Motorcycle Camper Trailer – Your Ultimate Guide

Motorcycle Camper Trailer – Your Ultimate Guide

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For people who enjoy motorcycle trips and adventures, motorcycle campers may be just what they need. These are small and compact RVs that are easily towed by a motorcycle.

If you are tired of sleeping on ground and walking up to chilly mornings, then a motorcycle camper can be a solution. Tent camping is great but it comes with difficulties. A small motorcycle trailer camper can be a great way to have a nice little protective shade while sleeping.

What are Motorcycle Campers?

As the name suggests, motorcycle campers are a type of campers built and designed to be towed by a motorcycle for the purpose of camping. They are pretty small in terms of space and amenities. This makes them affordable and easy to tow behind motorcycles.

Though they often resemble pop-up campers, they are more compact, smaller, and lightweight. They are both affordable and accessible and can turn your motorcycle trip into an enjoyable camping trip.

How does it work

Motorcycle campers works on a simple crank system that can fold down to a box. While in collapsed state it would look like a small box that can be easily transported. The walls and roof is actually a canvas tent that has to setup once you are at the camping spot.

Once you reach the camping spot you can set it up in less than 10 minutes. A single person can do the setup and it wont bother you much.

Most campers will have setup that will allow to expand it into a living space, and a sleeping space. The sections will open out and are supported with structures to handle enough weight. Once you pull out the sections next is to setup the canvas which will be stored inside the storage.

The canvas can be tied on all the sides with provision to keep it safe from insects and mosquitoes. The whole setup can be done by a single person and wont take more than 10 minutes.

The cargo can accommodate most of your stuff that you generally bring along for camping.

It will take similar time to unpack the camper. The canvas can be folded and strapped back in the storage.

Below is a video showing the set up of a time out motorcycle pop-up camper.

setting up a motorcycle camper trailer

What Do They Include, Their Cost

Just like other types of RVs, these camper trailers include various amenities such as sleeping accommodations and a small vestibule for changing clothes. Others have an attached sunshade that allows you to turn the space around into a mobile back porch.

Most motorcycle campers only include sleeping space with some limited cargo storage. These are modest campers which are meant to be affordable and light weight.

Since these camper trailers are quite small, they don’t offer other luxuries that you will find in bigger RVs such as bathrooms and kitchen.

Usually you wont find heating or cooling in a motorcycle camper. But, some models do include air conditioning as well as heating which usually costs more. One can also get a portable AC and space heater as an added accessories.

Do not expect kitchen facility inside such compact campers. You can setup your own grill or stove outside for cooking though. There wont be toilet or bathroom shower for camping as well.

The cost of purchasing motorcycle campers ranges from $2,000 to about $6,000. However, this cost varies from smaller to larger models based on how much living capacity it has. For smaller models, the cost is less than $3,000, while for larger models, the cost can go up to $6,000.

If you want to equip your motorcycle with extra towing features, the cost will increase. If you want to buy a motorcycle tow behind camper trailer, make sure you compare different models to find the one that suits you.

There are second-hand motorcycle pop up camper trailers available in the market. However, such campers are more likely to be out of their warranty. If you want a used one, make sure it is not damaged, and everything is in good working condition.

You will also find such campers listed on craigslist. A used camper will cost way less then a branded new one.

Size and Weight

Motorcycle pull behind campers are lightweight to enable them to be towed easily by motorcycles. They weigh about 300 pounds on average.

It is always important to check and understand your motorcycle’s specifications to ensure it can tow the trailer. You should avoid overloading your motorcycle by ensuring you load the trailer with half the weight of your motorcycle.

Furthermore, you should ensure that your motorcycle is fitted with the right kind of equipment, such as rear light wiring and a hitch.

Pros of motorcycle campers

Why would someone buy a motorcycle pulling camper? Well here are some reasons.

  • They are low cost RVing options. If you are just starting your RVing journey then motorcycle pull behind camper is a great and a low cost option to start with. You can get one of these campers in less than $2000.
  • A great way of camping for a solo camper. If as a single person you don’t want a big RV but just a space to sleep at night while you travel, then this is a great option.
  • Great option for those who want to travel with their motorcycle.
  • An awesome way to enjoy outdoors. Such campers are a great way to go closer to the nature.
  • Their Lightweight design is juts the perfect trailer you want to tow. A motorcycle can easily tow them and also wont put much pressure on the mpg.
  • Better than tent camping.
  • No worries of storage and transportation. They can be stored inside your car garage.
  • Can add awning to further increase the space you have for living.
  • Great for boondocking for a short period trip. You can take it wherever your motorcycle can go. But, may not be suited for long stays as you wont have enough storage and water.

Cons of motorcycle pop-up camper

Sure, they are attractive to those who are just starting their RVing journey. But, you may quickly feel the need to upgrade. Here are some disadvantages of these campers.

  • They are small and compact. This may make you uncomfortable as the space is limited. Specially with time you will feel the need to go big.
  • Not great in winters. A chilling cold will not protect you. Unlike other hard sided RVs they have very little insulation and not suited for harsh weather.
  • Not suited for more than 2 people. Its a camper that is suited for a single person. Some also have 2 people space but that wont be comforting and you have to adjust.
  • Don’t expect luxuries inside such campers. They are basic campers suited for modest living with limited amenities.
  • Not for kids. If you have kids then better look for a bigger RV.
  • No bathroom or toilet. So, when the nature calls you have to search for the option.
  • Limited storage. You can only bring in a limited stuff.
  • These aren’t for long camping trips. A single day camping is all you can do without issues.

What motorcycles Can Pull Campers?

Not all motorcycles can pull campers. The right motorcycle should have a hitch and wiring required for powering the rear brake lights.

Before you go for your trip, ensure that the trailer is within the safe and correct towing weight for your motorcycle. This is because you will need to pack clothing, food, and other essentials for your trip.

If the weight of the camper being towed is heavier, it will have a big impact on your motorcycle’s performance.

The easiest way to know if your motorcycle can tow a camper trailer is to check the manufacturer’s fully loaded weight. From this weight, deduct the motorcycle’s, your weight, and the weight of your luggage.

Since most motorcycle micro camper trailers weigh between 250 and 400 pounds, make sure you tow with a decent-sized motorcycle.

Can You Sleep Inside Motorcycle Camper Trailers?

Yes, you can sleep inside your motorcycle mini camper trailer. These trailers come with enough sleeping space that includes a bed and a mattress.

Some motorcycle hauling camper trailers will have sleeping space for two people. The size of the bed and the quality of the mattress varies based on how big is the camper.

Different Types of Motorcycle Campers

Today, there is a wide variety of motorcycle campers to choose from. These campers have different features, sizes, and their cost is also different.

If you are planning to buy a new motorcycle popup camper trailers, here are the different types to choose from.

1. Open Trailers

While the open trailers are not specifically designed for camping, they allow you to load the camping gear you need, including the tents, coolers, and storage.

With open trailers, you can easily transport your motorcycle to your campsite without putting any mileage or wear and tear on the tires. This is a great option if you want to be able to ride your motorcycle without a heavy load.

The best thing about open trailers is that they are both cheap and versatile in that you can transport anything with it. However, since it’s an open trailer, you should make sure everything is secure while on the road.

2. Cargo Trailers

The cargo trailers are fully enclosed trailers that give you many options of carrying anything you need for your camping.

While they are more costly than open trailers, they have some advantages that you cannot get from open trailers. With cargo trailers, you can easily lock-up your camping gear and store food at your campsite.

Cargo trailers provide motorcyclists an easy and company way of increasing storage space for the motorcycle. They come with enough storage to store food, tents, clothing, and other camping gear.

3. Pop-Up Camper Trailers

The pop-up camp trailers are specifically designed for camping using your motorcycle. They have increased cargo capacity as well as sleeping space to rest after a long day of camping.

This trailer gives you the freedom to travel comfortably by carrying all the gear you need to make your trip enjoyable.

They are small and can be towed easily behind a motorcycle. They come with a tent that fits over the top of the trailer.

Some models are big to accommodate two people. Moreover, they have ample storage, a luggage rack, and stabilizers when unhooking from the motorcycle.

4. Clamshell Camper Trailers

A motorcycle clamshell trailer is almost similar to a pop-up camper. However, this type of camper trailer is a bit different in that the two halves of the box are opened to create a living space.

Clamshell camper trailers are designed to give you style and comfort. They allow you to sleep comfortably inside by protecting you from extreme temperatures and elements. These trailers are for motorcyclists who want to camp with modern conveniences.

Best Motorcycle Campers

If you enjoy riding on your motorcycle, then these camper RVs are the best options for you. There are lots of motorcycle camper manufacturers to consider.

With the many models available in the market, here are the best motorcycle camper trailers to begin with your camping journey.

1. Time Out Camper

This motorcycle camper trailer is quick to set up and easy to tow using your motorcycle. T takes about three minutes to set it up. It weighs about 345 pounds.

The storage space is 23 cubic feet after the tent is inside it, and when you fold the tent, you get extra 16 cubic feet of storage space. It comes with a queen-sized mattress, a table, and a chair.

This tiny camper is highly customizable. This means that you can get extras and upgrades to meet your needs. The frame of the camper is made with aluminum side panels to ensure the inside of the camper remains at the right temperatures.

2. The Kwik Kamp II

kwik kamp camper trailer

This motorcycle pop up camper trailer is an excellent option for towing behind your motorcycle. It is a simple pop-up trailer that is simple to set up. It comes with enough sleeping space for two people.

The size of these camper trailers is 24 cubic feet, which allows you to have enough storage for your camping gear.

It comes with an excellent build. The tent is made of polyester materials that are weather-resistant and highly durable. The wheels are made of aluminum. It comes with tail lights and stabilizer jacks.

This motorcycle pull behind camper trailer comes with a king-size mattress that allows more than two people to seep there. The windows are large, and you can enjoy the sunset while in the trailer.

3. Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

Video Guide for kompact camper

This is a budget-friendly camper. It has been used for over 30 years. It is very lightweight and weighs 265 pounds.

The trailer comes with a small bed with cushions designed to accommodate one person. The interior of this camper s carpeted and comes with LED lights, two stabilizer jacks, and a luggage rack.

It takes about two minutes to set and tow the trailer behind your motorcycle. It is made from fiberglass, which is durable. Additionally, the trailer has rubber torsion suspensions, which allow you to go camping off-road.

4. Easy Rider Teardrop Camper

This is a tiny but stylish motorcycle camper trailer that packs lots of amenities in the available space. It comes with a 7-inch screen, exterior LED lights, two skylights, and storage cabinets.

It has vinyl walls and deluxe window shades. It is lightweight and easy to tow to your ideal campground using your motorcycle. This camper is available in different sizes that vary according to the towing capacity of your motorcycle. You can either buy the 6 foot or 7-foot camper.

Motorcycle campers can give you a whole new world of various camping options. They give you the freedom to camp and sleep anywhere you want for your adventures.

5. Double duty utility trailer

This motorcycle tent trailer will keep you dry off the ground. You can pull it with your favorite Harley or any other similar motorcycle. If you love going off grid camping then this is a perfect partner for such adventure trail trips.

It is designed nicely and can be towed by any class II towing vehicle. With a 7′ ceiling height and an overall dining plus sleeping area of 81 square feet, this camper is a great outdoor trailer.

It provides sleeping space for upto 6 people, which is great. Normally, these campers do not sleep this many. It can accommodate 1 queen sized mattress. It is featured with number of amenities that gives it a real RV experience.

Fitted with LED lighting, stabilizer jacks this is definitely a feature packed motorcycle tent camper. With its heavy duty rust resistant construction and coated finish, the camper can be great even during bad weather.

5. Spitfire XT

This camper tent trailer weighs just under 300 lbs and yet gives you great experience a camper would give of that size. It includes a cargo box that will allow you to carry things needed for your trip. You can lad the cargo upto around 160 kgs, so you can carry your extra clothes, water, few other items that wont exceed that weight.

This aluminum built camper has a smooth ride and can also be towed behind car. There are other model that slightly larger ex. Journey XL and Journey XL off road. This other models weigh more than 800 lbs and therefore will need at least small car to tow them.

Overall the lightweight design of this camper makes it perfect for a motorcycle.

6. MyPod Teardrop Motorcycle Camper

This teardrop can be pulled by a motorcycle as it weighs just around 660 lbs. Little heavier than other options in our list, this is camper that provides extra features like ac, fan and entrainment center.

This hard sided trailer is a perfect option for those who want a little extra from their motorcycle camper. Its a 100% fiberglass molded camper on a sturdy frame.

There are multiple colors to choose from. Its a perfect camper if you are willing to spend a little higher as compared to other campers. It is not only packed with features but also looks stylish and a perfect fit for your luxurious motorcycle.

This is a ultralightweight camper that can also be upgraded with more features if needed.

Don’t want canvas on the camper?

If you want hard walls and roof then teardrop camper can be your next upgrade. Teardrop trailers are small and are mostly suited for towing using a car. Some of these also weigh less enough to be towed by motorcycles. People also try DIY projects and make compact low weighing teardrop campers that can be towed by motorcycles.

It is also possible to build your own motorcycle camper. People, mostly those who love DIY project, do make their own hard shell campers (teardrop camper) that can be hauled by motorcycles. You get trailer kits which can be transformed into a camper as per your requirements.

Want to try using such a camper before buying, then you can try rental as well. Though you wont find many listings of campers on popular sites, try small dealers or forums or even craigslist if owner are willing to give their motorcycle campers for rent.

What to look for in motorcycle campers

Generally speaking you don’t get many options in this type of camper trailers. Therefore, while choosing you need to make sure you are picking just the right one.

Ordering such campers can take time and therefore be sure you select the right manufacturer. Here are some things to look for while ordering motorcycle camper.

1. Easy setup

It should be easy to set it up at the camping spot without the need of another person.

Give more importance to how you can set it up. It should be easy to set the camper else you will only regret the buy. A tent placing on the trailer may look easy but when you actually do it, it may turn out to be a tedious job if the camper isn’t designed properly.

Also, it should take as less time as possible. Although, most of the options that we saw above are quite fast in setting it up, others may not be as easy and fast. Therefore, do a thorough research on the setup design of the camper.

2. Enough storage

Although you may not have big storage, it should have enough to carry stuff you would need for a days stay. A solo camper you may need to carry stuff like clothing, water, electronics items, some food items and other necessary things. Some people also travel full time with such camper, and that’s when you need more storage.

3. Reasonably priced

These are affordable options and you don’t want to spend too much on these as otherwise it would be better to go for hard sided trailers.

This is an important factor too. You don’t want to spend 10K on a motorcycle camper. With that price, you can get a nice little travel trailer. Although some people don’t mind spending that much, specially those who want to ride with their bikes only.

Even then, make sure you are paying the right amount for this modest camper.

4. Should be low weight

A motorcycle can tow only a limited weight and therefore make sure the camper is as low weighing as possible. The whole idea will go wrong if the weight exceeds the limit of your motorcycle capacity. So, be sure to check the dry weight and GVWR of the camper.

5. Should be tough enough for off grid roads

If you are going boondocking on narrow roads then having rugged camper will be good. If you love going on such rides then be sure to get a camper that can be well off during such rides. A motorcycle can go through narrow roads and you need a camper that wont stop you from going through such roads.

6. Should be spacious and well organized

Even though most of these will be very compact try and get something that utilizes the space in good manner. Check whether the camper will be good enough for you height. Specially, for tall people short campers can be hard for sleeping. Do check the overall interior length and height. Most campers wont have sufficient height for standing but at-least it should not restrict while sleeping.

7. Features

Though, these are just a sleeping space under the tent, it wont be bad to get some cool features inside these campers. Try to look for campers that provide additional features.

A better sleeping space and a good cargo storage too. See how comfortable it is going to be, sometimes a good interior may not always be comforting. It all depends on the design. Should have good windows as well. A properly ventilated camper will be more comforting.

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