all your appliances in the camper.

Why Pop Up campers May not be for You

In general, they have some basic issues that can stop you from buying them. Here are some of those problems. Due to all these limitations they are not suited for long term RVing or full time living.

1. In-significant insulation

Because they are not hard sided they lack proper insulation. You will have hard time camping inside them during winter or snow seasons. You can do all sorts of things to insulate but still it wont be perfect.

2. Lack of AC or Heat

Most models do not come with AC or heat and aren’t designed to support them. Even though you may get an Ac it wont work under proper conditions.

This means reduced efficiency and not a good way to go ahead. Same applies to heating. Both heating and air conditioning needs proper insulation to work efficiently.

3. Storage Limitations

If you plan to take a whole lot of items or things then be aware that pop up supports only a limited storage. Full time RVers will have hard time managing the storage.

You get interior storage under bed that will be enough only for handful of things. Carrying appliances like generator, batteries can also be an issue as they add weight on the camper.

4. Lack of bathroom/Toilet

These tiny small campers aren’t designed to support these facilities and therefore it will be hard for you to manage. Some models do come with toilet/shower but it will be at high cost and design changes that wont be great.

5. They are small and tiny

If you are looking for a camper for a family and with kids then pop-up aren’t for you. Although small vacations can still be enjoyed by a small family with pop-ups its not an ideal RV to go with.

With design restriction you wont find slide-out either which are common in motorhomes. Awning can be added but in standard package its not included.

6. Not for Harsh weather

High winds or heavy snow will make you cry in a pop up camper. They are simply not for harsh weather. Heavy wind will shake it and you will have really hard time inside. Rain can be hard thing on pop up, it can leak make things worse for you.

7. Setup problems

Sometime their setup can get messed up. Also, it takes a lot of time to do the setup. If you are impatient person then this will be your test.

8. No Privacy

If you want privacy inside your camper then look beyond pop-up camper. They do not have much privacy. Especially, during night when the lights are on things could be visible from outside. Also, inside you are talking about one plain area without any partition. So, not much great when you are a family looking for privacy while inside it.


When you do not want to spend big bucks on an RV or travel trailer, these pop up campers are a good substitute. They help make your camping vacation more comfortable and offer designs to let you go way off road.

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