What Amenities do RV Parks Have?

What Amenities do RV Parks Have?

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Do you wish to escape the struggle and bustle of everyday life? Go camping in an RV park. It’s a great way to vacation, relax and have fun. In this article we will check out on, RV park amenities and what expectations you should have.

For many people, RV parks are just the place they love camping in. These sites offer enough outdoor activities and amenities.

Nevertheless, before making a reservation in an RV park, it is wise to research the facilities the campground offers. This way, you can choose how fun your experiences there will be.

For most RV campgrounds, the following amenities are the most essential. Also having these facilities make a RV campground a better one. But remember not all campgrounds will have these amenities for sure. So, be sure to check the RV park for amenities that you desire and then only make the booking.

Onsite Laundry

An onsite laundry in your RV campground will be of great help to you. It brings convenience to your doorstep and saves you from stress. Imagine that you’ve just journeyed a long distance with friends and you’ve set up your RV camping.

The onsite laundry will allow you to wash all the dirty clothes you’ve accumulated during your trip. As such, you’ll be able to maintain the comfort of you and your friends with clean clothes, towels, and beddings.

Besides, you won’t have packed too much for your trip because you know you’ll have convenient access to a campground laundry. It also prevents you from spending extra money and time. Because laundry is nearby, there’s no need traveling to a Laundromat to do your laundry.

However, an excellent laundry facility will contain more than one working washer and dryer. If this is not so, you may have to wait a long while for your turn. Also, if the machines are serviced frequently, they will be less likely to ruin your clothing. Therefore, you should investigate this.

Also, note that the onsite facility shouldn’t charge more than what the local Laundromat would charge. You don’t need to pay additionally for an onsite facility. The service ought to be provided and added to the daily fees.

Free Cable TV and Free Wi-Fi

Most times, we go to RV park to relax. With a free cable TV alongside free Wi-Fi, this will be possible. These amenities tend to heighten your experiences.

A free cable TV allows you to watch your favorite TV shows even while camping. If you’re with friends or family, this will help you bond better.

It is possible that as you travel along the roads, there are zones with no cellphone signal. At least, you shouldn’t get to your RV site and be disappointed with a lack of Wi-Fi too.

Free Wi-Fi is a great amenity to have on an RV campsite, especially for people who like knowing what’s happening. With it, you can stay connected to the world even while camping.

You get to keep in touch with friends and family back home as well. Getting an internet in RV is important, apart from RV park wi-fi you also have other options, do check out your internet options in RV.

Swimming Pool

For many people, a swimming pool is a must-have as far as RV camping is concerned. Therefore, it is not surprising that most RV parks incorporate this feature into their campgrounds. A swimming pool is an awesome recreational amenity.

Especially in the summer month, a pool proves to be very significant to RVers. Who wouldn’t feel like he is really on vacation when he can enjoy a cool and clean swimming pool?

But, apart from helping you relax, pools can also help you socialize and meet new friends. This is another of the perks that an RV site should offer. Make sure to always watch out for this before making your reservation.

Clean Restrooms and Showers

Among the conveniences that come with RV parks is access to the clean restrooms and showers. Of course, this would include running water sinks, showers, and flushable toilets.

The water temperature of the public bathhouse matters as well. Nothing makes you feel better than enjoying a nice hot shower after a long day of boating, trekking, or fishing.

Generally, the bath should also be clean, tidy and very functional. You’ll have no trouble enjoying your stay there if the park’s restroom has all these attributes.

Picnic tables and Fire Rings

When it comes to camping, picnic tables are vital. A standard RV campsite will have multiple picnic tables, so many of its guests can use them.

Meanwhile, the park shouldn’t require you to pay before you can use this amenity. You don’t necessarily have to dine at the table. You may decide to hang out there with friends, play games and appreciate the surrounding.

You can also sit there and get some work done. If there’s a fire ring, it will be even great. It provides the perfect setting for grilling steaks and drinking beer, with friends, of course.

Convenience Store

You can always pack your supplies when going camping. This is a safe thing to do. However, even if you forget to park essential supplies, you shouldn’t be stranded when you get to the park.

Many RV parks provide visitors with a convenience store. Here, they can buy Food, including beverages. They also sell RV Parts just in case there’s a need for them.

A convenient store eliminates the stress of having to travel to get groceries or any other important supplies while RVing. Since essential items are within reach, you can enjoy your stay in the campground without worry.

Here are some of the best RV parks, campground you can stay at.

Difference between RV Resort and an RV park

rv park vs campground

RV Resorts are the luxurious options you can take to camp with your RV. They provide high end amenities that includes clubhouses, gymnasium, restaurants or eateries. RV resorts are like hotels with full hookups for your big RV or motorhomes. They are mostly aimed at RVers are who will be spending more time. Obviously the Cost is also high in case of RV resorts.

RV park on the other hand are on the lower spectrum of the price. They provide hookup, 30 amp, 50 amp power as well.

RV parks will be a middle of road location that can access you other facilities like site seeing, amusement parks and so on. In comparison to resorts they will have lesser amenities.

Many a times a people are confused on this and end up choosing campgrounds or RV parks that are advertised as RV resorts.

Even the owner of parks aren’t really aware of this. But, as an RVer do you research and only then go ahead with the booking. Basically compare the prices with the amenities you get.

What Makes a Good RV Park?

staying at an RV park

Often, RVers visit their RV Park only to find out that there isn’t anything lovable about the place. Small sites, bad connections, dirty surroundings, and many others are what they’re greeted with.

You shouldn’t want to stay in a RV park like this. So, here are the things to watch out for in a Good RV site.

The community feel and Site spacing

An RV campground shouldn’t be just a parking lot; it should be a community of people who love to camp. Even so, each space should have its privacy. Most people find it uncomfortable if they are on top of their neighbors

Trees, grass and individual parking pads are also an exciting feature. Even if the camping space is not so large, trees can help to create privacy.

Besides, the general aim of owning a recreational vehicle is to connect with nature. While no parking lot will offer this, it is a necessity when it comes to RV campgrounds.

Also, the parking spaces at the campground should be properly leveled. Else you will need to use leveling blocks to keep the motorhome or travel trailer leveled. Read this article on why a RV should be leveled to understand better.

Basic Amenities

You’ll be in for an uncomfortable and frustrating stay if your RV park does not have some basic amenities. For many, electricity, water and sewer are all they need. For others, a public restroom, Wi-Fi, general store, picnic tables, and an onsite laundry are a must-have.

Undoubtedly, these things will make life easy for you. Even when a park has these amenities, make sure that they are conveniently located.

Water hookup

Campground must be able to provide water needed for RV’s. The drinking water that is safe obviously. Water is the most important things for you in your RV. RVs or campers have fresh water tanks whose size depends on the type of RV you own.

RV’s have varying water tank sizes. Read here how much water can a RV hold on an average. A bigger class A or fifth wheel will have bigger tanks. But, the most important thing is to get the water drinking water at your campground whenever needed.

Electricity hookup

RVs have either 30-amp power or 50 amp requirements. Most RV parks will provide with both these requirements. But some may only have 30-amp power. Your RV park should be able to provide proper electricity hookup.

You can always convert 50 amps to 30 or 30 amp to 50 amp using converters. Larger mootrhomes like class A or class C need 50 amps power. Smaller RV’s like pop up camper or travel trailer to use 30-amp power. Your electricity requirements at campground will vary depending on your applainces and your stay.

Full hookups

Motorhome or campers have 3 types of tanks. 2 Holding tanks and one fresh water tank. The gray and black tank need not duped whenever they fill up.

A campground should also provide for dumping facility inside the campsite. This will allow you to plan properly and you don’t have to leave the campground for dumping the sewer. Such dumping station makes a great facility inside the RV park.

Areas for kids and pets

Rving with kids is fun but you need special amenities to keep them happy. These are not a must unless of course, you have kids or pets. You’ve probably been to a campground with kids screaming, yelling and running through everyone’s campground. It will be best for you to find a campsite with zones for kids.

Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll be less likely to see other people’s kids running through your site.If you have one, your pet will most likely not like being stuck with you all day in your tiny site.

Therefore, you’ll want to make sure there are dog-friendly trails or fields in which your pet can entertain itself.

Proximity to Interesting places

One question you ought to ask when looking for an RV park is “is the campground near any exciting places? Though you’re on a camping trip, spending every walking moment in or around your camper would be boring.

It’s more fun to get out and see places. Therefore, find out if your campground is close to anywhere amusing or exciting. They’ll make your trip more enjoyable.

Friendly staff

The last thing you want to see after a long day on the road is a frowning face at the check-in desk. The best RV parks have happy staff. They have amiable workers with some goodies to welcome you when you arrive.

An excellent RV park has great and well-trained staff too. Staff who know the local area, can give clear directions, and are willing to help you out when necessary. These are the little things that set your mind at peace in an RV camp ground.

Extensive and Well Thought Out Pull-Thus

A RV park that doesn’t have a broad street leading to the campsites creates a parking nightmare. RV parks should always have adequate road space. Otherwise, vehicles will find it hard to turn the corner or maneuver into their spot.

This is important, and it is one of the things you should look for in a good RV park. Imagine you are towing a travel trailer or fifth wheel or even a pop up camper and with not much space around. It would definately make things worse.

Also, big motorhomes like Class A RV or class C RV are also broad and need good space for turning and backing up.

Membership clubs

Campground, RV parks are getting expensive and crowded. To get best benefits and discounts one can join a RV camping club. There are various options you can choose from. Below are some of the best RV membership clubs.

Thousand Trails
Passport America
Escapees RV Club
FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association)


Especially if you’re particular about convenience, selecting a good campground is necessary. And With all the considerations we have listed, you can ensure that you enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. Now that you know what differentiates a great campsite from an ordinary one go ahead and prepare for a maximum fun trip.

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