7 Best Small Campers under 1000 lbs weight

7 Best Small Campers under 1000 lbs weight

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Imagine sitting under the moon and stars with your loved ones with that fresh air breeze. The campfire set to keep you warm throughout the night cooked the marshmallows, barbecues, and soup you were all craving. You almost don’t want to end the moment!

Thanks to your camper, you can still travel and camp with the family for a few more days before you get back to your daily work and school routines.

And what if you want to travel along for life with your loved ones? This trend with camping life rose to fame because we longed to see more of life beyond the four corners of the house, school, or office we live in. We want to travel and experience adventure daily.

This is what we want to buy back our time and life. We want to savour our few short years on earth and do life big.

How awesome is it to have the courage to go out there and explore? How long will you keep yourself from travelling? As long as there are stars above and as long as the season is good, there is no excuse for you to pack your house along with you and enjoy nature’s scenes with your family or friends.

Imagine how all of that plan goes to waste without you being able to behold it!

You might be worrying about what to bring, what to prepare, the budget and the camper that you should be grabbing along, but you stumbled upon the best article regarding the best pop-up trailers under 1000 lbs. For sure, all your considerations will be ticked for the durability and cost-effectiveness of these campers.


A temporary shelter amid the woods while camping and travelling is essential for protection and convenience. Hikers and campers usually bring some foldable tents, which you could also bring along as you travel.

Still, pop up campers is an example of temporary shelter and vehicle, this type of recreational vehicle can be collapsed and folded for easy storage and transport. This comes in different sizes, and features depend on the kind of pop up campers. Towing vehicles should have the capacity to tow the pop-up trailers so that you will need a smaller type for a smaller car.

There are many variations for campers, but if you are looking for a smaller type of pop up trailer, this could probably help you. Don’t worry; all the considerations you need to keep are tackled below, so please read for yourself.

You may never know how reading through will help you reach the goals you’ve set for acquiring your pop up camper weighing 1000 lbs and below.

Small campers are great choice if you like to go dry camping or boondocking. Of grid can also be possible if your small camper is solid built.

Let’s dive in pop-up campers under 1000 lbs! SMALL BUT AWESOME POP-UP CAMPERS


This pop-up camper is one of the ultra-lightweight campers in the market right now, weighing only 840 lbs.

Sylvan Sports Go Camping Trailer can haul gear, cargo, and equipment such as bikes and boats with its roof rack system that can have a carrying capacity of 165 lbs.

The space under the roof rack system has a height of 6’5″, 80′ long and 116″ wide with a sleeping capacity of 4. This is spacious enough for multiple activities such as dining and resting options.

Under the gear deck, in which you can store and transport heavier objects such as coolers, gears, big bikes and the likes with the carrying capacity of 960 lbs.

This lightweight camping trailer uses aluminium to achieve the lightweight feature that is lighter and rust-proof compare to steel. With its lightweight quality, this can be towed by most of the vehicle. The average price cost is $8,995.00, ensuring you get a good deal for a low price!


One thing remarkably notable about having Sylvan Sports Go Camping Trailers as a pop-up camper is it does not have a built-in bathroom or comfort space for when you need to have a go.

You still need to arrange this setup to make sure you and your friends or family are truly comfortable during your camp.


Another lightweight pop up camper weights only 994 lbs called the Livin’ lite quicksilver 8.0. This 16 ft. in length, seven ft. in width and height of 8.17 ft. trailer has a sleeping capacity of 6 people.

The two sleeping beds, when converted, can serve as dining and other activities. One thing that sets this trailer apart from additional lightweight is that it is set to with up 8,000 BTU air conditioners. This is built with an all-aluminum superstructure that makes it more lightweight without sacrificing durability.

The average price cost is $12,500.00, which is still a very reasonable price for the promising features Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 offers.


This high-quality pop-up camper is an excellent investment. However, it does not include a comfort room set up for when you need to have a go. Comfort and enjoying ourselves also involve caring for our health.

If the Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 is already acquired by you, you must have done the extra work arranging how to set up a comfort room or a bathroom. If this is a given, the best features of Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 must be a real game-changer.


Pika by Timberleaf trailers is a very sleek and creative pop up camper trailer named after a small alpine animal found to be living as a native around the Rocky Mountains. It maintains its lightweight teardrop-shaped trailer that can be fashioned around by almost any vehicle!

It boasts a 970 lb weight with a length of 11’10” inches by 5’6″ width, with an interior height of 36 inches. This offer from Pika comes available as a package where you can build for yourself. Its cabin is compact yet spacious; you can be able to sleep inside peacefully.

Pika by Timberleaf trailers’ average cost is $11,750.00.

A very reasonable and proper price for a sleek and modern camper. If you want to add some defining features to Pika, there are available accessories you can buy, be it as a unique accessory or a package.

In case you want to upgrade, other Timberleaf trailers are available for your taste. Expect the weight and the price to rise as you search for the next best pop up camper.


Of course, you need to provide your accessories and setups just like your cooking materials and comfort room. Although it boasts its best amenities yet, it is not everything.


Coachmen is a tiny yet great camper, holding 761 lbs in total. Inside is a 54 the 74-inch bed where two persons can sleep in, a small sink, a small fridge, and surprisingly, an air conditioner! That is cool.

For an average of $8,000.00 per coachmen clipper camper, its amenities are perfect for a camping trip. You need to note that this camper is available as dealer stock only, which means that you can still buy it brand new, so you need to contact a dealer immediately for purchasing.

This may remain as a miniature model, but it gives off the best pop up camper feature, for it was recognized as one of the best campers yet.


Coachmen Clipper might be best, but you need to be careful with the dealers you buy from. Some testimonials prove that some sells brand new coachmen clippers to discover that the accessories and equipment holding it together have rusted and have wholly destroyed bolts.


Sylvan Sport Go All Out might be the best yet, for it holds such an excellent track record for those who also do sports and other recreational activities when they camp. For Sylvan Sport Go All Out, you will go all out with the limitless possibilities you can reach while you go out and enjoy.

Indeed, with Sylvan Sport Go All Out, you would have the best deal while not breaking the bank, for it only costs $12,995.00! With a carrying capacity of 960 lbs, you can also load above it your bike, a canoe, or a kayak on its equipment rack.

It also boasts so much, but the defining feature is its outdoor awning, air mattresses, lockable storage boxes, and rug sets. This is perfect for you who want to leave nothing behind.

Sylvan Sport Go All Out’s dry weight carries 840 lbs while having a 140 inches length and a 52 inches width. Its slides out are a whopping 80 inches which is a perfect amenity for the camping essentials you need.


The capacity and amenity that Sylvan Sport Go All Out are good until you use it for quite some time, that it will get hard for you to get up your recreational accessories above the camper. Like all things, some parts of your small trailer will indeed get worn out.

Like every small camper, it is also hard to experience camping without experiencing some comfort, so you must go the extra mile and find a way to get yourself a way to have a bathroom or comfort room mechanism for your camper.


This 6.0 version only has a weight of 750 lbs, considered one of the most lightweight yet fully functional pops up trailers. This comes with all aluminum frames to support the light feature it boasts.

This easy to tow aerodynamic tent camper flaunts its 5′ wide by 6’6″ length, all in all showing a 9’6″ overall length, overall width at 10′ while open, weighing 140 lbs.

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0 has been around for a decade, but it is still available for $5,190.00 retail price, which is the cheapest pop-up camper van so far!


This small and cheap camper is comfortable and sweet, but it never compares to other PUPs around. If you are opting for a trailer that is just there as a comfortable option, then there is no reason you should not include it.


The new kid in the block is Taxa Woolly Bear boasting a dry weight of 990 lbs! Released in 2021, Taxa Woolly Bear gives off that nature vibe while having extra compact storage yet a perfect sleeper pop up that can be slept on by two adults in the rooftop tent!

All while you have a full-size camping kitchen and an adaptable attachment for towing your bike, boards, kayaks, or even canoes!

Taxa Woolly Bear is 10 ft in length and 5.3 ft, all for an affordable price of $9,799.00! This is so perfect for when you need just the right camper, you can bring along if you want to do more and more adventures with the little you have.


Taxa Woolly Bear is one of the best small campers around, but just like anything, users’ defining problems are its lack of bathroom or comfort room mechanism feature.

Sometimes, it cannot carry everything, so users or campers are limited to the available option. If you do not want to upgrade for a solid new van, or if you cannot buy a bigger camping RV, Taxa Woolly Bear is the cheap option best for you just yet.


There are immeasurable choices and best features available in the market today, but we haven’t discussed how essential it is for you to choose according to what’s best for yourself and your family’s choice. These pop-up trailers are the best fit to keep your family secured, safe, comfortable and still enjoying amidst the stress in the metro. We know you can’t wait to have that vacation with your family, so hopefully, the pointers we mentioned help you out as you travel soon.

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