10 Best UltraLight Travel Trailers Under 1800 lbs and 2000 lbs

10 Best UltraLight Travel Trailers Under 1800 lbs and 2000 lbs

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Long gone are the days when campers used tents or rent accommodation to spend their nights under budget. RVs are the order of the day as you can have a home far away from home even under a tight budget.

When you purchase a high-end recreational vehicle with all the essential features, you and your family will thoroughly enjoy that vacation. But, that also means your cost of vacation will increase.

Travel trailers or pop up campers that weigh very less are an amazing way to have a RV adventure just under your budget.

Weight in travel trailers is a very important factor to consider, your car may not be able to tow those high end RVs. Many cars in fact have limit of 2000 lbs or so. Therefore, if you are looking for a super lite travel trailer under 1800 lbs or 2000 lbs then read on.

Here are the small lite weight travel trailers under 1800 pounds and 2000 pounds.

1. Taxa Outdoors Tigermoth Travel Trailer

Enjoy your camping session by using the fantastic amenities offered by this camper van.

Both the two floor plans included weights less than 1800 lbs, and it can accommodate two sleepers.

Furthermore, you can take your journeys to the next level as the inside of the trailer features USB ports that will charge all your smartphones. Make your favorite meal form the birch wood kitchen included.

Dry WeightGVWRCargo CapacityLengthWidthHeight
1359 lbs2200 lbs841 lbs12’5″6’7″6’8″

Moreover, the LED lights illuminate the inside whenever then dark approaches. From the outside, you’ll have a bike rack so you can come with your bike and enjoy biking.

Moreover, there is a grill and solar heated shower, so you can go for a mud bath and come to your travel trailer to clean yourself. Finally, you can upgrade to these to get other features liker 5000 BTU window, enclosed shower tens taming others.

Key features

  • Frame coated with galvanized steel full-closed shower tents
  • Available in two-floor plans
  • Prewired solar system
  • 12 feet long & fit two sleepers
  • Ceiling and inner walls have a foam core
  • Fresh Water tank of 5 gallons
  • Has Under bed storage
  • Wireless brake controller
  • LED interior and exterior lightning

Taxa is definately for those who want to enjoy the outdoors and yet have a sapce to sleep in.

  • Incidentally that is also their philosophy, the manufacturing and design focus on providing you light weight trailer that can be used while you are on an an adventure.
  • The idea is to give space to sleep, hang out minimum time inside the camper and also provide area to cook the food. That’s what you need right, if you are one of those outgoing nature loving adventurous person.
  • Taxa trailers is founded by someone who also happened to have worked on international space station interiors. Now, that’s amazing isn’t it? You are getting it from someone who has done great job in designing the ISS interiors.
  • The TAXA is a tiny camper that has total 4 models and each of them weigh in almost similar weight range. Tiger moth weighs between 1250 to 2000 pounds. The weight increase if you opt for roof top tent.

Its length is around 12.5 feet, width around 4.7 feet and height is 6 feet. The tiny looking trailer is easy for towing and also gives great space in comparison to its weight and dimensions.

The price is under $20,000 which varies based on what features you select in optional category. With roof top tent the price is slightly over $23,000.

The original sleeping capacity is 2 but it can become 4 with added roof top tent. Overall its a great small travel trailer with ultra light weight. Its an adventure travel trailer you will certainly treasure.

  • This adventurous camper is given a pull put kitchen , a full size bed that can also be sued as couch. An awning of 6 foot adds additional living space outside the camper where you can do all the set up like table, camping chairs.
  • The interiors are very nicely designed which gives lot of storage space. You can also install a roof rack for additional carrying capacity.

The other options from TAXA include the cricket, Mantis and woolly bear. But these are above 2000 lbs.

2. Jayco Hummingbird 10RK travel trailer

Do you have a family of 2-4? Well, Jayco Jay Hummingbird travel trailer is the best little camper trailer you can have on your vacation.

Despite being future in our list of best travel trailers under 1800 lbs, it’s lightweight and has unique features that will add value to your camping experience. It weighs 1545-2990 lbs when empty, so typically, you won’t have a problem when using it.

Unloaded WeightGVWRCargo CapacityLengthWidthHeight
1570 lbs2000 lbs430 lbs12’11”6’8″4’5″

However, some of its exciting features include exterior speakers that deliver 100% high-quality sound whenever you need to make some music for the party. With outer TV wall brackets, you can view your favorite TV shows without worrying about space and TV safety.

Key features

  • Available I eight unique floor plans
  • The roof features a one-side fiberglass material
  • LED lighting illuminates your RV throughout
  • Electric brakes with self-adjustment feature
  • Counter top with residential design
  • Two marine-grade speakers on the exterior
  • Accommodate two-four sleepers

Hummingbird from jayco is a very good looking small travel trailer that weighs just the right lbs that can be easily pulled by many cars.

The looks of this trailer are really nice and you will feel the urge to buy the moment you see it, at-least i have felt the same. And top of that the weight factor.

Its not only the weight that you see but also the features, right? This mini travel trailer has modern looks and amenities that makes its just the right kind of RV you would want.

A sleek looking sofa that reliably turns itself into a bed, a nice bathroom/shower area that is just the right kind to make it feel like home. The ventilation is good with windows on either side and shades that gives privacy as well.

Lets talk about area where you will prepare your daily meals. The kitchen is designed to utilize space in a much better optimized way. The cook top is provided with 2 burners.

Under the cook-top and sink you way well placed storage. The refrigerator is on the right side with another storage cabinet under it. On the top part of fridge goes the microwave to cook those quick meals in case you need. A ceiling vent fan is designed to make the area cool.

Color combinations of white, grey and black are blending well to you that awesome feel as well.

  • The storage compartments are well organized and designed that gives you lots of space to store. This is storage on the outer side as well where you can keep all your belongings that you would need at the campground.
  • The entertainment system is also equipped with all things that will keep you happy. The bedroom with a bed cum sofa also has smaller storage compartment to keep your most needed belongings.

You will not need much modification as it is designed a way that makes it much more livable. Jayco is a industry expert and that what you get in this mini trailer.

This is not a toy hauler but you can carry bikes at the front just above the propane tank using bike rack. Lets check out the next ultra lite travel trailer.

3. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 12rk

Although there are many Forest River travel trailer models, the E-Pro is the best campers’ choice and its super lite.

This is a custom designed travel trailer that has all the features you may need and has been made to make sure your car can easily tow it. Its a perfect towable for your fuel efficient car or SUV.

Unloaded WeightHitch WeightCargo CapacityHeightLengthWidth
1252 lbs162 lbs710 lbs7’6″11’4″7’6″

It comes with standard features that are best in the class and also has number of options to add if you want to.

Key features

  • Available in 7 different floor plans
  • 13,500 BTU Air conditioner
  • 20000 BTU furnace
  • Multi-directional TV antenna
  • Walls and roof are vacua laminated
  • Roof-mount solar prep
  • Nitro Filled Radial tires
  • Rear ladder
  • Fresh water capacity of 20 gallons
  • Gray Holding tank of 6 gallons

This mini camper has seven unique floor plans so you can choose whatever best suits your family. Moreover, a family of 2-4 can comfortably sleep in this camper van while still getting a spacious room.

The length ranges from 11-21 feet, so we are sure you won’t miss a parking space. Furthermore, the unloaded weight ranges from 1133-3161 lbs, practically, you’ll find it interesting to spend your holiday in this car with friends or family members.

The striking features include a microwave oven, dual outside speakers, WIFI range booster, Coleman stove/grill combination. Moreover, you can still install 22-inch smart TV, 13500 BTU AC, and a DVD player.

4. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

Being a trusted brand in the travel trailer industry, Forest River is all you can rely on when the journey takes you far away for form.

Why? This trailer (G12RK) weighs as low as 1252 lbs, which and available in seven-floor plans to suit your personal needs. Also, Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK that weighs 1800 lbs is fantastic, and with spacious rooms plus multiple floor plans can also be ideal for camping.

Key features

  • Available in seven-floor plans
  • Vacua laminated walls and roof
  • Nitro filled tires
  • Adjustable TV antenna
  • Coleman stove/grill combo
  • Fresh water tank of 20 gallons
  • Gray Tank Capacity of 6 gallons

Some of the features that this RV brings to you include 20000 BTU furnace, 13500 BTU AC, WIFI Booster, stove/grill combo, power awning, and a bike rack.

With such features, you can wirelessly connect to your smart devices and connect with your friend at home without having to suffer the impacts of low or week signals. If you need grilled beef, don’t waste time; use the grill provided to enjoy that which you like most.

Unloaded WeightHitch WeightCargo CapacityLengthHeightWidth
1252 lbs162 lbs710 lbs11’4″7’6″7’6″

This tiny travel trailer is just a perfect fit for a couple who just want a place to sleep, live and be there as little as possible. Still, this a perfect travel trailer to camp.

  • Its provided with a outside kitchen on the back side of the trailer. There are tow side doors that you can use to come inside. This ventilation is great and the space is utilized in a much better way.
  • An awning over the door gives you that extra living area outside the camper. If you are looking for more space and yet light weight then may be this is not the best option.

Its a very basic trailer with bed, entertainment system and a kitchen that too is on the outside. So, just be sure on what you are getting in here.

5. Aliner Ascape Travel Trailer

Aliner is also another best travel trailer brand that mixes creativity with comfort to produce a robust camper van loved by many campers.

Designed with a rear entry door, Aliner Ascape camper van maximizes the inside space while the front side features an aerodynamic design to enhance fuel efficiency.

Unloaded WeightHitch WeightCargo CapacityLengthWidthHeight
1630 lbs170 lbs870 lbs13′6’7″7’5″

The exterior side is mostly aluminum, while the lower section is diamond plated for extra protection. Moreover, you’ll notice a frameless window on both sides.

Key features

  • Five different floor plans
  • Made of hardwood cabinet doors
  • 10-inch electric break
  • Dropped floor increased interior height
  • 13-inch aluminum wheels
  • 6-gallon water heater
  • Fresh water capacity 11 gallons
  • Gray tank capacity of 13 gallons
  • LED running lights
  • 3 Way refrigerator
  • Pull out faucet on sink

From the inside, you’ll get LED running light that keeps the darkness at bay, 23-inch flat-screen, 18000 BTU furnace. Also, it weighs 1170 lbs, and two people can comfortably sleep in this best travel trailer.

Additionally, some of the features you can enjoy are Atwood 16000 BTU oven for cooking your food plus an electric water pump to keep water running.

This little camper comes with an outside shower that is great while boondocking. If you are not comfortable with this type of setup then may be its not for you.

But, remember this a tiny little camper and weigh so less which means very little pressure on your car’s mpg.

Talking more about dry camping, this camper has a front mounted solar panels that can be sued to power your appliances without any cost.

6. Scamp Travel Trailer

This is another travel trailer manufacture that makes RVs that are light weight and is very popular among the RVers. Scamp travel trailers are short and yet the include all the standard features one would expect.

Key Features:

  • 12 Gallons fresh water capacity
  • Can sleep 1 to 4 people
  • Has R15 super insulation
  • Fiberglass construction
  • 8 feet Awning as an option to add

The trailers are made to be aerodynamic making sure the car mpg is not much affected. They have many models that weigh right from 1200 bs to above 5000 lbs.

The one that we have on our list is the scamp’13. This is the one that weighs around 1200 lbs to 1500 lbs. There are 4 layouts that you can choose from.

  • Standard layout 1
  • Standard Layout 2
  • Layout with big bed 1
  • Layout with big bed 2

If you are one of those who would like to camp in an RV that i small and good enough to live then look no longer then this scamp travel trailer. This 13 foot travel trailer is equipped with a sofa that also turns itself into a bed. The interior is well made with cushions, carpet and curtains.

Dry WeightHitch WeightLengthWidthHeight
1200 to 1500 lbs100 lbs13′6’8″6’3″

It can sleep 4 people comfortably on the bunk bed that gets converted from the sofa and also a dinette converted queen bed.

The standard layout 1 has sofa + bunk bed at the front a where as in second layout the front area has the toilet. Based on how you want the RV to be you can choose from these 2 layouts.

  • The layout 1 does not include toilet as well as shower. Both the layouts are given a 8 feet awning that is enough to give you extra space to further extend the living space. If you want bigger awning of 10 or 12 feet then you can choose the other models but the weight will be higher in those.
  • Layout 1 has cabinet in the front area which is missing in the second layout due to the toilet. Only the 2nd layout has a grey water tank which is missing in the first layout.

Compare all the features carefully before choosing the layout as it does make a lot of difference.

You need to reach out to the manufacturer or dealer if you want to order one. You can also try your luck on used one as there are a lot of people who own these so you should easily find one for yourself.

Your other options in scamp trailer include 16′, 19′ deluxe and standard travel trailers. 16 feet travel trailer weighs between 2200 lbs to 2600 lbs where as 19 feet RV weighs between 2400 lbs to 2900 lbs.

So, if you do not want to restrict yourself to below 1800 lbs then you can choose any of these which have better layout and also the space is much more.

The features are also good enough but obviously the price is higher. In most cases if you own a standard car or SUV then you should not have much problem in towing any of these campers.

Price of scamp travel trailers vary between $11,000 to $23,000 based on the model you choose and also the layout.

Getting the optional features will further increase the price. Contact the manufacturer or the dealer to get the exact price of these campers.

7. Armadillo Travel Trailers

Armadillo is a Canadian company known for its ability to manufacture high-end travel trailer that meets customers’ expectations.

One thing we noted about this company is that their Recreational vehicle is 13.5 feet long with a weight of 1800 lbs. Available in five-floor plans, you’ll get a high-end and spacious room with high-quality interior and exterior finish.

It has a durable and robust box steel frame designed and manufactured by Industrial Steel Fabrication. Moreover, it has Heavy insulation that overcomes the harsh weather in Winter.

Dry WeightTongue WeightLengthWidthHeight
1800 lbs180 lbs13’5″4’2″6’1″

To avoid accidents or being hit by the sharp edges, Armadillo designed their cabinets with radius corners.

Again, your safety is paramount, that’s why you’ll see the electric assist brakes plus featured in this travel trailer, so you shouldn’t worry.

Also, the rock guard protection located on the front wheels provided an extra layer of safety.

Key Features

  • Super 1Inch high-density plywood sub-floor
  • inch EPS insulation
  • Domestic fridge and 2-burner stove
  • Temperature resistant Linoleum floor
  • 12000 BTU furnace
  • Washable Vinyl wall paneling
  • Awning
  • Mounted solar panels

8. Riverside RV Retro 511 Travel Trailer

They have been making RVs since 2008 and boasts a lot of happy campers. There are two main brands manufactured by riverside, Retro travel trailer and interpid.

The retro is the one that is lightweight and in fact one of the models is below 1800 lbs. To be specific the 511 model has dry weight of 1655 lbs.

There are several other models that also includes toy hauler. The weight of these other retro travel trailer models goes upto 4220 lbs.

Unloaded WeightLengthSleepsWidthHitch WeightCargo Capacity
1650 lbs12’8″27’4″180 lbs680 lbs

Lets talk more about the 511 retro model. In comparison to other models its obviously short in length but yet you get good amenities. Its length is 12.8 feet and width is 7.4 feet.

There are 4 main interior colors and 6 exterior colors to choose from. Retro standard features includes 13,500 BTU air conditioner, 20,000 BTU furnace, microwave, blinds, power awning, cable tv hookup and antenna, back up camera, outside shower.

This models has a floor plan with kitchen at the back side and living area at the front and central location.

  • Apart from standard features you also get several other features that you can choose optionally. This includes television, roof rack, bike carrier, solar panel to name a few.
  • The fresh water tank is 39 gallons big but the holding tanks are not included.
  • Considered as the smallest and lightest travel trailer manufactured by Riverside, Retro 509 will deliver maximum.

Even though it may be small, it has all the features that will make your camping session fun and fabulous. First, the interior has a Queen bed to let your journey safely to the slumberland.

You can also make your meals using the outdoor kitchen option packed with stainless steel sink, 20-burner stove, and added storage space on the cabinets.

There is only a one-floor plan for this travel trailer, although, you can comfortably enjoy your camping session. However, the two of you can sleep in this RV trailer since its 13.8 feet length ensures a spacious room.

As low as 1180 lbs weight, nothing worries you, so if you need the best travel trailer under 1800 lbs, then, Riverside RV Retro 509 travel trailer is an ideal choice

key features.

  • 4.5 feet ceiling height
  • Provides an outdoor storage
  • Queen mattress included
  • 13,500 BTU AC unit included
  • Extra overhead storage for keeping essential stuff

9. Roulotte ProLite travel Trailer


Next on my list is the micro camper trailer by ProLite. ProLite campers have series of travel trailers that range from less than 1000 lbs to little above 3500 lbs.

This is a Canadian manufacturer that is focused on producing the ultra light weight trailers that look miniature but have good space for living.

Keeping in mind the varying needs of customer they have multiple light wight trailers under 1800 lbs and under 3500 lbs. Below are the models that fall under 1800 lbs category.

  • Suite : 590 lbs
  • 12V : 995 lbs
  • Eco : 995 lbs
  • Cool : 995 lbs
  • Mini : 1150 lbs
  • Plus S : 1390 lbs
  • Lounge : 1480 lbs
  • Plus : 1590 lbs
  • Profil : 1685 lbs

The roulette prolite travel trailers are focused making sure the weight is within limits and yet give you comfort like a home. These are designed for compact cars which cannot pull beyond certain limits. This makes sure the mpg of the car is not much affected.

These campers can sleep upto 2-5 people and you get limited space due to the length and weight reducing strategy.

A very good thing about these travel trailer is they are made aerodynamically making sure there is minimum impact on the towing ad fuel efficiency is not much affected.

10. InTech RV Luna

Your next best option in choosing a travel trailer under 1800 lbs is Intech luna. Intech has many other models but this is the one that has least weight among others. The luna Intech weighs between 1770 to 1800 lbs.

There are 2 colors that you can choose from, silver and space blue. In luna Intech there are 3 different packages that you can select. These are as below,

  • Base
  • Rover
  • Platinum

The main difference in these is the decals. Base model is the sport decal, rover is the rugged and the platinum is elegant decals.

The rover is also given a roof rack, has integrated side steps and aluminum rear bumper.

The Luna Intech is a sleek looking trailer that seems to be very light and easy to tow. Most of the standard cars or SUVs can easily pull this little camper.

Apart from the standard features there are several upgrades that you can do. Base dimension include length of 18 feet and width of 7.2 feet. It is given a R2 insulation for winter usage.

The trailer has 2 upper storage cabinets and 2 front bench cabinets. Fresh water carrying capacity stands at 8.5 gallons. There is also 1 LP tank whose capacity stands at 20 gallons.

Kitchen on the trailer is provided a 2 cook top burner stove and a small 40 qt refrigerator that is operated on 12V battery.

This is definitely a small wonder that you can own and tow to the campground easily. Its mostly suited for a small family.

Keeping the travel trailer light

Getting a light weight trailer can be great but its the dry weight tat you see which means its without all your belonging and extra items you would need while camping.

Most people end up putting in stuff that increases the weight of the RV and the advantage that you get with low weight diminishes. Thus, its important that you try few things that will keep your RV under that weight. Here are few things you can do to reduce the travel trailer weight.

  • Pack only those items that you will need while camping.
  • Have printed checklist, with this you can easily avoid unused things.
  • Do not carry toys like bikes or other heavy items you wont need.
  • Make use of space wisely. Get multiple use items.
  • Organize the camper to make better use of space.
  • Make use of solar panels instead of heavy generator or even going for multiple propane tanks.
  • Water can be heavy too. Make sure you get only what you need.
  • Do not load your RV with extra furniture. Heavy furniture is the prime reason why some RVs weigh much.

Rv Weight terms you should know

With all the weight terms it can get confusing. You need to know about the weight that is being advertised and the weight that you will be towing behind the car, is going to be different.

So, make no mistake and be sure about all the terms. Your car will be rated to tow certain weight and you cannot go beyond that. Here are some of the terms that I used while discussing the best super lite travel trailer options.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) : This is the parameter that is mostly talked about. This is not what the RV weighs when you buy it. Its not even the actual weight of the RV when you go for camping with all the items. Its a rating that you should not exceed when all the items are packed. And this, includes even the passengers, water and all the other belonging in the RV.

Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW): As the term suggests “unloaded”, meaning the weight without loading any extra belongings. Its the weight that you would see at the dealer. It is also called as dry weight of the RV.

Cargo carrying capacity (CCCC): The cargo is the amount of extra weight you can put on the travel trailer. This will include all the kitchen items, or extra water or accessories.

Gross combination Weight rating (GCWR) : Your car and the travel trailer will have separate GVWR but GCWR is for both combined. So, when you are towing a trailer behind the car this is the rating that is not to be exceeded. This includes the trailer weight, cargo and everything else that is being towed.

Trailer sway

Towing a travel trailer or any other RV behind a car or truck is always challenging. This can be hard for those who are doing it for the first time or new at it.

Trailer swaying is something that you should be aware of and that is why understanding weights is so important.

So, how do you make sure the trailer wont sway? A less than 1800 lbs or 2000 lbs is very less weight as compared to other big RVs but you still need to understand and make sure trailer wont sway. Here are some things you can do to prevent travel trailer sway.

  1. Make sure there is minimum 10% weight on the tongue. If you heavy doubts or you are very new to towing then its recommended that you take your RV to a commercial weighing expert to make sure you are doing fine.
  2. Travel trailer tire pressure need to be correct. Make sure the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure all the time.
  3. An obvious one is to make sure you are not overloading the trailer. Make sure the weights are well within those limits.
  4. You can also make use of sway control devices. Check out with the manufacturer or with the RV professional shop for such device.
  5. Wind can be one factor that can induce a travel trailer sway. If you feel its windy then do not tow, just wait for the wind to slow down.
  6. Do not tow very fast make sure your speed is well within what the manufacturer recommends. Even with 1800 lbs or 2000 lbs travel trailer the speed need to be limited.

Why go for light weight travel trailer

There are lot of people like you who sought after light travel trailers and there is a reason for that.

  1. Towing behind a car or truck isn’t an easy job. More the weight more careful you need to be while towing.
  2. More weight means reduced efficiency and thus obviously RVers who want a budget RV lifestyle look for low weighing RVs.
  3. Not all car’s or truck’s can tow high weighing trailers. If you own a car then you want an RV to be within its limits and no where close to its upper limit.


Owning a small travel trailer weighing less than 2000 lbs or so can be much comforting for you as a driver. There have been tremendous changes in RV industry in past many years and as a result we have numerous companies that make these tiny little campers.

Not only do they weigh less but also provide basic features that one would look for and that too at reasonable price. If you don’t want to spend on brand new one then you can buy an used one at much less price or even try renting any of these on RV renting sites like outdoorsy or RVshare.

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