10 Best Luxury Fifth Wheels

10 Best Luxury Fifth Wheels

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Fifth wheels are the perfect choice for RV enthusiasts who need additional space. They are bigger than the typical travel trailers and can be a worthy upgrade if you’re looking for versatility.

Besides, the spacious layout accommodates residential appliances, large master bathrooms, large closets, and dryer hookups. Are you ready to make 2021 your best year for RVing?

Here are the top 10 best luxury fifth wheels that offer unmatched comfort.

1. Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

If you’re looking for the best luxury fifth wheel that will take you anywhere, the Solitude is a sure bet. Grand design is one of the highest quality 5th Wheels you can own.

The interior features a durable drop frame chassis, G-rated glass, and a dependable LED light kit. What’s more, it comes with 6-point hydraulic, slide-out awning toppers, and backup camera prep.


This fifth wheel comes with dual pane windows and a windshield to protect the unit from large rocks. You’ll also find stainless steel cooktop and a microwave. And after you prepare your meals, you can keep the leftovers in a stainless steel refrigerator.

Check all the available floorplans here.


The living area has a big LCD screen to keep you entertained after your day’s adventure. To ensure you enjoy every minute, the Solitude is fitted with 110V outlets, HDMI stereo, and exterior speakers.

In addition to that, the Solitude offers plenty of storage space to dry your shoes and clothes. You can also customize the unit by adding a dishwasher, pull-out kitchen, a king-size bed, and a dryer.


The Solitude has an air-conditioning system that allows you to travel in any season. A few additional features you might find include LED rope lighting in the pantry and tile backsplash.

2. DRV Elite Suites

This is a luxury fifth wheel with features that fulfill most RVers’ camping goals. It comes with a fiberglass exterior, stained hardwood cabinetry, and vinyl plank flooring.

Inside, you’ll find custom-styled woodwork to make the unit feel like home. In the gallery, there is a French door refrigerator, dishwasher, and quartz countertop. Other features include bathroom toe kicks, lighted pantries, a walk-in closet, crown molding, and a sleep number bed.

The kitchen and living room blend seamlessly and gives plenty of space to stretch your legs. Even better, DRV Elite Suites come with a water storage tank for boondocking off the grid. As you step to the front bathroom, there’s a sink and vanity mirror.

The Elite provides everything you need for a full-time living.

3. Forest River Riverstone Legacy

The Riverstone fifth wheel offers the ultimate convenience for RV enthusiasts and is one of the first players in the luxury market. It features a state-of-the-art floor plan that allows you to take your work on the road. In other comparable models, the dinner table works as the workspace. But Riverstone has modified the rigs to accommodate the work-life.


The living room comes with a LED Smart TV and a DVD player – you don’t have to worry about keeping your family and friends entertained.

And to ensure you manage your functions without a hassle, the unit comes with a touch control system. Of course, the infinity lighting fixture brings a theater-like experience.


When you step into the kitchen, you’ll find appliances from recognized brands like Samsung. There’s also a dishwasher and a dryer. Even better, Riverstone offers garbage can with rid so you can peel the veggies down the chute.

Riverstone luxury package includes an automatic 6-point hydraulic level-up system, tire pressure sensors, and an emergency management system.

Check floorplans here.


Given the larger capacity, the units offer plenty of sleeping space for everyone on the trip. The sleeping area can accommodate hide-a-bed and trifold sofas. Another perk offered by this fifth wheel is a master bedroom. It has USB ports, nightstands, and upscale touches.

But what makes this unit exceptional is the wall that connects the kitchen and living room. It provides more sleeping areas and helps to reduce noise.

It’s worth mentioning that the interior features a contemporary design – it exemplifies every space in your RV. Riverstone fifth wheel offers a selection of floor plans, so you can choose one that suits you best.

4. Grand Design Momentum Toy Hauler

The Grand Design offers the best performance thanks to the CRE3000 suspension system and triple-insulated garage floor. Grand design is a very reliable brand to spend your money on.

Standard features

This unit offers fully laminated walls and radiant foil insulation on the roof. There’s also a furnace that distributes the heat evenly. You’ll also find a small kitchen, fridge, shelved storage space, and a two-butter cooktop – something you can’t find in other toy haulers.


The Grand Design offers an ample sleeping area that can fit two queen beds. During the day, you can use this space as the dining area. For this to work, you can place two sofas and small tables. If you have recliners, you can scoot them.

To ensure you receive natural light, there’s a window over the bed. You’ll enjoy the cool breeze when the opposite window is open.

Kitchen and living area

The main living area is spacious and comes with USB ports. But what makes this fifth wheel one of a kind is the L-shaped kitchen. It features a three-burner cooktop, a microwave, a freezer, and stainless steel farmhouse sink. This space will ensure you enjoy every moment when creating meals for family and friends.

Part of the kitchen houses a TV and zone stereo system. There is also an open cubby area.

The living room allows you to enjoy life at your pace. If you’re not hitting the trails, you can relax with your family. Some of the key features in the living room include easy to clean flooring system, durable residential furniture, and a high-end entertainment system.

Bathroom and storage

The bathroom area gives an impressive 6.5 feet of head clearance. You’ll appreciate the quality of the room thanks to features like a porcelain toilet, one-piece fiberglass shower, medicine cabinet, and a skylight above the shower.

Check all the floorplans on their website.

While there is no much space around after you’ve set your bed and kitchen, the lower half of the front wall can accommodate cabinets and drawers. Although the Grand design focuses on simplicity, this is one of the well-thought-out fifth wheels.

5. Jayco North Point North Point

Jayco offers luxurious features and comes with all details for smooth towing. And because it’s spacious, the unit can accommodate all types of travelers.

Jayco is a very big brand and has several RVs to offer. Interestingly people also list some of their models’ in worst fifth wheels. However, this model is a perfect luxury 5th wheel one can own.


This fifth wheeler is designed for efficient cooling and heating. Whether you’re a novice or experienced traveler, you can be sure you’re protected against freezing and extreme heat.


Depending on the floor plan you choose, Jayco can accommodate up to 8 persons. The other luxurious details are gas-strutted under-bed storage, a residential refrigerator, and soft-close drawers.

Whether you’re cruising on a smooth or bumpy road, the rubberized suspension system will keep everything intact.


The walls feature laminated gel-coated fiberglass, while the climate shield protects campers from extreme weather.

6. Luxe Gold Luxury Fifth Wheel

If you’re looking for a luxury camper that doesn’t compromise on space, the LUXE Gold luxury fifth wheel is a sure bet. It allows you to customize your space from cabinets, interior upholstery, to countertops.

LUXE is larger than a pop-up camper but requires a gooseneck hitch installed in the bed of the truck. This unit requires a larger towing vehicle.


The interior features solid wood mortise and trifold sleeper sofas.

Bedroom and kitchen

This fifth wheel offers a spacious bedroom. Some floor plans include bunk beds that can accommodate up to 10 people. You also get a master bedroom and a private bathroom.

On the outside, LUXE fifth wheel has a lot to offer. You’ll find a backup camera, hitch pins, sleek frameless windows, and an exterior shower.

7. Vanleigh Beacon Luxury Fifth Wheel

Vanleigh is designed to give you the luxury of your home wherever you go.

Living space

The beautiful living room will offer the coziness you crave for. And because the seats are set on opposite sides, your living space appears spacious. Don’t forget to catch your favorite program or game on the TV.

Master bedroom

There’s nothing more fulfilling than enjoying a comfortable sleep after a day of fun.

The bedroom features a queen bed that can be upgraded to a king bed. You get a gel mattress so you can stay cool in any climate.

On the sides, you’ll find ample storage space for your clothes and shoes. There’s also a small space on the wall for an LCD screen.


With Vanleigh, cooking your delicious dinner won’t be a hassle. The kitchen is equipped with a residential refrigerator, three-burner stove, and a spacious double sink. Another area the kitchen excels in is that you get plenty of counter space.

And because the area is impressively designed, it can accommodate a dishwasher prep, electric power cord reel, and a hand-laid backsplash.

Check all the available floorplans.


You can enjoy a hot bath after your adventure and before going to bed every night. The unit comes with a foot flushing toilet and a medicine cabinet.

But the fun doesn’t end there – Vanleigh offers dimmable lighting in the kitchen and sleeping area. You’ll also appreciate technology features like Smart TVs and dual exterior speakers.

8. Crossroads Redwood

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line luxury, you can’t go wrong with Crossroads Redwood. This fifth wheel features solid hardwood cabinets and an aerodynamic profile to make you feel like a king or queen.


The unit comes with luxurious finishes like dual pane windows, solid hardwood cabinetry, and a spacious kitchen. Also, the Redwood features 17.5” tires and a quality suspension system which comes into play when offloading.

Technology features

Unlike the comparable models, this unit is equipped with an in-command automation system and Wi-Fi to suit your entertainment needs.


You’ll find a docking system, 6-point hydraulic jacks, electric LED lights, and other features that make camping a breeze.

9. Forest River Cardinal Fifth Wheel

The Forest River is one of the best luxury fifth wheels that doesn’t compromise on durability. First, the body extends 34 feet while the gross weight averages 16,780 pounds. And with the wide range of floor plans, you can find a space that suits you best.


This fifth wheel features lithium flooring, day roller shades, and a residential shower with fiberglass. To ensure your comfort, you’ll find bathroom countertops and a state-of-the-art kitchen.


The Forest River provides a sleeping area that can accommodate hide-a-bed sofas, trifold sofas, and Serta mattress beds. The master bedroom features elegance fused with sophistication. You’ll also find some USB ports and nightstands for your convenience.


The fifth wheel has a 50-inch LCD screen to keep your family entertained.

Storage space

With a walk-in pantry with drawers, wardrobes, closets, and pass-thru storage, you can pack everything you need on the road.


The outside surface is made of high-gloss colored fiberglass and features insulated doors, giving it a shiny appearance.

10. KZ Durango Gold Luxury Fifth Wheel

Durango fifth wheel comes with luxury amenities to make your next RV trip a breeze. The body is made of heavy-duty fiberglass and steel powder.

The huge front living room

This model features a spacious sofa for additional sitting space. It offers the perfect view of the front TV and fireplace.

Sleeping area

The sleeping space can accommodate up to four persons and gives plenty of room for storage.

Luxurious kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances that include a fridge and dishwashers. Another feature that you’ll appreciate is the Built-in Island, pullout faucet, and extra preparation space.


Unlike other fifth wheels, KZ Durango includes a one and a half bathroom. And it’s located at a central location to ensure access of all guests. Interestingly, the adjustable shower head will give you the privacy and comfort you need.

Check their all floor plans.

More room for luxury

Gold Fifth Wheel offers luxurious features – you can enjoy a washer, dryer, and prep area. The dual opposing slide kitchen guarantees more counter space for bigger appliances like a 3- door fridge and freezer.

Other Options

This list gave you top 10 5th wheels that exhibit luxury. Probably great for a retired couple who want luxury and yet have the freedom of travel.

Many of you may say that there are other luxury brands as well. Let me mention some of the other luxury brands that you can compare.

  • Redwood luxury fifth wheel
  • Rushmore luxury fifth wheel

Should you go for travel trailer Instead?

Well, travel trailers and 5th wheel may seem similar but remember there is a big difference between these 2. Someone wanting to have luxury will never get it in a similar length travel trailers.

Many people complain that travel trailers are badly made. That may be true in some cases but not always. There are a lot of travel trailer companies that produce great quality travel trailers. Airstream is a company that boasts a huge fan following and has been making campers for last several decades.

Travel trailers are mostly targeted at low budget customers, mostly under $35,000. Hence, they do not necessarily provide luxury, although you will find almost all the amenities a fifth wheel would give

There is a great difference in the way they are towed as well. You cant tow a fifth wheel with a car and you would need a truck with empty bed to place the towing fifth wheel hitch.

So, in short; someone wanting to enjoy the luxury of space and amenities should go for a 5th wheel and not travel trailer.

Don’t want the hassle of towing? Then go for a Class A motorhome or High end Class B or B plus motorhome.


Are you ready to find the best luxury fifth wheels for your next adventure? Fifth wheels offer best-in-class luxury and tons of features for RVers looking to spend summers on the road. The best models come in at longer lengths, so you need the right tow vehicle. Each of the above models can be a worthy upgrade for those who want to take their adventure to the next level. Not to mention, they will give the best bang for your buck.

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