10 Best 5th Wheels For The Money (Under $100,000)

10 Best 5th Wheels For The Money (Under $100,000)

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Fifth wheels are much different than traditional travel trailer than one may think. They are costly and more luxurious and provide a lot of amenities. Though they are costly, there are certain brands that make 5th wheels that can be bought within a budget of $100,000 and under.

So, do you really need a fifth wheel? Aren’t travel trailers good enough?

There are moments you may need to pack heavy for long trips, and the right type of RV to have would be the 5th Wheel.

They are bigger than the standard travel trailers, with a lot of storage and sleeping space for a group of friends or a large family.

It might be a bit challenging to find the right 5th wheel for your needs with all the options available out there. Here is a list of 10 classy and affordable 5th wheel cutting across various brands and models to guide your purchase.


PRICE RANGE: 25,000 TO 90,000

Keystone is one of the most popular and affordable 5th Wheel RV brands because it designs with the users’ feedback in mind. This brand is known for class and comfort.

Its RV, the Montana series, can attest to this with the luxurious accommodation of a small house taking in up to 5 people at a time. It features 23 unique floor plans. It is 33 to 41 feet long with a dry weight of about 13,000 pounds. Check out more of its amazing features; –


  • 18 cubic foot four-door fridge
  • 22-inch oven
  • Large sink
  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer hook-ups
  • 30 inches oven and microwave
  • 50-inch LED TV with a soundbar in the living area
  • Renovo memory foam mattress in the bedroom


  • The body has a pass-through storage compartment
  • Sturdy fiberglass exterior
  • Aluminium frames walls and floors
  • 5/8″ thick floor decking
  • Back-up camera for safety and parking


  • Central vacuum system
  • Porcelain toilet
  • Nightstands

This 5th Wheel has many interior and exterior features and added amenities for specific groups of people, the type of trip, and weather conditions. When looking to buy one, you should select it according to your preference.

Its main pro: It has a lot of storage space for your clothes and other valuables. It can house many people hence it is suitable for families and a large group of friends.

Con: its big size may prove a challenge towing it and keeping up to speed.

2. REDWOOD Fifth Wheel

PRICE RANGE: 35,000 – 100,000

The Redwood 5th Wheel RV model is perfect for full-time road trips and long-term excursions. The Redwood brand prioritizes durability. Apart from being affordable, this 5th Wheel features high-quality construction with many interior features and amenities.

The camper is a heavy model weighing about 17,900 pounds. It is 41 feet long; it has 18 different floor plans and sleeping space for 4 to 6 people. It is a marvel perfect for families or a small group of friends. Check out the features and amenities.


  • The underbelly is heated during winter camping to get rid of the cold
  • Ducts are wrapped in aluminum. There is heavy insulation around the RV, an excellent design for winter. This RV can host you all year round.
  • LED lighting
  • Electric awning
  • Dual pane windows


  • Marple hardwood cabinets and countertops
  • Dicked living area with residential sofas and recliners
  • 12-foot Norcold refrigerator
  • Three burner stoves
  • A baker’s oven
  • Spacious Kitchenette full of stainless-steel appliances
  • Dining table with a full buffet
  • A lot of storage room inside the RV and underneath
  • A full closet and King-sized bed in the master suite
  • HDTV in the bedroom and a JBL soundbar


  • A big bathroom with an enclosed shower
  • 15,000 BTU AC to cool off the interior
  • 40,000 BTU furnace suitable for winter camping

Its main pro: it is resilient due to its high-quality construction. You can take it for trips on rough terrains, and it will maintain its frames.

Con: It is difficult and costly to retrofit and redesign it owing to its inflexible sturdy nature.


PRICE RANGE: 25,000 TO 50,000

It is a smaller model RV, and therefore it can move easily through narrow roads and risky weather. With an inside and outside kitchen, it is the best RV for camping and cooking.

It is well illuminated for the night with a 12V LED light system, and it features up to 11 different floor plans. The Forest River Wildcat Series is the perfect mix of comfort and convenience. Forest river series RV models are designed for adventure, and they can withstand shock and tension.

Kitchen features

  • Hardwood cabinetry
  • Extra-large double sink
  • Flush-mount cutting board sink cover
  • Eight cubic foot fridge
  • Microwave
  • Conventional oven

The living area is composed of

  • Giant windows
  • Swivel glider recliner coaches
  • 360 spin captain chairs
  • Queen-sized-sleeper sofa
  • 40-inch LED TV

External features

  • Outdoor TV set-up
  • Outside grill attachment
  • Electric fireplace
  • Holding tanks for dry camping

Its main pro: It can scour around narrow pathways with no trouble at all. It is therefore convenient for outdoor adventure where there are no clear roads.



The Forest River Cardinal is a carefully crafted RV with enough safety features for a bumpy ride and the extreme conditions of the outdoor.

It offers space for 6 people with the potential for 7-floor plans and ample storage. It is 34 to 41 feet in length and weighs about 13,000 pounds. Check out its unique features; –


  • Coated with high-gloss colored gel
  • Dual awnings encased in metal for safety and durability
  • Fully enclosed dump valves
  • Easy access spare-tire
  • Dual AC units
  • Vacuum-bonded sidewalls


  • A leather sofa
  • Theatre style sitting
  • King-size bed in the bedroom
  • Premium innerspring mattress
  • Massive sinks in the kitchen section

Its main pro: It is durable due to its many safety features. It also ensures that occupants are safe anytime during a ride or when camping out.

Con: Its myriad of safety features may be frustrating for a new camper if they can’t use or set them up well.


PRICE RANGE:40,000 TO 90,000

This RV has great hauling capabilities. The Dutchman brand designs for efficient movement. Fit all your bikes, ATVs, and other toys, and it will tag them along comfortably. It has enough space for people and cargo, housing up to 10 people on a trip. It stretches a maximum of 44 feet in length and weighs about 13,000 pounds.

A Dutchmen Voltage can have two different suites: a king-size bed and wardrobe and an adjustable coach and twin beds. The second suite has twin bunk beds that fold up against the wall transforming the space into a garage area.


  • Large TV
  • 21-floor plans
  • Fireplace for relaxation
  • Fully equipped Kitchenette


  • 7000-pound axel to hold nitrogen wheels
  • Huge full-door to get things in and out safely

Its main pro: it is designed for cargo. You can carry as much weight as you can. The interior is adjustable to accommodate more goods and people.

Con: the adjustable interior functionalities may need expertise or be accompanied by a manual for a beginner in camping and RVing.


PRICE RANGE: 35,000 TO 80,000

The smaller model of the grand reflection series has a dry weight of less than 10,000 pounds, while the medium-sized models never exceed 15,000 pounds.

This 5th Wheel is perfect for hauling with just your truck because of its convenient weight demands; you will save money not buying a new RV truck. Its compact design is great for traveling with a few people. It is the perfect compact 5th wheel model for establishing a close bond among the occupants.


  • Laminated aluminum framed roofs
  • Double laminated walls
  • Panoramic style windows


  • Residential style kitchen with a microwave
  • Free-standing dining table in the kitchen
  • Hand rubbed maple cabinetry
  • Double sink with a pull-out sprayer
  • Leather sleeper sofa in the living area
  • A ready TV in the living area
  • Large walk-in closet
  • Tri-fold couch as extra bedding for a guest
  • Black label pillow top mattress in the bedroom

Its main pro: it moves swiftly because of its low weight capacity. You can get to your camping destination faster than on a standard RV. It also provides an intimate and private environment for couples.

Con: Cannot house many people comfortably. It begins to get stuffy at right about 5 people.


PRICE RANGE: 40,000 TO 90,000

The Jayco North Point is renowned for family gateways, a unique sales point for the Jayco North Point brand. It has a master suite on one side and a bunk bed on the opposite side to house adults and kids.

The master suite contains a queen bed and a closet. The other side houses two pull-down top bunks hanging over gaming chairs. The camper is sleek and comfortable.


  • A small refrigerator
  • A storage area for kids
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • 3 TV hook-ups


  • Customizable outdoor cooking area
  • 3 air conditioning units

Its main pro: it is like a small home with all the essential features a family need. It is also friendly and accommodative to kids.

Con: it does not have enough safety features to protect occupants and equipment that dashing kids may damage.



This RV extends to about 40 feet in length with ample space to house 4 to 11 people. A large family can easily fit in, making it a great option for family get-togethers and trips in the wild.

Its spacious design is impressive considering that the whole 5th Wheel only weighs 12694 pounds. It screams luxury with up to 11-floor plans to choose from and solid hardwood cabinetry and drawers.


  • 50-to-55-inch HDTV
  • Dual pane windows
  • Hardtop counters
  • Panoramic sofa
  • Oversized bed storage
  • Electric fireplace
  • 4 dining chairs
  • A trio of sofas
  • Storage space under the dining chairs
  • Large wardrobe with hanging drawers
  • 13500 BTU air conditioning in the bedroom
  • A king-size bed in the bedroom with storage space underneath
  • Hardwood drawers and cabinets with that cozy feel at home mood


  • UV treated painting on the outside surfaces. This makes the decal resistant to corrosion.
  • Dual doors to allow easy access and exit
  • An electronic leveling system to suspend your RV in case you need to do repair or check out underneath.
  • LED automatic awnings to give you shade when you are out

Its main pro: it is comfortable despite the many features in its interior. The air conditioning is great, and hardwood drawers exude class. It’s like a mini-5-star hotel room.

Con: It is designed for class, and therefore it may not be conducive for poor outdoor camping conditions and extreme weather.



It can comfortably house 9 people, and it has up to 5-floor plans to select from. The Coachmen Brookstone is a medium-sized stable 5th Wheel model great for short-term camping trips. Most Coachman RV models are designed for comfortable travel.


  • An inclining bed
  • Well-sized kitchen
  • Electric front jacks
  • A phone charging station
  • 12 cubic feet fridge
  • 40000 BTU furnace
  • 15000 BTU central air conditioner
  • Corian polished countertops
  • Rubber-diamond coating on the pass-through
  • 60 by 80-inch form mattress
  • MCD-roller nightshades
  • 4 dinette chairs

Its main advantage: It’s not so big, neither is it small. You can carry just enough luggage not to slow you down.


PRICE RANGE: 25,000 TO 50,000

This RV is a very classy, compact, and affordable 5th wheel model. It achieves a blend of great design and functionality with a space that only 6 people can sleep in and up to 12 different floor plans. It extends 30 feet in length and weighs only 8000 pounds.


  • Reclining chairs
  • Massive rear window in the living area
  • Tri-fold sleeper sofa
  • Booth-style dinette that can transform into a bed
  • Porcelain toilet bowl in the bathroom
  • Enclosed shower in the bathroom


  • Two 30-pound propane tanks for cooking
  • A rock guard over diamond plating to retain the sheen
  • Insulated double-pane windows to keep the noise away from the interior of the RV and guard against bad weather.

Its main pro: it is sizable and classy while maintaining basic functionalities—no excess material or weight.

Con: It has a smaller sleeping and storage space. It cannot house more than the occupants recommended.


RVs manufacturers like to be consistent in the design and functionality of their features. One easy tip to follow when looking for a 5th wheel is to stick to the trailer brand you are comfortable with, the one that has been serving your needs all along.

The 5th Wheel is essential for an upgrade of space and size. It is recommended to settle for the kind with a little more space than what you need so that you can accommodate extra guests. Otherwise, the marvelous beasts listed above are guaranteed to improve your RV camping experience.

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