8 Best Portable Ice Makers for RV

8 Best Portable Ice Makers for RV

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Are you looking for portable ice makers for your RVing needs?

A batch of ice cubes for when the temperature gets hot in your RV or during your camping trip will allow you to cool with a glass of ice-cold soda, lemonade, smoothie, or other drinks. But that’s not the only use of ice; it’s also useful for first aid.

Due to high demand, many RVs do come with inbuilt ice makers. However, not all RVs will have it inbuilt due to various reasons like cost, space and feasibility. If you own an RV that didn’t come with an inbuilt ice maker then you can always get a portable one.

Read on to find out what portable ice makers are the best for your RV lifestyle.

Best Portable Ice Makers For RV

Portable ice makers are small, compact ice makers that will work anywhere as long as there’s power.

They are usually available in countertop size and require no water line or draining. They are easy to use and make ice fast in various sizes.

Here’s a look at some ice makers that will make your RVing lifestyle bearable when things get tough.

1. Homelabs Portable Ice Maker

This is an inexpensive, portable, and inexpensive ice maker for taking with you on the road. It will spare the expenses of having to run to the nearby grocery store for ice all the time.

It comfortably makes and holds ice for 2 people, and you can come back every 40 minutes for more. And all, without making irking noises in your small RV.

How To Operate

This is a very basic machine. Small and compact in design. It has options for on and off, and you can also select the size of ice cubes. There’s also a nice little viewing door so that you can see the machine at work.

Simply open the lead to access the removable ice basket. If you take the basket out, you’ll see where to dump your water. Put your basket back in and turn the machine on then select the size you want. The machine sensors will tell you when the basket is full or the ice maker is out of water.

2. Igloo Automatic Portable Ice Maker

A portable ice maker that can make up to 26 pounds of ice per day! Which RVer wouldn’t want that?

It’s all cold drinks and joyful faces courtesy of the IGLOO brand. The IGLOO automatic portable ice maker makes 9 large cubes of ice every 7 minutes. It’s available only in stainless steel.

How To Operate

This is a simple machine that works anywhere as long as you have power. It is small and compact, won’t take much room in your already congested RV.

Simply plug the machine in, fill up the water reservoir, drop in the ice basket, select power and desirable cube sizes, and the machine will turn on and make the ice automatically. It’s incredibly fast, and the water reservoir holds 3 quarts of water at a time, so you can make up a lot of ice before needing to refill.

3. Costway Portable Ice Maker

This is another incredibly simple plugin, chill out and relax ice maker that will supply you with 26lbs of ice cubes per day and without turning your RV into a gear factory. Indeed, it keeps noise under 35dbs!

Simply plug the ice maker into the mains, fill up the reservoir, press the button, and then wait for just 6 minutes for your ice cubes to cool your drinks.

Meanwhile, you can monitor everything through the see-through window. The ice maker is available in black, green, silver, white, and red—all measuring just 9.5 X 14.0 X 13 inches and with a 0.58gal water tank. Cleaning is easy, using vinegar and cotton swabs to remove spots.

4. Newair Portable Ice Maker

For an ice maker that combines good looks with incredible ice-making power, this portable ice maker from Newair rules.

It looks great in your RV, kitchen countertop boat, or wherever and produces 33 lbs. of ice in a day, so you won’t have to worry about your camping events.

This ice maker is not complex; simply open, remove the ice basket, damp in your water, replace the ice basket, and close, then select your settings and let it do its thing.

It’s fast; you can expect a batch of ice every 8 minutes. You can choose between large or small bullet-size ice. Use the scoop to get your ice from the tray.

The ice is safe for consumption since the machine is made of BPA-free parts. This machine comes with a limited 1-year warranty, but you can extend the period by a year, three, or even five at an extra small price.

5. Ge Opal Countertop Nuget Ice Maker

This another incredible ood ice’ maker for campers. It is in a 15.8 by 10.5 by 17.2 countertop size and makes 24lbs of ice per day -20 minutes per batch. And although it takes a bit longer to make the ice, you can expect soft, crunchy nuggets, like those from your favorite restaurant.

This machine requires a 120v electrical outlet. Simply plug it in, fill the reservoir and turn it on. No hookup is required; any water from melting ice goes back to the reservoir to be burned back into ice.

The advantage of the Opal is that it’s Bluetooth enabled so that you can schedule ice-making via a phone app. It senses when the ice is bucket is full and stops production.

Another advantage its powerful filter. Expect fresh-tasting ice. The water filter lasts 3 months and filters chlorine and odors. There’s also a cleaning kit to keep the system hygienic. The package also comes with a side tank for attaching to the machine, so you won’t have to refill the reservoir every now and then.

6. Ikich Portable Ice Maker

The IKICH countertop portable ice maker for camping, boating, or pool party use makes 24lbs of ice per day. It makes round bullet-shaped ice in 2 select sizes and only takes 6 minutes to deposit the first 9 pieces.

This machine from IKICH is one of the best for camping needs. It operates quietly under 45db, doesn’t require much power, and is easy to clean. When it runs out of water, the indicator lights on its top surface will flash to alert you.

This is another simple plug-in, chill, and relax ice maker. Just fill the reservoir, keeping the water level below the max mark, press ON/OFF and select size, then allow the machine to do its thing.

You can use the included scoop to pick ice from the tray. The ice from IKICH portable ice maker has wide applications such as cooling drinks, fruit smoothies, making iced food, and first aid. They are of a hollow design to float on a drink without messing up the taste. The warranty on this machine is 2 years.

7. Della Compact Portable Ice Maker

A compact portable ice maker in red makes 26lbs of ice cubes per day, and you can select between two ice cube sizes.

Rving is never about shiny things or a materialistic lifestyle, but this portable ice maker has the looks to melt the heart of anyone. Furthermore, it comes with a removable tray and ice scoop for getting the ice out of the machine into your container for storage elsewhere.

The machine is user-friendly. It doesn’t require any installation or a hookup. Simply plug it in a suitable power outlet, fill the reservoir, and select power and desirable ice cube sizes.

The machine will make the ice cubes and deposit them in the removable tray for you to scoop. Any unused ice cubes melt back into the reservoir for recycling. Oh, and you won’t have to wait for long to get the ice; just 6 minutes.

8. Frigidaire Efic101-black Portable Ice Maker

Another compact portable ice maker for camping needs; it looks just like the Della Ice machine above, except it’s only available in black.

It also makes 26lbs of ice per day, but you will have to wait longer for ice batches, 15 minutes to be exact. Still, it’s a useful, inexpensive ice maker for taking with you on your travels. Furthermore, it comes with a set of non-stick cookware, pans, and pots. Who wouldn’t love that?

This is a simple plug and relax ice maker. The reservoir holds 2.3 quarts of water, so you won’t have to refill every now and then.

It also features 2 ice cube size selections and electronic controls with light indicators. Simply fill up the reservoir, dial in your settings, and then get ready to serve your cocktails, lemonade, soda, etc.


Who said Rving is all about roughing it? That might have been somehow true in the past, but technology is a blessing for everybody, and RVers can enjoy comfortable living too. With small compact portable ice makers, when things get tough, at least you will always have ice with you.

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