Is Happier Camper Travel Trailer Right For You?

Is Happier Camper Travel Trailer Right For You?

You’ve probably read through various forums and came to a conclusion to get a teardrop camper trailer. You have developed an interest in the Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer among the numerous options, but you still aren’t satisfied. Maybe that’s because the long specs lists do not make a clear pic to you.

If the above sentiments sound like you, you’ve come to the right place. We will review and guide new buyers who want to know more about the HC1 Travel Trailer before purchasing.

Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer

The HC1 Travel Trailer is the only teardrop-style trailer produced by Happier Camper. This company was started by Derek M in California. Since the introduction, the trailer has retained a retro design and lightweight. Still, these trailers are highly adaptable and cost less than similar rival brands.

The trailer is also designed for optimum versatility to suit any teardrop camper fanatic. Users can set up the internal space however they want, thanks to the Adaptiv System. This design feature allows users to customize storage, countertop, and sleeping stations. Generally, two Happier Camper HC1 can be set up to entirely different floorplans.

If you wanted to have lunch with, say, four other guys, the Adaptiv System allows you to compress the sleeping space to reveal more kitchenette area. The kitchenette readily collapses to offer extra sleeping space.

A customizable camper trailer would require a floor that can stand the everyday swaps. The HC1’s floor is 1.5-inch thick fiberglass. The floor is further grooved to retain cubes wherever you place them. Other fixtures that must be attached to the floor, such as table bases and front drain, are readily fixed onto the floor.

The cubes are made of Happier Camper’s own lightweight Lite-Plywood. This plywood is strong and sturdy despite weighing just 45% of standard plywood.

The Adaptiv interior features a wide rear hatch and expansive panoramic windows for the best views. A wide entry door ensures you get out or step in with ease without dealing with every obstruction on your way.

Adaptiv system standard features

  • Floor panels
  • Bench cube
  • Nesting table
  • Table base (patio) and a plywood countertop cube
  • Expandable countertop (flip-n-lock mechanism)
  • Toilet cover
  • Standard and folding flat cushions
  • Countertop breakfast bar
  • A sidewall
  • A full kitchen with an electric pump
  • Pill-out fridge
  • Cooler icebox

HC1 Standard Trim Features

The roof of the this camper is a contoured solar panel. If you want to go off-road and off-grid simultaneously, the solar panel provides electricity from anywhere that the sun shines.

This camper trailer also comes with a wide rear door hatch. This door provides easy loading and offloading of heavy objects. Consider that you’ll quickly load up a motorbike or a bicycle from the back if your camping should include riding in the wild.

Whenever camp somewhere in the wild, there’s always the danger of not parking at a level ground. This risks the trailer moving under its own weight and gravity. You shouldn’t expect that to happen with Happier Camper.

The trailer has electronically operated brakes for easy stopping and anchorage. The braking system and other electronic components draw their power from the powerful onboard AGM batteries.

Camping during the summer is one of the best wild experiences you can ever have. However, without proper air conditioning, you get to spend most of your afternoons outside the trailer, probably under trees. This Camper has a rooftop-mounted fan for air conditioning. Your days will be as cool as the nights inside this camper trailer.

Your experience at the camping point is as important as on the road. The trailer comes with other features such as a porch light and a vintage marker light to enhance the exterior visuals of the scene at night.

The industrial-grade swing jack and the leveling jack allow you to set up your camp securely and efficiently.

Life in the wild does mean total dissociation from the rest of the world. You still need to use various gadgets and power fixtures. Read on to discover more.

Other electrical and lighting fixtures

  • A marine-grade external AC power hook-up inlet
  • Adjustable internal LED lights
  • LED-lit front markers
  • 4, DC cigarette ports
  • Rear vintage side markers
  • Power inverter
  • Two wall-mounted USB outlets (AC)
  • Interior features included with the shell
  • Wide view panoramic windows
  • Side door storage
  • Floor drain
  • Six D-ring tie-downs
  • Five table leg mounts
  • Upper shelf storage
  • Embossed doorsteps

Exterior features on the outer shell

  • Precision equipment parts
  • Locks
  • Industrial grade external accessories
  • Chassis and base frame features
  • 13-inch aluminum wheels
  • Undercarriage mounted spare wheel
  • Torsion axle suspension that is independent
  • 2-inch rear and side doo hitches
  • A wiring harness with seven pins
  • A utility lever
  • A swivel back tongue
  • Strong tube frame


The Happier Camper comes in seven colors. These colors aren’t painted plainly, but they are complemented with other colors on a low scale to bring out the retro approach in the best possible manner. The colors are:

Mammoth White – this is plain white.

Silverlake – this shade is mainly white but has silver-gray parts

Pacific Blue – this is primarily white enhanced with a touch of bright blue

Topanga Turquoise – this one is also white but with light blue sections

Sequoia Orange – this is predominantly white, with goldenrod

Bishop Red – this is primarily red adorned with maroon red

Mojave Sage – white and a little forest green

As you can see, these colors are intricately blended to retain that retro look and feel to ensure your trailer leaves a mark wherever you drive it. By night, the vintage flair on the side adds to the calming look of the HC1 Travel Trailer.


length – 13′

width – 6’11”

height – 7’4″

Interior height – 6’1″

Shell length – 10′

Inside width – 6’6″

Inside width at bed – 6’11”

Gross vehicle weight rating – 3500 lbs.

Vehicle towing capacity – 2000 lbs.

Rear hatch door size – 54.5″ wide by 53.5″ high

Floor space area – 42 sqft

Bed size – 60″ by 83″

Refrigerator – optional

Stove – optional/2-buner

Furnace – 9000 Btu

Freshwater tank capacity – 5 gal

Gray water tank capacity – 5 gal

Blackwater tank capacity – N/A

Dry weight – 1100 lbs.

Tongue weight – 110-150 lbs.


Going by the displayed price on the website, you should carry at least $29 950.00 to buy a new Happier Camper from the manufacturer.

Available floor plans

Now that this trailer is highly customizable, the manufacturer goes the extra mile to provide customers with floor plans. Some of these plans include:

Mega Bed

This plan accommodates a maximum of five passengers.

The Essential

Just as it sounds, this is the basic floor plan for all that a camper may need.

The Classic

This plan is like the signature. It is the standard floor plan and is a favorite one for many campers.

The Premium

This plan includes features like a sink, a toilet, and a shower space

The Study

This plan is ideal for those who like reading while camping. It provides extra room to stretch and catch a breath as you dive deeper into your book.

The Dining

This layout provides maximum kitchen space. It’s best if you plan to be camping as a group.

The Dining (Alt)

This plan is similar to The Dining but has a different arrangement

The Sleeper

If you need more sleeping space, this is the floor plan to go for.

Apart from the customizable floorplans, you can also choose to have more amenities.

Optional Add-ons

  1. Rear door lamp

If your camping trip requires heavy gear such as a motorbike, you will not enjoy loading up when alone in the wild. You can choose a custom length ramp for easy loading and offload of heavy gear.

  1. Clean wave inverter

The provided inverter doesn’t produce a true AC. Some gadgets such as laptops and smartphones would make the best use of the 600-watt clean wave inverter, which produces a pure AC current.

  1. TV mount

You may opt for a specialty AC plug and a mounting bracket for your 27-inch TV if at all you need it during camping. The TV mount can perfectly work under the upper cabinets, but it’s limited to only 13 lbs.

  1. HC1 Cover

This should be included in every purchase unless you have another cover in your garage. The custom HC1 cover shields your trailer from the elements whenever stored. Every Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer should have this add-on.

  1. Rear hatch shear

Do you need a quick change in the trailer without bringing the hatch down? This rear hatch curtain will have you changed privately without altering any setup.

  1. Back window slider and screen

This upgrade converts the rear window into a slider, while the inner screen allows the fresh breeze in a while, keeping flying insects out.

  1. Exterior bar

Do you prefer nice looks regardless of who’s watching? Get your Happier Camper this bar that wraps around the trailer to enhance the teardrop theme.

  1. Mattress topper

You can still enjoy the best nights out by including this 3-inch thick Sunbrella topper.

  1. Premium blanket

This blanket is engineered to offer full protection against cold in all seasons.

  1. Contoured solar panel

The solar panel option is best if you plan to go off-grid for a while. The contoured profile enhances camouflaging. The panel’s output is a whole 100 watts, more than enough for all of your needs.

  1. Footsteps

Whenever you plan to bring your little ones along your camping trip, it’s best to ensure that the kids can easily climb into and out of the trailer. Choose these side door or rear doorsteps for ease of access.

  1. Pressurized tank

You never run out of ways to use high-pressure water during camping. Opt for this Roadshower pressurized water tank to hold your heated water.

  1. Front stabilizing jacks

sometimes it can be hard to level your HC1 Happier Travel Trailer, especially if you are a beginner. There is a quick to achieve level really fast, i.e., by using the front stabilizing jacks.

  1. Exterior bar

Larger trailers usually feature a trailer bar, but that option may be unavailable for smaller trailers. The Happier HC1 camper Trailer offers you a smaller curbside exterior bar that comes in two pieces.

  1. Suspension awning

This suspension awning is reflective in nature and filters out UV radiation. It thus protects the campers onboard and regulates the summer temperatures to a cool summer experience.

How to buy the Happier Camper

If you’re wondering whether you can buy a Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer, you should first consider where you’re located. Buyers within California are can easily order and have their trailers delivered.

If you’re outside California, you can have your unit shipped, but at your own cost. In most cases, the shipping fee can be as low as $500, but it can shoot to $2000 to ship to the farthest places in the state.

You may also request a HC1 from Canada, Japan, Australia, the UK, and the rest of Europe. It costs more to ship to locations outside the USA, and you still have to clear with the customs in your country.


The Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer is arguably the most popular teardrop-style camper trailer. We have just reviewed the most important features, specs, and valuable add-ons you can include in your trailer. Although the Happier Camper is pricey compared to other similar trailers, it is undoubtedly worth the cost. Think about the Adaptiv System, which allows you to set the trailer as you like, instead of being confined to a single floorplan.

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