Airstream Vs Other Trailers (Scamp, Avion, Casita, Escape, Oliver)

Airstream Vs Other Trailers (Scamp, Avion, Casita, Escape, Oliver)

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Airstream is a very popular travel trailer manufacturer. It is the Cadillac or Rolls Royce of the trailer industry. With almost 100 years of manufacturing trailers of all types, Airstream has refined the process and explored new territories just so you can have a great trailer to take camping.

In this article, we will compare Airstream trailer with below small travel trailers:

To see how Airstream stacks up against the competition (or other models that people are curious to compare with) just continue to read this article. It provides a side by side comparison of some of the Airstream competitors so you can see how good those trailers really are.

How Airstream started

Airstream Nest

They say behind every great man stands a woman. In Airstream’s case that is true. If it wasn’t for the fact that Mr. Wally Byam’s wife did not like sleeping on the ground when out camping, Airstream would never have existed.

Her discomfort led to her husband’s inspiration as he placed a tent on the early Model T chassis. But perfection doesn’t always begin at the beginning and this was not a great idea.

This attempt at creating camping comfort did lead to a better idea where Mr. Byam placed a permanent shelter on the chassis and added an ice box as well as a stove.

From that point, his idea for a trailer became popular so Mr. Byam decided to go into trailer manufacturing full time. It was a good decision as that choice developed into Airstream and its many top quality trailers you see today.

From developing the first hot water heater for trailers and the first hook up system, Airstream has been the standard by which all other manufacturers are measured.

Why are Airstream so popular?

Their legacy, luxury and the quality makes them popular. They last very long, have been in news for many years due to their quality and satisfied users. Airstream has been making RVs since a very long time. This goes back to nearly 100 years. That makes them one of the trusted RV makers.

Why are Airstream expensive as compared to other travel trailers?

Airstream are expensive as compared to other travel trailers mostly because of the luxury and quality with which they are built. They are given a finish that makes them look very different and attractive. The body is made up of special high grade aluminum. Its internal structure is very impressive.

Here is the list of all the travel trailers by Aistream:

  • Classic starting at 157,400, sleeps upto 5
  • Globetrotter starting at $96,400, sleeps upto 6
  • International starting at $91,900, sleeps upto 6
  • Flying Cloud starting at $78,900, sleeps upto 8
  • Caravel starting at $62,000, sleeps upto 4
  • Bambi starting at $49,000, sleeps upto 4
  • Basecamp starting at $38,000, sleeps upto 4

Comparison caveat

We should say before we get started with all these comparisons is that every effort was made to find a specific trailer for both Airstream and the competition to make a good comparison.

We realize that all trailers are different and again every effort was made to be fair, honest, and close to the facts as possible. Personal preference is noted as are those attitudes where bad experiences have turned people off of Airstream.

Not everyone will like the Airstream but maybe this comparison will change those minds.

Airstream trailers have huge fan base but they do have some flaws as well. Here is a detailed article on cons of airstream trailers.

Airstream vs scamp trailer

scamp trailer video tour

In this head to head comparison, we took the 16 foot Airstream sport and a 16 foot scamp trailer standard to make the comparison. So length is the same but the big difference comes in the other dimensions.

BrandExterior widthInterior widthExterior heightInterior heightExterior lengthInterior length
Airstream Sport8′7’7″9’3″ With AC6’4″ With AC16’4″Unknown

The Scamp standard weighs in between 1750 and 2000 pounds while the Airstream sport comes in at just under 3,000. For sleeping capacity, both trailers can accommodate up to 4 people maximum.

Those people using the Scamp Standard would have to convert a sofa and table to find their beds for the night while Airstream Sport comes with a 48 by 78” bed in the rear of the trailer.

Here is the differences summary between a scamp trailer and Airstream sport for you to decide. Scamp is a fiberglass trailer which is better insulated and suited for extreme weather. They are also lighter than Airstream. Airstream sport is much bigger and wider. It is also equipped with lots of items that come as optional in scamp trailers. Due to the features and items packed, the airstream sport is much more costlier than a scamp trailer.

Resale value goes to Airstream as their trailers, including the Sport, hold their value well. The same cannot be said for the Scamp standard. That may be because the Scamp only has a 12 gallon fresh water tank and there is no mention of how big the black water tank is.

The Airstream Sport has a 23 gallon fresh water tank and a 21 gallon black water tank. As for comfort, the Sport has more features, more amenities than the Scamp contains with a bathroom optional in some Scamp Standard floor plans. The Sport has a bathroom.

Construction : These are fiberglass trailers and therefore are light in weight. A trailer need to be as light as possible. This makes it easy to tow them and the overall pressure on the car or truck mpg is reduced. They are not only light but also aerodynamic in design making the towing further easier. Their construction and lightweight design makes them a good option if you don’t want to own a Airstream. Airstream are solid in construction but they also cost a lot more.

Another great thing about scamp trailer is they are easy to park and store. These small trailer also do not need any leveling, you just park and enjoy the camping.

Longevity : Airstream trailer remain usable through your lifetime. That’s a big statement but yes, it is claimed that 60% of the Airstream in use were built many many years ago. They remain usable for more than 50 years and even more.

What about scamp trailer? They too are solid and live a lot longer. You can see people using scamp trailers that were built in 1970’s. You may need occasion repair, maintenance but that is with all of the RVs. Comparing these two trailers, i think they remain head to head. May be airstream are a little bit well known about there longevity and durability but scamp trailers too are good.

Amenities : Scamp trailer include amenities that are needed for basic RVing experience. A furnace, or a refrigerator, furniture you get almost everything you would need in a good RV. There are multiple layout or floorplan to choose from. Depending on your lifestyle and expectation you can plan for the floorplan.

You get options to select from 6 different models. A 13 feet travel trailer is the smallest one and a longest one is at 19 feet. How does this compare with airstream? Well, Airstream has a much better portfolio of RVs.

They not only have trailer but also offer class B motorhomes. Airstream is a much better established company with high popularity. And therefore, their cost is also very high.

With scamp trailer you can customize based on your needs and add different options in your build. You can select things like awning, TV antenna, front cabinets, water heater and so on. The more things you pack in the more will be the cost.

Weight : Scamp trailer on an average weigh between 1600 lbs to 2000 lbs. Airstream sport on the other hand weighs a little more about 2500 lbs and this varies depending on how you customize it.

To make a fuller comparison view the Scamp specs here and the Airstream specs here. So, which one you like, Airstream or Scamp?

Airstream vs avion trailer

Avion retro travel trailer

We can only provide approx. Measurements for the Avion as this model and all of Avion models are no longer in production. But despite their age, these trailers do come with nice sleeping quarters and hold up to 4 campers it does have a bathroom with a Dometic toilet.

BrandExterior widthInterior widthExterior heightInterior heightExterior lengthInterior length

That is one of the problems of comparing an out of production model as the owners tend to change the original equipment for more modern options. The dry weight of the Avion reaches 2490 pounds while the Airstream is a bit heavier at 3500.

The combined black and gray water tank can hold 24 gallons of waste while the Avion does not come close to that amount. The aluminum skin on the Avion is thicker and stronger than the aluminum on the Airstream giving you better overall protection.

Avion is currently defunct, its a trailer by fleetwood. The main difference between the two is modern features in Airstream. Avion trailers are less expensive but yet provide good storage and have good built quality. Avion are heavier than Airstream, are not easily available and may need renovation to fit your lifestyle.

Interior or Amenities : Avion trailers are no longer made, their production is stopped. That means they may not have all the modern fittings inside them. You can go ahead and customize the used ones but that may not be a great match against Airstream. So, if you are looking for modern interiors and fittings then airstream is the better option.

Construction quality : Airstream no doubt have sturdy construction and that’s why they last so long. Avion too are solid built and much better in terms of sturdiness. Avion are aluminum finishing and use hardwood furnishing.

Space : Avion trailers are much better in terms of overall storage. Airstream on the other hand lags a little bit with how much you can store.

Price : Airstream are know for the legacy that they have created. Their brand is much bigger than any of their competitor in this space. And due to this the price of Airstream is also very high. Avion is much less expensive then airstream trailers.

Availability : Because the Avion is no longer made you may not find them easily. You will have to look for individual owner who are willing to sell them. Airstream on the other hand have multiple models that are in production. Aisrtream too may not be bought quickly and it takes time to order and actually own them. But, even then Airstream is much better available to buy. Even used Airstream aren’t available at less price as they hold their value much better. An old Avion trailer can be bought at much lesser price.

Weight : Avion trailers are sturdier but their weight is also high. Airstream also weigh more but in comparison to Avion they are comparatively less in weight.

The Avions are okay in resale value but nothing to brag about.

Airstream vs escape

casita travel trailer video tour

Airstream or escape, is another question people ask. Lets see the difference between the two.

The Escape Toad weighs in at about 2600 pounds in comparison to the Bambi that has an approx. Weight of 3,000 pounds give or take 100. For the Escape, the black water tank holds 19 gallons, the grey 26 and the fresh water tank has a capacity of 20 gallons.

BrandExterior WidthInterior WidthExterior heightInterior heightExterior lengthInterior length
Escape Toad6’8″8’9″6’2″17’8″13’8″
Airstream Bambi8′7’7″9’3″ With AC6’4″ With AC15’11”

The Bambi has a 30 gallon black and gray tank combo while the fresh water holds 23 gallons. For sleeping arrangements, the Toad holds 3 people while the Bambi has room for up to 4. Both have good bathrooms, separate shower, and kitchens to maintain your comfort.

Along with that, both have a 12,000 BTU furnace. The Bambi tops the Toad in the fridge department with a 3.1 cubic foot fridge compared to the 3 cubic foot in the Toad. As for resale value, the Bambi may hold an edge and that would be because of the Airstream name.

Airstream Babmi in comparison to escape is more expensive and have better finishing. This, however, makes them more heavier and expensive. Escape trailers have floorplans that are better suited for most people. They also have fifth wheel in their line up which is not there in Airstream.

Comparing airstream and escape on construction, the airstreams are more sturdier but that makes them much heavier. They have better finish that makes them look good but as a consumer you would find escape trailers better. They have more user friendly approach towards the interiors. This is what most escape users feel.

The airstream cost also makes them one of those RVs you would think twice before going ahead. Escape trailer aren’t that costly and also the user reviews talks a lot about how good they are and how people tend to love them.

Floor plans in airstream also arent that user friendly, escape trailer do have better plans that fit most people.

Customization : Airstream are hard to customize because of the way they are built. You cant normally do the customization they way you want it. On the other hand escape trailers can be customized. You would find people discussing on forums about how they modified their trailer to fit in more things or change the interior to better suit them.

Weight : Airstream are heavier than escape making them more costly on day to day basis.

Maintenance and Repair : Airstream may be long lasting but they also need maintenance that can be problematic because of the unique construction and material. Other things could be corrosion issues on the exteriors. Although, they do have high quality aluminum, there are chances of such issues over along period of time. You also need much better storage to Protect them. You are ought to protect them as they cost a lot more.

Airstream nest vs casita

casita travel trailer tour

As usual, the Airstream model comes in a bit heavier than its competitor, with the former over 3,000 pounds and the latter reaching only 2200. Both models are compact in size but the Airstream offers you a queen size bed while the Independence on one floor plan has only two twin beds.

BrandExterior widthInterior WidthExterior heightInterior heightExterior lengthInterior length
Casita Independence6’8″8’11”6’1″17′
Airstream Nest7’1″6’10”9’6″6’6″16’7″

The Independence, depending on the floor plan can sleep up to 6 people. The fresh water tank for this model hits 15 gallons as does the black water tank. The gray water tank only reaches 13 gallons in capacity. For the Nest, the fresh water tank has a 23 gallon capacity and the black/gray combo hits 30 gallons.

For features, the Independence does come with standard options that can be upgraded through customizing and paying the higher costs. This model only has 3 windows while the Nest comes with 8.

Casita trailer are smaller in comparison to standard airstream ones. Airstream also makes smaller ones like bambi but their cost is almost twice as that of casita. So, why one would even compare casita to airstream?

Its may be because people want to sell their caista and get another one. Airstream is a popular trailer company and people want to know how that would fit them once they sell their caista.

So, what different things would you compare between the two?

Casita trailer are fiberglass which makes them good for maintenance. They are also less expensive but have less luxuries as compared to Airstream Nest. Aistream has lots of features and much better space.

Space : Aisrtream are certainly bigger and spacious but that is what they are. They are not only trailer but almost like a home. Casita on the other hand are small and are meant for people who want little space and don’t want to tow heavier trailer. With casita, you can have mpg of 15 or even more but that may not be the case with standard airstream.

Luxury : Airstream is a luxury and you get a trailer that has finishing of higher standards. Caista is meant to be owned by those who want to spend as little as possible. You wouldn’t find fancy things fitted inside them.

Construction : Casita is a fiberglass travel trailer that makes them better at maintenance and you don’t have to deal with corrosion and other aluminum issues. This also makes them much lighter.

Cost : Casita are less expensive which is not the case in case of Airstream. Even the smaller models in airstream cost a lot.

Hopefully now you know the answer, Airstream or casita.

Airstream Interstate vs Winnebago Era

winnebago Era

The GVWR rating is just over 11,00 pounds for the Era and its hitch weight is about 5,000 pounds approx. The same goes for the Airstream. Inside each vehicle has one or two different floor plans you can choose between but the sleeping capacity is not that great for either. Both vehicles can sleep 2 to 3 people.

BrandExterior widthInterior widthExterior heightInterior heightExterior lengthInterior length
Winnebago Era6.3’5″9’6″6’2″24′
Airstream Interstate6’4″9’7″6’1″24′

Holding tanks are small for the Era as the black water is at 8 gallons, the gray at 26, and the freshwater at 25. In the same order, the Interstate holds 13, 27, and 26 gallons. For fuel, both vehicles hold 24 1/2 gallons.

Both class B RVs use the Mercedes Benz V6 and the Mercedes Benz 7 speed transmission. Inside you have a nice galley with fridge and stove as well as 1 bathroom with toilet and shower for the Interstate and the same for the Era although the Interstate has more couches than the era.

Airstream vs Jayco jay flight

jayco jay flight

One thing the Jayco model enjoys over the Airstream in this comparison is that it has one slide and the Airstream does not. But the Airstream makes up for that lack by being very spacious.

Deciding between Airstream or jayco jay flight shouldn’t be difficult once you look at the below table.

BrandExterior widthInterior widthExterior heightInterior heightExterior lengthInterior length
Jayco jay flight8′11.1’7″6’7″33’4″
Airstream Classic 338.5’1″8’1″9’9″ With AC6’7″ With AC33′

Also, the Jayco is lighter weighing in at just 6,600 pounds while the Airstream reaches over 8,200. Then the Jayco has 2 fresh water tanks holding up to 76 gallons while the one gray and one black holding tanks hold 39 gallons.

The Airstream has one 54 gallon fresh water tank, one gray water tank holding 37 gallons, and a black tank holding 39 gallons. For amenities, the Jayco can sleep ten but only has one bathroom and one small fridge and stove, while the Airstream sleeps up to 5, has a 9 cubic foot fridge, nice stove, a microwave oven and even a desk to write on.

Airstream vs oliver travel trailer

oliver trailer

While the Legacy has 6 seats it can only sleep 3. On the other hand, the Caravel has many seats and sleeps 4. The overall weight for the Legacy reaches 3,700 pounds and the Caravel weighs in at 4,000 pounds.

BrandExterior widthInterior widthExterior heightInterior heightExterior lengthInterior length
Oliver Legacy6’6″6’2″9′ With AC6’1″18’5″
Airstream8′7’7″9’7″ With AC6’7″ With AC19’2″

For comfort, the Legacy has a 30 gallon fresh water tank, a 32 gallon gray tank, and an approx. 19 gallon black water tank. The Caravel goes 23, 29, and 18 respectively. To read up on both travel trailers go to this link for the legacy and this link for the Caravel.

The Oliver model looks like an Airstream trailer in its exterior design but doesn’t really match up when you look at the details.

So, which one will you choose, Airstream or Oliver travel trailer?

In case you want to know more about airstream. Here are some common questions people have about airstreams.

How long do Airstream last?

Airstream are known to last very long. They can last more than 40-50 years and even beyond. Their resale value is really good and they hold their value pretty well if proper care is taken. The quality of aluminium body makes this possible.

Do Airstream only makes travel trailers?

No, you also get Airstream touring coaches like interstate.

Do Airstream have slide outs?

Airtream do not have RVs with slide outs. They did make few models previously but have stopped after that.

Pros and cons of Airstream.

Before you decide on going for Airstream check out the advantages and disadvantages of Airstream RVs.


  • They are awesome in quality and built.
  • Very high resale value. They can be sold ate much higher price even after several years of use.
  • Enjoy luxury, unique experience with Airstream.
  • You belong to a community of Airstream owners.
  • Spacious. Very good living space as they wider.

Cons :

  • They are costly. Their cost is almost double to comparable trailers.
  • Overall weight is slightly higher as compared to similar models.
  • Aluminum body may be subjected to corrosion or rusting if proper care is not taken.
  • Maintenance is higher as compared to fiberglass RVs
  • Very Modern features may be missing. Even then, they do remain very competitive.

In Conclusion

When you want a good RV you go with the original. Airstream outlasted the Depression and the Second World War to be one of the best RV manufacturers around.

This is the company all the other RV makers are trying to match or surpass. While all the models for all the manufactures have their good and bad points, you pick the company and model that fits your lifestyle and meets your expectations. Don’t forget to look at all the features as some are standard and some are not.

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