Do Airstream Trailers Have Slide Outs?

Do Airstream Trailers Have Slide Outs?

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We consider Airstream RV timeless and has a high quality in its craftsmanship. The brand has such an excellent reputation, not to mention popularity and maybe the reason they made it this far.

The company has almost a century of experience in the RV manufacture to back them up. They are not cheap, but with all the features you get plus the assurance of durability and comfort, you can say that you made the right investment.

Do Airstream RVs have slide out?

Airstream previously rolled out RVs with slide-out between 2001 to 2008, then slim further till 2010 when the company fully stopped manufacturing slide-out RV. The company moved on and make lighter units as RV with slideouts are considered heavy and will add to the weight of the motor vehicle.

Although there are clients who like to have the feeling of confidence owning an Airstream RV with slide-out, the company has other ideas during those years.

The reason also leans toward the low demand of their RV with slide-out, so the company stopped manufacturing it altogether.

The first slide-out RV by Airstream was made in 1998.

Some examples of Aistream with slide-out are the following

  • Airstream Classic Limited 30’/34’ Slide-Out Travel Trailer
  • Airstream Safari Slide-Out 28’ Travel Trailer
  • Then there is the Atlas Touring Coach with a power slide out that was just recently unveiled by Airstream.

Why Airstream stopped making slide out RVs?

The company went in another direction because of the less demand for RVs with slide-out as some people want the traditional Airstream RV that they used to distinguish. The clamor is not that good, and Airstream went with the lighter units.

The manufacture takes time, and the materials needed just cost much, and the demand is not even there.

Manufacture of RV with slide out will cost more for buyers, and when there are not just many takers, it is hard to continue with its manufacture.

However, with the recent development, Airstream has unveiled its newest line of Class B+ RV that is called the Atlas Touring Coach, equipped with a power slide-out to add more room to the vehicle.

Airstreams with Slide out

The Airstream Classic Limited Slide-Out has full dinette areas that have a classic and functional design, it is just sized right to fit in the floor space. It can be retracted during travel if you need additional space.

There is a full bathroom, living room, sleeping accommodations for 5 people, an awning, a good deal of storage space, and entry step design.

The vista view windows will just give you a feeling of home. If you need to have a dressing room, the use of the sliding and folding doors will do the trick.

The cabinets and drawers that are all elegantly designed will give you a sense that you are not far away from home with the much storage space to keep all your things in.

When it’s time to take a rest, the bedroom is just welcoming because of its placement and the big-sized window surrounding the bedroom area. You can just pull the curtains to keep your privacy, and during the daytime, you can pull it to the side to let the sunshine in.

It also has a water heater with electronic ignition when you need to take a lukewarm shower. Including a Sirius Satellite radio, an audio/video with exterior speakers, and an upgradeable solar panel option makes you feel right at home. Slide-out length is 22″ D x 76.5″L x 64″H.

Some models that were released later on have a difference in floor plan where the owner can choose between a queen-size bed or two twin-sized beds Sleeping capacity is between 4 to 6 people.

The designs did not venture too far from the original, but made some improvements with the interior and the color combination.

Newest Airstream with Slide out

The newest one that was unveiled by Airstream is a Class B+ RV, and they have named it the _Atlas Touring Coach. _It was luxuriously manufactured from the features and finish. The exterior and interior display are of the highest standard of production.

Its design is well thought of with the inclusion of the power slide out to expect an extra room when there is a need for it. With just a push of a button, the room has extra space.

Form and function are thought through with this Airstream RV. The high standard of design and style is like no other as it is tasteful and will surely make you feel relaxed while on tour. You will have all you need while away from home, everything is flexible and will cater to your need.

All the gadgets and pieces of equipment are present, so you will have something to keep you busy while you are on your way to your destination.

Not to mention the residential-style bathroom that is just spacious and stunning at the same time. Fabrics used in the design are all special and custom made, decors are all sophisticated to suit your taste.

Other features include a hideaway Samsung smart TV, extra sleeping space with the cockpit bed, tankless water heater, auto-retracting steps, interior climate control, water heater, furnace, fridge, and freezer, cooktop, solar power, among others.

Safety features include an Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Brake Assist, Active Cruise Control Assist, E-call Assist, Parking Assist, Multiple Safety Impact Air Bags, just to mention a few.

Airstream Models

Airstream trailers are very popular but its not the only type of RVs that they make. They also have motorhomes or touring coaches which too are very popular among RVers.


Basecamp travel trailer – Enough seating space for five, but can sleep, two people. Price starts at $36,900 with some additions for other sellers.

Nest – Has a queen-size bed, a dinette, stainless appliances and has a two-floor plans to choose from. Price starts at $46K with some room for an additional cost.

Tommy Bahama – Special Edition with a starting price of $84K. Can accommodate six people and have built-in bar storage plus beautiful woven flooring.

The Flying Clouds – A bigger option for a bigger family. It can sleep up to eight people, and the price starts at $66,500. Have riveted aluminum cabinets to make the kitchen stunning.

The Globetrotter – This motor vehicle can accommodate six. High-quality kitchen design and elegant features. The price starts at $104K.

International Signature – Starts at $85,000 can be more or less depending on if there are ongoing discounts. Solid wood cabinetry and capacity are up to six people. It has a solid wood cabinet plus pet-friendly furnishings.

International Serenity – The manufacturing of this RV uses groundbreaking technology, even the entertainment set is all high-technology. Priced at almost $87K, this RV is complete with all the needed features.

Sport – Priced at $48K, they make this RV for the weekend adventurer with some features such as bathroom with shower, a comfortable sized bed, fridge, dinette, cooktop, etc.


Interstate Lounge Ext – Can accommodate up to nine people with the price almost at $170K with a lot of features to level with its price. This 24 feet lengthy Airstream can accommodate upto 9 people but only tow people can sleep 2 people. There is only 1 floor option in the coach.

Interstate Nineteen – Starting at $150K and can seat up to four people. This is a 19 feet long RV that can seat 4 people and sleep upto 2 people. Here again there is only 1 floor plan to take but you can choose color scheme for interior from 5 different options.

Interstate Grand Tour Ext – With the same price as the Interstate Lounge EXT, beginning at almost $170K. This coach can seat upto 7 people and sleep 2 people inside its comfortable bed. Its GVWR stands at around 11,500 lbs and gives miles per gallon of around 18 mpg

They can buy the Newest RV, which is the ATLAS, for $221K.

Why Airstream Is Popular And Costly?

Airstream follows a high reputation in the manufacturing of RVs. They strive hard to give users the highest comfort they need while traveling.

So, are Airstream worth the money? Yes, if you take onion of the people who own it, they are definitely worth it not only because they last long ad have luxury but also because of the their uniqueness.

Not only are RVs made comfortable, but also durable with the use of their all-prime aluminum materials, considered aircraft quality coupled with steel frame.

Every part is meticulously made to make sure it is also leak-free, rust-free, and will last for years.

This is also the reason Airstream RV costs more. They also consider it a luxury trailer for those who know about the Airstream’s reputation.

With dependability comes the need to pay top dollar and with Airstream RVs you have high-quality materials, popularity, dependability that equals high cost.

Airstream Longevity and Reliability

Airstream is a well-loved and trusted brand. No wonder they are still around today. It is well-built to withstand any weather. Highly durable, tough quality and can be resold at a great value if you want a new upgrade. Also, if you are on the lookout for a second-hand RV, an Airstream RV should be on top of your option.

Some owners have been RVers for a very long time, and they have attested to its longevity.

The Airstream can last up to 40 years if taken care of properly. Although there are issues encountered along the way, they consider Airstream RVs highly dependable by many users.

The body of the Airstream is crafted by hand and takes about 350 hours to complete the manufacture. It also has fewer movements and vibrations while on the road, which can help with giving you non-stressful hours of traveling.

Special high grade aluminum is used to make Airstream trailer that makes them more durable and sturdy. Probably from the outer color of Airstream its quite evident that they are aluminum made but its the quality of the material and the way they are crafted makes them what they are.

The whole construction actually makes them last much longer than other standard RVs. In fact, people can use them for years and years, even after 30 or 40 years and even much beyond. This is a company that’s been around for a century and still majority of the Airstream on road are much older.

Another secrete on why the Airstream shines through thick and thin is because the way its outer shell is made. You don’t really have to work hard on to polish it. The aluminum in processed ins a specially way which reduces the oxidation that can otherwise take always the shine.

Airstream construction also makes them timeless RV. They do not seem to go old at all. Its because of their construction and legacy that the Airstream has also been sued by US military and NASA.

Another thing about Airstream is that they are so recognizable. A person who knows what an Airstream looks like can recognize it even in a thousand RVs. That’s the power of being so unique.

Is Airstream a “perfect” RV?

Although Airstream is on top of the list for RV owners, still, it is not perfect. Some issues sprang from leaking bathrooms that usually happen during a heavy downpour, but apart from that, there is no leak. This can be solved if you get it to the dealer and have them take care of things, you may need to shell out some cash, but it is better than the hit or miss you will do if you fix it yourself.

Check this guide on how to fix slide out leaks on your own.

It is better to have it checked before you go off the face of the earth and get to a place where you cannot do anything if something goes wrong with your Airstream, most especially if you use it for full time living.

The Airstream can accommodate most of your living requirements, even the tools you will need when cooking, bathing, and sleeping, everything you need is at arm’s reach.

If you went winter camping, your Airstream RV can do the job well, just make sure that you protect your pipes, get your RV ready for winter, make sure you keep in the heat and do the necessary steps to keep out the cold.

During hot weather, as long as your A/c is working and in top condition, you have nothing to worry about.

If you take care of your Airstream RV, it can be your great companion for a long time, and if you are in for an upgrade, you will not worry about selling your RV because you can still get it sold for a hefty price.

RV with or without Slide out?

There are still clamor for RVs with slide-out even though it has been a while since they stopped manufacturing it.

If you have a big family, it can be an advantage, although it will cost you more to have an RV with slide-out. Always weigh the pros and cons before you decide and, of course, what matters to you most.

Here are some of the best small travel trailers that come with slide out, doc heck it out.

Pros include additional space to accommodate more people and keeps the occupant to move freely. Adds to the feeling of being home as well.


RVs or motorhome run on road and you only have a certain width that’s allowed. Now, to overcome that the RV industry came with this unique way of expanding the space on side ways. The space is much a big factor in your living space. With slide out what you get it priceless. You can have bigger bed, a much comforting sofa and whole different kitchen.

Having a home on which is more homey is possible because you can have a slid out. Because of slide out the RVs overall length can be less and that reduces the stress on driving a lengthy RV.

Makes the RV homey

Its not only about having more items, furniture with slide out. A slide out really does make your motorhome or trailer like a home. You no more have to be inside a narrow vehicle nad sacrifice. Increase sapce and apckign in items f need does make it more homey.

The cons, on the other hand, seem to outweigh the positive. Cons include the higher cost of RV with slide-out, adds weight to the RV, sometimes this is also what leads to damage and misalignment, where leaks start, some accident on the road, limits storage space, high cost of repair and higher pay rates when parking.


More moving parts means more maintenance and repair is needed. A slide out will need scheduled maintenance like lubricating, cleaning or repairs.

Especially, as the RVs becomes old it can in fact become a liability that may take you to repair shop anytime. You will also have to protect the slide out.

Remember, this is not exactly your camper roof and while retracting it, the top of the slide can accumulate things that can stuck while pushing it in. You will have to clear the slide top or keep it free from all the things using a slide out topper.

Another thing comes with slide out is the space needed for camping. You have to have enough space on the side ways to make sure you aren’t getting stuck between other parked RVs.

Again, having a slide-out RV or without it will still depend on your preference.

In Conclusion

With almost a century of experience in manufacturing RV, Airstream has almost perfected the craft. But as the saying goes, nothing is perfect – even in RVs. But even so, the reputation precedes them and is the reason more and more people trust them.

Now that Airstream is slowly easing again in its manufacture of RV with slide-out, we may see more of this novel creation, and as long as Airstream will advertise and give more time for promotion – they will stay on the right track.

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