10 Best Travel Trailers Under $40000

10 Best Travel Trailers Under $40000

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Are you excited to hit the road on a weekend excursion or a cross-country adventure? With the RV season just around the corner, there is a wide variety of travel trailers available on the market.

However, it can be challenging to choose the best travel trailer for your next adventure in the great outdoors. To assist you in this election, I have compiled a list of 10 of the best travel trailers under $40000. Let’s dive right into it.


As the brand’s entry-level travel trailer, Airstream Basecamp 16 is the ideal home away from home while you are out for any outdoor expedition. It comes in a compact and aerodynamic design that makes it easy to tow behind a wide range of vehicles.

The trailer sits five people and can sleep two adults comfortably, but you can also opt to add a sleeping bag and an air mattress to accommodate two small children.

The Airstream Basecamp 16 consists of a high-quality aluminum superstructure whose exterior is fluorocarbon treated for reliability and UV resistance. Its roof profile design enhances aerodynamics and comes with a front panoramic window array that gives you a complete view as you travel and brightens up the interior.

Other unique features of this travel trailer include premium quality wood flooring, LED lights to help you hook up the trailer to key utilities, and an option to sleep outdoors by adding 120 square feet of exterior shelter to your Basecamp using its three slide-in patios.

Inside this travel trailer, you will find several features to enhance your comfort while in the outdoors.

They include inbuilt cooling and heating systems, ample storage space, and conveniently placed USB charging ports. Weighing 2585 lbs., the Airstream Basecamp 16 goes for $39,100, which is entirely worthwhile considering its features.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Durable build quality
  • Excellent interior layout with an incredible kitchenette
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to tow
  • Stable at high speed


  • Somewhat sensitive to hardware hanging low underneath the Basecamp


Known for its exceptional quality and lightweight design, KZ-RV is one of the most popular RV manufacturers in the world.

Its Sportsmen Classic 181 BH is a perfect option for young families looking for a thrilling yet comfortable outdoor adventure.

With this ultra-light travel trailer, you are sure to have sufficient space to pack all your belongings in a compact and easy to tow RV that weighs only 2980 pounds. Inside, there is a rear bunkhouse, 54’X80′ main bed, dinette that leads up to the living area, and pass-through storage for storing all your gear.

With a price of $22,140, the Sportsmen Classic comes with a durable exterior made from Aqualon Edge tent Fabric, an exclusive material from KZ-RV. It is also worth noting that it contains versatile and durable floor plans, adequate sleeping space for eight people, and a well-spaced shower.


  • It comes with a slide-out dinette
  • Adequate storage space
  • Lightweight and durable build quality
  • Comfortable queen bed with sufficient walk-around space


  • The trailer is relatively low to the ground


Due to its customizable and modern designs, Happier Camper travel trailers have become a favorite among many teardrop trailer brands.

In particular, its HC1 model is an adorable camper travel trailer that combines modern amenities with a traditional design in a lightweight and easy to transport package.

With its pricing starting at $24,950, Happier Camper HC1 comes with a sleek and retro-modern fiberglass construction material that weighs approximately 1500 pounds. Thus, it is easy to tow behind any vehicle whenever you decide to take a spontaneous retreat away from city life.

The 72 square-foot cabin is easy to customize into any modern and adaptable environment, depending on the outdoor excursion.

It includes completely removable cube-based interior fittings, like kitchen hardware, seats, and table, making space for kayaks, bikes, and other camping gear.

There are also loading ramps for bicycles, dry-flush toilets, propane heaters, off-road tires, and solar panels. You can even opt to lift the trailer to three inches using its lift option, ideal for better ground clearance.


  • Excellent material construction
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Ultra-light and easy to tow behind most vehicles
  • Customizable


  • It is not an ideal option for those who are looking for a spacious option


Another famous teardrop trailer shape brand is Polydrops. Established in February 2019 by Kyung-Hyun Lew, this brand has dedicated itself to developing and designing comfortable mobile rooms with top-tier modern amenities without compromising their affordability.

Its Space trailer is no different. With a price tag of as low as $9000 and a total weight of only 760 pounds, this travel trailer comes with a futuristic and angular exterior as well as a lightweight aluminum and wood pod.

Inside this travel trailer, there is a thick 48′ by 75′ foam mattress inside the bright interior with light-colored and insulated pine walls.

The space above hosts LED-lit storage cubicles hidden above the leather-padded headboard. Although it does not have the traditional inbuilt kitchenette like other trailers, there is enough space to place a camp stove and two polygon-shaped drawers underneath for storing basic cooking essentials.


  • Miniature in size and lightweight, making it easy to tow and maneuver
  • It comes with an 8′ insulation, heater, and adequate roof ventilation
  • Sleek and unique design
  • Easy access double gullwing windows


  • Limited production
  • Limited kitchen space


Vista Boho is a state-of-the-art travel trailer that many refer to as a tiny sustainable house on wheels. Manufactured by Escape, a reputable RV brand based in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, this 344-square foot small home on wheels features vertical wood sliding on its exterior and exquisite smooth wood finishes in its interior.

Its exterior comes with a steel accent and aluminum trim in cedar and a full light door that gives it a unique appearance.

Starting at $39,900, this tiny house weighs 8500 lbs. and consists of a ground-level bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

It also houses a living area, a kitchenette with a sink and under-counter refrigerator, and a bathroom with a 3-foot shower, a flush toilet, and a wall-mounted sink. There is also adequate storage space for your gear and personal belongings for optimum comfort and convenience.


  • Modern and elegant design
  • Comfortable and relatively lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Adequate storage space


  • Quite expensive compared to other travel trailers in its category


Another impressive mid-sized travel trailer with plenty of features from a well-known manufacturer in the industry is the Rockwood Mini Lite 2511s.

As one of the predominantly large RV manufacturers in North America, Forest River prides itself in making Class A and C motor homes, toy haulers, travel trailers, camping trailers, destination trailers, and fifth wheels.

Rockwood Mini Lite is one of their top-selling travel trailers, with many buyers standing behind its premium quality and dependable construction.

If you are new in the RV market and are looking for your first towable RV, the Rockwood Mini Lite 2511s is an ideal option. With a weight of as low as 6,000 pounds, these trailers are easy to tow with just about any car model. Additionally, they are also relatively lightweight as they are less than 30 feet in height.

Other impeccable features of this travel trailer include its versatile floor plans, plenty of storage space, secondary outdoor kitchens, 8-cubic foot refrigerator, and a spacious rear bath.

With an average pricing point of $27,000, it also comes with a private bedroom with a slide-out wardrobe, a living area with a slide-out kitchenette, and an entertainment center. However, the Rockwood Mini Lite 2511s only sleeps two people.


  • Spacious rear bathroom with enough space to move around the bathroom itself and shower
  • Huge wardrobe space
  • Compact and comfortable design
  • Excellent build quality
  • It comes with a private bedroom


  • Some buyers have complained about the Mini Lite’s low-quality appliances
  • Lack adequate windows that bring in light


Grand Design RV is a brand with a reputation for manufacturing luxurious motor homes complete with innovation and interior elegance.

Despite being relatively new to the market as it was established in 2012, this brand comprises a team that brings years of expertise and experience to RVs’ construction, engineering, and design. As a result, their Reflection line series showcases their dedication to luxury, tow ability, and overall value.

The Reflection 313RLTS is 37-inches long, weighs 11,995 pounds, and can accommodate up to five people comfortably. It features a cozy queen-sized bed in a slide, ideal for expanding your living space.

There is also a washer/dryer area and a pass-thru access wardrobe along the front wall. Priced at $26,900, this trailer also comes with a side aisle bathroom that has a corner shower, a corner toilet, as well as a linen cabinet with plenty of counter space for you to use when getting ready.

Other impressive features of this RV include its comfortable living space with plush theatre seats, a dinette that seats four people, an additional queen-sized sofa bed.

It also has a fireplace and HDTV held in a slider, and a well-equipped kitchen with a large island, large pantry, three-burner range, refrigerator, and overhead cabinetry.


  • Adequate storage space
  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Spacious
  • High-quality appliances
  • Impressive floor plans


  • It is quite large


Due to their reliability and excellent artistry, Winnebago Minnie is a brand that is synonymous with campers and RVs. The classically Midwestern Company based in Iowa is top-rated that many people use the term Winnebago to describe any recreational vehicle, despite its brand.

With an exterior height of about 11-inches and an exterior length ranging from 26″ to 32″, the Winnebago Minnie consists of premium quality construction designed to last for ages. The Minnie has several versatile floor plans that include a dining area, a spacious kitchen with a sink, a microwave, cooktop, double-door fridge, and USB charging ports.

With a starting price of about $33,000, this travel trailer also features a semi-private master bedroom and two rear bunks ideal for those traveling with kids. It is also relatively easy to tow behind most vehicles as it only weighs 4200 pounds.


  • Compact, spacious, and lightweight design
  • Aesthetically pleasing interior layout
  • Durable appliances
  • Vast amounts of accessible storage
  • Top-notch build quality


  • Many consumers have complained about its plumbing functionality


Ideal for off-road adventures, the Hiker Trailer is the perfect travel trailer to experience the outdoors comfortably and affordably.

Founded in 2014, the Hiker Trailer Company is well-known for manufacturing premium quality teardrop trailers and selling them at a lower price than their competitors. As a result, this has led to their widespread popularity, with most of their products selling out within ten minutes of posting on Craigslist.

The Hiker Trailer is available in three distinct styles and is somewhat boxier in shape compared to traditional teardrop trailers.

Weighing less than 2,000 pounds, it is compact and lightweight enough to tow behind most vehicles and maneuver on tight trails. This travel trailer also consists of a high-quality and durable steel frame exterior and can fit 33-inch off-road tires.

When it comes to its interior, it features a comfortable five-inch mattress that can fold up into a couch, 12-volt charging ports, several storage spaces with LED lights, and two doors and sliding windows for easy accessibility. Its pricing starts at $7995 and does not come with a kitchen.


  • An affordable and premium quality off-road travel trailer
  • Incredible build quality
  • Well-spaced interior layout and versatile floor plans


  • Does not have a kitchen area


If you want an exciting yet flexible experience while on vacation, Sealander is your best companion. Sealander is a German-built brand and camper trailer that allows both waterborne and ground camping.

With a price ranging from $22,000 and a mass weight of about 1100 pounds, this travel trailer can easily puddle around in the water, using its outdoor motor, at about five miles per hour, as well as accommodate campers on the ground.

The Sealander features a classic teardrop trailer shape to enclose a sitting space for a minimum of six people but only sleeps two adults. It also consists of an in-built panoramic double-tinted glass as its roof allows occupants to enjoy the skies above as they experience their adventure.

There is also a convertible top that easily rolls up, enabling you to enjoy the aqua or fresh wilderness breeze as you go along.


  • Lightweight enough for towing with even the tiniest vehicle
  • It comes with additional add-ons for easy customization
  • Modern and minimalistic design
  • Ideal for both ground and water use


  • The add-ons come at an extra price


With numerous travel trailer options available on the market, it can be extremely confusing to find the most suitable for your outdoor adventure. Whether you want to tow your travel trailer for a short distance or tour the world with them all year long, the trailers mentioned above will ensure that you experience the best RV accommodation without breaking your bank.

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