Store rv with vents open or closed ?

Store rv with vents open or closed ?

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Keeping the RV vents open or not totally depends on where you live and whats the outside climate is like. And therefore you will find RVers that will say both ways work great and will also give testimony of how they have been doing it for years without any issues.

A lot of people are confused about how to store their motorhome or RV. A RVer i met other day at a campsite explained me how he has been keeping his class C RV vents open even when he didn’t had any vent covers. He was so confident about this thing that nothing would happen if you kept the vents open.

But, be cautioned. He was living in a normal climate without any high humidity or even high temperatures nor was there any dust present at his locations. In this post lets explore what you should do with vents when storing your class A or other RV in winter or when not in use.

But this may not be same for all of us. Keeping the vents open may lead to different issues like dust, rodents and many other. It may even allow humid air to enter depending on what it is like outside.

So, to answer this question “should you leave your RV vents or windows open while in storage”, lets deep dive into multiple cases or scenarios to find out what would be a good thing to do while storing the RV or travel trailer.

People store RV’s during winter, summer and in times when its not in use. Using a RV cover to store it or not is a debatable topic. But making sure the RV is well protected from outside entities is a thing everybody agrees to.

When the RV is covered, keeping the vents open could go either way. A dusty environment will allow dust to enter through it which can cause further issues. Even the humid air can enter. So, with covers open you again have to keep in mind the outer factors.

When the weather is cold and high humidity

Keeping the vents or windows open when the outside temperature is cold and humid will allow humidity to enter inside. In which case it will function opposite and increase the humidity inside the RV. Thus keeping the vents closed will make sense.

Keeping the RV fully covered can also result in smell or odors in which case you can try different things but keeping the vents open may result in other issues.

Keeping the vents and windows closed also makes the RV secure as dust, rodents cannot enter inside the RV. Dust can be a bigger issue specially when you keep the vents open and it goes unattended for days.

When you keep the RV fully closed make sure you don’t have items that has capability to suck in moist air or humidity. This can result in dampening and molds and mildew may form. In such cases you can also Keep the bathroom, closets open. This will help in keeping the interior of the RV good.

You can also try different method to avoid such moisture inside the RV. Problem with keeping the vents open is that it may allow moist air to come inside rather than take it away if the outside is humid.

When the RV is not covered and its without vent cover

Keeping the vents open during winter when it is snowing can result in snow leaking inside. Also when you don’t have a vent cover keeping the vents open during rain can lead to much damage. So, if you keep the RV outside without cover and without any vent cover make sure the vents are closed specially when the weather isn’t constant. A stormy rain can quickly fill your rv with water even if the openings are very less. Maxx Air is a popular brand of vents and vent covers. You can buy such covers online on amazon.

When the sun is shinning

During summer times when the outside weather is hot and sun is shinning bright, keeping the vents open can be a good thing to do. If the vets aren’t open it can result in temperature difference which will lead to condensation and humidity.

But, even when the sun is high you need to be careful about the outside humidity. If the region is a high humidity one then that can mean the outside humid air will enter inside of the RV and result in condensation.

Importance of Vent cover

In most cases where the weather isn’t that harsh one can get a vent cover and keep the vents open. In which case even when there is rain or snow or high wind you should be okay. Unless its very heavy rain which will cause droplets to come inside. When the snow fall is heavy, it would cover the vents completely. And you wont be able to open it unless you clear the snow completely.

Heat may build up

Keeping the vents closed and not using any other means of cooling the trailer or motorhome can result in building up heat inside. Especially when the inside temperature is rising the RV needs some way for the air circulation and ventilation. Keeping the windows cracked open little bit can help in circulating the air. Vents with cover are great unless there isn’t any other issue like dust or pollen grains.

Making use of dehumidifier

If you keep the camper or travel trailer fully closed then there will be chance of condensation. If you cannot keep the vents or windows open then you can make use of dehumidifier to keep the humidity to low levels inside the RV.

A dehumidifier can be kept running for few hours a day while in storage. Remember a dehumidifier does consume good amount of energy. It can be placed anywhere inside your class A motorhome or a fifth wheel and is not big or heavy.

Fully covering the RV using RV covers

Preparing for RV storage needs you to take several steps. RV covers can be used to protect the RV when you keep it outside. Many people use covers but a lot of people also stop using it after the first try itself.

The reason being, they are difficult to put on. Covers can come really good during bad weather or when the sun is shinning hot. Some of the RV cover brands include adco, aeroflo covers and many others. With covers on and the rv properly winterized, you can keep the vents open during winter as well.

While traveling

Keeping the vents open while you are moving on road can result in dust and other particles getting inside. Many people do try keeping them open while traveling but because they are outside of the RV, it would be harsh on them. Getting a cover for rv vent is thus important to keep them in good condition.

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