Top 10 Best Class C Motorhomes For The Money

Top 10 Best Class C Motorhomes For The Money

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Motorhomes are costly and sometimes they can be priced in millions. Class C Motorhomes are slightly less expensive as compared to bigger class A motorhomes but still, the prices can be much higher. We do have lot of options in class C that are comparatively lesser priced and in this article, we will see top Class C RV’s that are less expensive.

If you are looking for an ideal RV for adventure with your family, a Class C motorhome is the right option to consider. However, they can be quite costly, although it depends on the model that you’re buying.

The good news is that you can get some bargains on the market, but you shouldn’t sacrifice quality and comfort due to a cheaper price. This post will focus on top less expensive Class C RV’s you should consider buying.

Here are the top 10 class c Motorhomes for the money.

Winnebago Spirit$109,260
Coachmen Freelander$71,999
Forest River Forester$114,826
Jayco Redhawk$104,018
Leisure Travel Wonder$119,210
Thor Four Winds$97,350
Thor Chateau$97,350
Winnebago Vita$136,072
Forest River SunSeeker$82,540
Winnebago Minnie Winnie$109,260

What we considered while choosing

We have obviously looked at the prices but apart from that here are all the things we considered while ranking these motorhomes. Less price does not necessarily mean it will be a good deal. There are many brands that sell cheap but those may not be reliable.

Build Quality

This is an important factor to consider. The way motorhome is built, material it uses makes a lot of difference. Its not only about having a sturdy body, it should also be light enough to keep the efficiency high.

Things that we have considered also includes insulation, wall thickness, roof as well as floor. For full time living you should choose an RV that provides better insulation. You cant take things for granted if you will be living in a cold region. Similarly, summer can be really hot and if the insulation isn’t great, the AC in itself wont make it easy for you.

External damage to an RV can lead to major issue like delamination, holes if the structural quality isn’t great.


A motorhome will be your home on road and should provide all the features you desire. These motorhomes are equipped with features that make your life comfortable. Appliances like refrigerator, AC, heater, dinette, kitchen appliances makes your life easier.

Most of these motorhomes go way ahead to include lots of additional features. Modern facilities like LED lighting, powered awning, USB ports are also considered in choosing these motorhomes. Power options in the RV is also critical. Not all the times you get the facility of electrical hookup, that’s when you need that 4000 watts generator or solar panels powering your battery

Miles per gallon

You don’t want a motorhomes that is just going put hole in your pocket, especially when you want to choose it for full time living. Most class c motorhomes give around 15-18 miles gallon. Most of these do provide similar miles per gallon and even further than that. A lot also depends on how much weight you load on the RV.

Sleeping Capacity

These motorhomes are capable of sleeping 5-8 people and that’s what you want for a small to medium family. Space in an RV is critical if you are going to spend a lot of time inside it. These motorhomes have innovatively utilized space and sleeping capacity. Most RVs use convertible solutions for increasing the sleeping capacity.

Having a slide out increases the overall living space dramatically.

Lets now see all these inexpensive motorhome options in detail.

1. Winnebago Spirit

video tour of winnebago spirit

The Winnebago Spirit 22R is one of the most classic Class C RV on the market. This classic motorhome comes at an affordable price and comfortable rooms that will be suitable for your family and even friends. It can fit up to five people and it features a traditional over-cub bank.

Starting Price$109,260
Sleeping Capacity5
Fresh Water Capacity40
Gray Holding Tank24
Black Holding Tank21

It also includes a U shaped sleeper dinette and, on the rear, it has a full-sized bunk that it makes it stand out. What’s more, this classic Class C RV has a full kitchen, a bath, and a heated drain to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t ruin your vacation.

Kitchen is equipped with solid countertop surfaces, 3 burner cooktop, oven and a stainless steel sink. Other things like 2 door refrigerator, an awesome pantry makes this class c just like a home.

There’s also a 1000-watt inverter that you can use to power up the RV, with an electric awning that makes it easier for you to set up. What’s unique about this RV is that its design has been built on the Ford E350 chassis, and it also comes with a Triton V10 engine.

The “spirit” provides you 6 different floorplan options with each of these providing sleeping capacity for varying family sizes. Based on how many people will be using the RV, you can choose the right configuration.

The entire RV is fitted with inspiring decors and styled to fit into your lifestyle. Its a cozy RV that will keep you comfortable even during winter chilly nights. The interiors are finished to the perfection and the furniture is fitted with much though.

The convertible furniture is just what you need to save space and have more sleeping capacity. The dinette, sofa are very comforting and its a perfect traveling RV you would desire.

Among the list of features that you get in this luxury class c RV are powered awning, 1000 W inverter and second coach battery.

Storage options are configured for better accessibility and increased space. The external storage is easy to deal with and also utilizes the space in a much better innovative way.


  • Affordable
  • It comes with a full kitchen, bath and heated drain
  • Excellent design


There isn’t anything bad about this Class C RV except for the fact that sometimes it may be costly. But, it’s all worth it judging by the features it offers.

2. Coachmen Freelander Class C Motorhome

video tour of coachmen freelander

Coachmen is a reliable brand that offers motorhomes, camping and travel trailers, as well as fifth wheels. The Freelancer Class C motorhome from Coachmen is an ideal top rated RV that comes with top-notch features suitable for your family. Not only is it cheap, but it also has a good layout and slide out. Buying an RV from Coachmen is a great experience because they allow you to design it according to your preferences.

With a length of below 25 feet this class C RV is a value for money motorhome.

Starting Price$71,999
Length24′ to 32′
Sleeping Capacity6
Fresh Water Capacity50 Gallons
Gray Holding Tank32 Gallons
Black Holding Tank29 Gallons

This is a affordable class c RV that packs all the basic amenities. With a slide out on one side of the motorhome you get the extra space.

You can also set the kind of length that you want and the company will look at it then find an ideal plan similar to what you want. They provide free roadside assistance to buyers for 1 year, and their RVs are suitable for all. Coachmen also offer 15 different floor plans for their customers to choose from, and wheel inserts made of stainless steel.

The Coachmen Freelander Class C motorhome also features upgraded vinyl flooring, and the sidewall has been constructed with Azdel omposite. There’s also an inclusion of a solar panel connection port that you can use.

The exteriors of the RV are fiberglass making it light weight. It has GVWR of around 14,500 meaning the overall weight can go upto this number.

For power requirements, it comes with an Onan 4000 watts generator that is great for camping without hookup and you wont need any portable generator.

This RV is packed with value and if you are looking for a full timing in an RV then this must be on your list.

This motorhome offers several floorplans that can suit any family. Based on your needs you can choose the configuration which varies slightly from each other.

The interiors of this RV are impressive given the price at which it comes. It features vinyl flooring and u-shaped dinette that converts into bed. With all the modern features like LED lighting, USB ports and power awning it leaves no stone un-turn to satisfy its owners.

On safety side, it is obviously given all kids of detectors, fire extinguisher and is much better in terms of body construction as well.


  • Cheap
  • Ideal features
  • Efficient design
  • Variety of different floor plans
  • Spacious to fit 5 to 9 people


  • Not lightweight
  • The model has been slightly upgraded

3. Forest River Forester

Forest River forester video tour

The Forest River Forester 2401Q is a low-priced Class C RV that features a Mercedes Benz/V6 engine and comes with 6 cylinders. It also has a 7 speed automatic transmission with an overdrive option. There’s a fresh water included in the motorhome that can hold a capacity of 44 gallons. The body is made of aluminum and the sidewall constructed by fiberglass.

Starting Price$114,826
Length27 feet
Sleeping Capacity11
Fresh Water Capacity44 Gallons
Gray Holding Capacity39 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity39 Gallons

However, the Forest River Forester 2401Q doesn’t come with a sliding glass door, and only includes 1 door. This also has 1 power retractable slide out, 1 awning, and the kitchen floor is designed with vinyl.

It comes with 3 oven burners, mid-size refrigerator with electric power mode, but lacks sofas. It can fit up to 4 people, although it doesn’t include bunk beds but only double beds. With 1 queen sized bed, and the master bedroom floor made of vinyl, this motorhome provides you amazing sleeping solution.

It has one bathroom with a flooring plan still made of vinyl and it’s located on the rear. The toilet is made of plastic and the shower door is made of plastic/glass.

With full slide out you get an amazing interior space which is great for living. Also, the storage is nicely designed which makes full use of the space.

This is a well built motorhome that does well in all the 4 seasons. A perfect option if you are looking for RV living full time.

On kitchen part you get ton of awesome features like sink covers, flip counter top, convection oven and standard 3 burner stove.

Forest river is a trusted brand and you can rely on their quality. To support the claim, you get 12 months/12,000 miles of warranty.


  • Interior wood finishing
  • Wallpaper
  • Emergency exit
  • 1 radio
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • TV antenna


  • It doesn’t include a bunkhouse
  • No sofas
  • Lacks sliding glass door

4. Jayco Redhawk

Jayco Redhawk

The Jayco Redhawk Class C Motorhome features a medium-size that can fit up to 7 people. Its a great motorhome under 30 feet.

The good thing about this RV is that it is spacious and it offers comfort. It is ideal to use for the whole family for a long period of time and suitable for adventure. If you have a budget of slightly above 100K then this is a great option you should consider.

Starting Price$104,018
Length26 feet
Sleeping Capacity6
Fresh Water Capacity43.5 Gallons
Gray Holding Tank40 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity31 Gallons

One of the best in class, this motorhome is designed to provide its customer, value. Its a gas motorhomes that is made for smooth drive and provide comfort. It is fitted with all modern amenities and yet comes at a affordable price.

The RV comes with two large slide outs and a 12-foot awning that can be expanded to create enough space. It features a rear master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, two sleeper areas that are easily convertible, and an over-cab bunk. The RV also has a well-designed kitchen area and a full bath.

Just like the Winnebago Spirit 22R, this Class C RV is also built on the Ford E450 platform, and it features the Triton V10 engine. What you get from purchasing the Jayco Redhawk Class C Motorhome is a value for your money. Priced only under $100K, this RV clearly stands out and offers a sweet deal for buyers.

This motorhome is also great for towing cars behind it. It can tow upto 7500 lbs which is significant and you can easily carry a sedan or an SUV behind it. Having a car along can be of much help specially for sight seeing.

It is equipped with a 4000 watts Onan on-boarded generator that is perfect power option when the electric hookup is unavailable. Solar prep is also available incase you want to add solar panel kits as an additional power option.

Enjoy the outside living with an electric power awning that can span around 14 feet providing much valuable shade.

Interior are given LED lighting that is almost a standard these days.

Its bedroom is equipped with a walk around queen sized bed, which is amazing as you aren’t stuck with a corner bed.

84 inches ceiling height is great and works well for those with big height. The headroom also creates a different aura and good air circulation.

For cooling and heating you get 15,000 ducted air conditioner and 30,000 BTU furnace which work great to keep the RV cool and warm.


  • Spacious
  • It comes with a master bedroom
  • Queen-sized bed
  • Convertible sleeper areas
  • Ideal for the whole family

5. Leisure Travel Wonder

Leisure travel wonder rear lounge tour

The Wonder from Leisure Travel Vans is an ideal Class C RV that has marked the tenth anniversary of the Unity product line, and it has set the pace for the generation of Unity products. Powered by Mercedes-Benz, this motorhome offers maximum comfort and luxury to users.

Starting Price$119,210
Sleeping Capacity2
Fresh Water Capacity33.5 Gallons
Grey Holding Tank26.4 Gallons
Black Holding Tank35 Gallons

These is a stylish and luxury option that we have in this list. The exteriors aren’t really like how a normal class c would look like. This is a stylish class c motorhome that sleeps just 2 people and a perfect full time living option for a couple.

And, the reason why this makes to our list? Its the price, obviously. A less than 120K price tag with such good looks and features makes a great option in class C RV for a couple.

The sleek exteriors aren’t just for looks, the front part of this RV is super aerodynamic which overall increases the miles per gallon. The roof is fiberglass flex which integrates into the front part giving an overall solid aerodynamic design.

The RV is also quite secure and provides smooth ride that is not only powerful, but also full of class. It features new MBUX multi-media system, with a 10.25 inch touchscreen display. The driver as well as passenger seats are electric and well heated, and it also comes with the traffic sign assist feature.

There’s also the attention assist feature included in the Leisure Travel Vans Unity Rear Lounge, and cruise control. Other features included are active brake assist and lane keeping assist, among many others. It has exterior walls which are contoured with a clean appearance, aerodynamic and stylish.

One more thing unique in this RV is the exterior color scheme. The black and white colors on the exterior does make people turn their heads. The interiors too feel like luxury which isn’t the case when you go for affordable class c RV. The interior design and material does stand out reflecting quality.

Coming to storage, its impressive here too. The internal and external storage are sufficient for 2 people, who can bring along various things including camping gears like camping chairs, golf sticks, and other outdoor items.

The rear lounge provides great views which one can enjoy using the sectional sofa and chairs. Windows provide abundant amount of sunlight and provides impressive outside views.

Even though the starting MSRP for this RV is less than 120K, you would be spending on top of this to build the RV with additional amenities. You get several options like Onan generator, interior cabinetry, countertops, solar panels, lithium batteries, satellite dish to name a few.


  • Flexible and versatile
  • Contoured exterior walls
  • Master suite
  • Spacious
  • luxurious

6. Thor Four Winds

Thor four winds video tour

The Four Winds motorhome from Thor Motorcoach sets you apart due to its compact and suitable design, as well as plenty of optional features. The Four Winds is suitable for your family or friends when you want to go out on an adventure. It offers a number of floor plans and has a large dash that comes with navigation and SiriusXM.

This is one of the best class C RV under $100,000 in this list and will perfectly fit you budget.

Starting Price$97,350
Length24 feet
Sleeping Capacity4
Fresh Water Capacity40 Gallons
Gray Holding Tank29 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity25 Gallons

The screen acts as a backup monitor and drink holders have also been included in the RV, which you can utilize while you travel. The motorhome has been designed with the SmoothTech ride enhancement, and the suspension package is similar to the one used in an ambulance.

With the Four Winds, you can expect to travel in style, since it’s easy to drive and has user-friendly features. When it comes to the interior design, you are bound to love what it has to offer. The RV has been packed with charging stations to use for all your electronics, enough seating, and sleeping space. The kitchen has been well equipped with pressed countertops, a large sink made of stainless steel, pop up outlet, decorated cabinet door, and a package of new appliance, among others.

With Thor four winds you get to choose from 13 different floor plans that configure for different user needs. Based on your personal family preferences you can choose just the right layout for you.

This is a perfect RV for those wanting to spend full time in RV. Its a comforting yet affordable low cost motorhome.

The interior is impressive and provides modern features including LED lighting and charging points at several locations.

With interior and exterior storage that is in abundance, this RV will help organize your items perfectly. Its a perfect mix of features and affordability, for this same reasons it made to our list.

With technology connecting our lives every now and then, this RV helps you stay with that life as well. It is equipped with WIFI options, 4G hotspot and TV antenna.

This gasoline motorhome isn’t too heavy and provides good mpg as well.

The standard package with 13,500 BTU air conditioner which can be optionally increased to 15,000 BTU if needed.

It is also equipped with Onan 4000 Watts built-in generator which is a peace of mind if you plan to boondock or go dry camping often. Also, while traveling a lot on road its always better to have generator on boarded inside.


  • Classy and stylish
  • It offers maximum comfort
  • Luxurious
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Well equipped kitchen

7. Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome

Thor Chateau video tour

The Thor Chateau Class C motorhome is a type of RV that offers you full comfort as you travel. What makes this RV stand out is the fact that it has been designed to fit in with your lifestyle. You have the option of choosing the gas engine that you want between the Ford 7.3L V8 gas engine and the Chevy 6.0L V8 gas engine.

At price less than $100,000 this is a great option for the money.

Starting Price$97,350
Sleeping Capacity8
Fresh Water Capacity40 Gallons
Grey Holding Tank25 Gallons
Black Holding Tank29 Gallons

This motorhome comes with several floor plans to suit different family needs. Whether you want a bunk bed or plenty of seating capacity, this RV can offer you these with their configurable layout options.

The interiors are beautifully designed that makes great use of space. The storage in this class c motorhome is bigger and you can fit in lots of camping gear.

Every chateau has been built with aluminum roof and constructed with a sidewall cage. There’s also a vacu-bond roof that is well laminated, floors and walls made of insulated block foam, and a TPO roof made of premium one-piece material.

The RV also has a dash radio that includes a backup monitor, 3-point seat belts for both the passenger and the driver, as well as the drink holders that make it easier for you as you travel. It has a large interior and the flooring is made of vinyl, which makes it easier to clean.

This gasoline run motorhome has GVWR of 12300 lbs and therefore it gives you good miles per gallons as well. The interior ceiling height is around 8’4″ which is great for taller people.


  • Made with tubular aluminum roof
  • Large interior
  • Economical
  • Fits in perfectly with your lifestyle
  • Vinyl flooring that is easy to clean
  • Technology included keeps you connected
  • Dash radio included that has a backup monitor

8. Winnebago Vita

Winnebago Vita video walkthrough

The Winnebago Vita is an exclusive RV with a spacious interior and enough configurable storage. It offers maximum capacity and has a customizable pantry with multipurpose wardrobe. It features a flexible lounge that you can use for entertainment, play or relaxing. The lounge is designed to help you unwind.

Starting Price$136,072
Sleeping Capacity4
Fresh Water Tank Capacity37 Gallons
Grey Holding Tank41 Gallons
Black Holding Tank41 Gallons

The interior features a unique style and this makes it easier to make the RV feel like your home. This new chassis is fuel-efficient and comes with upgraded and secure features such as lane keeping assist, brake assist, and attention assist, among many others.

It has large batteries and 200-watt solar panels that are expandable up to 475 watts. It also features a 1000 watt inverter and a generator. The interior of the Winnebago Vita also includes a systems monitor panel, roof vent, and mini blinds.

This is a fuel efficient motorhome that also packs in great interiors that can be customized as per your needs. The swivel cab seats add extra seating room.

It is also equipped with great safety features like brake assists, lane assists and attention assist.

On the technology front it is not behind either. With Wi-Fi, rear camera, advance voice interface this RV is much ahead in modern technology.


  • Fuel-efficient
  • Stylish interior and exterior
  • Flexible lounge
  • Ideal for adventures

9. Forest River SunSeeker

Forest River SunSeeker video tour

The Sun Seeker Classic Class C motorhome features a unique design that offers maximum space. It also has adequate storage space on each floor plan and “Certified Green” by the TRA Certification. The exterior is made of 2-inch aluminum framed and laminated side walls, a fiberglass roof, valve stem extensions, and driver side security light.

Starting Price$82,540
Sleeping Capacity6
Fresh Water Capacity35 Gallons
Grey Tank Capacity30 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity30 Gallons

The RV also has slide out awnings, fiberglass running boards, and tinted sliding windows. The kitchen has sink covers, a flip-up countertop extension, and a convection microwave. The bathroom, on the other hand, has a lightweight composite toilet, an electric roof fan, shower skylight, and a motion sensor light.

The living room area has a dream dinette, black out roller shades, LED floor lighting, and a 12-volt USB charging station. The systems included in the RV are battery disconnect, water heater bypass, an emergency start switch, water filtration system, and winegard digital antenna, among many other features.


  • Full kitchen
  • 1 year warranty
  • Well designed interior and exterior
  • Wheel liners made of stainless steel
  • Bedspread
  • 12-volts bedroom TV

10. Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Winnebago Minnie Winnie video tour

The Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M is a Class C RV that can sleep up to six people, and in the back it features a powered slide-out. The slide-out is specifically for the full-sized bed located in the master bedroom. Included in the RV is also a sleeper dinette that is easily convertible and an overhead bunk.

Starting Price$109,260
Sleeping Capacity5
Fresh Water Capacity40 Gallons
Grey Tank Capacity45 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity40 Gallons

The good thing about this motorhome is that it has been built on the Ford E350 and features the Triton V10 engine. This also features a wardrobe, 5 seatbelts, rear corner bath, and overhead cab bed. It is suitable for the whole family when you want to go for retreat or some adventure.

It also features a full kitchen and bathroom, and its super structure provides a stable foundation. The drive has cab seats with armrests, monitor system, and adjustable recline features.


  • Ideal interior and exterior
  • Suitable décor
  • Can fit up to 6 people
  • It offers comfort
  • Stylish
  • Full kitchen

Know this Before you buy

Class C RV’s are priced decently considering the features you get inside them. Having said this, you definitely want to buy those that are less expensive but not cheap.

They are not meant to be luxurious, but are for those who want good features, space for living on road. Class B and Class A motorhomes tend to be more of a luxury RV’s.

Just like other RV’s, class C Motorhomes also depreciate a lot. Once you get it on the road it will loose around 10-15% immediately and as you go down the road it will consistently loose the value.

Here is a break up of how it looses its value year by year.

1st Year : 20 %
3rd year : 26%
5th year : 38%
10th year : 52%

Looking at these numbers you may have got the idea of what it really means. And that’s why its important to get the right RV as otherwise you may end up loosing if you have to sell it. Used class C Motorhome can therefore be an option as well. You can get a 8-10 year old almost at half the price.

There are multiple ways to buy your dream motorhome. Check with local dealers for the right model. You can also check out RV shows to check newer models. The models that we have listed above are obviously the best ones but since every year new models hit the market, its also helpful to check out new models. We do our own research and update this list every year as well.

If you are looking for a class c RV under $50,000 or cheaper than this then a used one will be a better fit for you. As we saw due to depreciation older class C motorhomes can be bought at discounted rates.

Are class C Worth it?

It totally depends on your requirements and how you want to RV. If you are looking for good space, amenities at comparable prices then class c is a better option. Class B are compact and are easy to drive but they also cost more comparatively.

Class A are built on bus chassis and are very luxurious. They cost a lot and also include luxurious amenities.


When looking for the best less expensive Class C RVs, you need to be careful and conduct thorough research to ensure that you are getting value for your money. The RVs we’ve discussed in this post are not only cheap, but also come with top-notch features and flexibility.

Yoganand Gadekar

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