10 Best Hybrid Campers On The Market

10 Best Hybrid Campers On The Market

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Are you looking for a lightweight and yet feature rich camper ?

Hybrid campers are the best when it comes to RV camping; they are great to accommodate large family, provide good adventure and yet are less costly.

They offer a variety of comforts, including quick setup and easy towing ability.

When searching for a new home on wheels with the best of both RV camping and tent, hybrid campers offer the best solution.

Hybrid campers are the fad as they give towable RV comforts while adding supplementary tent-like living and sleeping areas that pop out easily when in need. Their design offers a great advantage to any adventurer because it minimizes costs without devoting much to lifestyle and space.

What is a hybrid camper?

A hybrid camper is a hard-shell RV trailer with a canvas, generally smaller and narrower than a caravan. They can be easily towed down rugged bush tracks.

If you are not a hybrid camper enthusiast or looking for a camper van for your upcoming trip, you need to know more about this before you dive in or gear for your next trip.

Hybrid travel trailers are great during warm weather as you can get the feel of a tent camping and yet have amenities like a home. The canvas tent setup is not very hard as well making it easy to camp with. This makes them really worth it.

Hybrid campers weigh between 3500 to 5000 lbs on average and are therefore better suited for towing with medium sized cars or half ton pickup trucks.

Hybrid campers are an excellent way to travel on a trailer, but here are some essentials you need to know before your search for a hybrid camper van.


  • The bandwagon is entirely lockable, assuring total adventurer security.
  • Hybrid RV’s have in-built features like dining tables, beds, and lounge chairs to make camping a more comfortable experience for any enthusiast.
  • They feature solid sidewalls that allow for extra accessories like LED camp lights and electric covers.
  • Hybrid campers have shower, and toilet options, be it added on or built-in.
  • They are certainly better at cooling than traditional pop up campers and even travel trailers.


  • The campers are heavier than other tenting trailers.
  • Their off-road capability is affected by their excessive heaviness.
  • They are vulnerable to damage, especially on tight roads.
  • The storehouse area is preset.
  • They can leak specially between the canvas and hard sided part. Leaking can however happen in any type of RV. But, since it has more parts that join together there are higher changes of leaks specially once it becomes little older.

How are they different from travel trailers?

When compared to regular travel trailers, hybrid travel trailers are far much different and unique.

Travel trailers are built with a full-body being hard, while hybrid travel trailers feature a rigid body but with canvas slideout for sleeping points.

A hybrid travel trailer is spacious with an open basement plan due to sliding out of sleeping areas, thus creating more space. In contrast, travel trailers have a sleeping area within the rigid body, limiting the amount of space they can offer for other purposes like amenities.

Due to the slideout canvas option, hybrid campers offer an authentic camping experience as they allow the natural sounds and air to flow via the trailer. In contrast, regular travel trailers are no less than a traveling condo or a home since rigid walls surround them.

Hybrid campers have sleeping area on the tent or pop up side and therefore you need to be vary of the weight limit. On an average, a hybrid camper bed can hold upto 250 lbs when its a queen bed and 650 lbs for a king sized bed.

A travel trailer is more secure than a hybrid camper because solid walls surround it, but a hybrid camper is not safe since an intruder can slide in through the canvas, though, in rare cases.

Travel trailers provide excellent air, snow, and water protection as it is completely closed. On the other hand, hybrid trailers can protect a camper from snow and rain, but cold and condensation can still get in via the canvas slideouts.

Although both, a hybrid trailer and a standard travel trailer are almost of the same weight and size, hybrid trailers offer more living space than the other.

Best hybrid campers

Jayco, starcraft, dutchmen, Palamino, Coachmen, forest river are some of the top hybrid camper manufacturers.

Lets check out 10 best hybrid campers you can buy.

1. Forest River Rockwood Roo

Forest River Rockwood Roo travel trailers feature expandable pop out in the rear and front parts, making it ideal for four to six individuals to sleep in it with ease.

Dry Weight4056 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity54 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity30 Gallons
Air Conditioner13,5000 BTU
Furnace35,000 BTU

Check its complete features and specifications here.

With the 4056 lb, Forest River Rockwood hybrid camper can be towed by even small SVs. It is comfortable to camp with this camper even on rainy days, thanks to its 67′ flip-up couch in front and forty-four-inch dinette seating in the trailer.

There are multiple floor plans and the maximum sleeping capacity in rockwood roo camper is 10 people.

This rear-entry RV has everything a camping enthusiast needs and is easy to tow. The price of this hybrid camper depends on many factors, including the model you are purchasing.

But on average, this trailer can cost around thirty-five thousand four hundred and seventy dollars. However, the selling dealer can determine the actual price.

This camper is best suited for families that are looking for an upgrade to their existing pop up tent camper. Hybrid campers are great if you want to go boondocking and yet have that luxury of big kitchen, modern amenities like TV, heater and so on.

Rockwood roo delivers as per expectations. Its interior gives you a feeling of luxury and yet able to take you through rough or narrow roads. Priced just under $35,600 this is a impressive campers that packs in just the amenities you need.


  • It is easy to tow
  • Provides a more sleeping space capacity


  • It can get extremely cold or hot due to the slide-in tent.
  • Minimal privacy, especially at night due to the pop out of the tent

2. K-Z Escape

If you want to take problems out of towing, consider using the ultra-weight Escape campers from KZ.

Length21 ft
Dry Weight3233 lbs
GVWR4000 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity20 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity32 Gallons

The unit is affordable and features everything a camper needs while camping. It features three hatch designs with a rear entrance that opens vertically, allowing for easy airflow, great views, ample storage space, and fresh air.

These expandable units have a heat-resistant, marine-grade, and durable Aqualon edge fabric. The trailer weighs 3320 lbs and provides a sleeping area for almost ten individuals. Currently, the MSRP for 2021 k-z Escape e180RBT goes at $27 020.


  • The trailer is spacious and can sleep up to ten people.
  • This hybrid trailer is lighter and easy to tow.


  • Some campers can find the slideout bedsteads uncomfortable.
  • They cannot be used where there are hostile predators like bears.

3. Palomino SolAire eXpandable

Palomino SolAire Expandable is an RV brand that has been developed upon quality from the start.

This hybrid camper is quite comfortable and has good amount of sleeping space. It can comfortably sleep upto 7 people.

Dry Weight3073 lbs
Length19 feet
Fresh Water Capacity44 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity30 Gallons
Air Conditioner13,500 BTU

This model is built to last, thanks to its vacuum-bonded lamination, gel-coated high gloss exterior, and aluminum enclosure layered structure.

Moreover, the brand includes permissive amenities like LED interior lighting, a USB charging point, and a fanlight in the pantry to provide natural light.

The trailer comes with a barrelled trail on the tent to allow campers to keep the wagon top clean. It features the following.

  • Black tank flush,
  • Solid surface countertops
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Air condition upgrade
  • Microwave

The gross weight for this unit is3500 lbs, making it excellent for small SUV towing. The cost of the model differs from dealer to dealer depending on several factors. But on average, a new palomino Solaire expandables goes at $28100.


  • Less expensive
  • Offers the best camping experience due to their tent-like experience outdoors
  • Occupies a less tank space


  • It is vulnerable to shaking, especially off-road.

4. Aerolite Hybrid Travel Trailers

Aerolite Hybrid Travel Trailers include a series of floor plans ideal for lightweight SUV tow vehicles.

It is more petite and expendable. The model can allow sleep of between four to eight individuals.

All the campers have been updated and equipped with better technology and materials. Although the build quality has improved, it is erratic. Pricing depends on the model of the aerolite camper you are purchasing.

It features an air conditioner, AM/CD/FM awning, and stereo; newer versions of these campers have piercing jacks, an extra tire with a carrier, and a DSI Water Heater exterior wash station.

Moreover, this camper is highly lightweight, with a fiberglass siding ideal for short-term and long-term outdoor adventures. The specific weight for this trailer is 4956 lbs.


  • Easy and quick set up
  • It offers more storage and amenities than pop-ups


  • Consistent temperature fluctuations
  • Build up of condensation

5. Jayco Jay Feather

Jayco Jay Feather X23E features threefold canvas end beds, rear washroom, exterior storehouse, dexter pivots, Goodyear wheels, and a u-shaped dinette slide.

It can sleep upto 8 people and is very comfortable as well.

This camper van comes with a stronghold vacuum bonded bed platform weighing 1050 lb, offering sleeping space for six individuals besides an ample floor space.

The u-shaped dinette slide provides more sleeping, dining, and gaming room. Moreover, Jayco Jay expandable provides an aerodynamic, rounded front silhouette with a modern retro graphics unit and a diamond plate.

It includes the following options, thirty-inch LED tv, customer value package, electric tongue jack, modern farmhouse, and VSP DISCOUNT. The MSRP price is $49850.


  • Just like other hybrid camper trailers, Jayco jay features x23E is lightweight.
  • The camper is affordable.


  • It does not offer enough privacy, especially at night.
  • It is prone to snow and rain leaks through the canvas slide outs.

6. Coleman Hybrid Travel Trailers

Coleman hybrid travel trailers are an excellent ultra-lightweight RV van that uses weight and space-saving features. It is light on weight but heavy in peculiarities and durability.

The light series comes along with aluminum framed construction fully packed with essential camping amenities. Although not of high quality, Coleman hybrid travel trailers offer excellent and quality construction at a reasonable price.

They are known for pop-up campers and provide safety in travel. They are packed with barbecues, and other outstanding peculiarities that ensure couples and families do not skimp on amenities and convenience while on the road having an outdoor experience.


  • The models are perfectly designed for contemporary society featuring USB plugs everywhere.


  • The number of people who can sleep in the camper varies depending on the model in question.

7. Starcraft RV Mossy Oak

Starcraft RV mossy oak makes a lot of sense to any camping enthusiast looking for hybrid trailers.

This is a premium name in luxury. The trailer’s cabinet is impressive, with a great appearance that makes the inside seem like a premium house. The kitchen is good and equipped with a fridge.

All control switches ad-light are coordinated from a single place and so no stumbling when dark. Moreover, it features a shiny exterior construction with everything feeling solid and long-lasting.


  • The trailer is built to last long so that it will serve you long enough.


  • It consists kitchen that does not live up to people’s expectations considering its premium looks.
  • The fridge occupies too much space.

8. Kodiak Hybrid Travel Trailers

Kodiak hybrid can accommodate ten people, hence ideal for big family outings. The unit is lighter and can be towed easily with most SUVs. You can control everything from this van, including outdoor and indoor lights.

Moreover, you can control other things like generator settings and awnings from this remote. It is ideal for people that need ample sleeping space. The sixty-by-eight-bed size gives couples enough room to breathe.

The model is made from aluminum materials to ensure they have sturdy entry steps which can last for as long as the trailer can last.


  • The remote makes it is easy to control everything from one spot.


  • It is not such weighty duty and might not be fit for everyone’s budget.

9. Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock

Flagstaff shamrock features two tent end bedrooms having queen-sized beds measuring 60″ by 80″ each. The interiors have luxuries of a traditional RV, including a bathroom, under-bed drawers, and endless kitchen storage.

The trailer offers plenty of space to spread out comfortably. The dinette area can transform into an additional sleeping area beside a sixty-seven-inch sofa for sleeping or entertaining.

Forest river flagstaff shamrock is one of the smallest hybrid camper with bathroom.

Here are its specifics; 4056 lbs dry weight and 5630 lbs GVWR. When unloaded, the caravan weighs around 4656 lbs making it lighter than other hybrid campers.


  • Highly lightweight and easy to tow


  • Easily condensable and insecure due to the open tent design

10. Keystone Bullet Crossfire

The keystone bullet crossfire has more pop-up sections, which makes the inside pleasanter. This hybrid camper van offers a slide out dinette area and three canvas end beds for eating and third-person sleeping.

Moreover, the fold-down couch is not only ideal for entertainment for increases good night rest convenience. The bathroom area offers a small tub and a shower ideal for kids and furry friends. Its dry weight is 4515 lbs.


  • The camper is spacious and can accommodate more people than other hybrid campers.
  • It has a doable tub capacity.


  • It is not ideal for a full camper to the campground; it needs to be refilled throughout the camping session when cooking, dishwashing and showers.


It is pretty breathtaking to travel and see the country in a camper with a tow that allows you to stop, shop, and sightsee the beautiful nature. But most importantly, it gives you space where you can comfortably sleep during your trip. A hybrid trailer lets people enjoy the most from their outing while giving them the full benefits of a conventional wagon.

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