Mobile RV Repair Services – How, Why and Cost

Mobile RV Repair Services – How, Why and Cost

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One of our appreciations for motorhomes is that repairs can be done quickly and efficiently by the owner.

In some cases, you may need some repair assistance. When these more serious problems arise, many car owners take their RVs to repair shops. However, some people choose to use mobile RV repair services.

Are you curious about what mobile RV repair is and whether it is appropriate?

This article will discuss the ins and outs of RV mobile repairs so that you can safely decide whether you need this option next time your rig needs repairs and maintenance.

Why Should You opt for Mobile RV Repair?

Let’s begin by examining why mobile RV repair is the best option for your situation. Mobile RV repair services allow you to:

  • Have peace of mind by dealing directly with a certified, reputable service technician.
  • Avoid costly towing fees and lengthy repairs performed by inexperienced mechanics.
  • Avoid having to find a place to sleep for many nights.
  • Restore your camping trip or vacation quickly and hassle-free.

How does it work?

As the name suggests, mobile RV repair service is a service provided for you when you are traveling or you cant get your RV to a stationary repair shop. This may require a mobile RV technician to visit you at your campsite or home.

Sometimes, individuals choose the services out of necessity because they cannot transfer their RV due to damages.

However, mobile RV technicians are highly recognized because it is convenient alternative to RV maintenance.

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Types of Mobile RV Repair services

Mobile RV services are often classified into three categories:

RV Repairman (General RV Repair Technicians)

Just like you undoubtedly have a handy you call for common home repairs, you can typically locate an RV handyperson or jack-of-all-RV-trades who can diagnose and repair the majority of general RV difficulties.

Inquire at the park office, and they will likely be able to refer you to the nearest local RV repair technician.

Mobile RV Repair Specialist

A mobile RV repair technician is a step higher than a handyman. This could be a one-person operation or a firm with numerous RV mechanics and technicians specializing in mobile RV repairs.

Typically, a basic Google search for “mobile RV repair near me” may return a few nearby results. These are an excellent compromise in terms of mobile camper maintenance.

Many are certified and are capable of troubleshooting and repairing more intricate systems in your RV. They are slightly more expensive than a basic RV handyperson but significantly less expensive than an RV dealership or repair company.

RV Dealers and RV Service Centers

If you’re traveling a long distance from home, unable to locate any available RV experts or mobile repair specialists, and are confronted with an RV emergency (such as when your RV radio stops working, preventing you from listening to your favorite song, contact an RV dealer or repair shop for assistance.

While mobile RV maintenance is not their primary business, many do house visits (or camping calls), although at a premium price.

Cost : Average Labor Rate for RV Repair

For Mobile RV repairs, each trip requires payment at the time of service. If additional parts are required to complete repairs, they must be pre-paid on the initial trip, including any applicable shipping expenses.

If further trips are required to complete repairs, each trip must be paid for separately at the time of service. Our technician can print an invoice outlining the charges. The average LABOR RATE for mobile RV repairs is $140.00 per hour.

For Warranty & Insurance Claims, the average LABOR RATE is $170.00 per hour. The increased labor rate is to compensate for the additional office time required to submit the claim, obtain authorization, and place the order for the parts.

There are numerous forms to complete, components to return, and a lengthy wait period for warranty payout. Transport charges will also cover the technician’s travel time, fuel costs, and vehicle wear and tear.

Scheduling Mobile RV Repairs

The most difficult component of the mobile repair industry is the always shifting timetable.

Certain jobs demand particular weather conditions. Client availability and deadlines exacerbate the scheduling process.

Once a daily timetable is created, unanticipated circumstances such as weather conditions, project cancellations, parts shortages, or road congestion may necessitate rapid schedule revisions.

Alternatively, one job may take significantly longer than anticipated, forcing all other operations on the schedule to be moved to a different hour of the day and perhaps to a different day.

As a result, most mobile RV repair companies do not book jobs on an appointment basis. They specify a target date and an estimated arrival time.

What can Mobile RV Repair Services do

Mobile RV Repair Services are capable of doing the following services:

  • Door Unlocking
  • Oven/Range Repair
  • Refrigerator Repair
  • Septic and Plumbing System Repair
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement
  • Repair of Roof, Window, Plumbing, and Slide Leaks
  • Electrical repairs
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Fixing radio and internet issues etc.

Locating a mobile RV repair service

You can find mobile RV repair services in three ways:

1. Conducting an online search

In a pinch, a quick google will work. By typing “mobile RV repair services near me” or “RV mechanic near me,” you should be able to locate a variety of RV repair businesses in your area. Additionally, Yelp is a valuable resource for finding helpful reviews of RV repair services in your area.

2. Contacting the shop

While conducting an internet search, you may come across local shops or dealerships that do not state if they offer RV repair services. Make contact with these locals. Even if they do not offer those services, they may be able to recommend someone who does. Local RV parts stores may also be able to recommend mobile mechanics to whom they have sold components.

3. Inquiring at the campground

Because campground personnel encounter RV repairs regularly, they are likely to have a few tips. Visit the campground office or engage in conversation with your campground neighbors!

Best mobile RV services in the US

Lazydays RV Repair in Ocala, FL

Whether you require periodic maintenance or have an issue with your RV, RVA RV will be here to assist you. They provide a range of mobile RV repair services at competitive prices. You can reach them by phone or via email at service(at-the-rate)


They provide complete on-site repairs, maintenance, renovations, and emergency service 24 hours a day. You may reach them directly via telephone.

Travel Tech Mobile RV Repair and Maintenance

They offer high-quality RV repairs and maintenance at competitive prices. To schedule an appointment, call on their phone.

Kennett Equipment Services LLC

KES is much more than a mobile RV repair service. They can repair or replace water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, refrigerators, piping, wastewater systems, and electrical systems.

Contact them via email at contact(at-the-rate) or by phone. Service calls may vary in length based on the distance traveled.

Pros and Cons of Using Mobile RV Repair Services

The advantages of a mobile RV service include:

Convenience- Because our time is valuable, we all seek convenience. It can be infuriating to call and possibly wait on hold to schedule a service appointment for days or weeks in the future. Then, when the moment is right, you hook up your RV, travel to the venue, and battle for a parking space.

Personalized service

By utilizing a mobile RV service, you gain additional time with the professional servicing your RV.

This is an excellent opportunity to discuss symptoms, repair choices, and maintenance records, among other things.

Additionally, the technician’s focus will be completely on your RV. This avoids the distractions associated with extensive service facilities. Additionally, you are more likely to have the same expert work on your RV consistently.


Driving or towing any RV entails a significant amount of responsibility. Each time you connect and hit the road; numerous things can go wrong.

It is critical to conduct safety inspections and drive defensively. These measures help mitigate risk, but having someone else travel for you is the safest option.


This factor appears on both lists because it may be less expensive to have the repair service come to you. The cost of commuting with your RV to and from your servicing appointment might quickly pile up.

Consider the stress and strain on your RV and towing vehicle in addition to the cost of fuel. Additionally, if you are away for the day, you risk missing work, meals, and other expenses.

Your RV may become immobile in various instances. Towing your truck to a repair shop may deplete your repair budget. Avoid additional expenditures by having the service come to you.

Cons of Using Mobile RV Repair Services

Cons include:

Cost of mobile RV service in remote areas

Assume your service provider’s travel charges are negligible or, better yet, they provide pick-up and delivery.

Regardless, like with all conveniences, there is a cost associated with them. Mobile RV services frequently demand an additional fee to get to your place. Because travel time and mileage are frequently levied, costs may be greater than at a shop.

Parts availability

When an RV dealer provides service, the shops typically stock a big inventory of parts. This enables them to obtain components quickly and generally expedite repairs.

While the mobile service business should have access to the same parts, they are unlikely to carry a complete inventory.

As a result, a mobile service may be required to make numerous trips—possibly on separate days—if specific components are required but are not on hand.

No manufacturer network

If you can bring your RV to a shop that is a dealer for your specific brand, you will gain several benefits, including direct access to not only components but also manufacturer information, regulations, and technical assistance.

Additionally, technicians frequently receive service training from the manufacturer. This frequently expedites repairs and troubleshooting in larger shops.


Some people appreciate the solitude of their homes and wish to keep them private. Having a mobile RV service visit your home may cause this to be affected.

This will almost certainly entail having someone in your garage or backyard throughout the day, maybe generating noise, and coming and going for parts.

Tips on Choosing the Best Mobile RV repairs

Not every mobile RV repair shop in the USA provides the same level of service. When your RV needs quality repairs, it is critical to take it to the correct professionals.

Consider the following recommendations as you evaluate your alternatives for mobile RV repair services.

Listen to what others have to say

Before hiring an RV repair company, you want to ensure that they are trustworthy.

To learn more, browse the repair shop’s internet reviews. Consult the Better Business Bureau’s website to determine whether any consumers have complained and to get the shop’s rating.

This study will provide you with a more accurate picture of what to expect from the service than merely looking at their website.

Search for a track history of success – How long has the repair shop been in business?

Choose a mechanic who has a well-established reputation in the sector due to their significant experience.

Ascertain that this experience is also relevant—just because someone has been a technician for 25 years does not indicate they are knowledgeable about RVs.

Inspect their equipment

A strong indicator of whether a technician is qualified to offer mobile RV repair services in the USA is the shop’s equipment inventory.

Bear in mind that RVs are far larger than typical vehicles, which means the business will require specialist equipment to accomplish the repairs.

Inquire of the mechanic whether the business is equipped with a 3D frame measuring machine or can perform squeeze-type resistance spot welding.

Guarantees – Find a shop that is willing to stand by their work.

Would you please inquire about the warranties they offer on repairs, both parts, and labor? RV repairs may be fairly pricey, so you want to ensure that you cover all of your bases before handing over payment for repairs.

Certification- Inquire about the shop’s certifications

These certifications attest to the mechanics’ current understanding of repair processes and safety precautions, as well as their in-depth knowledge of mobile RV repairs.

Inquire from other RV owners

Consult your other RV owners for recommendations before selecting a business for your mobile RV repair services. You may receive some sound suggestions on where to go for dependable RV repairs.

They accept only cash? Better pay using card only

Never give an RV repairperson cash to buy parts. Numerous scammers are advertising on popular websites such as Craigslist that will be more than eager to con your hard-earned cash.

Pay with a credit card to ensure that you have recourse in the event of a dispute. Due to RVer’s temporary nature, the repairperson is unlikely to take a check. Avoid paying in cash. Period.


If you are stranded in a remote region, a mobile RV repair service may be your only option for reviving your RV. Most RVers prefer this type of repair since they avoid the time and expense of transporting their rig to a typical maintenance shop.

Whether you require mobile repair service for routine maintenance or address a severe issue that threatens to derail your road trip plans, it’s vital to be aware that they exist and understand how to locate a reputable RV repair service that will come to you. We hope you learned every one of those things (and perhaps a few more) here today.

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