RV Set-Up Checklist For Newbie or First Timers

RV Set-Up Checklist For Newbie or First Timers

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A checklist Is an essential thing in everyday life. It can be used when packing or planning meals for a trip. An RV checklist ensures that you have an easy time camping. For that reason, for a successful trip, you need to plan well.

An RV setup checklist will help you have a smooth and easy start after buying a new RV trailer. Different RVs have different makes and models that is why you need a set-up checklist to assist you in understanding your RV.

Here is what you need to do before you start your trip in the new Rv. Ensure that you check on the following;

Setting up RV at a campground or boondocking site

The first thing you need to do is ensure that find an ideal location on the campground and you park right. When packing the RV ensures that there is enough space for all slide-outs.

Bring out the slides and check for any obstacles like trees and poles or any other RV packed next. That way, you will avoid crushing or damaging your slides. You should also ensure that you park your RV in a safe place.


This is the next thing you need to do after packing your RV. It is very essential because if not level you will have a rough time sleeping, using the refrigerator, and cooking too. Poor leveling can also cause the tires to wear out too soon.

Things can roll back and forth in the camper making it uncomfortable to relax in the RV. It will also be a hassle using the toilets and bathroom too. Leveling on a concrete slab is easier than on a campground.

You need to use a level to check how leveled the ground is. Some people use Bluetooth vehicle leveling to help them save on energy. The Bluetooth vehicle leveling also helps them in finding a level spot.

There are also different ways to level your RV. You can use the RV leveling block system that uses the plastic blocks underneath the RV or under the stabilizers to lift the RV. You can also use the easy hydraulic leveling system. You use hydraulic jacks to lift the RV from the ground.

Another way is to use the stabilizer jacks that come in hand with the RV and can be used to make the RV stable.

Tires and pressure

Tire pressure for RVs is the most difficult thing to comprehend for most first-time RV users. Tire pressure should be put to the maximum found on the sidewall and not on the chassis plate.

If it is a hassle to find the right inflation pressure for your RV, You should contact the manufacturer who will guide you. if you end up putting less pressure on the tires, the RV might deflate before you complete your journey.

The tires might not serve you long before you need more pressure. To avoid the hassle of finding pressure while at the camping site, before you start your journey, ensure that you put maximum pressure on the RV tires.

Kitchen set up

This is the essential and center place of the RV. It is where you will spend most of your time cooking and eating.

You need to set up the kitchen to ensure that you can cook as soon as possible and enjoy your camping meals. Have a meal plan. You will need to know what you will cook for the days you will be in the RV.

That way, it will be easy to know what foodstuffs you will need to carry. Good food will also help you create memories. Also, check on the utensils, dishes, and cups too. They will help you in serving and preparing your meals. You should also carry cleaning products like soaps and shampoos for washing the dishes and floor.

This will ensure cleanliness while traveling. Another thing you should never forget is to set up your outdoor kitchen. Ensure that you have the best grill to give you a wholesome experience grilling your meat.

A good outdoor kitchen will also accommodate more people and will tend to be more spacious. Store the foodstuffs in the refrigerator to avoid them getting spoilt. You can also test the microwave and any kitchen appliance to ensure that they are properly working and suit your purpose and needs.

Bathroom and toilet set up

You need to ensure that your bathroom has soap, shampoo, deodorants, toilet paper, and toothpaste. This will ensure that you have an easy time using the toilet or bathroom. Also, ensure that your toilet jas enough water to wash hands after use and also flush down waste.

Water hose set up

You never want to run out of water in the RV. Water is essential for use in the RV like showering, drinking, and washing the dishes. Ensure that the water hose pipes are well fit.

You also need to choose water hose pipe measurements that ensure good connectivity from the water source. Choose water hose pipes that will last longer without having to call a plumber to fix them. Getting hose systems that wear out is only going to be an expense for you.

Also, ensure that there are different pipes that direct water to the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. That way, you will ensure water efficiency in the RV. The water hose connection should have filters to ensure water is filtered for good hygiene.

Water pressure regulator

Always have an RV water regulator just in case water pressure is too high. In case water pressure is low, you will not need to have a water pressure regulator.

Too much water pressure can damage the water pipes and systems. For that reason, ensure that you monitor water flow in the RV to help you gauge if you need a water pressure regulator.

Sewer hose set up

Ensure that the sewer system pipes are correctly connected. That way, you will avoid replacing them more often. You should connect a loft sewer hose to a successful connection.

The first step when connecting a sewer hose is to put a sewer adapter on the RV’s tank drains. Then you measure the distance between the ground and the bottom of the adapter and minus 2 inches and cut.

To the end of the sewer hose adapter add a rubber with 3 inches diameter and put it together. Ensure that the connections are tight and no leaks.

Electrical outlets set up

Plug in the RV power source and use a surge protector or an RV auto former. This will help you safeguard sensitive and expensive appliances in the RV.

The surge protector will also help you save up on some money. The electrical system will be used for overhead lighting, cooking, refrigerator, and hot showers. You do not need to be an electrician to fit up your new RV electrical system. RVs have a 12 volt battery that can run the electric equipment in the trailer.

For an efficient electricity supply, you need to understand the basics of electrical wiring, voltages, and plugs. That way, it will be easy to understand if anything in the camper goes wrong. It will also be easy to fix electrical issues to avoid damage and fire in the RV.

Propane tank set up

The propane tank is the most essential thing in the RV. It is like the nerve center of the RV. It is used for cooking, refrigeration, and hot water showers. The propane tank serves the main functions in the RV.

That is why before you start your journey, you need to ensure that your propane tank is well fit ad functional. You also need to understand the two types of propane tanks that are the ASME tanks and the Dot cylinders. That way, it will be easy to tell which propane tank your RV has. Also, you need to fill your propane tank.

You can do this by taking your RV to the nearest propane dealer. Ensure that you choose a certified dealer to ensure that you have the best propane. You will also note that some dealers will allow you to use your propane while others will require an employee to pump it for you.

In case you are short of propane while at the campground, you can consult the campground as some of them have propane refills. Propane expands when subjected to heat and that is why it is only put at 80% capacity. Propane tanks come in different shapes, sizes, and different uses.

You will also note that the size of your RV determines the size of the propane tank. Check where your RV propane tank is located because RVs have different propane tanks locations. Another trick to first-time RV users is that refilling an existing propane tank Is cheaper than buying a new one for exchange.


Everybody needs to rest after a long day of work. the same case applies to RVs after a long that or week of camping. They need proper storage to ensure that they serve you longer. Storing the RV will also help you prepare it for the next camping adventure.

You need to look for a good storage location for your RV. If you have enough space at home, then you can opt to store it there. Choose a place that the RV will not get direct sunlight, rain, or extreme harsh weather conditions. That way, you will ensure that your location is climate-controlled.

You need to look out for this because you do not know when you will be using it next. You might also require put it in a storage facility that is close to you. Before storing it, you will need to do a deep clean. Ensure that you clean up everything in the RV. Remove any dirt to prevent it from building up when in the storage room.

Be sure that where you store your RV there are no pests. That way, you will be sure that the RV is safe for the next travel. You will also need to drain all fluids in the camper. Ensure that you drain water and sewer pipes before storing them. This will ensure that there are no clogs in the pipes.

Restroom set up

You will need to establish an aerial connection for the RV TV and Radio. This is what will entertain you while in the RV. Set up your satellite dish in a place that allows a good connection. Switch on the TV or Radio and start watching or listening to your favorite channel.

You will also need to check on the beds to ensure that they are in good condition. You can also set up the furniture according to how you want them to look. That way, you will ensure comfortability while watching, resting, or reading your novel.

Also, extend any slide out to establish more sleeping or resting space in the RV.

Hitch, connection, or towing car

When towing cars to an RV you will need to ensure that you have the right equipment. You will begin by parking on leveled ground. Ensure that when parking you leave some space for your car.

Towing will require some extra practice to ensure that you it correctly. You also need to prepare the car that needs to tow. Ensure that you follow the manufactures guide on how to tow the car. Ensure that the car’s steering is locked by inserting the ignition key and turning it to ACC and leaving the key in the ignition.


Buying an RV for your next camping or vacation trip is one of the best things you can do. You will need to ensure that you know how to use the RV before the planned travel date. That way, you will ensure that you have a smooth trip.

Have a checklist for all the equipment set up. This will help you identify a problem in case anything stops working. Familiarize yourself with everything to help you use the RV for the first time.

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