11 Best Pop Up Campers With Toy Hauler

11 Best Pop Up Campers With Toy Hauler

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Looking for pop up camper with toy hauler? If yes then continue reading to find out the 11 best options in this category.

Getting out on the road does not mean that you have to leave your toys at home. If you want to spice up your RV holiday, you can either rent or buy a good pop up camper with a toy hauler.

Pop up campers are generally small, lightweight and therefore you wont find many options that also have toy hauler. In this article, we will check out the best options in this segment but before that, a quick look at what exactly is a toy hauler RV.

What is a toy hauler RV?

A toy hauler can be any type of RV from a pop up camper to a 5th wheel to a Class A rig. What these vehicles do for you is provide extra space for your man toys. Usually for travel trailers on up to Class A RVs, there is a space in back to pack your dirt bikes, motorcycles, 4 wheeler and kayaks or canoes.

You still get a lot of living space with this arrangement but what about p[op up campers? Where do the toys go? There are two types of pop up camper toy haulers. The first one has the storage area on top of the roof letting you haul longer toys.

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The second, has a space in front of the pop up. The only real difference between the two is the way you unload and load your toys. The key to hauling your toys in these rigs is to make sure you tie them down well and balance the weight.

Here are the 11 top pop up campers with toy hauler.

1. Jumping Jack Classic

When you want to stay as close to the basics of camping this is the pop up camper that will keep you near pure camping. Its 96 square feet of interior space gives you and your family lots of room to enjoy the lake or river you chosen to camp next to.

Plus, it is easy to set up so you and your family can get to relaxing quickly after along journey. It may not look like much but it will carry your toys on top so you and your family can really explore nature.

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At 12 you can get a couple of dirt bikes or ATVs on top or even a canoe or kayak. You do not have to leave your fun behind when you go for this pop up camper. Costing about $10,000 it fits into the budget with ease.

Then as a surprise feature, you can remove the tent portion and use this pop up as utility trailer. With a 2,100 pound dry weight your vehicle should have no trouble pulling this camper.

2. A-Liner Somerset E-3 Deck

Camping is more fun when you bring some of the benefits of home with you. This toy hauling camper not only lets you bring your canoes, and other recreational toys along for the ride, you get to sleep in a very comfortable queen size bed.

On top of its dry weight capacity of about 2,900 pounds, you can pack another 1,500 pounds of toys and make your vacation even more exciting. Be3sides that extra room, you get several beds, a bathroom for privacy, air conditioning and electric brakes.

Not bad for an approx. $18,000 price tag. The toy hauler is located in the front of the camper making sure your toys are safe and away from any danger. On top of that, you get a fold away step so entering and exiting is safe and easy.

On top of all that you can sleep between 4 and 6 people at one time. It is a nice way to see the country without having to sleep on the ground.

3. Coleman evolution

Coleman is one the trustworthy name in RV industry, its around since almost 5 decades. Its a company that produces RV’s and RV products that does display quality and innovation. This pop up camper is no exception to their manufacturing. Its a toy hauler pop up camper that you can definitely consider.

Its overall length is 27 feet, width is 11 feet ad height almost 9 feet. The dry weight of this camper is around 3030 lbs, GVWR is 4400 lbs. Most standard cars will be able to pull it very easily. However do check the car manual to find out the exact limit.

Here are some of the other key features and points to note:

Sleeping capacity : 6 Max
King Size Beds : 2
Kitchen : Centrally located
Body Construction : Steel
Sidewall : Tent Fabric

This trailer by Coleman has 100% stainless steel lift that is resistance to corrosion or other issues. The roof is a one piece construction that is less prone to leaks. There are number optional items to add like power vents, black water holding tank of capacity 5 gallons and screen room.

Its given a roof warranty of 5 years which is standard duration and you should be pretty much with that. Basic warranty and structure warranty is however 12 months.

The kitchen is equipped with 3 way refrigerator, 3 burner stove and deep bowl sink. Water holding capacity is 20 gallons and same for holding tank as well.

Price for this pop up camper starts at around $17,000, you can also buy used ones from online RV dealers.

4. Forest River Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast

Pop up campers are not like the ones your father or grandfather used. This nice unit comes with just about all the amenities you need for a relaxing and comfortable time out n the woods.

You name it this camper may have it as there is a water heater for hot showers, a wet bathroom, heated mattresses and even an outdoor grill. On top of that you get a security system to stop people from removing your camper without permission.

The length of this pop up camper measures just under 27 feet from the hitch to the rear. It weighs roughly 3,300 pounds and has lots of room for gear and your toys. The slide out toy hauler is located between the hitch and the camper allowing you to balance the weight with ease.

You really have to explore this pop up camper as it is filled with more features than we have named. The tires on this rig are tough and should be able to handle dirt roads without complaint.

5. Fleetwood scorpion

There are 3 series models of fleetwood scorpion. S1 which is 27 feet long, S2 being 21 feet and the smallest is the S3 at 15 feet. It has a cargo of 105 by 96 that is made of material that provides good traction. The base price for this campers is around $14,000, you can buy a used one at a much lower price.

Here are some key parameters of this camper :

GVWR : 5500 lbs
UVW : 2960 lbs
UTW : 570 lbs
Cabinet Storage : 19 cu-ft
Fresh Water Tank Capacity : 20 Gallons
Furnace : 16,000 BTU

6. Forest River Rockwood Sports Enthusiast

Where would you be without any power? Using a nice lantern that may or may not stay lit. This pop up camper with front toy hauler comes with hook up ca[abilities that lets you see in the dark and do your normal routine.

The amenity list is as large as the previous model on this list. It also has an outdoor grill, comfortable beds, a kitchen, wet bath and it is all stored in its almost 31 foot length.

Weighing in at approx. 3,400 pounds this pop up camper comes at a fairly hefty price. Just over $20,000 but that cost is worth it when you and your family put together some great camping adventures. With your toys n the front, you can make memories that last a lifetime.

A final touch is the complete set of screen windows. You will get lots of air flow as well as see 360 degrees around your camper without any problem.

7. Palamino BSV-1

Palamino RVs are there since many decades and are known for producing quality RVs that also includes truck campers and pop up trailers. They also make toy haulers in travel trailer and fifth wheel category. Some of these include PUMA ultra lite and PUMA XLE Lite.

You may not be bale to buy this pop up from the manufacturer but you can buy a used. 2012 and 2013 models were priced at around $12,000 so you should get one of those in a less than $6000

Lets see at some of its important specifications.

Length : 20 feet
Width : 7 feet
Height : 6.5 feet
Dry Weight : 2111 lbs
GVWR : 3321 lbs
Payload Capacity : 1210 lbs
Fresh Water tank Capacity : 30 gallons
Gray Tank : NA
Black Tank : NA
Propane Tank Capacity : 40 lbs
Sleeping Capacity : 7 Max
Air Conditioner : 13,500 BTU
Furnace : 20,000 BTU


First is not the worst and last is not the least. That is if this pop up camper has anything to say about it. This rig may not have all the amenities as the other models but it still works great for sleeping up to 6 people as well as getting your toys to the campground.

Also, you do get a space for a porta potty, some cabinets and cooking area as well as 2 comfortable beds. Overall its weight hits just above 3,200 pounds and costs roughly $13,000. Then when opened you get 23 1/2 feet of living space length and room for 2,200 pounds of gear.

Your kids can sleep on one end and you and your mate on the other Everyone gets a little privacy even when nature calls.If the temperature dips, there is a furnace to keep everyone warm and when hunger strikes, a fridge is on hand to provide you with some nice, fresh snacks.

9. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 18 SUT – Toy Hauler

The next one in this list is the livin’ Lite toy hauler whose length stands at around 21 feet. The width is 8.1 feet and the height around 8.6 feet. Its GVWR is 4000 lbs and dry weight around 1,800 lbs.

Livin’ lite does make RVs that have good durability, usability and also look great. The Quality and price go hand in hand, you wont be disappointed with the RV you get at the price. In this era of RV living they are doing a great job.

The construction is aluminum, the interior is a wood finish and is provided with 1 door. The cargo capacity is 114 mm. Sleeping capacity is maximum 6 people.

10. Jayco Baja Pop Up Toy Hauler

Jayco is a Thor industry owned company and is known for producing some of the finest RVs you can own. Its a very old company founded in 1968. This trailer o pop up includes a bike deck where you can carry a bike, ATV or other cargo.

It supports the cargo of upto 1500 lbs that is pretty good. ATV’s weigh between 200 to 400 lbs so that should be an easy task for this camper. Lets see some of the weight rating for this pop up toy hauler.

Dry Hitch Weight :300 lbs
GVWR : 4500 lbs
Overall Cargo Capacity : 2080

Its length is 20 feet, width around 8.5 feet and height is 6.9 feet. It can sleep upto 4 people.

Its given a fresh water tank of 30 gallons, gray holding tank of 11 gallons and black tank of 5 gallons. There are 2 floor plan that you can choose, 10G and 12E.

11. Lifetime Sahara pop up camper

This pop up camper trailer is made from heavy duty steel that can convert itself as utility trailer to a tent trailer. The setup is quick and easy. It can towed very easily behind standard car or SUV.

Its sleeping capacity is 6 people, the tent is a heavy duty polyster that has good durability. Its a toy hauler that can carry your ATV, bike, canoe or any other cargo behind it.
Here are some if its key features :

It is given : 8 windows, 2 doors
Length : 10 feet
Width : 6 feet
GVWR : 2000 lbs
Cargo : 123 cb-ft
Payload capacity : 1300 lbs

Pop up camper with toy hauler pros and cons


  1. Inexpensive compared to other RVs
  2. Less air drag as the camper folds up
  3. Can bring different toys with ease
  4. Light and easy to tow
  5. Can come with plenty of features
  6. Extra storage space if you do not haul your toys
  7. Two ways to haul your toys
  8. Easier to maneuver in tight spots
  9. Lets you be close to nature but too close


  1. Bigger pop ups can be expensive and heavy
  2. Limited amount of sleeping room
  3. Not all have privacy bathrooms if they have bathrooms
  4. Set up may take awhile
  5. Need to balance properly or pop up may tip over
  6. Privacy can be an issue
  7. Limited cooking and food storage space
  8. Not all have hook up capabilities

Some FAQs About these toy Hauler Campers

You don’t generally get pop up campers that are also toy haulers. Well, the reason is obvious, pop up tent trailers are meant to be small. Toy hauler are generally used for carrying ATV, dirt bikes, kayaks, canoe or other cargo which is better handled when you have a strong and big RV.

Therefore you will find more options in travel trailer and fifth wheel toy haulers. Anyways Since we already saw some of the best toy haulers in pop up campers lets go through important considerations and questions about them.

Can you built or convert a pop up camper into a toy hauler?

Well, yes you can. But, it will be a technical job and will depend on many factors. You can approach a custom building RV company or a RV shop who tackles such projects. The important thing is to have it built with proper weight handling capacity. Its not an easy job but sure, one can try.

There are quite a number of such pop up camper toy hauler conversion ideas on RV forum or pinterest. Not a bad idea to directly reach out to such RVers. Many a times we buy the RV and then comes the need to carry a ATV or bike or a side-by-side.

How much does one of these units weigh?

The dry weight of the pop up camper with toy hauler can vary. The basic units can weigh as little as 700 pounds while the more elaborate models can weigh over 7,000 pounds.

How big is the cargo capacity of pop up campers with toy haulers?

These units can carry anywhere from 1,250 to over 3,000 of extra pounds

What amenities do these campers have?

That will depend on which model you want to buy. Some people prefer the very basics and only have a fold down table and a couple of beds in their models. Other, more expensive models come with everything including the kitchen sink.

Which is better a front toy hauler or a top version?

That will be up to your preference and how you like to carry your toys. The choice is all yours to make.

What can I carry inside the pop up camper with toy hauler?

You will find spots for your food, clothing, and other smaller gear and equipment you need for a good vacation. Carrying an ATV, bike or canoe is also possible with some of these higher capacity campers. If you want to carry a heavy ATV or dirt bike then its better to go for a travel trailer toy hauler.

Is Pop up camper even worth a buy?

Well, if you have a budget of $50,000 or above then you may want to look at other big RVs. Pop up campers are for those who want to enjoy outdoors with a RV that comes in a much lesser price.

With pop up you don’t even have to worry much about towing, storage and parking. Its a modest form of RV one can own. A toy hauler with them is definitely a plus but its not so common.

Another problem with pop up in general is the insulation. They are not very well insulated unlike hard sided travel trailers.

Anyways, there are a lot of tricks that you can try to make the pop up camper much more useful and enjoy the outdoors.

Small Travel Trailers with Toy Hauler

Even though we have 11 of these pop up campers i am sure many of you will not be satisfied with this. Carrying a high weight ATV or UTV will not possible with pop up tent trailer.

In such a case, may be you just stretch your budget a little bit and go for a travel trailer with toy hauler? If you want those options then here are those. Below are the best small travel trailers with toy hauler.

  1. QuickSilver 7x18FK Toy hauler
  2. InTech Flyer XLT Explorer
  3. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro
  4. Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6
  5. VRV XTR 614 travel trailer toy hauler

Jayco, heartland, Montana, Keystone are some of the high quality toy haulers in the market. If you want cheapest toy haulers then you may want to look at Dutchmen, forest river or Starcraft.

Again, each of these companies produce different quality RVs so based on what you need you have to choose between price and quality. Pop up camper, small travel trailers would come at much lower price. Fifth wheel with toy haulers are much more costly.

In Conclusion

Those big rigs with their enclosed toy haulers are really nice. But if you do not want to shell out the big bucks, you can still have a great RV vacation with a pop up camper that can carry your toy.

These units still provide you with comfort, a space to haul your toys and other amenities that make camp life a lot easier. Plus, you are not emptying your bank account to get one. They are very affordable.

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