7 Best Truck Campers For Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon and Ford ranger

7 Best Truck Campers For Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon and Ford ranger

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In this article, lets check out best pop-up truck campers for Chevy Colorado, GMC canyon, ford range and also other midsize trucks.

Have you been thinking of buying a pop-up truck camper for your mid sized truck? Mid sized trucks are way more popular because they provide value. Big sized trucks have become very costly and have gone out of reach for many. For families, looking for a better package in a truck a Toyota Tacoma makes more sense rather than a ford f-350.

There are a lot of people who also own other mid sized trucks like Colorado or GMC canyon and in this post, we will check out what campers fit those trucks or even other similar mid sized trucks.

Having a truck camper means you can enjoy a lot more. Its an adventurous way of camping as compared to full size motorhome or a travel trailer. So, own one of those light trucks and want to know your options in pop-up camper or pop-up tent? Here are those :

1. Scout yoho truck camper

scout yoho truck camper

Scout is a company based in Washington DC, so far, they produce two types of the truck camper. However, the Scout Yoho is ideal for mid-size trucks, including Chevy Colorado.

It weighs 914 pounds, and its best designed for Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 though it can still fit in any Chevy Models. Moreover, four adults can comfortably sleep in this caper truck while freely accessing the available amenities.

It’s made of the Aluminium exterior that’s corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and durable. Inside the camper, you’ll find the dinette lounge, sleeper conversion, and upper sleeping area.

Also, a 160W Solar Panel plus a lithium-ion power station ensures a consistent flow of power into the 110V outlets and the USB outlets. Included is a 4.9 Gallon water tank plus charcoal filter that not only allows easy water storage but also a collection of water at the campsite.

The amenities include freezer/fridge combo, Hanging storage bag, removable camper jacks, portable toilets, rhino rack awning, plastic water jugs in varying sizes, and NewportReal Flame fireplace. As low as $19240, you can order for this best camper truck for Chevy Colorado.

Key features

  • Weighs 914 pounds
  • Accommodate four adult sleepers
  • Made of aluminum exterior
  • Price starts at $19240
  • 4.9-gallon water jerrican
  • Extra social amenities
  • 160 Watts solar panels

2. Fourwheel camper fleet

Four Wheel Camper Fleet is not only designed for Chevy Colorado to buy it will also fit many other mid-size trucks. Moreover, it weighs 1045 pounds dry, meaning it can accommodate more load-bearing in mind the lad capacity of Chevy Colorado of up to 7000 pounds.

Inside the camper, you’ll find 20gallons of a freshwater tank that ensures you are always getting water whenever you need it. Moreover, there is a kitchenette equipped with a sink, two-banner stove.

Enjoy sleeping on the East-west 60×80-inch queen-size bed. The 3-way 1.7 Cu. Ft. reefer will also prove useful. What you should expect is a durable and attractive interiors woodwork.

The floor-length is 6 foot meaning you can install a 6 feet long bed. That’s not enough as the company ensures you don’t miss power when watching your favorite show. 160W Soler mounted on the roof will provide sufficient energy while the 6V dual-battery setup always gets you powered.

There is also a 65-litter DC compressor refrigerator to keep your food intact, and we can’t forget the two ten-pound propane tanks.

What you should expect is Aluminium exterior and a welded aluminum frame that is lightweight though more robust and durable. There are four plan options available, including a side dinette, rollover side couch, shell model, and front dinette. Finally, the cost is listed at $18,995 which is still budget-friendly.

This truck camper with pop up tent is not only a good fit for GMC canyon or a ford ranger but also for Chevy Colorado, Honda Ridgeline and a Nissan frontier.

Key features

  • Weight 1045 pounds dry weight
  • Four-floor plans available
  • 160W top-mounted solar panel
  • 20 gallons of a freshwater tank
  • Aluminum exterior and welded aluminum frame
  • Outside shower and porta potties can be added
  • Numerous color options available

3. Phoenix mini-max truck camper

Phoenix Mini-Max Truck Camper is s superior design precisely to fit any mid-size trucks but with little modification for trucks with more than a 6-feet bed.

It has a dry weight of 1180 pounds, thus the ideal best option for your Chevy Colorado truck. It’s a 7-foot floor plan equipped with an east-west 60×80-Inch bed plus a wet-bath located on the driver side. On the passage side, you’ll get a small kitchenette while a large dinette is available on the forward.

The truck camper is made of a double-welded aluminum tube cage frame packed using high-density foam. Then, it’s wrapped using crane fiberglass that’s strong and durable.

Furthermore, a freshwater tank can hold 18gallons of water while the grey holding water tank has a capacity of 8 gallons. Other amenities include a 1.9 Cubic Foot compressor refrigerator and a Thetford cassette toilet.

As much as the standard cabinet color is birch with a clear coat finish, you can still request a more customized finish. Moreover, this is the best company capable of painting their Truck camper to suit the color of your Chevy Colorado. Finally, this best truck camper’s costs start from $37000 though it has high-end features, which made the price favorable.

This pop up truck camper can be used on trucks like Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado, GMC Cannyon and ford ranger.

Key features

  • 18 Gallon Freshwater storage tank
  • 8 gallon Gray water tank
  • 1180 pounds dry weight
  • 7 feet floor plan
  • Includes kitchenette, dinette, and wet bath
  • Base price is $37000

4. Northstar 600 truck camper

With as low as 1228 pounds, Northstar 600 truck camper perfectly fits your Chevy Colorado or any Mid-Size tricks. Moreover, it has a floor-length of 6 feet 3 inches that also allow it to sit on your truck without modification comfortably.

The only shortcoming is the oak interior, which many campers have voted against it. Inside Northsta 600, you’ll find East-west 60×80-Inch queen-size bed designed with storage space beneath.

Serve your favorite coffee of the Lagun swing-away table system found within the truck camper. Also, you can enjoy a peaceful night while lying on the 6-Inch Memory foam mattress included.

A 17-gallon freshwater tank ensures you drink clean water wherever you go without worrying. With the provided 3.7 cubic feet 3-way refrigerator, you can keep your foodstuffs safe and for a longer duration. Also, the Zamp 160 Watts solar power system will ensure you your camper electronic are powered throughout.

In the absence of sunlight to power the solar, especially during the winter season, the 5-gallon propane tank will be an alternative energy source. Other unique but essential amenities include an outdoor shower, north-south bed, DC compressor refrigerator, Thetford cassette toilet, and the Girard tankless water heater. Finally, with as low as $17,695, you will own this best truck camper for Chevy Colorado.

This is an amazing pop up truck camper for your mid sized 3/4 ton truck.

Key features

  • Has a dry weight of 1228 pounds
  • 6feet 3 inch floor length
  • 160Watt solar panel included
  • 17-gallon freshwater tank
  • Tankless water heater
  • Cost as low as $17, 695

5. Standard snap! Treehouse truck camper

This best truck camper is owned by a veteran and manufactured in Pennsylvania. It’s made of an Aluminium or stainless steel cap that is strong and durable to take any weight thrown at it.

Moreover, their rooftop can be lowered or raised easily by simply pressing the gas piston assists. When you raise the roof, you get a spacious sleeping room.

However, when its lowered, your sleeping compartment will be held in position whenever you are driving. Moreover, a 3-step ladder allows you to easily get to the sleeping deck, which accommodates 600 pounds. The T-Track situated on both roof sides allows you to keep your camping gear and load up to 350 pounds.

The interior of this bed is insulated and carpeted for a sleek look. There are two 3-layer windows ( velcroid clear vinyl, zippered opaque, and insect screen to offer more comfort and clear view of the outside whenever driving.

It can be installed on Chevy Colorado mid-size trucks with a length of 5feet or more. There are 2 USB charging ports plus a 12V power output port.

Key features

  • 3 step ladder for accessing the sleeping deck
  • 600 pounds capacity sleeping deck
  • 350 pounds T-Truck maximum weight load
  • Sturdy Stainless steel or Aluminium exterior construction
  • Insulated and carpeted interior
  • Open and spacious lower platform
  • 3 models ranging from $6,500 to $15,000

6. Northstar arrow 8.5 u

Northstar Arrow 8.5 U is the best truck camper for Chevy Colorado as its made using non-slip and non-basement design. Also, it provides a cab over sleeping area equipped with a North-South Queen-size bed.

Moreover, it’s an 8-Inch 8-Feet Floor plan that has tons of unique amenities. It features a U-shape lather dinette so you can eat together with your family. The 3 Cubic fridge keeps your foodstuff in order, thus avoiding food wastage in fear of food going bad.

You’ll also find a 36 gallon freshwater tank that ensures you get clean water to drink whenever you go. Additionally, there are 14-Gallon grey water tanks and a 13-gallon black water tank. It’s also among the few truck camper manufacturers that include a wet bath in their design.

Also, you can request an optional fan or flush toilets. Using the non-basements design, this company has managed to keep the weight, cater to gravity, and Height down.

The truck camper is also equipped with a 6 gallon DSI water heater that ensures you have hot water whenever required. Finally, it’s a wood-framed truck camper that’s encased with fiberglass

Key features

  • 8ft 8 inch. Floor plan
  • Wet bath and kitchenette included
  • 36-gallon freshwater tank
  • 13gallon black tank
  • 14-gallon grey water tank
  • The price is $25969

7. ATC Bobcat truck camper

ATC Bobcat truck camper is a product form All-Terrain Campers, a company established in 2005 and operating in Sacramento, California. The truck camper comes preloaded with high-end features that will turn your Chevy Colorado into a home away from home.

It has a dry weight of 804 pounds but can accommodate a significant amount of weight. Moreover, it suits a 6ft 8 inch floor plan that includes kitchenette located on the driver side.

On the passage side, there is a flip-out sofa that doubles as a bed. You’ll have a consistent water supply flow, thanks to the ATC Bobcat 15gallon water tank equipped with a monitoring panel.

You’ll be pleased to realize that it is equipped with 20-pound propane gas, AGM battery, and a roof-mounted 200W solar panel in terms of power demand. Other essential amenities include icebox, two banner stove, overhead storage, portable table, and stainless steel sink.

The package also comes with an 8feet side awning, 3-speed roof van, 1.7 Cu. Ft. compressor refrigerator, and AT Overland Can-holder. What’s impressive about this truck camper is that it’s manufactured using a high-grade aluminum frame and still covered in an aluminum body.

Key features

  • 15gallon freshwater tank
  • 200W solar panel
  • Aluminum frame and casing
  • pre-wiring for solar
  • Essential amenities included
  • Cost a tola of $15,475

Should you buy a pop-up truck camper for your lightweight truck?

Owning a big motorhome or a lengthy travel trailer brings in its own challenges. Although they do provide great way of Rving it may not be for everyone. Also, the cost of ownership is high in motorhomes and therefore you have all these other different options in truck campers or pop up campers.

So, before you get that pop up truck camper for your GMC canyon or Chevy Colorado understand what you will get. Remember, you also have an option of towing a fifth wheel or travel trailer behind your truck. (With this lightweight trucks your options will be lesser though)

Here are the pros of pop up truck camper.

  • Enjoy while you travel. You can go anywhere you love, that means you are not restricted unlike big motorhomes or trailers. Go boondocking in regions that are not suited for other RVs.
  • You get a truck in addition to the small truck camper RV. You can get the camper off the truck and use the truck as a normal vehicle.
  • Easy to drive, no hassle of towing and hitching.
  • Less maintenance unlike a motorhome with engine. Just the normal truck maintenance is needed.
  • Low cost for insurance and maintenance.

Cons :

  • Limited space with truck camper. Don’t expect a living of a motorhome inside this little camper.
  • Basic facilities like bathroom, shower could be missing.
  • Not a year round RV. Winter or hot summer can be hard to live inside them.
  • Not a great sleeping capacity. Limited for a couple or solo or small family only.
  • Buying of a truck camper has to be done depending on the truck you own. Trucks have their own weight, dimension limits. Like, in case of Chevy Colorado or GMC canyon your camper options are limited because of weight and dimensions.

What to consider when buying pop up truck camper

When you own a mid size truck or a 1/2 ton truck obviously you have to pay attention to the weight of the camper. The dimension and whether it will fit the truck or not. You have to absolutely sure about this as otherwise the investment could be wasted.

Now, lets talk about weight. When you talk about weight in RVs or campers there are several parameter and that can be confusing. The weight you see at the dealer is not the weight that would actually go on to the camper. The weight you see on the manual or sticker is the dry weight. Its the weight without anything inside the camper.

There are several things that will add to the camper. The appliances, bedding, awning, water,batteries, solar panels, generator, air conditioner, kitchen items and the list goes on. This entire wight is called the GVWR and each camper has its GVWR specified. You have to consider this final weight and compare it with the trucks capability.

Apart from the weight and dimension, other things one can consider include :

  • Sleeping capacity
  • Appliances like air conditioner support, refrigerator, solar setup capability
  • Overall space
  • Layout
  • Price
  • Brand and quality
  • Warranty
  • Ease of setup in taking off the camper from truck.

How much weight can chevy colorado handle?

Because you can decide on which truck camper to buy for your Chevy Colorado, it’s essential to know the amount of weight it can handle. Typically, many considerations can help you, including the overall payload of Chey Colorado.

Although there are different Chevy Colorado models, you’ll discover that the weight they can handle ranges from 1,370 to 1,581 lbs. This means you shouldn’t purchase any truck camper that excesses this weight.

1 Ton, 3/4 and 1/2 ton trucks for carrying pop up truck camper

There are several big brands that make 1 ton trucks that are way more powerful and can carry big size truck campers. Even 3/4 ton truck can carry big campers. A 1/2 truck can also carry camper but the options are limited just like these midsize trucks.

How much can it pull

Yes, Chevy Colorado or GMC canyon can pull a camper trailer but obviously there are weight limitations. The capacity depends on the model you own and the engine.

When you own a 2019 Chevy Colorado model, you should have known that its 2.5 liters 4-cylinder engine produces 191 lb-ft of togue and 200 horsepower.

Therefore, it can pull a weight of 3500 pounds. However, when you upgrade your engine to the 3.6L DOHC V6 option, you are assured of 308 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. This kind of power is capable of pulling up to 7000 pounds.

Also, their third Duramax® 2.8L Turbo-Diesel engine is beast as it can provide 181 horsepower and 369 lbs-ft of torque, thus capable of pulling 7700 pounds.

Chevy Colorado is an ideal truck with the ability to tow as much as 7000 pounds depending on the engine type. There are various models and brands of truck camper compatible with your Chevy Colorado, so you don’t have rent RV.

So, when choosing the best truck camper, floor plan, amenities, weight parameters, water tank storage, and prices should be put into consideration.

After interacting with various Chevy Colorado vehicle owners, we have identified the best truck campers that will correctly work with your truck. Furthermore, they have all the essential features any camper would desire.


From our top 7 best truck camper for Chevy Colorado, GMC canyon, we are sure you won’t miss one that will match your expectation. These are also good options for other trucks like jeep gladiator or Toyota Tacoma.

It’s also a good idea to always look for the warranty information to not waste your money on a low-quality truck camper that the company may not repair when it develops problems within the warranty period. Choose the best truck camper for mid-size trucks today and enjoy your holiday in style.

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