Top 12 Best Small Motorhomes Under 25 Feet Length

Top 12 Best Small Motorhomes Under 25 Feet Length

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Small motorhomes offer you a great opportunity to travel across the country. With their small and compact size, these motorhomes are easy to drive, park and allow you to camp in different campgrounds.

Most class B Motorhomes are small but class C are lengthy and so are class A.

In this article, we will see class C motorhomes as well as class B that are best in under 25 feet.

Here are the 12 best motorhomes under 25 feet.

  1. Winnebago Outlook 22E
  2. Thor Chateau 22E
  3. Gulfstream BT Cruiser 5245
  4. Forest River Forester 2401S MBA
  5. Thor Motor Coach Quantum GR22
  6. Entegra Odyssey 22J
  7. Dynamax Isata 3
  8. Coachmen Galleria Class B Motorhome
  9. Phoenix Cruiser 2351D
  10. Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M
  11. Jayco Redhawk SE 22C
  12. Nexus PHANTOM 24P Class C Motorhome

How this selection was done?

When you want to buy a motorhome, you obliviously don’t just look at its length. There are several things that you will consider, either knowingly or unknowingly.

This list of motorhomes are researched by me for various things including of course the length.

Length does matter when you want to drive a lot. Lengthy motorhomes can be source of several issues like parking problems, driving constraints and some campground also have length restrictions.

If you are a new RVer then length of the motorhome does intimidates. Having a 25 feet RV makes it a little easier. Another option that you get is towable RV’s, but that too comes with several towing issues.

Lets now focus on why the motorhomes that I choose made it to this list. Here are the things that i looked and normally you should look in a motorhome or any RV in general.


RVs are very costly in general. Its very usual to find a perfect RV but get disappointed only to find its MSRP. Some class A motorhomes come in millions. This list has class C Motorhomes as well as some class B that are priced reasonably.

They are self contained with amenities that you would generally desire at that price. You have option of going above and beyond what they give at additional cost.

Sleeping capacity

Class C can provide sleeping capacity as high as 8 to 10 people. Motorhomes in this list however are for those looking for 4-6 sleeping capacity which is decent and something that most families look for.

Design and layout

The layout, floorplans of these RV’s is perfect for family RVing. With amenities like bathroom, spacious bedroom, kitchen facilities these are designed innovatively making good use of the available space.

One of the reason for these to be small is obviously the way they are designed. Only a better design and good use of the space could make them that short.


Being short does give them edge on drivability but its their aerodynamic design that makes it further easier. Most of these are easy to drive and also weigh less. As a new RVer its always difficult to maneuver a big and bulky RV.


Other important thing is the storage capacity. These motorhomes have decent storage as well as water storing capacity. For dry camping, its important to have good holding tanks as well, these RV’s do have good holding tank capacity.

Here is a detailed list of the best motorhomes under 25 feet to help with your search.

1. Winnebago Outlook 22E

The Winnebago Outlook 22E is one of the most popular motorhomes under 25 feet among many campers. It has a strong and durable E-350 Ford chassis. It comes with a gasoline engine.

There are total 5 floor plan having lengths between 24 to 31 feet. Floor plan 22C has the least length. Below are its key features.

Sleeping Capacity5
MSRPStarts at $92,993
Fresh Water Capacity37 Gallons
Black and Gray Tank41 Gallons
Awning Length15′
Water Heater6 Gallons

Check all the specs and features here.

The price of this motorhome is friendlier compared to others. It comes with an 80-inch bed that can accommodate two people. Other amenities included in this motorhome include a stove with three burners, two kitchen sinks, and a stand-up shower.

Apart from the amenities, this motorhome can accommodate 5 people, making it a great option for family adventures and camping.

This for those who want to enjoy the outdoor through a luxurious yet affordable and innovative motorhome.


  • It is affordable
  • It can accommodate up to 5 people.
  • Comes with a fully functional bathroom.
  • It is made from highly durable materials.
  • Has a lot of storage.


  • The gasoline engine is expensive to run in the long run.

2. Thor Chateau 22E

Thor Chateau

The best thing about the Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome is that it has ten floorplans, making it popular among many people. It comes with a Ford E series chassis that makes it highly durable.

This motorhome has a stabilizing system and has automatic level jacks that make it very stable on the road.

Check all the features and specifications here.

Length24 Feet
Sleeping Capacity4
Sleeping Capacity4
Fresh Water Tank50 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity37 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity24 Gallons
Awning Length15′

The motorhome comes with an optional exterior TV that is installed on the roof. The amenities included in this motorhome include a kitchen, storage spaces, bathroom, stand up shower, and a sink.


Front end is provided a cab over bunk sleeping space which is similar in most Class C motorhomes. The other sleeping space includes the actual bedroom at the rear end that features slightly smaller sized bed.

In between is the kitchen and dinette area that is equipped with dream dinette, microwave and optional TV. Rear end also features bathroom, toilet an shower. The rear end is stepped up a little bit that gives a good separation between the kitchen and the bedroom/toilet section.

With 8’4″ high ceiling it really has a good headroom. A good fresh and waste tank capacity also makes it good for boondocking. It is also given the solar prep.

22E layout

There are several optional features to choose from like 100 watts solar setup, microwave oven, 15,000 BTU Air conditioner to name a few.

Thor chateau has several other floor plans that are good options under 30 feet and also 35 feet category.


  • Has 22 different floor plans.
  • It is designed with residential vinyl flooring.
  • The cabinets have a nickel finish.
  • The front cap is made of fiberglass material.
  • Can accommodate up to 4 people.


  • The different floor plans come with different features.

3. Gulfstream BT Cruiser 5245

Gulfstream BT Cruiser

The Gulfstream BT Cruiser is not only small and compact but very unique in terms of features and amenities. One of the unique things about this motorhome is the large slide that increases the interior space. This makes it ideal for weekend or extended family trips. It can accommodate a small family of 5 people.

Sleeping Capacity5
Fresh Water Tank37 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity38 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity38 Gallons
Water Heater6 Gallons

It comes with a seating area that is fitted with more storage space above the cab. Additionally, it comes with a TV that is mounted over the cab, allowing you to watch the television from all parts of the motorhome.

The kitchen is fitted with stainless steel appliances that give the motorhome a unique and stylish look. The kitchen includes appliances such as a refrigerator, sink, stove, and microwave.

The motorhome also comes with a dining area that consists of a table and seating for five people. The table can easily convert into a table for two.

Moreover, this motorhome comes with a full bathroom that consists of a sink, cabinets, a toilet, and a large size shower. At the back of the motorhome, there is a bedroom that is separated by a curtain. It has overhead storage, a wardrobe, and enough lighting from outside.


  • Has a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen.
  • Has a capacity of 5 people.
  • The amenities are more than other motorhomes.


  • The cost of this motorhome is high due to the many amenities.

4. Forest River Forester 2401S MBA

Forest River Forester

This is one of the highest-rated motorhomes in the market under 25 feet. It has a Mercedes Benz V6 chassis, which makes it look sleek and elegant. T comes with a diesel engine. On the interior, there is a 75-inch bed that can fit more than two people and also allows you to sleep comfortably.

Sleeping Capacity6
MSRPStarts at $97,000
Awning Length16′

The kitchen comes with a three-burner stove, which is great when cooking meals for a family. The 33-gallon water tank offers a lot of conveniences when traveling over long distances. The motorhome comes with a side bump that adds extra space for sleeping or storage.


  • It comes with a three burner stove
  • Has both clean water and wastewater tanks.
  • The motorhome has high-quality finishes.
  • It comes with lots of cabinets for storage.


  • The amenities should be increased.

5. Thor Motor Coach Quantum GR22

Thor Motor Coach Quantum

If you are looking for a high-end, modern motorhome under 25 feet, the Thor Motor Coach Quantum is the perfect option for you. It has a sleeping capacity of 5, which makes it perfect for families.

Most people love this motorhome due to the large amount of space and finishing both on the interior and exterior parts of the RV.

Sleeping Capacity5
MSRPStarts at $101,990
Sleeping Capacity5

The first thing you notice when you enter the motorhome is the stylish finishes. It comes with various USB ports throughout the RV.

The kitchen has solid countertops to help when preparing the meals. The kitchen consists of a stove, cook top, microwave, and a refrigerator.

There is also a bedroom that comes with a sized queen bed and a TV. It has a large closet that is equipped with valet rods for your clothes.


  • Comes with a spacious bathroom.
  • Has optional outdoor TV.
  • Allows natural light to enter into the motorhome.
  • Comfortable sleeping area


  • It is quite expensive.

6. Entegra Odyssey 22J


The Entegra Odyssey is one of the most affordable motorhomes under 25 feet. It comes with a Ford E-450 powerful chassis. It has one slide out with a sleeping capacity of 5 people. The motorhome is versatile, and it can fit different campgrounds.

Length24 Feet
Sleeping Capacity5
GVWR14,500 lbs
MSRPStarts at $94,000
Fresh Water Capacity43 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity40 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity31 Gallons

Check all specifications here.

It comes with laminated sidewalls and super-durable flooring. The amenities included in this motorhome include two 24 inch televisions, an 8 cubic foot refrigerator, a three burner stove, and 70 inches queen bed.


This motorhome is given a bead foam R-25 insulation for winter protection. Its fiberglass roof is a one piece seamless construction.


  • The motorhome is affordable
  • There are nine different floor plans available.
  • Has laminated sidewalls.
  • It is installed with a ducted air conditioner and a furnace with all thermostats.
  • The table can be folded or turned into a bed easily.


  • The interior of the motorhome is not easily modified.

7. Dynamax Isata 3

Dynamax Isata

This is the perfect motorhome for families and couples who want to stay much longer at the campsite. It is a luxurious RV that provides everything you need for a weekend getaway.

This RV comes with a full-length slide that offers you enough space in the motorhome. It has a comfortable dining area where you can enjoy your meals, even when traveling.

Sleeping Capacity3 to 5
Weight11,030 lbs
Fresh Water Tank35 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity32 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity32 Gallons

Both the bathroom and the kitchen are well equipped with all amenities you need. It comes with two televisions that are located in the bedroom and the sitting area. In the kitchen, there is overhead storage that gives you ample space to store food supplies.

One of the best features of this motorhome is exterior storage space that allows you to store all your camping gear. Though it’s a bit pricey, this motorhome is a good option for families looking for comfort as they explore across the country.


  • Comes with four different floor plans.
  • The driver and passenger seat are made of durable leather materials.
  • You can get a custom made full body paint package.
  • The front part of the motorhome is thermal and reflective for your privacy.
  • The windows are dark-tinted for privacy.


  • The tinted windows do not allow a lot of natural light into the RV.

8. Coachmen Galleria Class B Motorhome

Coachmen Galleria

This is a great option for a couple or two people who want to enjoy the comforts of a motorhome. Though it doesn’t offer many floorplans, this motorhome is 24 feet long and has a sleeping capacity of two people.

Since it’s designed for couples, it is quite affordable and includes luxury features that you would find in larger motorhomes.

Sleeping Capacity2
Fresh Water Capacity30 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity22 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity19 Gallons
Awning Size13’1″

It comes with a multi-function steering wheel, front and side airbags, backup camper, and electronic stability system.

Additionally, it is installed with a collision avoidance indicator that ensures you travel safely to your camping destination. It is fitted with a small living area, a kitchen, cabinets, refrigerator, and a full bathroom.


  • There are four different floor plans available.
  • It comes with various USB ports in the sitting area.
  • Has an expanding table that adds more space when not in use.
  • Comes with cup holders to enable you to use the cups while in transit.
  • The interior of the motorhome is made of PVC vinyl wall.
  • Has a collision-avoidance indicator for your safety.
  • It is small and compact, which makes it easy to drive and park.


  • The storage space is less compared to other motorhomes.

9. Phoenix Cruiser 2351D

The Phoenix Cruiser is one of the most compact full-featured motorhomes in the market. It is designed for comfort and relaxation.

It comes with enough space that you need during your travels. The driver seat is very comfortable to enable you to drive for long distances without getting tired.

Length23 Feet
Sleeping Capacity5
Fresh Water Tank45 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity23 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity25 Gallons

Check all the specifications and features here.

The interior part of this motorhome consists of theatre-style seating with a lot of space for you to sit comfortably. It comes with a slide-out bed that can fold into a sofa during the day.

The kitchen has adequate space and it’s fitted with a counter-top extension. Other features in this motorhome include a large refrigerator, a stove, a large sink, and a microwave.

At the back of this motorhome, there is a full bathroom with a toilet and a shower.


  • Has a lot of space
  • Has a fully equipped kitchen
  • The seating area is flexible.
  • Has comfortable chairs


  • It is quite expensive.

10. Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M

This model is known for its high-quality construction and unique features. With a sleeping capacity of 6 people, this motorhome offers a lot of space on the interior so that everyone is comfortable throughout the trip.

It comes with a lounge space, bathroom area, kitchen, and dining area. The dining area can easily be converted into a bed.

This RV is built solid built and packs a ton of standard features. This also includes a small slide out which isn’t there in any of the motorhome in this list.

Winnebago is pretty well known motorhome manufacturer and they a have huge following of RVers who trust in this brand.

It features a nice u shaped dinette that also converts into a bed that can sleep upto 2 people comfortably.

This compact RV doesn’t disappoint you in its storage capability. Its given a good wardrobe and other storage cabinets. Interiors are designed innovatively that makes use of the space pretty nicely.

Check all specifications and features here.

Sleeping Capacity6
Fresh Water Tank Capacity46 Gallons
Grey Tank Capacity45 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity40 Gallons

The kitchen is fitted with solid surface countertops for storage and extra space for preparing meals. The kitchen consists of a double sink, a large refrigerator, an oven, and a microwave.

It comes with a private bedroom that is fitted with a large wardrobe and a nightstand. This motorhome gives you the option of designing your own décor, of which you can create a modern, stylish look on the interior space.


  • Comes with two batteries
  • Has a tank monitoring system.
  • Can accommodate up to six people.
  • It comes with a lot of space.
  • There is a private bedroom.
  • It is affordable
  • It features a slide out


  • The bed sizes are small

11. Jayco Redhawk SE 22C

The Jayco Redhawk is known for its classical features. It provides you with all the comforts that come with first-class traveling. This is one of the shortest motorhomes that is a great option in this category.

It comes with well-laid furniture and a king-size bed that can accommodate two people. The motorhome comes with a 4Kw Onan generator, air conditioning and heating system, and massive storage.

Length24 Feet
Sleeping Capacity2
Fresh Water Tank Capacity43.5 Gallons
Gray Tank Capacity40 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity31 Gallons

If you want good storage then this is one of the top RV in this category. It features a 750 lbs of overhead bunk storage. Its given a wardrobe and pantry for abundance of storage.

It has a small kitchen that consists of a sink, a small refrigerator, a stove, and a sink. Additionally, the kitchen has cabinets for storing your food supplies and other camping gear. The bathroom of this motorhome is a bit smaller and has a toilet and a shower.

Check all the specification here.


  • The electrical installation is properly done.
  • It is very convenient for long-distance traveling.
  • It is affordable
  • Standard feature includes convention microwave
  • Queen size bed


  • The storage space should be increased.

Motorhomes are a good way of exploring across the country in a country. The best motorhomes under 25 feet should offer comfort and convenience when you are out there. When choosing a motorhome, check out the features, interior finishes, sleeping capacity, and amenities.

Jayco is definitely one of the reliable RV brands and this motorhome is a great buy in this short motorhomes category.

12. Nexus PHANTOM 24P Class C Motorhome

This solid built motorhome from nexus makes on our list due to its features, construction and obviously the length. This class C motorhome features fiberglass walls and is given alloy steel cage. This construction makes this motorhome safe for driving and also light weight.

Its roof is a seamless fiberglass construction. This RV is made to give comfort that almost a home would give. Its safe, short, compact and yet provides you with amenities that are self contained.

Exterior Width8’5″
Sleeping Capacityupto 5
Fresh Water Capacity40 Gallons
Grey Tank Capacity28 Gallons
Black Tank Capacity28 Gallons

Check all the features and specifications here.

It features a bathroom that will really make you think if its a 25 feet motorhome. Bathroom features a shower skylight, dual control faucet, flexible shower hose and vinyl door. Its perfect for family with kids.

If you plan to boondock a lot then you have an option of outside shower as well. With a 13,000 BTU ducted Ac and 25,000 BTU furnace this RV is definitely made for living in winter as well as hot summer. The holding tanks are also enclosed and heated which makes it easy to camp during winter cold.

This RV is definitely a luxury at short length. Its given 40 inch TV with a deluxe mattress in the bedroom.

Inner of the RV is given LED lighting, covered stainless steel sink keeps the kitchen clean and tidy. This motorhome impresses every customer who takes a tour and with plethora of pros this motorhome does sound like a good option.

A 12 cubic ft refrigerator is good enough for a family to pack their food for the camping trip. Its given number of standard features which makes it a complete and self sustained package of a RV. A 2 burner stove in a best designed kitchen impresses every to be owner.

Why buy a 25 feet motorhome

25 feet in general is big length vehicle but most motorhomes are very length. You will find class A motorhome to be beyond 35 feet same is the case with class C as well.

One of the shortest class A motorhome is Thor Axis which is also a great options if you wan to go a little above price range. Whether to go for class A or Class C motorhome is much dependent on your budget and what kind of luxury and amenities you want in your RV.

Mile per Gallons

Having a lengthy RV gives you an edge of having more space, bigger bedroom, bathroom but it also means lot of other issues.

A lengthy RV means more weight which translates into reduced miles per gallon. A class A motorhome on an average gives less than 10 mpg. Class too have mpg that hovers around this range due to their bulky structure.

But, owning a slightly less lengthy RV means reduced weight and therefore better mpg. A 25 feet class motorhome roughly weighs between 10000 lbs to 16000 lbs. A lot depends on what features are packed and the overall design.

Easy to maneuver

25 feet does sound less when you compare with 40 feet giant motorhomes. With 25 feet it is comparatively easier to drive through roads. You don’t have to worry too much about getting rejected at the campground too.

Class B Motorhomes are easier to drive because of the fact that they are very short and provide drive almost like a car.

If you plan to go for still shorter RV’s then do check motorhomes under 20 feet which will be mostly class B but there are few class C RV’s under this category as well.

Most campgrounds have length limitations for above 40 feet or lengthy travel trailers.

Their less length makes it easy to travel through roads that are 2 way or narrow. Scenic places do require to travel through narrow roads, therefore having a short RV will work in your favor.

A class B motorhome in general is short, in our list we had 1 class B that was good enough in terms of amenities, therefore I included it in the list.

Less Expensive

I wont say these are cheap or affordable. But, if you compare them with other high profile RV’s then its definitely less expensive. A 25 feet RV also means that the standard features are limited but you are given an option to add other features, if necessary.

Sometimes that is a perfect way to own a RV. You can always build other features as you need. This makes it less costly.

Should you opt for a longer motorhome instead?

These motorhomes are great but they may not be for all. Sure, they do pack-in features that make them luxurious as well as self contained. But, this may fall short as to what you are looking for.

Those who want sleeping capacity of more than 8 people will not find these options right for them. Also, those who want added features will be better off looking for other best motorhomes under 30 feet or perhaps 35 feet.

25 feet short motorhomes do not come with slide outs with few exceptions. Slide outs add an amazing luxury of space and added sleeping capacity. This also means added Wight, though.

If you are looking for spacious bedroom, lavish kitchen and bigger bathroom then look beyond 25 feet. 30 feet and 35 feet motorhomes will be able to provide all these amenities. More length means more space which makes a better RV in terms of amenities and space.

Want more space, amenities at a lower cost? If that’s what you want then a travel trailer will be a best option. If you are comfortable towing a 15,000 lbs of trailer behind a car or truck then sure, go ahead and get that $45,000 travel trailer packed with similar amenities.

Fifth wheel too are luxurious at lower costs as compared to bigger motorhomes. However, they can only be towed by a truck.


Class C motorhomes that are short can be an amazing choice, we do have several options to choose from in this category. They do pack in features, storage and have good sleeping capacity. Their affordable cost also makes them great for ownership. But, if you go a little bigger then the options really shoot up. With more competition comes better quality and that’s what happens when you go for motorhomes in 30 feet or 35 feet category.

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