4 Best Campers For Ford Ranger

4 Best Campers For Ford Ranger

If you own a Ford Ranger and are also passionate about RVing, you’ll need a high-quality camper to give you a home-away-from-home experience.

But since Ford Rangers are smaller trucks, be keen not to buy a camper that will exceed your vehicle’s weight limits. Heavier trailers may weigh down your RV, causing safety risks as you drive down the road.

We’ve done the work for you. We now present the top 5 best Ford Ranger camper options to accommodate any extra weight while improving safety.

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Best Campers to Put on a Ford Ranger

Lets explore the top 4 campers that go with a ford ranger.

1. Four Wheel Camper Fleet Model

Key Specifications

  • Base Model Dry Weight: 1045 lbs.
  • Height Down (including vent): 54″ (most trucks)
  • Roof Length: 128″
  • Adult Sleeping: 3-4
  • Base Weight: 845lbs.


Fleet Model by Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers ranks among the best campers suitable for smaller and mid-sized Ford Rangers with 6.0′ bed.

The campers are carefully designed and installed to fit your Ford Ranger. Each comes with the perfect height, width, and balance for a better and safer ride.

The 76” L x 72” W queen size cabover bed and couch/bed conversion sleeps 3-4 adults. But the camper options and window configurations vary depending on the specific floor plan choice of your unit.

Each camper has a lightweight aluminium roof. The roof is waterproof and built to last; it can handle decades of ups and downs.

There is no need to worry about fuel efficiency; the campers’ rugged but low profile designs understand best to reduce vehicle strain and maximise fuel efficiency.

Quality artistry translates to decades of use in the most rugged of environments!

The Fleet Model campers are available in a variety of exterior siding colors and textures. There are also several upgrade choices and colors available. The Shell Models sell from $13,295.00, whereas the Full Camper Models start at $19,995.00.

The choice is yours!

2. FlipPac Camper

Key Specifications (Full-size trucks)

  • Maximum Length: 101-Inches
  • Maximum Width: 74-Inches
  • Height (rail to rooftop): 34-Inches
  • Gross Weight: 325-Pounds
  • Max Width of Door: 7’6’’(centre) and 6’6’’(rear)


The Ford Ranger FlipPac is one of the unique campers you can get for your Ford Ranger!

These campers are designed to flip forward over your Ranger instead of out to the side.

They are specially designed for full-size trucks and mini-trucks. Even though the full-size trucks and mini-truck campers have different specifications, they both have a weight capacity of 1000-Pounds Double Bed/ 180-Pounds Hammock.

Weighing in at 290-350lbs, depending on the model, the camper is relatively light, allowing a greater gear capacity.

You can mount the 6 by 6 sq. ft. awning on the FlipPac’ side. This awning is self-contained within the aluminium clamshell tube. And setting up this camper on your Ford Ranger is a breeze, taking less than 20 minutes.

Once deployed, you can stand upright in your vehicle’s bed. The spacious interior also allows the truck’s bed to be converted to a living area.

The sleeping area stretches over the vehicle’s hood, offering a comfortable mattress and 3 large air circulation windows.

3. Scout Yoho

Key Specifications

  • Dry weight: 958lbs
  • Floor Length: 69 ¾”
  • Sleeps: up to 4
  • Bed Dimensions (Sleeper): 54” x 72”
  • Bed Dimensions (Convertible Lounge): 23.4” x 66.75”


Scout Yoho makes truck camping fun and exciting by fitting mid-sized trucks like the Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma. Starting at $19,780, this model ranks among the most affordable campers for Ford Rangers.

And what’s more, Scout Yoho is also considered the lightest hard-wall camper in the truck industry today. Sleeping up to 4 and boasting a base weight of 958 lbs dry, it is the camper you’d consider for any weekend getaway!

Go for Scout Yoho if you’re working with a small family of 4 members. It is durable and versatile, coming ready to meet and exceed all your camping expectations.

Inside contains all the equipment you’ll need to make your off-grid adventures a success. And the portability of the components means you can take and use them outside your truck.

Imagine having a camper with the ideal sleep, eat, and seat set up! This camper comes with a dinette and an open L-shaped style area.

It promises a flexible space for a relaxed lifestyle. You can even transition the interior into 2 comfortable beds at night. This new and multi-functional design feature is what makes the Yoho campers unique.

4. Sunliner Ranger Motorhome

Key Specifications

  • Designed for a 4 by 4 Ford Ranger
  • GVM: 3200kg
  • Tare weight: 2415kg
  • 6-speed auto gearbox
  • 3.2-litre turbo diesel motor


Sunliner’s Ranger starts at $102,295 and is designed for a 4 by 4 Ford Ranger. Though costly, this camper packs a hefty weight in luxury and comfort, just what you’d expect from a high-end model.

It is a compact motorhome with a wide range of options, often termed as “self-contained.” You’ll be happy to know that it includes a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities.

The camper has a dry weight of 2415kg and GVM of 3200kg, giving it a considerable load capacity. It is powered by a 6-speed auto gearbox and a 3.2-litre turbo diesel motor.

It is built to last and includes wheel arches, side skirts, a rear spoiler, one-piece fibreglass peak, ThermoTough walls, and a bumper. For additional protection, the RV’s floor underside comes entirely sealed.

The two-bed options of the camper include a Luton/cab-over bed and a dinette bed. The Lutton bed is larger, measuring 1900mm x 1420/ ft x ft.

This motorhome comes ready to take your passions across the globe. And so, whether you’re planning to breeze by the lakeside, chase the surf, or explore the outback, the Sunliner Ranger Motorhome has got you covered!

What RVs can a Ford Ranger Tow

While Ford Rangers may not handle the heaviest RV models, they can still tow almost any camper. The three main measurements to look into when towing a trailer include:

Towing capacity of your car – refers to the max amount of weight the vehicle can tow when pulling a trailer. It is how heavy the trailer can be.

Dry weight – it refers to the weight of a car without any passengers, consumables, or cargo. The weight is recorded when the trailer is empty of luggage, fuel, water, etc.

Unladen vehicle weight – the vehicle’s weight excluding its load when stationary and ready for the road. It might include the driver and fuel.

Hitch weight – the amount of weight a trailer’s tongue places on the hitch it is mounted to.

Following are the different camper types that Ford Rangers can tow:

Pop-up campers

Pop-up trailers are smaller versions of travel trailers. They can have a high towing capacity and can pull any vehicle. The trailers either use a weight-distribution hitch or ball hitches on the bumpers to tow heavier models.

Compared to other luxury models, the Pop-up trailers tend to be lighter and more compact. They’re best described as the mix between tents and trailers. They fold into a smooth, streamlined exterior when driving, but the flaps from the side will fold out when parked.

To tow your pop-up trailer, you’ll need to understand your vehicle’s towing capacity. Ford Rangers will handle most pop-ups models.

Some pop-up trailers to fit into this range include:

1. Flagstaff T21TBHW

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 702 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 2,670 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 372 lbs.

2. Rockwood Extreme Sports Package 232ESP

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 861 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 2,933 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 294 lbs.

3. Jay Sport 10SD

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 660 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,740 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 160 lbs.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are heavier campers with unique designs. They have weights ranging from 2,400 lbs. – 20,000 lbs. Combining all these factors means that you can easily find a fifth wheel camper to tow. The only issue, however, is finding the perfect match for your Ford Ranger.

Fifth Wheel campers come in various models, and each is created to be heavy but luxurious. What you’ll need to consider are the towing capacity and their payload weight.

Generally, many smaller trucks with a higher tow capacity have lower payload – they’ll pull heavy loads, but the truck bed may not support the hitch weight from the fifth wheel.

The payload limit of Ford Rangers is 1,860 lbs. Though the payload is a good amount of weight, it may limit your options. That means you’ll need to choose campers that meet your payload restrictions and tow capacity.

Some Fifth wheels that fit into this range include:

1. Sabre 261RK

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 2,690 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 7,305 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 1,325 lbs.

2. Flagstaff Super Lite 524LWS

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 2,016 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 7,149 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 1,165 lbs.

3. Heritage Glen 269RL

  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 6,179 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 730 lbs.
  • Total Carrying Capacity: 3,351 lbs.

Travel Trailers

This camper classification offers a vast range of weights, sizes, and floor plans. Classic travel trailers are larger than other models on this list but still offer a comfortable living space while on the road.

They are a popular choice because they can be towed by just about any vehicle having a high tow capacity. This versatile nature makes them an attractive option to Ford Ranger owners.

Another bonus point is that the Classic Travel Trailers are designed for vehicles of any size and shape. And if you’re a Ford Ranger owner, chances are you’ll find it easy to tow many standard-issue travel trailers with no issue.

Some Classic Travel Trailers that will fit into this range include:

1. Hemisphere Hyper-Lyte 22RBHL

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 2,157 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 5,413 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 570 lbs.

2. Sonoma Mountain Edition 2400BH

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 2,522 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 5,923 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 645 lbs.

3. Impression 26BH

  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 5,530 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 555 lbs.
  • Total Carrying Capacity: 2,025 lbs.

Teardrop Trailers

If you’re still looking for a great camper option, do not overlook the Teardrop Trailers! These premium choices would be excellent for Ford Ranger owners with a lower towing capacity.

These trailers are easy to tow behind nearly all vehicles, thanks to their light and aerodynamic design. The small size does not necessarily mean that they can’t do much. On the contrary, they do an excellent job while maximising safety and performance.

And if you’re worried about choosing the right teardrop trailer, be sure to check on the dry weight and compare it with your car’s towing capacity. Manufacturers design these trailers differently, and so, each comes differently.

Some Teardrop Trailers to fit into this range include:

1. Vistabule

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 320 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,200 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 130 lbs.

2. Timberleaf Pika

  • Total Carrying Capacity: N/A
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 970 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 120 lbs.

3. Classic Bean Trailer

  • Total Carrying Capacity: N/A
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 1,490 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 185 lbs.


Like the rest, the Airstream trailers come in a variety of sizes. They do not have foldable extensions or slide-outs, but their living space is well-confined to the interior. But even with this, the trailers will still perform well.

The trailers have unique dimensions and would be perfect for Ford Ranger owners. And even with your high towing capacity, you’re likely to find an Airstream model for your needs.

Some Airstream Trailers to fit into this range include:

1. Globetrotter 23FB

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 1,003 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 5,297 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 591 lbs.

2. International Serenity 23CB

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 1,239 lbs.
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 4,761 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 664 lbs.

3. Caravel 16RB

  • Total Carrying Capacity: 880 lbs
  • Unladen Vehicle Weight: 3,500 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight: 490 lbs.


The Ford Ranger is undoubtedly one of the most popular pick-ups on the current market. They are equipped with strong drive units and durables – but these are just some of its enormous benefits.

Adding a Camper to the Ford Ranger means that you can live where wheels will carry you! And so, if you’re a camping fanatic, nothing should stop you from exploring the beauty and wonder of mother nature. Get the best camper for your Ford Ranger and hit the road!

All the best!

G. Yoganand

A RV enthusiast who spends countless hours researching and learning various things related to RV camping. He believes in spending time doing Outdoor activities.
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