How to make RV AC more efficient

How to make RV AC more efficient

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Traveling during the summer to the hot part of the country can be challenging. Many people have found it difficult to deal with the hot weather when they are on their holidays.

If you are traveling into the desert or too hot parts of the country with your RV, you need a good RV air conditioner. This is the easiest and most powerful tool to have to help you deal with the hot climate.

There are several RV ACs in the market, making it very difficult to find a good one. Most air conditioners are ineffective and expensive.

Different ways to make RV Air conditioners more efficient

Air conditioners are the easiest to maintain because they require little work. People are used to switching on and off their home thermostat; thus, they think adjusting or maintaining the RV air conditioner will be the same, but they often get disappointed.

To maximize the effectiveness of your RV air conditioner, you need to understand a few things, and your work will be simplified.

The first step is by understanding how the system function.

Knowing its functionality will help you know what to adjust to bring fresh and relaxing air; you will also be in a better position to know how much power the system uses and the correct power level that will allow it to function to the fullest.

Also, it is good to understand the weakness of the system to handle it better.

How does the RV Air conditioner system work?

In this air conditioner, we have a compressor that is used for compress purposes only. The coolant present in the compressor is compressed to form steam.

The condenser is designed to remove the heat and condense the steam into the liquid. The return air is then passed through the evaporator coil, which helps extract the heat from the already produced air to expand and evaporate.

After the heat has been removed from the air, the cold air is produced and spread to the RV to have comfortable and relaxing air in your comfort zone.

Understanding the limitations of your RV AC is a crucial factor.

In most cases, RV air conditioners are not functioning well, not because they are at fault but because the owner failed to understand the limits.

According to statistics, most air conditioners fail to function because of dirty filters, pollutants, and dust.

There are several recommended ways you can ensure you get full service from your RV air conditioner.

The first thing is to ensure the filters are clean and unobtrusive. You can do this by washing the filters at least once every two months. However, it is good to clean them whenever you feel the air being produced is not clean.

Clean the filters using lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Be sure to rinse well and allow it to dry overnight. You can clean the using air compressor.

Ensure the return air is free of contaminants and is not obstructed by dirt or other contaminants that might interfere with the quality of air supplied.

RV air conditioners are known for using low voltage, but it is always advisable to have 115V AC per device if you want to be on the same side. The good thing with enough power is that your AC will be able to function to the fullest.

Heat generating appliances consume a lot of heat which affects the functionality of your AC. Additionally, they generate a lot of hot air in the RV. This will interfere with the cold air supplied in the coach. To avoid this, ensure you minimize their usage.

Sometimes you might find that the hot climate has overwhelmed the AC. In such a situation, you need to add some fans inside the rig to ensure the air supply is of high quality, as expected. Extra fans will help circulate fresh air. You are also advised to remove the pockets which warm up the atmosphere.

Install LED lights because they don’t consume a lot of electricity, and they are ten times cooler than regular bulbs. Last but not least, ensure you park your RV in the shade to avoid being exposed to the hot sun to allow the hot air to come out quickly.

If followed to the latter, this knowledge, I am sure you will maximize your air conditioner’s effectiveness.

How to increase RV airflow?

You can do several things right to ensure the airflow in your RV is good and in plenty. First, you need to buy a ducted air conditioner.

Some RVs don’t come with good air conditioners, so purchasing this will increase the air supply. The good thing with a ducted RV is that it has several vents and dust that increases the air supply.

Improve RV’s Air Ventilation by ensuring it is well vented so that you will have a constant supply of fresh air. You can also increase the cold or fresh air supply by closing the windows of the warmer side.

Clean the air filters. The air supplied in the RV is directly affected by the behavior of the filters. If the filters are dirty, you will not get fresh air. To ensure you ensure fresh air, ensure the filters are always clean. Also, ensure there is no heat in the couch by avoiding appliances that produce a lot of heat.

How to make it colder quickly

The air conditioner works perfectly when in closed space; therefore, to attain coldness quickly, ensure you close the windows and eliminate vents. This will allow your RV air conditioner to cool faster.

Ensure you use in-house lighting so that you can do away with heat generation. The use of LED light reduces heat generated.

What type of AC best suits RVs?

Several air conditioners are in the market; thus, finding the best performing can be a big issue. The flowing is a list of proven RV ACs that will give you maximum service:

  • Domestic Brick 11 15k BTU
  • Furrion FACR14SA-PS RV Rooftop RV Air Conditioner
  • Airxcel 08-0080 Arctic 15.0 Rooftop AC
  • Dometic Penguin II 20 Amp Low Profile Rooftop AC
  • Airxcel 472038876 Mach 8 Plus AC
  • Honeywell MN12CESBB Portable Multipurpose AC
  • Dometic Blizzard Nxt 15,000 BTU Rooftop RV AC with Heat Pump

How long do RV Ac’s last

The durability of your RV air conditioner depends on several factors: how often it is being used, the heat level when it is being used, and how often you clean it.

However, RV Ac can last for several years if operated and maintained well. Some say they can last up to a decade.

There is no doubt that we all need RV AC during the summer and in hot places. Having the well-functioning air condition in your RV gives you peace of mind while enjoying your summer in style.

To ensure your RV Air conditioner work perfectly, cleaning and regularly checking should be adapted. If you do these things well, your RV AC will last for up to 10 years.

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