Should RV Tires be Rotated

Should RV Tires be Rotated

A lot of people do think that it may not be necessary to rotate the tires unless there is unusual wear. But, rotating tires can help in preventing uneven wear in long term and therefore improve tires overall age.

With what i have learned is, if you are not going to buy new tires then you can follow below pattern for rotation.

  • Replace front tires with right side tires on rear axle.
  • Move the left side tires on rear axle to the right side of rear axle on both side.
  • Replace left side rear axle tires with front tires on both sides.

You can follow this pattern after several thousand miles on the RV. If you are getting new tires then get them on the front and follow other pattern as it is.

While this pattern can work great, there is no such strict restriction on rotation pattern. But, makes sure the diameter matches for the tires on one side.

Since tire rotation is not something that is strict to follow, lot of RVers have varied opinion on this. Therefore, if you are new in RV camping life then do get an expert advice on this from your technician as not all RVs/tires are same.

Why rotate the tires

  • RV tire wear is even. Avoids uneven wear on tires.
  • Safe travel. With RV tire rotation, the tires will work out efficiently, and traveling becomes safer.
  • Saves you money. By doing tire rotation, this will eventually avoid any expenses to crop up just because you did not bother to have the tires rotated or checked.
  • Efficient running of the vehicle. Lesser vibrations and no noise are coming from the vehicle because of uneven wear and tear on the RV tires.
  • Knowing when you need to replace the tires: With regular tire rotation done, you get to check if the tires already need to be replaced and if tire rotation is still the way to go or having the tires replace would be safer and cost-efficient.

Why people don’t rotate the tires

  • It may be an inconvenience. Needing to rotate your RV tires may sometimes be an inconvenience since you have to schedule it and find someone or find a specialty shop that can do the tire rotation.
  • Difficulty finding a repair shop to rotate the tires. You may need to ask around, call or go online for specialty repair shops who can do the job for you, most especially if you have the huge type of RV as some do not have the equipment and tools to service such vehicles.
  • Additional expenses. With unique tire types, there are also additional fees.
  • May cause you to do the job yourself. Of course, if you are saving money and would like to do the job yourself, this may take time for you to do so and difficult if you are not the type who knows such methods. You may have to check the manual and learn the process first before doing so for your safety as well.

Reasons you may need a tire rotation.

Wear and tear pattern – uneven tire wear may be caused by worn suspension or misalignment of wheels and wrong tire inflation.

Foreign objects that are stuck in the tires – sometimes the driving is not careful enough and most curbs, hazards, and potholes were not avoided.

Due to misalignment – if your tire is misaligned this will surely shorten the RV’s tire life. The other tire may be worn out faster than the rest of the tires, which may call for a tire rotation.

Sometimes maybe because of under-inflation on one tire more than the other tires. This will create a problem as well in wearing some tires more than the other tires. It will compromise the tread life of the other tires.

Parts of the tire are showing cracks and bulges. Once this issue arises, you may need to change your tires or if in any case rotate your RV tires so that the other tires will do most of the work this time.

Overloading. Frequent overloading causes the tire to wear out easily, some tires will show more wear and tear and are noticeable, you may need to have your tire rotated for occurrences like this.

Tires showing of weathering. RV’s not being driven frequently will cause tires to show sidewall weathering. This is also a reason to have your RV tires checked and of course, may need to have the tires rotated.

The appearance of spots or cupping along with the tires. May be due to misaligned wheels as well and issues with suspensions, this will warrant a checkup by the technician if you need tire rotation with such issues.

Where to get your RV tires rotated

RV Dealers. You may ask the dealer where you purchased the RV since most of the time they have a connection with repair shops that do some specific work or maintenance for their vehicles.

Pay would depend on the quality of service and what other maintenance was done at the same time. Better to call first before visiting your dealer to be sure.

RV repair shops. That specializes in the maintenance and repair of motorhomes. These RV repair shops can also look after your RV most especially if you have the large square footage of a motorhome which are ranging anywhere from 29 feet to 45 feet long.

These types of RVs are difficult to maintain and to work with so you may need to find a repair shop that can easily do the tire rotation for you as there are specific tools needed for this job. Add to the service the check-up of tire alignment.

Local RV repair shops. Most of the time there are local repair shops in your community and sometimes just take a bit of checking around for you to find them.

They can also do the job of rotating your RV tires for you, they have the right equipment and right tools to deal with motorhomes and RVs and trucks. They may also cost you a bit less if you go to your local repair shops.

Mobile RV repair services. An RV dealer may also have workers that make house calls if and when requested. This may be an option for you if you dislike going to the repair shops personally.

Mobile RV repair services are also equipped with the right equipment and tools to do the job. This service may cost you more though because of the specialized service.

You also need to ask what services they offer first just to be certain of your options.

How long do rv tires last

On an average RV tires can last between 3 to 6 years. Keep in mind the age is from the time they are manufactured and not when they go onto your RV. Popular company tires that you get from better dealers will already be 1-2 months old. Again the average life will depend a lot on how the tires have been maintained. People do a lot of things to keep them protected. Like below,

  • Cover the tires.
  • Keep the tires off ground
  • Regular inspection before travel
  • Inflate them exactly as per manufacture recommendations
  • Make a surface pad with special material like crushed river stone or other material.
  • Check pressure regularly using pressure monitoring system.

In Conclusion :

To conclude on this topic i would say, check with the dealer or technician if you are still confused. Tire rotation can hep in slowing down the wear. And as always, do the tire maintenance regularly which will include lot of other things.

G. Yoganand

A RV enthusiast who spends countless hours researching and learning various things related to RV camping. He believes in spending time doing Outdoor activities.
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