How to make rv air conditioner quieter

How to make rv air conditioner quieter

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Having a noisy air conditioner inside a rv or travel trailer can be so much annoying. So, how do you quiet a RV Air conditioner?

It is a spoiler in an otherwise awesome vacation, isn’t it? You will also find camper air conditioners that make humming noise.

Not long ago did i meet “martin” a fellow camper who was so much annoyed with his old AC that he replaced it within one weeks time.

Why does RV AC makes noise? In most cases, old RV air conditioners make squeaking noise when the rubber cushion that is used to absorb vibration has worn out or the nuts, bolts and screws have become loose. Dirty fan blades that go out of balance can also result in loud AC noise in RV.

There can be multiple reasons why a RV Ac makes noise and getting to the root case is critical if you really want to solve the problem. Yes, in above case martin did try everything but it was inevitable for him as the AC was too old.

Some popular RV A/C silencers can reduce the RV air conditioner noise by around 8 to 10 decibels. These silencers have cotton duct liner that gives superior acoustic and thermal performance. They are easy to install and no drilling is required. Apart from this, tightening loosened nuts and bolts, cleaning fan blades and regular maintenance can keep the AC noise low.

Consider hiring a certified RV AC technician for carrying out these repairs and maintenance. If all these efforts do not reduce the noise then the AC has become old enough or is of bad quality and its time to get a new one.

In most cases you should be able to troubleshoot the AC noise. In this article, lets explore various reason why an air conditioner could be making that noise inside your camper and how you can reduce that noise. Lets get started.

1. Purchase noise reducing silencer kit

Air conditioner manufacturers like dometic do give noise reducing kits and if you had got one then do make use of it if its noisy. In case you are one of those who hasn’t go the kit then do purchase one.

RV AC noise reducing silencer kit by wack0

It can be of great help specially if the noise isn’t due to any malfunctioning of the AC. I myself use a AC silencer and it works great. Its really great when you suddenly free yourself from that annoying and consistent noise.

With the advances in technology and inventions you get better and improved AC noise reducer.

You will find AC noise reducing kits that not only reduce the noise but also help enhance the air flow, and come with easy DIY steps for installation.

Here are your best RV AC noise reducing kits. Wacko has 2 different models, one for Coleman AC and the other one for Dometic A/C.

1. Wacko Coleman RV A/C Silencer CA200

  • Priced at $189
  • reduces Nosie by 3 to 6 decibels
  • 4 layered weave design filter that si nonporous
  • easy installation
  • Designed for Coleman AC with ducted system

2. Wacko Dometic RV A/C Silencer DA100

  • Priced at $189
  • reduces the AC noise by 8-10 decibels
  • Can install in less than 15 minutes without drilling
  • Designed for Dometic AC with ducted system
  • Weighs around 2.93 lbs

Now, lets see some diy techniques that can reduce the noise. You can take help from a certified technician as well.

2. Replace fan motor on the Air conditioner

rv air conditioner fan
rv air conditioner fan

Understanding why the RV AC makes noise can help fix the problem.

This tip can reduce the noise greatly if it turns out to be the main cause. Check the fan motor on the RV and replace it if its in bad shape.

Many a times when you ask the technician to see why the noise is coming, the answer to that question turns out to be fan motor issue.

One can replace the fan motor at lesser cost and its also a task to do provided you have basic knowledge about electrical, electronic or mechanical appliances.

This happens with older or heavily used AC’s where in the bearing becomes rough and results in vibrations. And thus, the air conditioner runs in a compact RV makes noise.

RV Air conditioner noise reduction

If you are not the guy who understands the in and outs about mechanical parts of the AC then check with a professional RV technician who can give you proper advice.

This method can definitely help quiet RV AC for sure.

3. Loosen the AC Mounting a little bit

rv inside of the rv
rv inside of the rv

Before getting the technician to look into the AC you can check if the AC is tightly mounted on the RV. This happened to one of my friends who was annoyed for couple of weeks by the very loud AC noise.

Upon doing some checks he found that the air conditioner was tightly mounted and due to his mechanical background he quickly found the way to reduce the noise.

A tightly mounted air conditioner on top of the camper roof results in vibrations being transmitted inside the RV through frames and walls. This can be very loud if the ac is in full operation.

Slightly loosing the mounting can reduce the noise very much. You definitely need to check on this before making any other fixes. This one tip helps a lot of RVers to stop the RV AC noise.

4. Do regular maintenance

Doing regular RV AC maintenance can be of great help and you wont face such issues while camping. It will make your RV AC more efficient as well.

If you follow regular schedule on maintenance then you may not even have to think about how to quiet a rv ac.

A technician well aware about in and outs of air conditioner will help you keep it in good shape. Cleaning the ducts, motors and air pipes can keep the noise levels down.

how to maintain and clean your rv roof air conditioner

You definitely need the maintenance in case of older air conditioners otherwise with time they do show up. If you yourself can check on the air conditioner and other appliances then that can be better (provided you have enough basic knowledge on this).

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There can be multiple reasons why an air conditioner is making noise. For example, blocked air flow through vents can make noise, in which case you need to clean and make sure it is open. Make sure the ducts are clean as that too can be a cause of the noise.

5. Replace the AC and get a newer quieter one

air conditioner inside of the rv
air conditioner inside of the rv

Sure, we do have solutions and tips to reduce the noise in camper AC but at times the best tip can be to replace the noisy AC itself.

This applies to those old camper air conditioners. Some times we are stuck with old models that can hardly be repaired and fixed. And in such times the best thing to do is to just go for that new super quite air conditioner for your camper trailer.

New and luxury RV’s like class A or class C and even modern fifth wheel are equipped with advanced quite air conditioners.

Air conditioner is one such appliance that will work fine until it just gives up and produces lot of noise which can be intolerable. You will find lots of modern quietest air conditioners out there. If you have decided to go ahead on this then do make sure you check on below points about RV air conditioner.

  • It should obviously make very less noise. Buy a quiet Air conditioner for RV
  • Should be from reputed companies like dometic or atwook
  • Easy to install and lighter in weight
  • Buy AC size that suits your needs (BTU)
  • It Should be within budget
  • Should not affect your RV head clearance
  • Give you good air distribution inside the camper
  • Other features like air purifier

Conclusion :

Fixing a loud noisy ac may not be difficult provided its not a very old model. Using a noise silencer kit is a great way to go ahead if your AC manufacture did provide you one. Regular maintenance, cleaning should be done on regular basis and you should not wait until your AC starts to make noise.

If you are planning to replace the AC that is very old then make sure you get a one that is very quieter. Get it fitted with the help of technician and make sure the mounting is properly done as otherwise that can be the reason for noise.

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