10 Best Fifth Wheel RV’s For Every Budget

10 Best Fifth Wheel RV’s For Every Budget

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RVing is the way to live if you are an adventure lover or love to travel. It gives you the privilege to stop anywhere you wish, take in the fresh breeze and be your time manager. You don’t have to worry about catching the last bus or booking a hotel while on vacation. While many people will use it for camping, some live in them singly or with their family.

RVs come in different sizes and designs. You will find one that suits your needs. If you are constantly moving, you need to ensure the RV you choose can give such a life without any inefficiencies for a long time.

You might think that getting a high-end fifth-wheel RV will cost you a fortune. However, there are many RV manufacturers with your best intentions pocket-wise. Here are the ten best fifth-wheel RVs for every budget.

1. Dutchmen Voltage Series

If hauling toys are your thing, then you might consider exploring this RV. Weighing up to 14,000 – 16250 pounds and a length of 44 feet, this RV will ten people a comfortable environment to live in.

$130,6824-614,062 lbs – 16240 lbs

If you own an ATV or a dirt bike, the 7,000-pound axle will accommodate the weight of these toys. Thanks to its swing door, this RV allows one to fit even the bulkiest equipment.

Key Features:

  • King Bed
  • Insulating air conditioner and Heating ducts
  • 50 inch HD LCD TV
  • TPO Roof with 15 years warranty
  • 4 Door refrigerator (18 Cu ft.)
  • Hydraulic Auto Level

Dutchmen Voltage Series comes with huge windows to give you a clear view of the exterior and allow some sunlight into the interior. The windows are tinted for privacy and safety reasons.

The living space consists of a queen-size sleeper sofa and two recliner seats to make you cozy when chilling. The hardwood cabinets and quartz countertops give the kitchen a classy look. A queen-size bed and a spacious wardrobe complete the bedroom.

2. CrossRoads Redwood

This brand is known for being a leading manufacturer of three fifth-wheel RVs. Their exterior and interior designs and high-quality amenities are what attract many individuals to it.

Contact Dealer For Quote13,583 lbs6

Key Features:

  • 66 Gallons Fresh water capacity
  • 45 Gallons Black Tank capacity
  • 88 Gallons Gray Tank capacity
  • Two 15,000 BTU Air Conditioners
  • 35,000 BTU Furnace
  • Washer dryer prep

Check all the features here.

If you are looking for long-term or even permanent housing, Redwood RVs will suit your needs. It has foam cores around its ducts, and the walls have heavy insulation to ensure balanced temperatures during the summer and winter seasons.

For the interior designs, everything is modern with a taste you will like. It is equipped with recliners, large LG TV, and a top-quality soundbar for the living room.

On to the kitchen, there are hardwood cabinetry and porcelain countertops, an oven, refrigerator, and a three-burner stove. Its spacious bathroom has many drawers and storage spaces, as well as the BTU furnace. Living in a Redwood coach feels like home.

3. KZ Durango

This RV has amenities of uncompromised quality and elegant décor that gives it a contemporary look. In the kitchen is a stainless steel sink with a cover and a tap that comes with a pulldown sprayer.

$85,315Upto 810,130 lbs to 12320 lbs

The drop-in cooker with a glass covering will make your cooking session worthwhile. It has high-speed connectivity to ensure you stay plugged in 24/7.

Key Features:

  • 12 Cu. Ft Refrigerator with 4 doors
  • 76 Gallons Fresh Water Tank
  • 53 Gallons of Gray/Black tank
  • Roof Mounted solar prep
  • King Bed
  • Luxurious theatre style seating with cupholders
  • Pre-wired for satellite

There is no doubt that you will find one that suits your lifestyle with seven different floor plans. KZ Durango has a two-year warranty. This fifth wheel is the best spot to share memorable moments with friends and family. Get this lightweight RV for a lightweight price.

4. Forest River Wildcat Series

This coach is affordable and yet comes loaded with superb facilities and ideal if you are dry camping. Its low price would fit a person taking a fresh start in life.

Contact Dealer For Price7958 lbs to 10834 lbs4

One thing you don’t need to worry about with this RV is water troubles. It has vast tanks that hold water that could serve you weeks. If you want to install solar inlets, this RV can support it.

Key Features:

  • 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 10.7 Cu. Ft Refrigerator
  • 35,000 BTU Furnace
  • Solar Prep
  • Washer and Dryer Prep

Besides, it has 12V LED lights to make your outdoor lit even at night. If you are more into kitchen amenities, this RV has all your needs covered. It comes with a large double sink and sink covers, quality countertops, and hardwood cabinets.

Its living area has large clear windows that offer a great exterior view, a sleeper sofa, and recliners to help you relax as you watch the 40-inch TV. The bedroom is admirable where can allow you position a TV and a fireplace. Its high ceiling can accommodate even a 6’5 height. A Forest River Wildcat Series is an RV that you will not regret buying.

5. Winnebago Micro Minnie

If you already have a truck, you have all you need to tow this lightweight fifth wheel. You might misjudge it from the outside since it appears small, but once you get inside, you will be amazed by the amenities.

$22,0003360 lbs3-5

Its kitchen comprises a stainless steel sink, microwave, and a residential refrigerator. It leaves ample space to maneuver when preparing your meals.

Key Features:

  • LED Television
  • 10.3 cubit ft. Refrigerator
  • 2 Burner Cooktop
  • 31 Gallons of Fresh Water Tank Capacity
  • 25 Gallons of Gray/Black tank Capacity

The living area has comfy leather seats with a large TV and sound system. In the bedroom is a queen-size bed and a comfortable mattress to remove the day’s fatigue.

There large windows in the bedroom and living area ensure proper ventilation and allow you to enjoy sunlight during the day.

6. Grand Design Reflection Series

No matter the model you go for, a Grand design Reflection Series will never weigh more than 15,000 pounds. That means that this fifth wheel is easy to haul.

$53,0009694 lbsupto 10

There are even lightweight RVs that will weigh less than 10,000 pounds. This coach has double-laminated walls, and their roofing has an aluminum-framed lamination.

Key Features:

  • King Size Bed
  • Auto Leveling System
  • Pass Through lighting system
  • Outside Shower
  • Roof Ladder

Check all the specifications here.

The kitchen comes with a double sink that has a pullout sprayer, cabinetries, and a microwave. Its spacious living area has a unique U-shaped dinette with rear theatre seating and leather sleeper sofas.

Its large tinted windows give you the privacy you need while watching the outside world. Comfort is all they seek to provide you in the bedroom with a Black Label pillow top mattress.

It also has a large wardrobe and a TV ready for you. The under-bed storage space is adequate to store your treasures. With less than $45,000, you can own this quality RV to raise your family.

7. Palomino Puma

If you are looking for a coach to rely on for camping and random adventure with family, Palomino is the RV for you. It weighs half a ton which means hooking and towing it is easy.

Contact Dealer for price6788 lbsupto 10

The manufacturers serve you with four different floorings to choose from. These floor plans can suit any lifestyle, be it Side Paw or bunks. Its interior facilities will give you a warm home feeling.

Key Features:

  • Solar Prep
  • 35,000 BTU Furnace
  • Queen Bed
  • LED Lighting
  • 11 Cu. Ft Refrigerator

Besides, it has considered even the tiniest details that make your life more convenient. It comes with a TV antenna, Wi-Fi configurations, home theatre, quality microwave, refrigerator, kitchen sinks with a cover, and glass range covers.

There are LED lightings, an outdoor shower, a sound system, and solar system prep on the exterior.

8. Coachmen Chaparral

With $40,000, you can own this RV which can accommodate up to eleven people. With camper has dual entries that give easy access to any section of the RV.

$40,0009574 lbs6

Its LED light awnings take your outdoor experience to the next level. Coachmen Chaparral comes with adequate storage space to ensure that all your items fit. There is storage in the mining sector, in the bedroom, and in other sections.

Key Features:

  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Entry steps with LED lights
  • 8 cu ft Refrigerator
  • Queen Bed

The nifty features in its indoors make this RV cozy and elegant. It has wooden cabinetry with stylish finishing and hardwood drawers that give the RV a home feeling. With a set of three sofas, you have enough resting area in the living room to enjoy your TV time.

9. Keystone Montana

Of all the fifth wheel RV brands in the market, Keystone Montana was the most popular brand in 2020. This motorhome offers room for up to six individuals and comes in 23 floor plans to choose from.

$81,00012,056 lbs4

This RV can live for the longest time, thanks to the fiberglass composition. Its walls and floor come with a two-inch aluminum frame for reinforcement.

Key Features :

  • 66 Gallons of fresh water tank
  • 88 Gallons of gray tank and 49 Gallons of black tank capacity
  • 18 cu. ft refrigerator

It has the storage system as the first section before getting into the main living room, where you can drop your regular carry along with items. At the center is a four-door refrigerator, oven, and 48-inch TV.

They have also invested highly in the bedroom, where there are high-quality mattresses and queen size beds to give you a nice sleep after a long camping day. The porcelain toilets and a spacious bathroom speaks high levels of craftsmanship.

10. Heartland Bighorn

If you are looking for luxury, even with a small living space, this RV is a fit. Its indoor décor and outdoor features are impeccable. There are twelve different floorings to choose from.

$96,00011,972 lbs3-4

Heartland Bighorn gives room for up to six people. This high-end motorhome’s exterior features consist of an aerodynamic cap, three-inch slide outs, and push-button stabilizers.

Key Features:

  • 80 Gallons of fresh water tank
  • Two 15,000 BTU Air conditioners
  • King Size Bed
  • 3 Burner cooktop

You can still enjoy a lit outdoor space in the evening, thanks to its LED lightings. Its vacuum-bonded sides are one of its most outstanding features.

Its open floor plan makes this RV unique. Among the appliances found in this coach are a 46-inch TV, quality sound system, and comfortable leather seats. The wine rack in the kitchen gives the ultimate expensive touch to this RV. With only $60,000, you can get this fantastic coach.

When choosing a fifth wheel RV, here are factors you should consider;

Why are you buying the fifth wheel?

Do you need the fifth wheel as a permanent home, temporary situations, or for camping a few times? Identifying this need helps you to know precisely how comfortable you need the RV to be.

You will check the appliances and the general condition of the RV. Also, if you plan to make it your permanent home, you have to look at the durability aspect, especially its material.

If you love traveling, then you need to consider its mileage and fuel consumption. If it is for one-time camping or occasional traveling, renting it seems to be a better option than purchasing one.

What fifth wheel length will suit your needs?

Fifth wheel RVs come in different sizes. There are long, medium, and short units. The longer the RV, the more spacious the living space and the more amenities it has.

Lengthy fifth wheels will even come with washing machines spacious bedrooms with king-size beds and fireplaces.

A large fifth wheel can be ideal when you live with your family or need a luxurious life.

Also, you are planning to be on the move frequently, put in mind the impact of the length when traveling. More extended units will be difficult to maneuver in certain environments and often under length restrictions in some destinations. Long units are ideal for a stationary setting.

What would be the ideal weight?

There is more to understand about weight other than the overall weight of the machine. When touring, you need to understand the different types of weights and where the weight restrictions might apply for high safety levels.

Some of the RV weights you should consider are the RV’s maximum trailer rating, maximum payload, cargo-carrying capacity, and reserve axle capacity. The fifth wheel weight will determine how much you can load it.

The tank’s capacity

RVs have three tanks; a tank that holds freshwater, greywater for water from sinks and the shower, and one for black water from the toilet. This crucial consideration to make, especially if you plan to dry camp the RV.

A small freshwater capacity means that you will need to fill your tank after a few days and drain the dirty waters. Tank holding comes hand in hand with its draining system. Ensure that the drainage system is efficient to prevent stinky indoor space.

The holding tank capacity, weight, and length form the primary features. However, there are other additional aspects to consider to ensure you have a fifth wheel that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Elements like the ideal layout, colors, storage space, and interior and exterior amenities. From time to time, you will require to move the fifth wheel. Pay attention to the brakes, engine, and tires, amongst other bonus features.


With so many fifth wheel RV manufacturers, it is easy to land on substandard coaches. For a memorable camping and quality living environment, invest in one of the above affordable fifth-wheel RVs.

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