10 Best RVs For a Family of 5 Or Large Families

10 Best RVs For a Family of 5 Or Large Families

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In this article, we will see top 10 RVs for a family of 5 and more. This will include best travel trailers or fifth wheels and even class C motorhomes.

The best way to spend a family holiday is to find the right RV for your needs and the right time to get away. Traveling during peak season may not be avoidable but if you can, off season travel is cheaper, less crowded and can be more fun.

To find the right RV for you and your family, just continue to read this article. We will see top RVs or travel trailers for a family of 5 or more.

Here are 10 best RVs for a family of 5.

1. The Airstream Classic

You can’t beat it. Not only do you have the Airstream name behind your RV, you also have the Airstream experience and innovative spirit helping to create the best family vacation you have had.

There are multiple floor plans to choose from and the trailers range in size from 30 to 33 feet making sure everyone in your family has enough privacy to endure a trip under close quarters.

Sleeping CapacityFresh Water CapacityGrey TankBlack Water TankMaster BedRefrigeratorGVWRLengthHeight
Upto 554 Gallons37 Gallons39 GallonsQueen Size2 Way 9 Cu ft10,000 lbs31’3″6’7.5″

What is good about these trailers is the that they come with private showers, separate bathrooms and one bedroom for the parents.

Convertible sofas and chairs provide the other sleeping spaces that make sure the 5 of you have enough spaces to get some rest.

Key Features :

  • Luxurious Sleeping room
  • Handcrafted kitchen cabinets
  • Doorbell
  • Ducted air conditioner
  • Power control beds
  • Push button operated awning
  • Rear View monitor
  • Queen Bed

Inside you get over 8 feet by 6’ 7” of room excellent cabinetry and a lot of comfort. The storage tank for fresh water holds 54 gallons while the gray and black water holding tanks hold 37 and 39 gallons respectively.

Then the galley is first rate giving you food preparation space, a good range to make your delicious meals as well as a large fridge to hold leftovers and perishable foods. Since it is an Airstream RV, you also get a higher resale value than other RVs have.

Airstream is the granddaddy of all RV manufacturers and their excellence in construction is proven by their high resale value. The purchase price starts at around $150,000

2. Thor Quantum

Starting with the 6.8 L Triton V-10 engine, this Class C RV has the power to get you and your family up those steep hills without making your fellow travelers behind you angry.

With its automatic leveling jacks, you should be able to have your RV on level ground without any trouble. Then when it comes time for bed, there is one bedroom with sliding doors, a cab over bunk that can sleep 2 plus other beds that convert into sofas, etc. To make sure everyone has their own space.

Below are specification of RC25 Model.

Sleeping CapacityFresh Water CapacityGrey TankBlack TankAwningLengthHeightStorageFurnace
640 gallons37 Gallons34 Gallons16′26′8’4″45.1 cu ft30,000 BTU

There is also a private shower and toilet area and the bedroom comes with a 32 inch television set so you can watch the news even when away from home. The galley consists of a pantry, 2 burner stove, a microwave/convection oven and a nice fridge. Meal making should be a snap.

This approx. 32 foot RV weighs about 22,000 pounds and makes sure your kids have room for their friends to sleep over. With a 40 gallon fresh water tank, and 28 gallon gray and black water tanks refilling and emptying stops should be few and far between.

Also, there is a 40 gallon LPG tank and a 55 gallon fuel tank on board. Starting price is around $135,000 and its resale value depends on where you are trying to sell it.

3. Winnebago Vista 31BE

This company may not have the Airstream pedigree but its own reputation is nothing to laugh at or take lightly. With over 60 years in the RV building industry, Winnebago has produced some fine RVs for families of 4.

An L shaped galley provides extra cooking space and the walk through bathroom makes getting to the one master bedroom very easily. This unit also has a V10 Triton engine that uses a 6 speed automatic transmission to get you where you are going.

Sleeping CapacityLengthFresh Water CapacityGray Tank CapacityBlack tank CapacityFurnace BTUGross WeightHeightWidth
Upto 732′70 Gallons59 Gallons43 Gallons30,000 BTU18,000 lbs6’8″8’6″

With its 70 gallon fresh water tank, everyone can get a nice shower in the morning. The gray water tank holds 59 gallons and the black water tank holds only 43. An 18 Gallon LPG tank makes sure you have enough fuel to cook, heat the RV and have a nice shower.

The interior is stylish combining wood and fabric to make sure you are traveling in luxury. The light colors make the RV seem more spacious than it really is. A television set is located at over the dining area and the cab chairs swivel for extra comfort.

Resale value has a boost because the Winnebago name is attached but what you ultimately get for your rig is up to how much your buyer wants to spend. The purchase prices starts at around $140,000.

4. Jayco Alante 31R

What makes this RV so unique and special is that it comes with dual slides on each side of the vehicle. This adds to your living space and makes the RV fell more spacious. With the cab over bunk, your kids can see what your driver sees as you speed down the road.

Inside the living area, the dark walnut like cabinets and the wood flooring makes this RV seem like you are in a nice cabin in the woods. The rear master bedroom has a sliding door for privacy and cup holders between the lounge chairs makes sure no one spills a drop when the rig hits a bump or two.

Sleeping CapacityLengthWidthHeightFresh Water CapacityGray Tank CapacityBlack TankFurnaceAC BTU
Sleeps upto 934’5″8’5″7′72 Gallons40 Gallons50 Gallons30,000 BTU22,000 BTU

The engine is a 6.8L Triton V-10 320 HP gas engine with electronic fuel injection and uses a 6 speed automatic transmission. A 1000 watt inverter powers the electronics inside making sure your television viewing is not interrupted.

There is a microwave, three burner stove, microwave and n 8 cubic foot fridge as well as a 6 gallon water heater. You can use either gas or electric to power those appliances. Automatic leveling jacks make sure your appliances do not falter when you need them to work.

With a choice of 4 floor plans you should be able to find the right fit. There is no word on the size of the holding tanks but check with the dealer before you buy to make sure they are large enough. Starting price is around $140,000 and the Jayco name should provide good resale value.

5. Grand Design Reflection 28BH

For those who rather tow than drive a big rig, this fifth wheel provides you with plenty of space for a family of four without sacrificing any comfort or conveniences. Its a 5th wheel RV that reaches almost 34 feet in length.

Once the blinds are down, you will think you are sitting in your own home. That is how good it looks with its dark colored cabinets and wood flooring design. All the amenities are there including a microwave, stove and oven combination, sink and a television set so you can follow those cooking shows with all their great recipes.

LengthHeightAwning Fresh Water CapacityGrey Tank CapacityBlack Tank CapacityFurnaceGVWR
34’8″12’3″21′60 Gallons86 Gallons43 Gallons35,000 BTU11,495 lbs

Its gross weight reaches about 11,500 pounds and it holds a 60 gallon fresh water tank,. an 80 gallon gray water and 43 gallon black water tank. A 6 gallon water heater capacity makes sure you have enough hot water when it is time for a shower or dishes.

While the kitchen may be a bit cramped, you get a slide out dinette area to make up for that lack of space. The one master bedroom also contains the private shower and toilet area. Then there is plenty of storage space for all your clothes and gear.

The price will depend on all the options you want included in your package but the purchase price starts around $53,000. Its resale value may not be as good as other more well known companies.

6. Tiffin Allegro 36UA

If you want space, then this 38 foot RV is the way to go. Not only do you get lots of living space but you get a king size bed to sleep on. That is worth the mileage you are giving up to have more room to move in. You are also going to pay a king size price for this beauty as it starts around $200,000.

The standard engine and transmission package is part of your purchase. Its a Triton V10 with 6 automatic speeds so you know you have the power and ability to move this rig up and down those hills.

Sleeping CapacityFresh Water CapacityGray Water TankBlack Water TankGVWR
Upto 1070 Gallons66 Gallons50 Gallons26,000 lbs

The holding tanks are larger than usual with the fresh holding 70 gallons, the gray holding 66 and the black holding 50 gallons. Plus, you get two slide outs in case the 38 foot length is not providing enough for you.

Inside you have a full size fridge, a three burner stove with overhead fan and enough beds to sleep an army. The one bedroom is not the only nice feature. There are 2 bathrooms on board so privacy remains intact.

An AC unit, furnace and hot water heater are all standard making sure you remain comfortable when the temperatures change. Its not so famous brand name may harm the resale value but you never know. You may get a good deal from a motivated buyer.

7. Thor Chateau 31E

Here is a good selection when you want to economize. It is smaller but it does not scrimp when it comes to shower and bathroom space. The walk through bathroom gives you two access points to the master bedroom and its queen sized bed.

All cooking facilities you would expect in an RV are inside making food prep more fun and convenient. For entertainment, there are spaces for up to 3 television sets making sure you and your kids do not get bored while riding for hours.

Key Features:

  • 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 2 Burner Gas Cooktop Stove
  • 100 Watts solar charging system
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Automatic leveling System
  • Queen bed 60″*75″
  • Has bunk beds too

Price for this RV starts at $124,950

The cab over bunks make sure there is a bed for everyone and that your kids have their needed privacy when it matters. Different engines are available and you can go with a For or a Chevy model depending on your preference. Both put out over 300 HP.

For the fresh, gray and black water tanks you are looking at holding 40, 25 and 39 gallons respectively. The LPG tank holds 40 gallons with the water heater’s capacity reaching 6 gallons.

Then there are enough beds for up to 4 people and 4 seat belt positions. This rig is economical and provides just the right amount of space for you and your family. Starting price is about $100,000 and resale value will depend on if anyone likes this brand or not.

8. Coachmen Freelander

The cab over bunk helps make up for any lack of space in this 32 foot RV for a family of four. But that doesn’t mean it is a bad vehicle to own or drive. It has other positives that make this rig an excellent choice to use on your next vacation.

Inside is one bedroom with a queen size bed, a private toilet and shower area and a nice galley that should meet any cook’s expectations. Its Triton V 10 engine produces 305 HP and has a 6 speed automatic transmission.

Key Features :

  • Hardwood cabinets
  • Jacknife Sofa
  • Omni directional TV antenna
  • On Demand water Pump
  • 6 gallons water heater
  • Shower skylight
  • 13,500 BTU Air conditioner
  • 18,000 BTU furnace

Then for cooking and heating concerns, there is a 16 gallon propane tank. Also, you have a 50 gallon fresh water tank, a 34 gallon gray water tank and a 29 gallon black water holding tank. Your needs are well met by this top RV.

Plus, you get 2 slide outs and one awning which increase your living space and provide extra room when you need it. The 3 burner stove/oven makes sure you have enough burners to work with while the mid size fridge keeps your food supply nice and fresh.

There is also a good ac unit and heater which makes sure your indoor temperatures remain where you want them. For used you are looking at around $60,000 give or take a few thousand and their resale value should be okay if it remains in top condition.

9. Fleetwood Jamboree 30D

There is lots of space for everyone inside this nice Fleetwood RV. The cab over bunk, the rear bedroom and the extra bunk bed provides plenty of sleeping areas without converting the sofa to a bed. This allows you to get a midnight snack without disturbing anyone.

Then the standard 6.8 Triton V 10 engine produces 305 HP and has a6 speed automatic transmission helping you navigate to your destination. A 55 gallon fuel tank provides the mileage you need.

With a 60 gallon fresh water tank, a 35 gallon gray water tank and a 35 gallon black water tank, this RV makes sure you remain comfortable on long journeys. The 14 gallon propane tank makes sure there is enough fuel on board when it is time to cook, or shower.

2 slide outs and 1 awning make sure your kids have their own private space when they are not helping you prepare the meal on your 3 burner stove or stocking the mid size fridge.

Used prices for this style of rig run in the neighborhood of about $120,000 and that tells you how good the re-sale value is on this brand of RVs. Expect to pay more when you buy a new rig and new prices fluctuate due to the different options you can add in.

10. Airstream Flying Cloud

For a family of four, a smaller RV may be just the ticket for a comfortable time on the road. Its just under 26 foot length still sleeps up to 6 people but 4 would be more comfortable. Its fresh, gray and black holding tanks hold 39, 37 and 39 gallons respectively.

The interior holds 1 bedroom with a queen size bed, a separate toilet area and a separate shower room. 2 propane tanks handle the hot water and cooking duties. They hold about 14 gallons each. The fridge is mid size and the cooking area has 3 burners.

For sleeping there is are 2 convertible sofas for the kids. It is not a large travel trailer but it is quaint, cozy and comfortable. It should save you some money on electricity and other supplies.

If you need extra space there is one awning included. Having a little covered patio area helps block the sun from over heating your trailer. Prices start at just over $90,000 for a 2020 model and if you want some options included that price will rise.

Airstream always has a good resale value if you keep the trailer in good shape. With a 6 1/2 foot interior height no one should be banging their heads on the ceiling. Made from aluminum so the weight is not going to be that heavy and rust should not appear any time soon.

What to look for in a RV for family

When you are buying an RV a lot depends on who will be living inside it. You obviously know this. But, be careful in choosing the rv as it is a big investment. Whether you will be living full time or not it does not matter.

A couple without kids may not pay much attention to the living, or sleeping space but as a parent of kids you need to choose wisely. A slide out gives much more space and that can be better option for kids.

With kids you would need more space to move, a bigger dinette and also a better bedroom. Overall your requirements completely change with kids. You as an individual or couple can sacrifice but with kids you have to have certain things. Obviously, having kids does not mean you go very big on the RV. It also depends on how much time you would be spending in the RV.

  1. Make sure you have enough space for living.
  2. Enough internal as well external storage
  3. Slide out that will increase the space.
  4. Power options for AC and Furnace
  5. Good water storage, good enough holding and black tanks.

What type of RV

Okay, we have seen different types of RV as part of our list but what type of RV is actually better for families?

Well, the answer for this is actually simple. It all depends on how big the family is and what type of lifestyle they prefer. By lifestyle, i mean how much they can spend on a RV.

If you have high budget then going for a class A RV is a good option. Its a mammoth motorhome that can give you home like feeling that no other RV can give. Class C motorhomes too are best options when you have budget above $50,000.

Most people prefer travel trailers as they are much lower on cost and also provide better space. Fifth wheels are costly as compared to trailers and also need truck to pull them. They are luxurious towable RVs.

Apart from these option you also get class B motorhome but they are compact and may not be suited for kids in general. Nevertheless, they are luxurious and can be a better buy for a family of 3.

Living full time in RV for families

Living in a RV full time is a very common thing but when you want to do that as a family with kids you need to follow certain rules. Like, you would need a mailing address and also pay taxes to a particular state.

A best way is to join a membership club like escapee where in you get facilities related to mailing on a particular fee. A lot of people join such membership clubs as it becomes a less of a hassle.

When full time living as a family there are lot of questions that you will have.

How do you deal with school?

Homeschooling : This is a very popular method to do school while you are traveling and living in an RV. This type of program may need to meet the teacher once in a while and therefore you may need to plan your travel accordingly. Before you start this program, make sure you connect or get advice from other similar parents. One can also enroll in online programs that will need internet connectivity for the education.

Roadschooling : This is similar to homeschooling wherein your kids would be learning as you go to places. There may not be a particular curriculum to follow and the kids learn on their own pace. This is more of a non formal education and is best suited when the kids are very small. Later, as they become big you may have to opt for formal education system.

Public School Option : Public school do need the student be present in the school, therefore you can plan the vacation or trips during the school holidays.

What Type fo RV is better for driving

As a full time Rver you want an RV that wont be stress for driving. Since you would be traveling so much its better to have an RV that is easy tor driving.

Comparing all type of RVs, its the class B that’s good for driving but it may not be the best one for 4 people. The space and amenities limitations with class B makes that not so favorite among full time families.

Getting a 4 season RV

Make sure the RV you choose has good insulation. A winter can become hard to live if the RV isn’t well insulated Specially, when the region is covered with snow it can become very hard for kids.

The days can become tiring and you don’t want such a situation. So ,if you are living in a high cold region make sure you choose the RV keeping this factor in mind.

Best small travel trailer for family of 4

A good thing about owning a travel trailer is that they are less costly. Here is a list of small travel trailers that are perfect for a small family.

  1. Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailer
  2. Airstream RV Sport Travel Trailer.
  3. Dutchmen Coleman Lantern LT Series Travel Trailer

In Conclusion

While some of these RVs sleep more than 4, they are still excellent choices when your family is not that large. They provide you with a lot of room so tempers do not flair and extra comforts so no one complains about wanting to be home.

Picking the right one for your family ensures that everyone should enjoy your planned trip. You can worry about resale later when it comes time to upgrade

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