Which Jayco Travel Trailer Should I Buy?

Which Jayco Travel Trailer Should I Buy?

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If you are a frequent camper or have seen travel RVs cruising the roads, you probably saw a Jayco travel trailer. Easily spotted through its Bluebird symbol, Jayco travel trailers are well-known for their affordability, high quality, and wide range of layouts.

Generally, Jayco has a stellar reputation for being the most popular and top-selling RV brand. It has a wide range of awards under its belt, including the 77 Dealer Satisfaction Index Award.

The brand also has a 2016 Bronze award from the Trailer’s life Reader’s Choice Awards, showing Jayco’s commitment to providing top-quality customer service and world-class craftsmanship.

About The Brand

In 1968, the Jayco Company began as a family business in Northern Indiana. Bertha and Lloyd Bontrager established the company by introducing a prototype foldable camping trailer with a distinct lifter system.

The couple successfully marketed this folding camping trailer, and since then, the brand became synonymous with affordability, connectivity, and technology.

In 2011, the Jayco Company rose to become the largest family-established RV manufacturer in the world. Consequently, Thor Industries bought the majority of the shares of Jayco in 2016.

However, the company is still managed by the original family, with Derald Bontrager, son of Bertha, and Lloyd Bontrager, as the present-day CEO. As a matter of fact, Derald Bontrager got the 2017 Distinguished Service to the RV industry award.

What makes Jayco’s travel trailers different from the others?

It is quite easy to distinguish Jayco travel RVs from other brand’s travel trailers. Due to their unique manufacturing and processing techniques, these travel trailers have several unique features, including:

Patented roofing systems

Jayco’s patented Magnuss Truss roofing system can withstand a maximum of 4500 pounds, which is 50% extra than the roofs of other travel trailers.

The roof strength is a result of using screws and oversized nail plates combined fasteners to hold the decking in place.

Additionally, the trailer’s roofing also consists of 2X2 wooden vertical studs to increase their durability and make extra wiring room.

Jayco climate shield

Whether it is extremely cold or insanely hot, you can be assured that Jayco travel trailers will take you where you want to go comfortably.

Thanks to its Climate Shield feature, the trailer has four-season camper protection that ascertains protection against extreme weather conditions. Additionally, this feature comes with dark tinted windows, a heated and fully enclosed underbelly, PEX plumbing, and double-sided flex-foil insulation.

According to the Company’s testing, Jayco’s Climate Shield feature maintains 71 degrees as the interior temperature while the exterior is 100 degrees. Likewise, when it was zero degrees outside, the interior temperatures remain at 68 degrees, and plumbing systems remain unaffected.

Strong foundations

All Jayco products come with a fully tailored frame, which is either a Norco NextGen customized Frame or an I-class type I-beam structural frame. Often used in ultra-light models, the Norco NextGen frame consists of a low-alloy, high strength, and anti-rust material.

On the other hand, the I-class structural I-beam frame is a durable singular molded frame that does not have any seams, which tend to warp and bend over time. As a result, your travel trailer will not age prematurely with such customized frame construction due to reduced vibrational sagging or damage.

Industry-leading warranty

Available in full length on their website and print, Jayco’s warranty provision is one of the best in the RV business. As a result, customers have a choice to go through it in its entirety, allowing them to understand what precisely the company pledges to repair, restore, and protect.

Jayco’s warranty includes a two-year limited warranty covering your travel trailers for 24,000 miles or 24 months.

The newer 2020 models also come with a three-year structural warranty, covering areas like walls, roofs, and floors. Additionally, there are 15 additional warranties from other Jayco suppliers.

Some of them include its Samsung refrigerator, whose warranty covers it for five years, its Congoleum designer flooring for three years, and Good Endurance tires covered for six years.


Compared to other RV manufacturers, Jayco has an Eco advantage due to its high-quality and durable roofing and foundation, as well as a reliable warranty.

The company has an unwavering dedication to manufacture products that protect and preserve the environment for years to come.

As a result, its travel trailers feature a reduced carbon print by using smarter and more reliable manufacturing processes. These processes include working with manufacturers who prioritize eliminating waste, packaging, and energy usage.

Take note that the company builds ultra-light products for improved on-road fuel economy and uses recycled water in its testing. It also has an aggressive educational campaign on employing eco-friendly driving and travel practices, saving on gas, and employing conservation methods.

Let us look at some of the best Jayco travel trailers you should consider buying.

Best Jayco travel trailers

With over 50 years of experience, Jayco has something to offer every family size, preference, budget, lifestyle, and tow vehicle.

The brand has a total of nine different travel trailer models with distinct family-friendly floor plans to accommodate all your travel needs. So without further ado, let us review the nine travel trailers from Jayco.

1. White Hawk

Jayco white hawk review

Weighing between 6,805 and 8,145 pounds, the White Hawk travel trailer combines luxury and convenience in one package. It is the ideal home away from home as it offers residential-style appliances, including an electric fireplace and a big LED TV.

Additionally, the 2021 White Hawk features a modern farmhouse interior décor and an updated molded fiberglass front cap with an automotive-style windshield. With a price range of $48,623 to $58921, this model line is available in six-floor plans, with only three of them coming without a king-sized bed.


· A kitchen with a 3-burner range, stainless steel oven and microwave, 8 cubic foot extra-deep refrigerator, and solid surface countertops

  • Plenty of storage areas
  • Marine-grade exterior speakers with a blue LED lighting
  • Decorative backsplash
  • Outside shower
  • LED TV
  • Porcelain foot flush toilet and enclosed bathroom with skylight

2. Jayco Jay Feather

Jayco feather review

The 2021 Jay Feather is a lightweight and versatile travel trailer, perfect for family fun and adventure. Its weight ranges between 3,195 to 6,425 pounds, with at least 18-floor plans to choose from.

The line consists of hybrid models with bunkhouses, couple coaches, Murphy bed models, and even pop-out tent sleeping spaces.

The Jay Feather series features an aerodynamic design that consists of Tuff Shell vacuum-bonded and laminated walls and floors, making it easy to tow and durable. With a price range of $27,788 and $50,000, these travel trailers come with different amenities and accessories that you can install depending on your needs and preference.


  • 6 feet electric refrigerator
  • Separate kitchenette and dinette with a microwave, residential-type kitchen countertops, and 3-burner cooktops with glass cover
  • Plastic foot flush toilet and a corner bathroom skylight
  • Mattress with bedspread
  • 24, 32, or 40-inch LED TV
  • Sleeps between 5-10 people

3. Jayco Jay Feather Micro

With a weight ranging between 1500-4500 pounds, the Jay Feather Micro series is one of the lightest travel trailer models from the company.

This travel trailer is available in five different floor plans and comes with all the essentials you need while exploring the great outdoors. In addition, these travel trailers are in the price range of $21,713 and $41,318, which is quite economical compared to other similar travel trailers.

Additionally, these trailers consist of premium-grade construction build quality and an aerodynamic design. They consist of Jayco’s Norco Frame with an integrated A-frame for optimum durability.

It also features vacuum-bonded and laminated sidewalls and floors with Azdel composite for better protection against extreme weather elements. The nitro-filled and radial tires are from Goodyear and come with self-adjusting brakes.


  • Outside kitchen
  • Battery quick disconnect
  • LED lighting and decorative backsplash
  • Storage space
  • 6 ft. electric refrigerator and microwave
  • 3-burner recessed cooktop with glass cover
  • Residential-style kitchen countertops
  • Plastic foot flush toilet with corner bathroom skylight and roof vent

4. Jayco Jay Flight

Thanks to the renowned construction of Jayco RVs, the Jay Flight travel trailer is one of the most popular and best-selling trailers for the past 15 years.

It consists of a dozen versatile floor plans to choose from, three of which you can fit a king-sized bed in the master ensuite. The weight of the Jay Flight ranges between 5,560 – 9,160 pounds.

In addition, some of the models of this product line come with patio doors, tables, and chairs instead of a dinette, an outside kitchen, and even several bunkhouse models.

With a price range of $36.390 -$ 45,234, the legendary Jay Flight trailer is available in a different array of styles and sleeping capacities. These trailers pride themselves on quality construction and craftsmanship, with the ability to handle any adventure you want to embark on.


  • High-quality construction build quality with fully integrated A-frame
  • Utility lighting system and LED lighting
  • Exterior TV bracket and satellite/cable TV hookup
  • LP quick connect
  • 81” ceiling height
  • Solid hardwood cabinet doors and storage spaces
  • Security/backup camera prep
  • Jackknife sofa
  • Residential-height plywood bed platforms with Queen Serta mattress and deluxe bedspread
  • Seamless solid-surface look kitchen countertops
  • 3-burner range with glass cover, oven with interior light, and glass door
  • Outside shower and water heater bypass, bathroom skylight
  • Digital TV antenna

5. Jayco Jay Flight SLX7

If you are a novice camper and are looking for a camper trailer with adequate floor space, the Jay Flight SLX7 is an ideal choice.

With a price range of $21.021 – $23,276, the Jay Flight SLX7 is seven feet wide and is available in six models, with only one model with a sliding door.

Its range in weight lies between 2,380 – 3,280 lbs, making it easy to tow with almost any vehicle. Additionally, this camper is lightweight and packs a punch in a manageable single-axle package.


  • Compact refrigerator, microwave, and a 2-burner range
  • Solid-look kitchen countertops
  • LED lighting
  • Digital TV antenna
  • Pantry/wardrobe storage space
  • Marine-grade toilet with foot flush and the bathroom skylight

6. Jayco Jay Flight SLX8

If you are planning to go on an adventure as a big group or family, the Jay Flight SLX8 is the perfect choice as it offers plenty of space for everyone.

With a weight range of 4,250 – 7,625 pounds, this travel trailer is beautifully customized for versatile and reliable performance in the unique terrain of Canada and the western part of the United States.

The Jay Flight SLX8 comes in 13 available floor plans to choose from, including four models without any slides.

There is also a bunkhouse model with several slides, ideal for a big family. All these trailers come with an 81” ceiling height giving a spacious interior feel. Its price ranges from $27,290 and $ 39,050.


  • 81-inch ceiling height
  • Solid hardwood cabinets
  • G20 dark tinted safety glass windows
  • Premium quality multimedia sound system with Bluetooth functionality and MP3/DVD/iPod input jacks
  • Queen beds with Queen Serta mattress
  • Vinyl flooring and LED lighting
  • Jackknife sofa
  • Digital TV antenna and cable/satellite TV hookup
  • Marine-grade toilet with foot flush, bathroom skylight, and outside shower
  • Stainless steel microwave oven, 3-burner range with glass cover, and 6 ft. stainless steel refrigerator

7. Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow

Whether you prefer driving along the road or parking somewhere to enjoy the outdoors, the Jay Flight Bungalow is the perfect home away from home.

This park model is much larger than other travel trailers produced by the brand, with a weight range of 10,690 lbs-11,725 lbs. The product line is available in six-floor plans, including choices that contain rear or front bedrooms, a loft model, and a bunkhouse.

The bungalows also feature a residential-style sliding patio door and an atrium-style front wall, making your trailer feel like a luxurious condominium.

It is also worth noting that its price range is between $64,868 and $71,318, which is relatively economical for a park model.


  • 96-inch tall ceilings
  • Solid wood cabinet doors
  • Premium multimedia sound system
  • 30-inch microwave and other stainless steel appliances
  • 2 exterior marine-grade speakers
  • Atrium-style front wall with integrated lights
  • Hardwood vinyl flooring
  • Residential- window style treatments with the wood trim
  • Hide-a-away bed with the tri-fold mattress, 68-inch loft bedroom with Queen Serta pillow-top mattress
  • Separate living room with throw pillows and crown molding
  • Outside shower, interior toilet with the foot flush

7. Eagle HT Travel Trailers

Jayco Eagle HT luxury RV

If you are a full-time camper looking for a well-sized trailer with all essentials you might need, the Eagle HT travel trailers will make you feel right at home.

As one of the oldest, best-selling, and most successful RV lines, these trailers are a favorite among many. Available in seven-floor plans and at a price range of $67,090 to $98,350, some of Eagle HT’s unique features include a farmhouse interior décor, vinyl flooring, porcelain toilet with a foot flush, and a stone and glass bathroom backsplash.


  • Two exterior marine-grade speakers
  • Outside shower
  • 96-inch interior height and 68-inch loft bedroom
  • Hide-a-bed with tri-fold mattress
  • Outside shower, interior porcelain toilet with foot flush
  • 18 ft. refrigerator, 30-inch microwave, Insignia 24-inch range burner
  • Stainless steel kitchen appliances

8. Eagle Travel Trailers

Weighing between 9,575 -9,780 lbs., Eagle Travel Trailers are the largest of its kind manufactured by this brand.

Available at a price range of $73,474 and $ 76,674, these trailers consist of high-quality building materials, including glass, porcelain, wood, and stone, guaranteeing durability and reliability. They exist in four-floor plans and come with remarkable residential features.


  • 13 or 21 cubic foot double-door refrigerator
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Deep stainless steel sinks and rustic hardware
  • Multiple slides in the living and sleeping areas
  • Lovely woodwork
  • An optional king-sized bed with a Simmons Rest mattress
  • 14-inch refrigerator, microwave, and stainless steel range with glass cover

Pros And Cons Of Jayco Travel Trailers

Over the years, Jayco has gained an immeasurable number of loyal fans who cannot get enough of their products.

  • Among the advantages of Jayco travel trailers include durable and high-quality build, reliable performance, luxurious amenities, plenty of space, and affordability.
  • In addition, many customers applaud the brand for its exquisite floor plans that make the trailer quite livable for extended durations.

However, not everyone is fond of Jayco travel trailers.

  • One of the major disadvantages of Jayco lies in its warranty.
  • Although it is a hot selling point for the brand, many customers have lodged complaints about the efforts required to get the Jayco warranty work completed within the required timeline.
  • The manufacturer must approve all warranties while the actual repairs go through individual RV dealerships.
  • Most customers have aired their complaints of the RV dealerships being frustrating to deal with as they tend to have poor customer service. As a result, it is best to get your Jayco travel trailer from an RV dealership with good standing among customers.


All in all, Jayco travel trailers are uniquely remarkable recreational vehicles that meet the needs of the modern-day camper. Not only do they have incredible build quality and performance, but they also consist of several luxurious features, ideal for making you feel at home while on the road. As seen above, all the travel trailers from this brand pack a punch and are quite affordable.

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