How to buy best RV tire (And average RV tire cost)

How to buy best RV tire (And average RV tire cost)
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RV tires are the most important parts of your RV system. It is them who take the full load. RV tires good health is important for you while travelling especially on long travels. But it is often seen that most people neglect tires and often RV’s are overloaded more than what tires are capable.

Some of the most important things that you need to consider while choosing tire for Class A motorhome or other RV includes quality and cost. Continue reading if you are here to know about Class A motorhome tires cost and all things to consider before buying a class A motorhome tire. This is a comprehensive guide for buying a class A motorhome tires.

Choosing good tires for your RV is another task that should be done with proper research and its better to follow the manufacturer manual. You should see recommendations from your RV manufacturer in user manual and it is a good practice to follow it.

However it does not mean you follow the recommendations ditto. It will give you hints on what are the best options based on size, weight of your RV but a final call is upto you. A research can not only help you in finding a good match but also may be save some money through discounts. However do not compromise on quality for price.

A tires failures is mostly due to the load that you put on your tires, the quality of tires you have unde your RV, Under inflation, and age of the tire.

You may not be putting much load on your RV but you cannot continue using it for ages, it will definitely have some age limit. When buying a tire check for the manufacturing date. You should be able to see the manufacturing date on the tire itself.

How to choose a best tire for your RV

Choosing a rv tire needs some considerations. Factors like load rating, your rv maximum weight capacity are few of the factors that should be payed attention to.

Using rv tire size chart

It is important to have a tire size that matches your RV. Having a tire that is smaller or larger than the recommend could be wrong safety wise. Each tire brand normally has a tire chart which can taken into use to find the right size tire for you RV. Use tire charts that are available directly from the tire manufacturers rather than any third party for proper and accurate tire sizes.

Don’t always go for lower price

Sometimes saving money on things can be good but not always at least in case of tires this is not the case. A discount on RV tires may not necessarily mean a good deal, it may sound to be a good deal but soon after you start using them you may feel otherwise. A RV weighing in excess of 22000 pounds definitely needs tires that can handle the weight. At times you may come across deals that cheap but beware.

A non banded tire which costs less could be compromised on quality. A low quality tire will start to wear out quickly once you start using it. It may also blow out much before you thought it would last. A smaller size tire which came at lower price may not be the perfect fit for your rv and this will pose a safety risk. A blown tire on road could be a risky affair.

Tire ratings you need to check

When it comes to buying tire its definitely not the looks. You need to check multiple things in order to judge it. Especially buying a brand not so popular or a brand that you never used before commands for extra checking on tire ratings. In order to make sure you have the right tire under your RV check the tire ratings on the side walls.

Motorhome or camper manufacturer would recommend tire in the user manual as per the weight of the RV but mostly people tend to overload the RV with all the amenities hence try to weigh your V when it si full. A truck stop generally has weighing machines where you can check the weight. Make sure you are doing this when your fuel tanks are full. A tire side wall would normally have almost all rating information, you should be able to read it. You will find below information on most of the tires:

  • Max Load rating
  • Tire ply composition
  • Materials used
  • US DoT tire identification number
  • A Alphanumerical number that would indicate below things:
  • Whether or not passenger car tire
  • Nominal width of tire
  • Aspect ration or the height to width ration
  • Radial
  • Rim diameter
  • Whether suitable for severe snow conditions or not
  • Load index and speed index

Sidewalls of tire will give you loads of information its up to oneself how to read it and consider it while selecting the best tire for your rv.

Buy from reputable and trusted dealers only

The amount you pay for a new tire definitely commands for your alertness. Buying from authorized dealers will not only make the deal risk free but may also give you rates that are discounted.

A tire normally has a life of around 5 years from the date they are manufactured and not the time you buy them from the store. So buying them from authorized and more popular dealer will mean you are purchasing it almost after it was manufactured.

Buying from a dealer who is giving lots of discount but does not sell much may mean you will be buying old stuff and its life will be short once you start using it. So be careful and buy the rv tires from authorized and good sources.

Sidewall Strength of RV tires

Load range or the rv tire sidewall strength is another factor you may want to consider. Better sidewall prevent the RV from rolling off when making turns. Using light truck tires for rv is a common practice many follow probable due to the rugged construction on sidewalls.

Check Manufacturing Date

Tires not only worn out by using extensively but they also deteriorate with time. They have lifespan and start deteriorating after that time. Such a old tire is not only unsafe but can cause crashes and accidents at times. Look for the manufacturing date before you buy the tire.

In fact tire manufacturing companies themselves recommend replacing tires after 5 to 7 years from manufacturing. Tires should not only be checked visually but you also need to check on any noises, performance, vibrations. These could be indication of deterioration and as a rv driver you should give a close observation on all these things.

RV tire cost

RV tires are different in comparison to other passenger vehicles. They are designed to handle load and weight that is much more. A RV normally carries much more weight that can be as high as 30,000 pounds (that is too much for tires to handle) and thus RV tires are designed with special considerations.

A RV itself can be 40 feet longs and with all the appliances, furniture it can get really heavy. RV Tires at the bottom handle all the load and they need t be in real good conditions. Check current price of this travel trailer tire by goodyear on, it is highly rated.

It is not that all RV’s will be this heavy, it all depends on the class of your RV. A luxurious class A motorhome that can be as lengthy as 40 feet will weigh anything in between 25000 to 40000 pounds. A class C on the other hand is just a little less than class A. It can be of a length that is upto 30 feet with a minimum of 20 feet and can weigh around 14000 pounds.

Class B motorhome are smallest and weight least among all 3. They can be upto 20 feet long and weigh around 8000 pounds max. They all have different lengths and different weight and thus need tires that have different capacity and strength. Class A tire are most capable and also cost higher than for others.

Class A motorhome tires

When it comes to choosing a class A motorhome tire you definitely need to compare on quality, brand and other factors that directly relate to durability and handling the rv weight. While these factors are important, cost is also an significant thing to consider. A best rv tire would definitely come at a higher cost and no all can go for this. Most people would want something that balances out the price and the quality and strike a deal that is best for them. A good reputable brand with a quality and a price that fair should be your target.

Popular brands for RV tires

There are good number of trusted tire brands for assured quality. Some of the most popular brands include Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Road Warrier and many others. Some of the best class A motorhome tires are manufactured by these brands.

With so many brands the competition is high and prices that are competitive for them. However since the RV types, sizes, lengths and weight vary differently a good fit for your RV can be any among these and its upto you how you chose the tire. A RV tire that you select should be considered as a investment since you wouldn’t replace the tire yearly and thus making a right decision is much more important.

Class A motorhome tire cost

If you select a branded motorhome tire then an average cost for class A motorhome can be as high as $330, you need to do proper research before you transact for the deal though. A good rv tire should be able to give you ease of load handling for good period. Many companies say that the tires can be used for as long as five to 7 years if used as per their technical recommendations.

A good care, and not exceeding the limits of weight should definitely give you those years without any issues (if you purchase the branded ones that trusted internationally). Only a quality tire can sustain for long. And paying for cheap tires which can fail at any time will not make any sense. Thus go for a quality tire at any time. There are number of trusted brands that manufacture class A motorhome tires.. Here are some tires and their costs. Some few tire cost examples from branded are as below :

MICHELIN XRV 235/80R-22.5 : Can cost around $430
BOTO BT926 245/70R-19.5 : can cost around $165
YOKOHAMA TY303 255/70R -22.5 : This tire can be in cost range of around $325
Goodyear Endurance 295/75R-22.5 : can cost around 485
Bridgestone R184 215/75R-17.5 can be in the range of $269
Toyo M122 255/70R-22.5 : Can cost you around $320

While these are some sample examples, their cost will be mostly in this range but lot depends from where buy them. You have number of options as to from where you can buy them.

  1. You can buy the motorhome tires online using different online specialist RV/truck tire deal makers. At time this can be tricky and you need to do this with proper research and online trust of the site. It is better if you have any friend or relative who has previously done the trade there earlier.
  2. Buy from camping world : a good deal maker where you can buy from different brands. A general trust is good and has a reputation for the service.
  3. Buy during RV rally’s. Many vendors sell tires during RV rally, and you can get them at discounted rates there.
  4. Retailers : Try big players like walmart, amazon for buying rv tires. You can also try for discount here. Heated competition among them is a great way for customers to get discounts in many sectors including tires. You shouldn’t miss on that discount
  5. Check good deals at local, state or country level truck tire dealers.


Buying a rv tire is a significant investment just like buying a new RV or used RV.. Comparing tire prices for different brands and drawing a balancing line between quality and price is all you need to do. While a class A motorhome tire can cost you anything around $330, choose something that gives quality and not something that can make you pay for replacement much earlier. Choose means of buying careful, as this will decide the quality and discounts that you get. Finally do as much research as possible both online as well as offline. Try taking advice from those who had the experience of replacing rv tires previously. There is no substitute for experience.

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