10 Best RVs With Washer and Dryer

10 Best RVs With Washer and Dryer

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Tired of washing clothes in onsite laundry at a campground? You will agree, having a washer dryer inside your RV is a big relief. In this article, we will see best RVs with washer and dryer.

When using an RV for your vacation or trip, you don’t want to run out of the clothes. Dirty laundry during your trip or vacation is stressful, and it might get in the way of your fun. There might not be a laundromat everywhere you go, so you will need an RV with a washer and dryer to ensure you have clean laundry every time. Besides, it saves you money and time.

1. 2019 Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE

Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE Class A RV

This class A RV diesel motor home is spacious and offers luxurious homestyle living conditions. Besides, it’s powerful enough to take you anywhere you want to go while having the best conditions found in a home. It’s comfortable and has enough space for a family with all the amenities fitted nicely.

It has a king-size bed for adults, a comfy well-leathered seat, a master bedroom, a kitchen, a residential refrigerator, and all the amenities you would find in a home.

Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE layout

There is enclosed underbelly heated tanks and bead foam engineered fit insulation to ensure that you and your family are protected from adverse weather conditions.

It has a freshwater capacity of 100 gallons, a gray water holding tank of 75 gallons, and one black water containing a tank of 50 gallons. This model has three stackable dryer and washer combo options, 37R, 38K, and 38R. These options offer the washer/dryer combo’s customizable positioning to ensure it’s hidden and doesn’t invade your family’s space.

2. 2019 Forest River FR3

Forest River FR3

If you need a class A gas motorhome at an affordable price, the 2019 Forest River FR3 is the way to go. It’s family-friendly, with a spacious living area with luxurious styling that is attractive and cozy. This model also has three dryer/washer combo options, the 30DS, 33DS, and 34DS. The 30DS is 31 feet 8 inches in length; the 33DS is 34 feet 10 inches in length while the 34DS is 35 feet 11 inches.

Forest River FR3 is one of the smallest RV with washer dryer. It is around 32 feet long.

It has a freshwater tank capacity of 50-gallons, one gray water holding tank of 42-gallons, and one black water containing a tank of 42-gallons.

Forest River FR3 layout

These options offer different washer and dryer styling positions to ensure safety and comfortability when using this RV. This RV also comes with a king-size bed, a customizable refrigerator, smoke alarm, and a Forest River Command Center.

3. 2020 Jayco Seneca Motorhome 37K

Jayco Seneca Motorhome 37K Class C RV

This class C diesel RV is designed to be luxurious to improve your open road experience. It has top-of-the-line amenities such as hardwood cabinets, an L-shaped sofa, 1.5 bathrooms, a king-size bed, two air conditioners, a stainless-steel full-sized refrigerator and outside entertainment center.

It has one freshwater tank of 72-gallons, two gray water holding tanks of 91-gallons in total, and two black water holding tanks of 63-gallons. This RV also offers a washer/dryer combo option in a bathroom closet at the RV’s back.

Jayco Seneca Motorhome 37K floorplan

It allows you to do your laundry during your road experience while keeping the laundry noises away from the main living area. This makes it one of the best RVs to make your road trips.

Besides, it has a spacious kitchen with lots of drawers and a solid surface counter. The master bedroom comes with hot showers and wardrobes to ensure comfortability during your trip.

4. 2019 Heartland ElkRidge 37RK

This fifth wheel is another perfect choice providing all the amenities required for a luxurious vacation. It offers top-of-line luxury that you’d expect in a 5th wheel.

You get tall ceilings, quick hookups, and is easy to tow. It comes with hardwood cabinets, two foldable slideout sofas, theater seats with a large LED TV, a private bedroom, and a three-burner range.

There are big windows to let in light and air and a walk-in closet. It’s designed with a robust construction base, with a welded aircraft-quality aluminum frame and a rubber roof to ensure suitable conditions for your road experience.

It also has a ceiling fan, and hot and cold-water showers, and a washer/dryer combo. It has one freshwater tank of 47-gallons, two gray water holding tanks of 60-gallons, and one black water tank of 35-gallons.

The washer/dryer combo is located in a closet in the master bedroom. This setup keeps the laundry noises away from the main living space.

5. 2019 Jayco Embark 37MB

Jayco Embark 37MB

This class A luxurious diesel motorhome RV is built on a Spartan K1 raised rail base; frame fitted with an ISB turbocharged engine.

It is a luxury RV and comes with many features such as recessed LED lights, theater seats, polished tile floors. The kitchen area has a stainless-steel sink, a residential refrigerator, a water dispenser, a concrete surface countertop, a microwave, and an induction cooktop.

The bedroom has a king-size bed and a 50″ LED Blu-ray HDTV. This also has an outdoor entertainment center. It measures 37′ 10″ with an exterior width of 101″.

It has an extensive living area with an interior height of about 84″ and a tank fuel capacity of 100 gallons, offering long-distance fuel coverage with one refill. This RV is designed to carry heavy loads fitted with an exterior cargo capacity of 140 cubic feet.

Jayco Embark 37MB floorplan

This 37MB RV model comes with a washer/dryer combo in a closet, while the 39BH and 39T2 come with the washer/dryer combo fitted near to a private bathroom located at the back of the RV.

That keeps the laundry noses away from the main living area. Besides, the three models have extra space for you to add your own portable washer/dryer combo to suit your needs.

It has a tank capacity of 100-gallons fresh water to supply the washer and use it in the RV for other purposes. Besides, it is fitted with a 62-gallon gray and a 41-black water gallon capacity.

Next, lets see the best fifth wheel with a washer and dryer.

6. 2019 Forest River Sandpiper 378FB

Forest River Sandpiper

If you want a perfect RV for your small family vacation, the 2019 Forest River Sandpiper 378FB is ideal for you. This RV can house four people, while still providing ample living space.

It has a high-quality kitchen and dining area, a mid-size refrigerator, and an oven with three burners. This RV also has a luxurious master bedroom with a king-size bed and a queen-size bed and a convertible sofa bed, a slick entertainment room, a porcelain toilet, and 1.5 bathrooms.

It is 41.25 feet in length, with a width of 8 feet and an exterior height of 13.17 feet and an interior height of 7 feet.

This forest river RV provides ample space for family living with one vinyl sofa, so your family can enjoy their road experience with guaranteed comfortability. It is fitted with an automatic air conditioner of 15,000 BTUs and an electric/propane-powered water heater tank with 10 gallons.

The RV has a dry weight of 12,455 pounds and a payload capacity of 3,045 pounds. Its hitch weight is 2,096 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 15,500 pounds. It is constructed from aluminum, with fiberglass for its sidewalls and has one door.

There are two propane tanks, both with a capacity of 14.2 gallons. It has one fresh water holding tank with a total capacity of 60 gallons and two gray water holding tanks with a full capacity of 134 gallons, and two black water tanks with a capacity of 104 gallons.

The washer/dryer combo that is hidden in a closet located in the bathroom. The location setup shields noises from the main living area.

Not only class a and fifth wheels have washer dryer. Next on this list is the best Class C RV with washer and dryer.

7. 2019 Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS

Coachmen Leprechaun

This class C Coachmen Leprechaun is one of the most luxurious RV models in the market. It offers a perfect getaway from home, while still offering the comfortability of your own home.

This motorhome is designed with a high-quality interior with a one-year warranty. It uses gas and has a Triton V10 engine with a 305 horsepower at 4250 revolutions per minute.

It has a 6-speed transmission type with an overdrive. Its length is 31.83 feet and has a width of 8.33 feet with an exterior height of 10.92 feet and an interior height of 6.92 feet. It has a wheelbase of 18.33 feet, and a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds, and a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 pounds.

Its fuel capacity is 55 gallons and 450-gallon storage capacity. Besides, it has a 16-gallon propane tank, with a total of 68 pounds. Its body is constructed with aluminum with a fiberglass side insulation. It also has one door, and two power-retractable slideouts, one retractable power awning with 19 feet.

Its interior also has a vinyl floor, a kitchen, a living area, a master bedroom, a toilet, and a shower.

The kitchen has a U-shaped dinette table configuration. It has a center-located kitchen and a front living area. The kitchen comes with a 3-burner oven, and an overhead fan and an electric/propane powered full-sized refrigerator.

Besides, it has a living room that has a vinyl sofa. The RV has a maximum sleeping count of 8 people, with one double bed, one queen-size bed, and two convertible sofa beds. The master bedroom has a full-sliding door, a closet, and a rear of the RV. Besides, it has one bathroom and a porcelain type of toilet.

It has a propane-powered 6-gallon water heater tank capacity, an automatic air conditioner of 13,500 BTU, and an automatic heater of 36,000 BTUs.

This RV comes fitted with a washer/dryer combo in the bathroom area, which is in the rear. It keeps the laundry noises away from the living room. Its water is supplied by one freshwater 50-gallon tank and drained by one 32-gallon gray water tank and one 31-gallon black water tank.

8. 2019 Coachmen Catalina Destination Series

Coachmen Catalina Destination Series

This Catalina Destination Series trailer is designed to provide comfortability during a long road trip for you and your family.

It has customizable floor plans that you can choose from, and a choice for a fireplace from Furroin in the living room to complement the RV. Also, it has a length of 40.75 feet and a width of 8 feet. It has an exterior height of 11.67 feet and an interior height of 7 feet.

It has a dry weight of 9,410 pounds and a payload capacity of 1,590 pounds. Besides, it has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,000 pounds and a hitch weight of 1,330 pounds.

Again, it has two propane tanks with a tank capacity of 14.2 gallons. Its body is made from aluminum with a fiberglass sidewall construction.

It has two sliding doors and three power-retractable slideouts. It has an awning length of 15 feet. Also, it has a kitchen, living area, bedroom, toilet, and bathroom. The kitchen and living area have a vinyl flooring type. The kitchen is located at the center and has a bench seat table configuration.

It has three oven burners; an electric/propane powered full-size refrigerator, and an overhead fan. The living room is located at the front of the RV and has one sofa made from cloth. The RV has a maximum sleeping count of 6 people.

It has one king-sized bed and two convertible beds. The master bedroom is located at the rear and has a carpet flooring type and a conventional door style.

Also, it has a full-size closet and mirror doors. It has one bathroom and a plastic toilet. The RV has an automatic air conditioner with 15,000 BTUs and an automatic heater with 35,000 BTUs.It has one 44-gallon freshwater holding tank and two gray water holding tanks with 80-gallons. Besides, it has one 30-gallons black water holding tank.

It has a 10-gallon electric/propane-powered water heater tank. Both the 39MKTS and 39RLTS come with a washer/dryer combo located in closets between the bedroom and the bathroom. Again, this setting prevents the laundry noises from getting to the main living space.

9. 2020 Host Campers Mammoth 11’6″

This RV is designed with state-of-the-art amenities and is a perfect getaway motor vehicle for your road experience. Its length is 19 feet 3 inches, and its width is 8 feet. This truck campers body is made from ultra-lite aluminum with a complete fiberglass wall. Its walls, floors, and ceiling have a vacuum bonded foam insulation.

It has a one-piece TPO roof and cornered windows with interior fasteners. It comes with cabinets designed to have raised panel doors.

The kitchen has a double-door refrigerator, a folding stovetop, an overhead fan, and a 3-burner oven. The RV has a sliding awning topper, an enclosed service center, a water tank, and holding tanks, an air conditioner, heater, water heater, exterior showers, and a bathroom power vent.

The bedroom has a queen-sized bed, an optional king-sized bed, and a 24-inch TV set. It has an external entertainment center and a living area fitted with a sofa.

The fresh water tank has a capacity of 65-gallons while the black holding tank has a total of 32-gallons. The washer/dryer combo is fitted in the rear compartment. It also comes with additional cabinets that can be equipped with a portable washer and dryer.

10. 2020 Open Range Fifth wheel OF373RBS

Open Range Fifth wheel

This fifth wheel is designed for seasoned RVers who love prolonged outdoor adventures. Also, it’s spacious enough to house a family, kids, and other guests.

The body is constructed with aluminum and a sidewall construction of fiberglass. It’s 37 feet 4 inches in length and has an external width of 8 feet 4 inches, and an exterior height is 11 feet 8 inches and has an interior measurement of 7 feet. Its interior color is mink and pebble.

Its hitch weight is 1,285 pounds, and its gross weight is 11,500 pounds. It has a dry weight of 9,160 pounds and a cargo weight of 2,230 pounds. Its tire size is 16 inches and has an electric service of 50 amperes.

It has a sleeping capacity of 6 people and has three bunks and a queen-size bed. The master bedroom has vinyl flooring, a conventional door, a closet, and the camper’s opposite side.

Also, It has two-way access to the bathroom easing its access. It also has a 39-inch LED TV and one door, one emergency exit, and four power-retractable slideouts.

The floors are made using vinyl. The kitchen is center-located and has an eight cubic feet refrigerator and a three-burner oven. It has one retractable power awning with a 19 feet power with LED lighting.

This RV also has a battery power converter and comes pre-wired. It comes with a 28,500 BUTs air conditioner, an automatic heater, and an electric/propane-powered water heater tank.

The living room area is located at the center and has one vinyl sofa. The RV has a bathroom with a radius shower and a porcelain toilet, both with vinyl flooring. It has two propane tanks with a total capacity of 4.2 gallons and also a freshwater tank with a capacity of 49 gallons.

It also has a gray holding water tank with a capacity of 66 gallons. This RV model comes with a washer/dryer combo to ensure your family has clean laundry throughout.

Do RVs come pre installed with washer and Dryer?

Most RVs or motorhomes do not come equipped with washer and dryer but they do include hookup or facility to install washer/dryer once you buy the RV. The hookup is mostly available inside a closet or wardrobe.

Do class C RVs come with washer dryer?

Yes, just like class A RVs Class C too come with washer dryer. But, most of them wont have it preinstalled and you have to buy it separately. We already saw some of the best options in class C motorhomes above. You can do further research to come up with more options.

What about fifth wheels?

Yes, fifth wheels too have option to install washer dryers. Same goes with travel trailers as well, they too can have washer dryers.

Different types of washer dryer in RV

There are 3 types of washer dryer you get in RVs and those are:

  1. Portable washer and Dryer
  2. Stackable washer dryer
  3. RV washer dryer combo

There are two different types of functioning that is used in these dryer. First s the vented type that uses the air inside the RV to dry the clothes and the second is the non vented that heats the air inside dryer itself.

How much water will a RV wreaths machine use?

A single load of washing machine takes on an average around 12-18 gallons of water. This will depend on the size of the washing machine, program you select and the number of clothes you wash.

Best Portable washer dryer for RV

As we already discussed, most RVs have place to install washer dryer but they wont have it preinstalled. In such a case, its upto you whether you want to get it installed or not. In case, you want to go ahead then you have several top washer dryer options to buy. Now, lest see the top washer dryer models for RV.

  1. Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine
  2. Splendide Vented Combo Washer/Dryer
  3. Panda Portable washign machine
  4. LG WM3997HWA Ventless
  5. Upgraded Version Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer

How to wash clothes in RV without washer dryer?

Many of us do not live full time in RV and are occasional travelers. In such a case, you may not need a washer dryer as the amount of time you spend is much less.

But, even then you may need to wash your clothes. So, how do people normally deal with laundry when washer dryer is not available in the RV? Here are the options:

Wash in a laundromet. This may take a little longer to wash and dry your clothes. You also have to figure out the location and you may have to wait for others to finish. Sure, this is a way to wash your clothes but will need to invest some time.

Washing by hands and line drying. You can try this while at the campground but its a hard work. If you want to avoid this, try getting a washer dryer.

Public washer dryer locations. You can find this at truck stops or RV parks.

Or you can avoid washing the clothes itself. Carry a lot of clothes during your short vacation and you wont have to worry about washing altogether.

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