15 Awesome tips to increase space in a Pop-Up Camper

15 Awesome tips to increase space in a Pop-Up Camper

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Pop up campers are light and easy to tow. But, one of their downsides is that being as small as they are, space is limited when it comes to storing all your belongings.

Because pop up campers or tent trailers are compact, it’s imperative that you apply some tips to maximize the space. Having camped in tent trailer I have applied, learned and experienced lots of tips and tricks that I will share with you.

Following are 15 tips on how to increase space in a pop-up camper to help you organize things better and reduce mess and clutter.

1. Make use of Storage containers

Using storage containers is a really handy way to maximize space which is way better than piling things on the counter top or cramming them into shelves. Storage containers keep everything in place and can be stacked on top of each other, so they keep things in one place and look tidy all the time.

2. Add more shelving

By adding extra shelving, you can very easily double the space you have in existing cabinets, closets, and cupboards. You can store breakable items on these extra shelves so that they don’t have to be stacked on top of each other.

Add a few more shelves where there is empty wall space in the bathroom or bedroom, on the inside of doors, or even freestanding shelving to stand on tables or counters. With a little imagination you can increase the space in your pop up camper significantly with some extra shelving.

3. Make use of Hammocks and baskets

Baskets are an efficient, effective way to add to shelf space without having to use tools or make any mess. Wire baskets can be slid under existing shelving to hold awkward items that do not fit into a cupboard. Instead of using bowls to store fruit and vegetables, you can keep them in hammocks hung under cabinets or shelves to save space on counter tops.

4. Use Hooks to improve storage space

These are incredibly cheap, discreet items that you can stick on or screw in just about anywhere in your pop up camper. Besides using them to hang clothes on, hooks can be used to hang towels, cosmetic bags, keys, and any number of other things.

Suction hooks can be put on the outside of the door to hang wet jackets and umbrellas and then moved to the inside of the door when the wet items are dry.

5. Using Elastic cloth

Another affordable item that can make a difference to your camper storage space. Elastic cloth with some cardboard backing can be used to store smaller items. Staple various lengths of elastic to the cardboard backing to form pockets and use these pockets to store all sorts of small items.

Bigger RV’s like hard sided travel trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome can give you abundance of space. But, pop up campers are tiny, and compact, and therefore special attention is needed to make sure space isn’t wasted.

6. Make use of Velcro

Velcro can be used in so many ways in your camper trailer. Velcro, just like suction hooks, is great to use for storage without causing any damage to the walls or your furnishings. Use a brand specially designed for indoors and attach it to various surfaces for keeping anything from pencil holders to scissors in place.

7. Better storage space with Caddies

By making use of caddies around your bed, you can turn this area into an awesome storage facility. Attach cloth caddies around the sides of your bed and use them to store the items that you use often, like your electronic devices, books, and sleeping masks.

Caddies are also perfect to use as storage in camper bathrooms, which are most times tiny. Waterproof caddies can be used for holding shower gels and shampoos. Caddies are portable, so even if you don’t have a shower in your camper trailer, you can keep all the items you use for showering, in one place.

Narrow caddies can be hung over closet doors for additional internal storage to hold belts, shoes, and other accessories. They are also great for keeping cleaning products organized and in one place.

8. Get specially designed Appliances

To make the best use of kitchen space in a tent trailer, appliances, and kitchenware should not be full-sized. There are plenty of appliances on the market that have been specially designed for campers, a few examples being collapsible tea kettles, miniature coffee makers, and handheld blenders.

Small and yet extremely functional, these types of appliances are easy to store and will keep your RV kitchen clutter-free.

9. Cookware and nesting bowl

Consider buying a nesting bowl set for your camper kitchen. Everything you need is included in the set, from measuring spoons to strainers. Everything fits snugly together and they will definitely prevent storage headaches!

If you like cooking, then think about getting a nesting cookware set as well. There are sets available that include all the basic pots and pans of various sizes, that won’t take up much space in your cabinets.

10. Reduce space limitations by using Dish cradles

These are other items that can help you make effective use of your cupboard and cabinet space. Keeping plates in an upright position is way better than piling them on top of each other.

Dish cradles will keep your plates in a vertical position and you can also use them for drying your plates after they have been washed.

11. Get Collapsible items

Items that can be folded up and packed away after use is perfect for a pop-up camper for a number of reasons. First of all, they won’t occupy valuable space permanently and secondly, they are really simple to store.

Collapsible items include things like trash cans, collapsible buckets, and fold-away dish drying racks, for example.

Apart from the basic necessities, these space-saving items are also crucial for you during camping.

12. Store clothing and cloth items in better way

Believe it or not, but there is a special way to store clothing and cloth items to save precious storage space in your camper. For instance: Roll clothing like sweatpants, t-shirts, sweaters, and leggings and keep them in storage bins. These pieces of clothing don’t have to be hung up like a suit that cannot be compressed.

Not only is this a space-saver but these pieces of clothing will stay packed tightly, even on those bumpy roads. Fold sheets and pillowcases – extra bed linen is essential if you are planning on making a long trip. Fold them as small as possible and store them in reusable vacuum bags.

Bedding items like blankets and pillows that can’t be folded, can be stored this way too. Hang clothing and accessories : make sure that you have sturdy, durable hangers that can support plenty of weight without breaking. Load each hanger as full as possible, and clip or loop gloves, hats, and scarves under jackets.

13. Make use of Reusable items

With a little creativity, you can maximize the space in your pop up camper easily, by using reusable items. These include things like: Paper towel holders – apart from paper towels, these items can be used for plastic wrap or garbage bags as well.

Magazine and shoe racks – besides magazines, a magazine rack can be used to hold a number of other things, like chargers, flashlights, and spare napkins, to name but a few.

Shoe racks can be used to store other items too. Hung in a closet, it can be used for storing socks, rolled up towels, or accessories. Old containers – some old boxes and containers are great to use for storage purposes.

Large plastic bottles can be used for storing plastic bags, Bags can be stuffed into the top of the bottle and pulled out through a hole cut in the bottom.

Towel rods – these are great for storing pot lids. Attach a few of them to the backs of your kitchen cabinets and you have the perfect place for keeping your pot lids tidy and where you can reach them easily. Camping in tent trailer is definately worth it but unless you apply tricks like this it is little difficult.

14. Organize your tools and supplies

Tools are essential to any RV owner during camping. You need to be properly prepared in case anything happens along the road. This means that you must know where everything you need is, should something go wrong.

Bolts, screws, adhesives, and other supplies too should be close-to-hand. However, these things do take up space, especially if they are lying all over the place. Invest in a good toolbox if you already have a tool collection, since it is better that you keep all these maintenance-related items together.

This doesn’t only make them easier to get to, but a whole lot safer too, if you have children with you. Buy a full toolkit if you want to start anew.

Although they are expensive, they are a good, long-term investment that you as a RV owner MUST have. To save on storage space, you can buy a compact tool kit that includes all the necessary items you need.

15. Use your towing vehicle for extra storage

Not only the inside but the roof and trunk of your towing vehicle too, provide loads of storage space. S.o take advantage of this! Do the same with your car as you would with your camper before your trip and get rid of all items that aren’t necessary.

Store your toolkit in the trunk of your car. Store any other bulky items like a step ladder and vacuum-sealed bedding as well. Kayaks, bicycles, and surfboards can be attached to the roof of your vehicle.

Use a trunk organizer to keep all your items organized neatly and fill storage bins as well. These can be used inside your camper when you get to the end of your journey.

Unlike boxes or suitcases, a backseat organizer does not take up passenger space, so use it for storing things that will make up living space in your camper.

If you have a large vehicle with a few rows of seats, make use of this space for storing BBQ supplies, kid’s toys, or anything else that could take up too much unnecessary space in your camper.


Even though the space in a pop-up camper is minimal, there is no need to have to stay in a cramped, over-full camper for your entire vacation. By using the above 15 tips to increase space in a pop-up camper, you will realize that it is possible to take everything you need with you, without having to give up any of your precious living space.

A lot of pop up camper add-ons that we discussed above can really change the way you camp in a tent trailer. People also try to remodel their pop up camper so that the space can be increased. But, I would still say use the hacks that I have mentioned above. And if you do so, really don’t have modify the camper.

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